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Climate Check: Stories and Solutions

Climate Check: Stories and Solutions

By 350Brooklyn
Climate Check: Stories and Solutions, is a podcast that brings climate activists and experts together to break down the climate crisis and discuss local strategies and solutions.

Climate Check is a part of 350Brooklyn, a grassroots, community organization of ordinary people who come together to fight the fossil fuel industry, promote sustainable energy and green jobs, and work for climate justice. Join host Eva Dean, a Brooklyn-based choreographer, climate activist, and member of 350Brooklyn as she leads discussions that span the climate change spectrum.
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Towards a Plastic Free Future: Language, Legislation, and Lifestyle

Climate Check: Stories and Solutions

Calming New York Harbor: Billion Oyster Project
"We don't think of the environment in NYC as being this natural wonder", states Pete Malinowski, the Executive Director of the Billion Oyster Project. In this episode we hear about the ways in which the city contains that wonder, and how Billion Oyster Project helps sustain that vision of a healthy, biodiverse New York Harbor with the power of education. Also in this episode: Pete shares his climate story, we chat about the role of education and equity in conservation, and learn just how oysters can help us with climate change.  Learn more about our guest and the organizations mentioned below: Billion Oyster Project NY Harbor School History of the Clean Water Act History of NY Harbor Take a look at what NYC could have looked like in 1609, courtesy of the Welikia Project
June 21, 2022
Towards a Plastic Free Future: Language, Legislation, and Lifestyle
For this episode, we're joined by Jan Thompson, one of 350Brooklyn's very own. Jan is a lead of 350Brooklyn’s Plastic Free team, a working group within the organization dedicated to changing our future to one without plastics. As she explains in this episode, her family's experience with cancer and refineries have combined with her dedication to the interconnection of all beings to create the advocate she is today. She also fills us in on alternative ways to take action, such as the exhibit she co-created titled the “Diorama of Extinct Homosapiens.” Take a listen to hear how language and legislation, and our local actions and lifestyle, can influence our ability to become plastic free.  Explore more from the episode below Learn more about the legislation mentioned in this episode here. Read the sermon Jan mentions here. Join the 350BK power hour! Check out Beyond Plastics
April 19, 2022
Eco Art: Plastics in Motion
For our 5th episode, we talk with Lynn Neuman, the Artistic Director of Artichoke Dance, a member of 350 Brooklyn's Steering Committee, and a lead within the Gowanus Neighborhood Coalition for Justice. Her choreography and educational work address environmental justice art-based collaborations and integrative community programs.  Lynn is a national leading eco-artist and the first choreographer to receive a Marion International Fellowship for the Visual and Performing Arts.  Listen in as Lynn and our host, Eva Dean, discuss the power of art to engage and work with communities towards Climate Justice. Find out more: Artichoke Dance:  Watch a performance here: 350Brooklyn: 
March 15, 2022
Winter Warmer: A fireside chat with the creators of Climate Check
We're back from a winter break, and gearing up to bring you new episodes! In the meantime, here's a quick intro to the team and some insights from our work so far to hold you over until our next drop. Featured in this episode: "I won't wait for the apocalypse to bring you clementines" by Julie Rochlin. Originally published in Chautauqua, Issue 13.  Meet our team! Michael Dondero, Editor Brynn Fuller Becker, Communications & Marketing Barbara Schroeder, Communications & Marketing Alyssa Kropp, Producer Learn more at 
February 15, 2022
The Power of a Just Transportation System
In episode 4 of Climate Check, host Eva Dean chats with Vanessa Barrios about what it will take to make transportation carbon neutral. She emphasizes the need to vote and hold our representatives accountable to make subway and public transportation systems safe, affordable, and reliable as well as to pass congestion pricing. Barrios, an urban planner with the Regional Planning Association, talks about car culture, the role of racism in transportation, and the impact of local climate policies on people who migrated to New York out of necessity. She speaks eloquently about the need for systemic change to achieve climate justice.
December 21, 2021
What is the Media Missing?
In episode 3 of Climate Check, host Eva Dean chats with Dr. Genevieve Gunther, founder and director of End Climate Silence, a volunteer organization dedicated to help the media cover the climate crisis with the urgency it deserves.  Dr. Gunther is a literary and Shakespeare scholar who deep dives into language used in the media about the climate crisis.  She also discusses how reading poetry can be useful in making connections between abstract ideas into concrete manifestations that is useful for the kind of systems thinking that is needed to counter the climate crisis.  Spoiler alert, this episode ends with a poem by Andrew Marvell recited by Dr. Gunther.
November 16, 2021
Community, Compost, and Climate
In episode 2 of Climate Check, host Eva Dean chats with Ceci Pineda on how we can work with nature to combat climate change.  Ceci Pineda is the Executive Director of BK ROT, an organization that offers a youth and bike powered food waste collection and composting service. In this episode you will hear how composting helps counter increased storm surges, carbon dioxide, as well as cooling our streets by nourishing plants and trees.  Ceci shares how working with the land connects us with deep ancestral wisdom that nourishes social resilience and cohesion while facing the Climate Crisis. Learn more about the resources mentioned in our episode: BK ROT  About our guest: Ceci Pineda (they/them) finds hope in community practices that further land regeneration and that reciprocally heal our communities. Ceci is the executive director of BK ROT, which offers a youth-and-bike-powered food waste collection and composting service. Ceci has pursued community driven agroecology and land regeneration work in Puerto Rico and Mexico and co-facilitated a Climate Resilient Farming workshop at Soul Fire Farm in upstate New York.  Through apprenticing at SoulFire Farm and volunteering at Hattie Carthan Herban Farm in Bedford-Stuyvesant and home-growing, they deepened their relationships with plant friends. Ceci is a co-coordinator of Interlocking Roots, a network of (QT*BIPOC) farmers and land workers. They have also worked with leaders of these organizations on initiatives to make them more inclusive of queer and trans* folks.
October 19, 2021
“Patience, Perseverance, & People, that’s what you need”
In our premiere episode of Climate Check, we chat with Sara Gronim, an early member of 350 Brooklyn and pivotal organizer of the Williams Pipeline battle. Eva and Sara discuss the growing movement against creating non-renewable energy infrastructure in New York City, the success of a community-based organizing effort assembled to resist this infrastructure, and how one panel discussion led to years of crafting for a viable future for all Brooklynites. Learn more about the resources mentioned in our episode: Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) Climate and Community Investment Act Climate Wednesdays
September 21, 2021
Welcome to Climate Check: Stories and Solutions!
Welcome to Climate Check: Stories and Solutions!  Climate Check is a podcast from 350Brooklyn, a grassroots, community organization of ordinary people who come together to fight the fossil fuel industry, promote sustainable energy and green jobs, and work for climate justice. Join host, Eva Dean, a Brooklyn-based choreographer and climate activist, as she has conversations with activists and experts to break down the climate crisis and explore local strategies and solutions.  We hope the stories you hear will inspire you, wherever you live, to take action in your community. 
July 28, 2021