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Clinic Accelerator

Clinic Accelerator

By Jay Young
Why do some clinics sell and close virtually every person that walks through their doors? What special secret or technology do they have that allows them to sell $1000, $3000, or even $10,000 solutions? Wouldn’t that be good to know? Imagine a line of excited people who can't wait to meet you, happily pay top price, and tell all their friends why they look so freaking amazing. (no, I didn't get a haircut...I lost 45 pounds!) Download your Free Clinic Accelerator training guide. I’m your host Jay Young and you’re listening to the Clinic Accelerator Podcast.
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How Often Should You Water Your List?
If you don’t water, they’ll die. This is a question I see debated by the gurus of marketing. “how often should I email my list?” Answers vary from guru to guru. Some will unabashedly say they email their list 2 times a day, and they ain’t lying. I’m on that guy's list and get 2 emails a day. Others say a couple of times a week and some say once a month. What’s the correct amount? I’ll answer that by sharing the following. I recently moved back to the little town I grew up in. Mackay Idaho. The elevation is 6000 feet above sea level. The average rainfall is about 8 inches per year. That means if you want anything to grow, you have to water it. We have about 3 acres of grass that has an automatic irrigation system installed. You’d think I could just set it and forget it but that’s not the case. There are certain parts of the yard where the soil is rockier and it seems no matter how much you water, the grass still gets brown and crunchy. Other areas are shady and the grass is lush and velvety. The people on our prospect and client lists are much like my yard. Staying in contact with them, engaging, and providing valuable content is important to all of them. Some require even more. Here’s the thing I’ve noticed. When watering my grass, I can’t seem to overwater, but I definitely know when I need to water more. I water my yard every day and some parts of the lawn get even more. So what about emailing? As long as you’re providing valuable content, helpful information, and the occasional irresistible offer, you can email at least 5 days a week. If you’re just hitting them over the head with buy, buy buy, they’re going to unsubscribe. But, if you’re solving problems for them, improving their lives, and entertaining them; you’ll have them lapping up every drop of your life-sustaining content. The prospects on your list at some point will need the solutions you provide and the current patients and clients on your list want your expertise, your tips to improve what they already purchased from you, and that next amazing thing that will solve a problem in their life they might not even know they had. Best of all, staying engaged with your list breaks down the objection barrier and makes it a whole lot easier to say yes to your solutions. I have a completely free strategy that will help break down even more of those objections and fears people have about you and the solutions you provide. To download this training, go to My name is Jay and thank you for listening to the Clinic Accelerator podcast.
July 13, 2022
How To Turn "No-Shows" Into Gold
Hi, my name is Jay young, and I'm going to share something with you that maybe you didn't know, every business needs customers. All right. Maybe you did know that, but every business calls customers something a little bit different, right Maybe somebody calls them patients. It's their customers though, or clients it's still a customer or a member. Well, as a morning, radio show hosts for over 31 years, our customers were called listeners. Maybe you were one of them. And as a morning show host, our job was to get those customers, our listeners to listen every single morning and as long as possible. So we would do all kinds of things to make that happen. One of those things was be entertaining, but after every single show, I would go into production studio and I would listen to some of the parts of the show that I thought were particularly funny or engaging or exciting.
July 06, 2022
Ratings Are Better Than Gold
I used to get physically sick the day the Arbitron/Nielson ratings were released. The science behind the rating process was pretty sketchy at best. So, I never felt completely calm when those numbers would come out. In radio, we called the ratings, the numbers. Our goal was to be the #1 rated non-ethnic morning show in the city. (I don’t think they make that distinction anymore) We competed against Rock stations, Classic Rock, Easy Listening, Jazz, Sports, Talk, Gospel, Pop, and we were Country. If we were in the top 3 it meant the radio station could get ad buys from major corporations like Coke, Pepsi, Ford, etc. If you’re out of the top 3...not so much. It also meant the station could charge more money for each commercial that aired on the station. It also meant that record companies would offer bigger and better promotions for their artists. Winning in the ratings was better than gold because it provided so much more than just extra revenue. Oh, did I mention the bonuses the air talent would get? Let’s just say one bonus paid for a sunroom we had built on our home. I used to think it was so unfair that radio and tv stations were the only industry that had to deal with ratings. As I said, it used to stress me out like crazy. I puked once from being so nervous. In the late ’90s, restaurants started getting Zagat ratings. Wooo Hooo! Now other businesses could begin to enjoy that sickening experience of waiting for the ratings to be released. Soon Yahoo, Google, Yelp, Facebook, and hundreds of other sites began to allow consumers the chance to rate local businesses on the experience they had with them. Why are ratings and reviews important? If you were looking for a medspa, weight loss clinic, or monkey training business, which one would you choose? Burying your head in the sand and pretending that ratings don’t matter is dangerous. The good news is, if you’re staying close to your customers, the ratings, reviews, and testimonials almost take care of themselves. When you have your system in place that helps people to know like and trust you, it’s GOLD! Ratings help to get people to say yes to your solutions by removing feelings of doubt or mistrust about you in the minds of people that need your solutions. If you want a FREE strategy to get more people to say yes to your solutions, go to Thank you for listening.
June 29, 2022
Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone (If You Want To Win)
I was almost ready to puke I was so nervous. It was 5:45 am. I was standing alone in a dimly lit hall just outside of the on-air studio at I-95 in Birmingham Alabama. I would have to go on the air in 15 minutes. Just 3 weeks ago I was totally at ease doing our morning show at Z-103 in Idaho Falls population 65,000. Our dream (My partner Brian and me) was to work our way up to bigger and bigger radio jobs but the reality was, I was scared to death. Birmingham’s metro population was well over a million, and for a guy who grew up in a town with 43 people, this was way out of my comfort zone. I said a little prayer and went into the studio. When the mics went live, I was totally fine. Lesson learned. The scariest part about anything you’re afraid of is the waiting to do it...not the doing it. I have my dad’s introverted personality so it never came easy for me to put myself out there. My partner Brian on the other hand... was like a drug for him. He couldn’t get enough of it. Meeting and interviewing celebrities had been intimidating too but soon I discovered they had their insecurities. They’re human! As a business owner, you have to promote yourself. That will likely mean recording commercials for television and radio. You may find yourself being interviewed. You could do a webinar. You could put on a demonstration clinic. You could do a Facebook Live. Heck, just meeting new customers for the first time can sometimes be a little nerve-racking. I still get butterflies in my stomach right before I start a Zoom meeting with a new prospect...I’m human. Don’t be afraid to add a little humor either. You don’t have to go all Chris Rock, but you’ll be amazed at what you are capable of when you get out of your comfort zone and go for it. Grab my free training to help you get more of your No Charge Consultations to say YES at
June 24, 2022
This Phrase Gets MORE Weight Loss And Med Spa Patients
If you're a weight loss or med spa clinic owner. Then you need to pay attention to this podcast because I'm going to give you my number one, single greatest, weight loss and med spa clinic, marketing hack, tip, trick, whatever the buzzword is. And the reason I say this is my number one tip. And the greatest tip I've ever discovered from a guy named Andy Stickel... is because every time I tell a clinic owner to do this, they always do it. And then they come back a couple of days later and like, Jay, I tried that thing and it worked right. So this is an absolutely, amazing tip. It works so well. And the beauty of it is in its simplicity. This is something that I call “by the way, marketing”. What is, by the way, marketing? Well, have you ever had somebody come into your office for a consultation and then they left without saying yes? They didn’t become a patient or client. Right. Happens all the time. Anyone that says they've closed a hundred percent is a freak of nature or lying to themselves. So the reality is for most people are not going to close a hundred percent. You're going to have people that are going to come into your office and they're not going to say yes and they're going to leave, right? So here's what you do. Here's how you get a percentage of those people to come back and say yes. This is called “by the way, marketing”, what you want to do is a couple of days later, you want to send them a text message, right And you want to say, Hey Janet, this is Doctor Jill Smith. I wanted to thank you for coming to our clinic the other day. And now this is where the magic happens. You say, by the way, I was thinking about the goals you shared with me… and, and then give them a small piece of value. For example, say you are a weight loss clinic owner and you have a consultation and they just weren’t ready to say yes. You would text message that person a couple of days later and say, thanks for coming in the other day, I really appreciate you stopping by. By the way, I was thinking about the goals you said you wanted to achieve. I remember you said you wanted to drop 15 pounds so you would have more energy to play with your kids. Well, since you want more energy, I think the best way to achieve your goal is to eat XYZ every morning for 30 days, take 3000 steps each day and drink 8 glasses of water. This will help you with that goal. Or whatever your tip is. I hope this helps. And I'll talk to you soon. You just shared a valuable tip, and that prospect may come back and say yes to your solutions. That happens over and over and over and over again when I tell people to do this. So what you want to do is send them a follow-up text message, which first of all, that's the biggest thing, right there. A lot of times, most people don't follow up with people who come into their office and don't say yes. So just doing that… you’re increasing your chance of success by just following up. You're going to get people to say YES to your services. But the second thing is when you follow up and you provide additional value and you provide them something else to contemplate, then it makes them think, and it makes them feel like you care about them and have additional information and that you could really help them even more. And when that happens, then they contact you and they say yes and pay you. So it works really, really well. It's super simple. It takes less than a minute to do, but it makes such a big difference. Imagine if every month you had one or two of the people that came into your clinic and said no originally but came back in because you did this one simple thing. Imagine if you could get just one or two extra every single month to say yes to your solutions. At the end of the year, what would that do to your bottom line? It would be HUGE!
June 15, 2022
4 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Email Your List
Hi, my name is Jay. What I share with you today is going to save you tons of time and we could all use more of that, am I right? Let’s get to it. Why you should never email or message the folks on your list. First off, when I talk about a List, this is just a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot. A list is simply people who are your patients/clients or customers and people that have expressed interest in your solutions but up till now haven’t become a patient, client or customer. The first reason you should never consistently email or message your list valuable content. There is a very good chance that the person that receives your email will in turn tell their friends, coworkers, or family about the solutions you provide. This is only going to make THEM interested in your solutions. It could also cause your scheduling calendar to fill up, and they’ll probably end up paying you for your time and talents. The second reason you should never consistently email or message your list with valuable content. Imagine if you actually offered other services that the person on your list might be interested in. They may have the audacity to contact you so you can provide those others solutions to them. Again, this will probably mean filling up your calendar and causing you to make more trips to the bank. The third reason you should never consistently email or message your list with valuable content. You just might be the first or perhaps the only business the individual on your list will think of when they find themselves in need of your solutions. What would happen if a person who doesn’t need your solutions now discovers that they do need you in a week or month? Again, the calendar fills up and more trips to the bank to make those deposits which take you away from setting in your office hoping the phone rings. Finally, the fourth reason you should never consistently email or message your list with valuable content. You just may find yourself in the role of a local celebrity. This means raving fans that know like and trust you. And worse, they may go on Google, Yelp, Facebook or dozens of other sites and tell other people about the valuable content and solutions you provide…even giving you 5-Star reviews. Ok. I’ll joking aside. It’s amazing how many business owners I talk to that will say, “I suck at engaging with my list. Think of it this way. Imagine you have a big party. The first people that show up, you’re all excited. You thank them for coming. You show them where to put their coat. You take them to the snack table and even pour them a drink. Then the doorbell keeps ringing, Each person you spend less and less time with and pretty soon people just kind of walk in and wonder if they’re at the right place. There’s no one there to greet them. Others seem to be enjoying themselves but you feel neglected and pretty soon just turn around and leave. You tell yourself how rude the host was and that you’re never going to go back there again. An email and messaging campaign reignite and warms up your list - so they're ready to raise their hand for your next amazing offer... like that "know-it-all" in the 5th grade who was trying to be the teacher's pet. I hope that makes a little sense. If you’d like to learn how to get something started like this in your business…that’s what I do. You can go to or message me directly at I’m Jay and thanks for listening to the clinic accelerator podcast
June 07, 2022
The Meet And Greet - How To Make Your Patients/Customers Feel Like VIPs
I'm working on an e-book called "How Being A Somewhat Funny Radio Host For 31 Years Taught Me How To Help Business Owners: Overcome Objections, Make More Money, & Become Better Dancers" This is a little tidbit I wanted to share. Meet & Greet We wanted to get close and personal with our listeners so we decided we would do a Biscuits & Gravy Tour. We spent 2 weeks doing our morning show at a different Greasy Spoon restaurant in the outlying areas of our listening area. We wanted to personally meet and get to know our listeners and have them be part of our morning radio show LIVE! This was a blast and our fans loved it. My cholesterol did go up a few points after 2 weeks of sausage gravy and homemade biscuits. We also hosted exclusive parties at the radio station after hours. One such event was a private screening of the classic Mel Brooks film Blazing Saddles. We had a western theme. People could come dressed in their best cowboy or cowgirl wear. Best dressed won prizes. The food we served was chili beans and they ate in the movie. Getting to know your customers on an even more intimate level is a game-changer. Not only is it a blast to do, but everyone wants to feel like they’re a VIP. My suggestion, plan a VIP event. Invite the customers you feel fit the VIP label. Have food, drink, music, and prizes for as many as you can. Be sure to send out fancy special r.s.v.p. invitations via the good ol’ U.S. Mail. Then follow up with a phone call. It’s the personal touches that are key. This will boost your stature in the industry and your customers will talk about it for years to come. Do you need more Google reviews? These live events are a great way to give them a boost. Pick up your FREE Strategy at
June 01, 2022
Who Is Your Dream Patient?
A guy who sold bottled water in those big huge jugs wanted to sell more of it. He consulted with a marketing person who asked the question, “who is your ideal customer?” The water salesman thought for a minute and said, “well, everyone has to drink water to every person in the world is my ideal customer.” With that smirk on his face, I’m sure he thought that he was going to make millions of dollars. Then the consultant said, “wrong!” ●  Some people will never buy bottled water because they think it's crazy to pay for something that comes from their faucet. ●  Otherswillonlybuythosefancylabeledbottledwater. ●  Manywillbuythewaterthatanathletedrinks. ●  Somewillbuybottledwaterbutonlythecheapstuff.The water salesman now realized that he had to research what type of people wanted to have the big huge jug of bottled water. Would it be homes or offices or both or neither? The same goes for the information in this e-book. Every business owner needs more customers right? But I’ve catered this information for people who like to laugh from time to time and are willing to take action on some easy-to-implement strategies and above all have FUN! Below are just a few of the folks we’ve helped, one is not. Can you guess which one? ● WeightLossClinics ● Med-Spas ● Chiropractors ● Dentists ● physical therapist ● O.B.G.Y.N. ● MonkeyTrainers If you guessed Monkey Trainer, you’re wrong. I’m still looking for the O.B.G.Y.N. with a sense of humor. Keep listening to learn how you can receive a FREE gift.
May 25, 2022
Get More Fish In The Boat
A prospect said I don’t have a problem closing people when they come in for their appointment… When asked about their numbers…those who came in for a consultation and those who became customers…the answer was, well I don’t know that but it’s probably pretty high. The question I didn’t ask but should have asked: Then why are you still working, instead of just cashing those checks??? You can have other people do all of the stuff you do. Just kick back on a beach and open your bank app and just watch the dollar signs flow. Smug people can learn from their own mistakes but 'smart' people learn from other people's mistakes". Hi, My name is Jay and this is the clinic accelerator podcast. Marketing is pretty simple really. It’s kinda like fishing. First, you gotta know a little bit about the kind of fish you’re trying to catch. Do they like worms, do they like crickets, do they like mayflies, do they like smaller fish like minnows? Where do these fish like to hang out? Small ponds, rivers, streams, oceans? Once you know that, you make sure you use the perfect type of bait that your fish loves. Then you go to the place those fish are most likely to hang out. Then when they bite, you can’t reel them in too fast or you might lose them. You occasionally give the line a yank to make sure that hook is set, then you keep reeling them in. Once you have them on shore you have to carefully release the hook and make sure that fish doesn’t slip through your hands and fall back into the water before you can get them in your cooler. You can catch a fish with a $1000 pole or an old cane pole with some fishing line tied to the end. When I talk to some clinic owners about their current strategy, they do pretty good with using the right bait and fishing where they hang out. The problem I see is that as they’re reeling in that big fish it either slips off the hook or the fish slips through their hands and falls back into the water. You can spend thousands of dollars on a fancy boat, and top-of-the-line fishing gear, heck you can even have a guide to take you to the sweetest spots that no one else knows about. But if you can’t get that fish into your boat, you’ve just wasted all of the time and money. The one difference between fishing and marketing… at least when fishing if you don’t get the fish in the boat, you had a great day on the lake. You can always tell about the one that got away. There’s no satisfaction in that when it comes to marketing. All you can see is your kid’s college savings going down the ol toilet. If you want some help getting your fish into the boat…that’s what we do. Go to to learn more and download a strategy that I teach that shows you how to get more of those fish in the boat. My name is Jay, Thanks for listening to the clinic accelerator podcast.
May 18, 2022
Closest To The Customer Wins
Greetings and salutations. My name is Jay and At the end of this episode I have a FREE Bonus for you…you could just leave the room and come back at the end and you’d still get it but you’d feel so bad you’d probably donate time at a soup kitchen to offset the guilt. So don’t do that. Me and my partner Brian Elder sat in our office after the show staring at a stack of birthday cards. These were cards that would be mailed to our listeners. But, we first had to sign them all. We had their contact information and date of birth because they had to fill that out when they picked up concert tickets or a cd they won on the radio. Our program director told us we had to sign 100 birthday cards after each show before we went home. Talk about writer's cramp. We decided to take a little initiative and take it a step further. Since we had the listener's phone numbers my partner and I decided we would just start calling 25 listeners after each show to thank them for listening to our show. We told them about upcoming promotions and how they could win. It was another way we were able to endear ourselves to our fans. I’m pretty sure not another morning radio air talent was spending hours each day after their show calling and talking one on one with their listeners. This turned out to be HUGE. Back when faxing was still a thing, we decided to create a weekly newsletter. We went on the air and solicited for people to call in and give us their fax numbers. In return they would get access to one of Captain Pat’s (he was our traffic reporter) recipes, a “word of the day” that would make them eligible for a major prize, and a stupid joke like this one: A guy walks into a bar and says, "I just heard a great redneck joke!" A HUGE guy stands up off a barstool and says, "Just a minute, buddy. Before you tell that joke, I'm Jake. I'm six-three and weigh two-eighty all muscle. And I'm a redneck. That guy over there is a professional wrestler, and he's a redneck. And the guy behind the bar has a pistol next to the cash register and he's a redneck, too. Now, you really want to tell that joke?" And the fellow thinks and says, "Nah. I don't want to have to explain it three different times." We got thousands of fax numbers from our listeners. It was my job to send those faxes on Sunday night. Keep in mind this was 1996. I had the WinFax program on my old desktop computer. I had a dial-up modem. I had to crawl under my desk and unplug my phone then plug in my modem cord. If someone called our home phone while I was faxing it would screw up everything. It took almost 8 hours to send out all the faxes. I can still hear the chirp and shrill of that dial-up modem in my head. I also created a very primitive website. We had a MySpace account and when Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram came along we were there too. I even set up a podcast that played the “Best of Young & Elder”. (Young & Elder was the name of our radio show) If there was another way to stay top of mind with our fans...we used it. We did it for purely selfish reasons. I had a few addictions I’d picked up over the years like eating, having a place to sleep, and transportation. Getting those big rating bonuses helped to satisfy those addictions. Even though I worked for a radio station, our radio show was our business. At every live remote broadcast at the local car dealer, I made sure I didn’t act like the stuck-up snobby DJ. I went out of my way to hug, talk with, and dance with (if need be) every person who drove to the event to see us. When my partner and I introduced artists on stage we made sure that we got down and mingled with the fans. We even signed an autograph or two. As business owner, we knew that super-serving our fans was the key to our livelihood.
May 11, 2022
4 Steps To YES
Welcome to our 4 phase process we help clinics turn scheduled appointments into YESes. This also includes a step to turn your successful patients into your biggest cheerleaders…brining you in even more excited prospects…without spending another dime on expensive ads that just aren’t producing like they used to. So let’s get started. First let me give you the broad picture of our 4 phase process called The Patient Closing Machine. At the end of this demonstration, I’ll also share with you a special offer…don’t worry, this special offer won’t cost you anything but will help you optimize your current efforts. Let’s get started. Here’s your clinic or spa. First Phase is Schedule. To attract new patients you have to dump a ton of money into paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. But all of that money does attract a few people that raise their hand and schedule a no charge consultation with you. They’re on your calendar! But the moment they scheduled that appointment, the phone rings, kids are screaming, the boss throws more projects at them and pretty quick they’ve forgotten all about that Free appointment. That where the 2nd phase comes in. Reminder. Busy people are always checking their email. That’s where your reminders come. Welcome, to YOUR CLINIC. Shelly, let's discover together what it means to YOU to achieve your desired outcome? Louise was in the exact place you are right now. Watch Her Video Here is how we can get to know each other. I'll guide you safely and comfortably to change: Any Worries, to Confidence Any Annoyance or Feeling Exhausted, To Feelings of Hopeful and Delighted Any Fears, to Triumph Our first step together… Is to discover your personal desires and struggles. Then I will provide you with a personal and customized direction for assured, measured progress to your goal. Then, believe it or not, I openly ask that you challenge me. Yes, take me to the mat until you're fully satisfied. I will gladly offer you full and complete proof I can go with you to a happy conclusion of your goal. Once you're totally thrilled, we'll plan your "Celebration" together. Let's create a vivid and detailed vision of the future new you. Energy level Meds you won't need Excitement in the romance department Adventures you'll take ______________________________ (fill in the blank) I look forward to meeting you. Dr. Clinic Owner PS Please make sure you add your consultation to your calendar. I've include links to the most popular calendars below. You're Awesome! A series of these emails show up in their inbox not only reminding them, but building excitement for their appointment, reinforcing why they scheduled in the first place. Of course there will also be an SMS text reminder the day of the appointment. Hi Shelly. I hope you're as excited as I am to meet today. I'll be waiting to for you at 2:45. I even have a welcome gift! It’s 2:45 and they showed up, not apprehensive but excited with every intention of handing you their walled in exchange for your amazing solutions. This is where third phase comes in. Welcome them as a new patient.
May 04, 2022
What Are You Doing To Stand Out From The Crowd?
Are you taking advantage of all of the FREE platforms that can get your message in front of your dream audience? Are you setting yourself apart from all of your competitors? I'm going to take you behind the scenes as I update my LinkedIn profile and show you what can make you Out Shine the others in your industry. I'll also share with you important things I learned as an on-air morning radio host for 31 years. I thought I was just telling jokes and pulling pranks and getting my butt chewed by our Program Director...but I was also learning important lessons that every business owner MUST know to survive in today's economy or any economy. One piece of advice has probably been thee most important to me...and I learned it from Bill Jones. He used to make my partner Brian Elder come into his office after each of the shows so he could demoralize us and make us feel like complete failures. Bless his heart...that was his job. In fact one time he told us that one of the comedy bits we did wasn't funny. He said, he played the bit to his wife and she laughed out loud but he proceeded to tell her why it wasn't funny.  That's like a parent telling their kid that a fart isn't funny. Anyway, I hope you find this podcast entertaining and informative...if so, I've succeeded.
April 27, 2022
Which Type Are You?
Today I’m going to share how you can become the next Elon Musk, well maybe not a Trillionaire but you can have the freedom to come and go as you please. When you’re an egghead marketing guy you tend to follow certain people that resonate with you. One of those guys is a British fellow by the name of Jon Buchan. Jon is the creator of Charm Offensive shared some great ideas about becoming so successful that you, hire people to do what you used to do, and you buy a fancy-schmancy new pickup truck to haul loads and loads of cash to your bank. I want that and I hope that appeals to you even just a tiny bit. He asks the following question. How in control are you of your lead generation? Most people are either passive or active. Then, there’s a further level of control that comes with building your own audience. Let me explain what those mean. Passive - Waiting for the word of mouth gods to deliver leads to you. It’s ok though, because something always comes out of the blue in the nick of time, and that means that’s always going to be the case, right? ;) Active - Either you’re doing outbound activity, such as cold pitching, creating partnership relationships with complementary service providers, or you’ve set up inbound marketing campaigns to bring leads to you. Whatever route you’ve gone, you’re generating leads reliably. You have systems in place, so you’re not merely praying for the word of mouth gods to gift you with leads. Audience - You’ve built an engaged following and sell your expertise at scale. You may have a premium subscription offering or sell products standalone, or both. Opportunities and leads come to you. You’re in a position where you can send an offer to your list (or to your group), and your phone beeps with payment notifications. In today's economy, I guess you don’t need a truck to haul your money to the bank but wouldn’t it be kinda awesome just once to load up hundreds of thousands of dollars in the back of your truck and a few dollars blow off as you drive down the road but you don’t care because in the time it took you to drive that money to the bank you already made more than enough to replace the few dollars that got whipped up in the wind. What’s harder in business, getting people to sign up for a consultation with, Getting those people to actually show up after scheduling or turning those people into new patients or clients at the consultation? Well, no matter what you chose, I have something that can help you load your pickup full of cash to head to the bank. It’s called Clinic Accelerator. It’s designed to take any of the hemming or hawing away when you go for the close after that person comes into your clinic for their consultation. It’s easy to implement. You don’t have to memorize anything, you don’t have to be a Zig Ziglar motivation type person. Just go to to grab YOUR FREE training. I can’t wait for you to put it into practice…and I’ll help you unload your truck full of cash at the bank. My name is Jay Young. Thanks for listening to the Clinic Accelerator podcast.
April 21, 2022
What If It All Came Crashing To A Hault?
Living in a time of Technology is amazing. Especially as business owners. We have so many tools at our disposal. The internet has made it possible to reach out and engage with people On social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Video has become a powerful medium to teach and share ideas on platforms like Vimeo, and Youtube. We even have our own private TV station in the form of Facebook Live, Instagram TV, and Youtube Live. We can build our audience with Groups on Facebook. We can become an industry leader with Podcasts on multiple platforms. Are you using these platforms to promote yourself, your brand, and your offers? What would happen to the growth of your business if one day you woke up and your Facebook page had been shut down? The same goes for your Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and all the rest. What would that do to your business? Think it’s not possible? There have been too many to count. Maybe you liked a post that was found to not comply with terms of service on any of the platforms. A copywriting master I follow by the name of Ben Settle recently shared this: A 15-year-old snot nose who had 1.2 million Instagram subscribers, pulled in some $10k per month with it, and he was full of pee & vinegar (who wouldn’t be?), ready to conquer and pillage. But then… Instagram shut him down without warning. The reason: Violating rules or something. His entire business was gone — with the push of some button somewhere. And of course, like a lot of influencer types, he could not replicate his massive success, because he was simply all intelligence and no wisdom. The worst part for him though: === The kid said the following: “A lot of my friends think I’ve become depressed, and I think that’s right,” Rowan said. “I’ve been feeling insecure about a lot of things, like how I look and act and talk. I talk a lot less than I used to. I’m a lot less confident. Losing my account is the main reason I feel like this. With @ Zuccccccccccc, it felt like I had a purpose and was doing something that benefited a lot of people, and now I kind of just feel — I feel lost.” Again, what would happen to your business if the rug got pulled out from under you? One way to combat that is by having a strong email game. Which you can export your list and “own. As long as the entire internet doesn’t come crashing to a halt, you can continue to engage with your List. When you have a list that you have stayed engaged with, you can present new offers, you can generate new prospects with referrals from your list. It’s something to think about. Here’s something else to think about. If you’re not converting the majority of each person who comes in for their consultation…you’re flushing those marketing dollars right down the toilet. I’m giving away the strategy that can make sure your prospects tell you yes yes yes. Download your free and simple to implement training at I’m Jay Young. Thanks for listening to the Clinic Accelerator Podcast
April 13, 2022
Do Not Apologize
I'll answer a question I hear at least once a week. The question is, I want to re-engage with my list, but I'm not sure how to do it...I haven't connected with them in over a year. If you're in business you should have a list of past prospects and patients. You should be engaging with them...if you don't, your competition is. Is there a secret way to get back into their inbox? In today's episode, I'll give you some tips to make your return be a positive experience for all parties. To learn more about getting more of your prospects to say Yes to your offers...go to Thanks for listening.
April 06, 2022
The Parable Of The Camaro Hood & The FedEx Truck
About 12 years ago my son and I started a project together. This was one of those projects I'd hoped would help us to bond. And, really have a lot of those father and son moments. And we did, but the project has just taken too long to finish. So I'm now in the process where I'm getting close to being finished. It's a 1968 Camaro SS. When, when we bought it originally, it didn't have a motor in it and it didn't have a transmission. It was just a body really, and some tires and wheels. I put a new motor in it. It's a 454 big block. As we were in the process of getting it painted, I discovered that the current hood will not close. It will not go over that motor. The motor is too big. I had to order a new hood for this vehicle and it's, it's going to be in tomorrow and I'm super excited about it. When I bought the new hood, I had three options of how I could get it delivered. FedEx could ship it, UPS could ship it or DHL could ship me this new hood. I didn't care about it. What I wanted was the hood. They were all going to get here about the same time, all gonna cost about the same amount. I don't care if one truck is gas-powered or diesel or electric. I don't care about any of that. The only thing I cared about and still care about is my hood. Those trucks are just the delivery mechanisms.  I want my hood. The reason I bring this up is that I talk to business owners almost every day and they say, well, you know where you're just not having the success we'd like with our current marketing. I say, well, what are you marketing? They usually say they’re doing some Facebook ads or some social media posts. That's not marketing, those are delivery mechanisms. I press them a little further and ask them what are those ads saying? They usually say the ads highlight the services they have the new equipment and tools they use to provide the service. They’re focused on the delivery mechanism instead of making sure their message resonates with what end result in their dream customer wants to achieve. It honestly doesn't matter what delivery mechanisms you use. The most important thing is your message. For me, the important thing is my new Camaro hood.  In Business...It's Your Message! In a time when Kindness seems to be at an all-time low, I want to do you a kindness. If you’re currently spending your hard-earned money to get people to schedule appointments with you and then actually show up…I want to share my strategy Clinic Accelerator with you FREE. It has one purpose. To get those people that showed up to Say YES to your Solutions or Offer. Go to When you spend all that money and then people don’t say yes…that just well sucks. Besides doing you a Kindness, why would I give you this strategy for free…when in fact it could add an additional 30 thousand or more to your revenue each month? Well, I want you to remember my name. Jay Young. If you discover that you could use help in getting more people to show up for their appointments and be so excited that they show up with a smile on their face and their credit card in hand… well, I hope you’ll think of me. Again my name is Jay Young. Thank you for listening to the Clinic Accelerator Podcast.
March 30, 2022
Give To Get...How And Why It Works In Your Personal Life And Your Business
I had a Toyota Tundra for 17 years. It was pretty common to get calls on Friday from friends who would say, do you still have that truck? I have a bed, couch that I need to move. Would you be available to help me move that? Sometimes they would just ask to borrow the truck. I’ll be honest…I usually agreed to help reluctantly. But every time I did help…I felt great afterward. Give To Get If you Google Give to get, there’s at least 100 different links that will take you to sites that talk about the benefits of giving to get. What does it really mean? What are you giving? Time with kids Time with spouse Valuable content information Your expertise What do you hope to get? Closer bond with kids A more loving relationship with your spouse People that become attracted to your solutions Groups and organizations seeking you out Without getting all Fru Flu, Napoleon Hill The Think and Grow Rich guy had a saying. You give before you get. ~Napoleon Hill~ Have you ever donated your time at a food bank? Have you ever mentored someone looking for your guidance? How did it affect that person? How did it affect you? Will it turn you into a multimillionaire…who knows? Will it help you sleep better at night? Giving to get…a pretty great concept. I’m giving away my Clinic Accelerator training. Why. Cause I can and I want to. Is there an anterior motive? Well, it’s a great way to introduce myself to the kind of people I want to help. I could just try and sell my solutions right off the bat or I could Give valuable content…real valuable content. The kinds of content that can make a real monetary impact for someone on day 1. That’s really giving. What do I want to get? I hope you’ll remember my name. If in the future you’re looking for solutions in your business, I hope you’ll remember the guy that made a massive impact in your revenue goals. So there it is. How are you giving to get in your business? I’d love to hear. Share your comments. Oh, and check the description for the link to Clinic Accelerator. Or Go To My name is Jay Young. Thanks for listening to the Clinic Accelerator podcast.
March 24, 2022
A Confused Mind Never Buys
In today's podcast, I'm going to make a point with a short story that happened to me and my wife about 10 years ago at a Wendy's restaurant. At the end of the podcast, I'll make an offer to help your clinic turn more of your scheduled prospects into new patients/clients.
March 16, 2022
Stop Selling The Product & Start Selling The Vision
I received an email from a client that said: The promotions that are working the best are the $300 Vanquish ME, $1499 Evolve( getting many inquiries only 3 people signed up for this offer), Lipo, and B12 are also doing well. In the Vanquish promotion, the patients are confused about what the offer is for and are unaware of the downtime if treatment is done on the face. Perhaps a more attractive AD with real pictures of the machine and/ or before and after pics. This will give the potential customer an idea of what they are asking about. I noticed their website under their services tab it tells what Vanquish is. It says, What Is Vanquish ME? Vanquish ME, or Vanquish Maximum Energy is a body contouring treatment from BTL Aesthetics that removes unwanted fat without any invasive surgery. The treatment uses a harness device that administers radiofrequency energy to eliminate fat cells in the target area. The treatment’s harness device allows your treatment to be completed without touching your skin and allows a greater area of treatment at one time. How many of your prospects wake up and say, I want a body contouring treatment from BTL Aesthetics that removes unwanted fat without any invasive surgery. The treatment uses a harness device that administers radiofrequency energy to eliminate fat cells in the target area. The treatment’s harness device allows your treatment to be completed without touching your skin and allows a greater area of treatment at one time. Imagine if Disneyland marketed like that. Set in a small cramped roller coaster-type car on a track and pull the safety bar across your lap. Soon you’ll be going uphill through a dark room and before long you’ll be going downhill fast. After about 4 minutes of going up and down hills you’ll come to a stop. That doesn’t sound too exciting, does it? Instead, they actually sell the thrill you and your family will enjoy, the memories you’ll have, and the heart-pounding adrenaline rush. Stop selling the product and start selling the vision of what can happen by using your product. This is especially important when you have the first meeting with your lead or prospect. One of the best ways to sell the vision is by having your past customers evangelize about the experience they had with you. That’s what my FREE Strategy Clinic Accelerator will do for you. Go to Again Stop selling the product and start selling the vision of what can happen by using your product.
March 09, 2022
How To Only Here "Yes" From People
Every Saturday if you listen to the radio, chances are they’ll be doing what’s called a live remote broadcast. The DJ will be onsite at usually a furniture store or a car dealer. I’ve done hundreds of those live radio remote broadcasts. The whole idea behind one of these remotes was to entice someone to come by a spin a prize wheel for the chance to win a CD or movie pass or some other sort of valuable prize…and then the salespeople at that store or car lot would pounce on you. Guess how well these worked? Not well. But, we did do a live remote broadcast that worked like crazy. Here’s the premise: We promoted that on a specific date Bill Heard Chevrolet would have 20 cars. Some were priced at $10,126, Some at $1,126 and there would be two sold for $126 and one for $26. People could go by ahead of time and see the cars that had those prices clearly marked on them. No, they weren’t brand new, but they were in good shape and not a ton of miles. Then the day of the event we had people lined up for over a mile for a chance to purchase one of these vehicles at crazy low prices. They filled out a credit app for the chance to maybe take home the car for $126 or the $1026 car and so on. This was a huge win for the car dealer and for a bunch of people that came that day. So what does this have to do with your clinic? Well, lots of car lots did remote broadcasts and no one ever showed up. But, when one car dealer decided they were going to make it impossible for someone not to at least come by…it was huge. What are you doing in your clinic to make it impossible for someone to say anything by YES to your services and solutions? We as a people are skeptical. What are you doing to overcome that natural feeling? Clinic Accelerator has that covered for you…and it’s totally free. Grab your free training at
March 02, 2022
How To Eat Or Starve In Business
As business owners, it's easy to get caught up in all of the buzzworthy trends. I've been around other entrepreneurs and they'll start talking about "Shark Tank". I think shows like that are more of a pep rally for business owners. They get you all excited but really don't teach you how to close new business. I think there's one show that actually teaches how to attract people to your business and then have them reach into their pocket and hand you their credit card. Today I'll share with you that show and how it teaches you how to literally feed your family with delicious meat or have your kids crying because they don't want another meal of turnips and kale. Clinic Accelerator teaches the tips that the people in this show teach and if you want to grab this training for FREE...go to Thanks for listening.
February 23, 2022
This should never happen to you
A bunch of folks scheduled appointments. A few of them actually showed up. You poured out your heart in your sales spiel. Then, went for the “close”. And got…nothin’. Another appointment meeting, and still… Cricket City. Why? Because they just weren’t convinced YOU could help them. They weren’t excited. Didn’t get hooked. Failed to press the “I’m ready to do this” button. The best way to make sure that doesn’t happen again is by going through our no-charge training, But for now, I’ll give you a way to get people hooked from the get-go. Remember the last vacation that you went on?  Somewhere tropical like a beach in the Caribbean or maybe skiing in Utah? Think about why you chose there when you could have gone anywhere else in the world. Sand between your toes as you sip a Mai Tai on the beach. Fresh powder and being the first one down the mountain. Food, beautiful sunsets, golf, scuba diving, or whatever else it is that you're into. But, you know what you're not thinking about right now? The thing that had zero impact on your decision to take the vacation? That's what I'll reveal in today's podcast.
February 16, 2022
How To Be A Broke Clinic Owner
There are plenty of people that will sell you all of the fancy-schmancy gadgets to find you tons of new people interested in your solutions...but when they tell you NO at the consultation, that's money down the toilet. Why do some clinics sell and close virtually every person that walks through their doors? What special secret or technology do they have that allows them to sell $1000, $3000, or even $10,000 solutions? Wouldn’t that be good to know? Imagine having people who can't wait to meet you, happily pay top price, and tell all their friends why they look so freaking amazing. (no, I didn't get a haircut...I lost 45 pounds!) Be sure to download your FREE Clinic Accelerator training guide at
February 09, 2022