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Clinical Updates in COVID-19

Clinical Updates in COVID-19

By Dr Chew Cheng Hoon
This podcast is created to share the webinars hosted by National Institutes of Health (NIH), Ministry of Health, Malaysia with the aim to provide clinicians with the clinical updates in COVID-19 and for medical professionals to share their experience in their work related to COVID-19. This podcast intended to share within healthcare professionals. Further information and slides presentation in the webinars are available at NIH COVID-19 website ( and blog (
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Living on the frontline of COVID-19

Clinical Updates in COVID-19

Living on the frontline of COVID-19

Clinical Updates in COVID-19

One World, One Health Update: Rickettsiosis
Introduction by moderator, Dr. Suresh Kumar (00:00:03)   Rickettsioses as Major Etiologies of Unrecognized Acute Febrile Illness, Sabah, East Malaysia by Dr. Timothy William, Gleneagles Hospital, Kota Kinabalu (slide: (00:03:49)   Rickettsioses: Out of sight, Out of mind by Dr. Mohammad Yazid Abdad, Infectious Disease Research Laboratory of the National Centre for Infectious Diseases, Singapore (slide:  (00:20:57)   Short Q&A with Dr. Timothy while waiting for Dr. Yazid to reconnect (00:22:30) Continue with Dr. Yazid's presentation (00:25:54) Q&A session (00:46:21)   Final message by Dato' Dr. Goh Pik Pin  (00:57:16) *Dr.Yazid's answers are available here (  
July 24, 2020
SARS-CoV-2 viral outbreak investigation: Laboratory Perspective
This week we have 3 laboratory experts in COVID-19 to join us in this session.  The program consist of:  Welcome remark by moderator (Datuk Dr. Christopher Lee Kwok Choong)   0:00:03 Scaling up national lab capacity for COVID-19 by Dr. Hani Binti Mat Hussin, MKAK Sungai Buloh  00:01:43 IMR’s role in viral outbreak investigation: COVID-19 menace by Dr. Ravindran Thayan, Infectious Diseases Research Centre, IMR, NIH  00:15:59 Hospital's laboratory services during COVID-19 by Dr. Arni Binti Talib is the Head of the National Pathology Services in Malaysia and the Head of the Department of Pathology at Kuala Lumpur Hospital.   00:38:24 Q&A session   00:46:24 Summary 01:01:37
July 3, 2020
COVID-19 Mortality Review in Malaysia & Updates on Clinical Management of COVID-19
The "Clinical Updates in COVID-19" live webinar on 18th June 2020 featured two presentations by Dr. Suresh Kumar and Dr. Faizah Muhamad Zin. Agenda: Introduction by Datuk Dr. Christopher Lee and Dato' Dr. Goh Pik Pin.   00:00:03 "Updates on Clinical Management of COVID-19" by Dr. Suresh Kumar, Hospital Sungai Buloh. (Slide presentation link:  00:02:42 "COVID-19 Mortality Review in Malaysia" by Dr. Faizah Muhamad Zin, Medical Development Division, MOH.  00:33:16 Q&A session   01:02:16 Summary by Datuk Dr. Christopher Lee  01:22:03 Here is the transcript of this webinar in form of eBook:  Zenodo:  OR  Smashwords:
June 23, 2020
Living on the frontline of COVID-19 in MCO And CMCO
Introduction by Dato Dr Goh Pik Pin (00:00:03) Management of ILI and COVID-19 in Health Clinic by Dr. Narul Aida Salleh, Kuala Lumpur Health Clinic (Slide link:  (00:01:17) The scars of COVID-19 by Dr. Syazatul Syakirin binti Sirol Aflah, Institute of Respiratory Medicine (Slide link: (00:19:14) Kawasaki Disease & Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children by Dr. Hung Liang Choo, Hospital Tunku Azizah, Kuala Lumpur (Slide link: (00:46:37) Continuing Care to Cancer Patients during COVID-19 Pandemic-Experience from Radiotherapy and Oncology Department, Hospital Umum Sarawak by Dr. Voon Pei Jye, Sarawak General Hospital (Slide link: (01:15:27) Q&A session  (01:41:11) YouTube Video
June 5, 2020
Postmortem Findings In COVID-19 Patients & Mental Health Issues In The Era Of COVID-19
Introduction by Datuk Dr. Christopher Lee Kwok Choong  00:00:03 High Risk Autopsy: COVID-19 by Dr. Ahmad Hafizam Hasmi (Slide  00:03:38 Befrienders experience in community during MCO and CMCO by Esther Teo Siam Cheng, the President of Befrienders Malaysia (Slide  00:20:43 COVID-19 Pandemic, The Mental Health Demons: How to Overpower The Challenges Ahead by Dr. Ahmad Rostam bin Md Zin, Consultation Liaison Psychiatrist in Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah Alor Setar  (Slide  00:36:04 CATCH-22: Psychological _____ on healthcare workers by Dr. Ravivarma Rao Panirselvam, Psychiatrist, Hospital Miri  (Slide  00:49:46 Q&A Session  01:12:57 YouTube video link: Additional Q&A after the webinar with Dr Ravi @
May 29, 2020
Care For Vulnerable Populations During COVID-19 Pandemic
Session moderated by Dato' Dr Goh Pik Pin   Agenda:  Introduction by Dato' Dr Goh Pik Pin  00:00:03   Maternal And Child Health Services During Covid-19 Pandemic At Health Clinics – Embracing The New Normal by Dr. Rozita Binti Zakaria, KK Persint 18, Putrajaya (slide: 00:02:32  Liver injury in COVID-19 by Dr. Tan Soek Siam, Senior Consultant, Hepatology Department, Hospital Selayang (slide: 00:19:29  Hospice Persists During Coronavirus Pandemic And The New Norm by Dr. Vanitha A/P R. Thangaratnam, Senior Hospice Doctor, Kasih Hospice (Slide: 00:35:30 & Sunita Kaur A/P Manmohan Singh, Senior Hospice Nurse (Slide: 00:52:32  Q&A Session  00:59:13 Summary/Take home message by each panellist  01:12:26 YouTube (video): #hcsmMY #FOAMcovid #hepatology #MNCH #hpmglobal
May 22, 2020
The Flip Side of COVID-19 Pandemic
Session moderated by Datuk Dr Christopher Lee Kwok Choong Agenda: Introduction by Datuk Dr. Christopher Lee 00:00:03 Living with COVID-19 - How It Changes the EM Practices - a brief overview  by Dr. Mahathar Abd Wahab (slide: 00:02:59 The Malaysian Health Data Warehouse (MyHDW) by Dr. Md Khadzir bin Sheikh Ahmad (Live demo - no slide) 00:29:415 and Dr. Nuraidah Binti Mohd Marzuki  00:39:31 Death in the Time of Corona by Prof. Dr. Ng Chiu Wan (No slide. Just preliminary data, still an ongoing analysis) 00:46:44 Q&A Session with the panellists  01:09:00 YouTube Video is available at
May 15, 2020
The New Norm in Clinical Practice during COVID-19 pandemic - Virtual Clinics for Outpatient Consultation
Introduction by Datuk Dr.Christopher 00:00:03 Pilot project on virtual outpatient health clinic and MMC guidelines by Dr.Nazrila Hairizan binti Nasir ( 00:02:51 Sharing experience in running HIV virtual clinic by Dr.Benedict Sim Lim Heng ( 00:23:11 Experience on tele-dermatology consultation by Dr.Suganthy Robinson ( 00:38:19 Virtual clinic with geriatric patients ( by  Dr.Nordiana Nordin 49:14 Staff Nurse (RN) Izatul Azwin Suhaimi 01:04:00 Pharmacist Siti Mallissa Mohd Shariff 01:06:00 Q&A session with panellists 01:09:54 Conclusion 01:30:55 YouTube video link
May 2, 2020
Living on the frontline of COVID-19
Living on the frontline of COVID-19 with Datuk Dr. Christopher Lee, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sasheela Ponnampalavanar, Dr. Anusha Shunmugarajoo and Dr.Paranthaman Vengadasalam. Programme: Datuk Dr.Christopher Lee 00:00:03 Dr.Anusha Shunmugarajoo 00:04:15 Assoc. Prof. Dr.Sasheela Ponnampalavanar 00:30:35 Dr.Paranthaman Vengadasalam 00:58:57 Panel discussion and Q&A 01:01:43 Slides from the webinar "Living on the frontline of #COVID-19": How To Safeguard Health Care Workers Working in Hybrid & Non-COVID-19 Hospital by Dr. Anusha Shunmugarajoo (HTAR) Prevention of Transmission of COVID-19 in hospital by Assoc. Prof. Dr.Sasheela Ponnampalavanar (UMMC)
April 17, 2020
Panel discussion on Hydroxychloroquine used for COVID-19 patients
Introduction by Dr.Hishamshah - 00:00 Agenda: Dr Cheah Wee Kooi (Taiping Hospital) - Hydroxychloroquine treatment of COVID-19 and its short term usage effect in QTc trend (Taiping Hospital’s Experience)    00:40:36  Some technical error and connection issue encountered by the presenter side. Dr.Cheah presented again after third presentation.  Slide: Dato’ Dr Gun Suk Chyn (HTJ, Seremban) - Hydroxychloroquine: Rheumatologist perspective      00:05:10 Slide:   Dr. Yasmin Mohamed Gani (HSB, Selangor) - Hydroxychloroquine     00:29:10 Slide: Q&A session -    00:56:46
April 10, 2020
Managing COVID-19 Paediatric and Obstetric Patients
Date: 02.04.2020 | Time: 12:30-2:00 PM MY This was a live recording session of clinical experience sharing by the Obstetricians and Paediatricians in managing COVID-19 patients in Malaysia moderated by  Dr.Hishamshah Bin Mohd Ibrahim, Deputy DG of Health (Research & Technical Support) & Consultant Paediatric Hematologist and Oncologist.  Panellists for this session:  Dr.Tan Kah Kee, Paediatric Infectious Disease Consultant; Dr.Thahira Bt A Jamal Mohamed, Paediatric Infectious Diseases Consultant, HTA/HKL; Dr.See Kwee Ching, Consultant Pediatrician & Neonatologist, Hosp.Sg.Buloh; Dr.Norashikin Md Fuad, O&G, Hosp.Sg.Buloh; Dr.Norhana Mohd Kasim, O&G, Hosp.Sg.Buloh Introduction by Dr.Hishamshah  Mohd Ibrahim 0:00:03 Dr.Norhana Mohd Kasim - Treating Pregnant Mothers With COVID-19 (slide presentation 00:01:04 Dr.See Kwee Ching baby's progress 00:05:17 Dr.Norhana 00:08:22.596 Dr.Thahira Bt A Jamal Mohamed - Managing children with COVID-19 (slide presentation 00:13:39 Dr.See Kwee Ching's talk 00:32:07 Q&A with panellists  00:38:30 The summary of Q&A session will be made available soon at our twitter account
April 3, 2020
Treating COVID-19 Patients in Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
[Disclaimer: the audio quality varied due to technical issues during live webinar]  Welcoming message by Datuk Dr.Christopher Lee 00:00 ICU case presentation by Dr.Shanti Rudra Deva (1st case) 01:29 Learning points for case study 1 05:17 ICU case presentation by Dr.Shanti Rudra Deva (2nd case) 09:34 Learning points for case study 2 15:08 Q&A session with Datuk Dr.Christopher, Dr.Shanti & Dr.Giri Shan Rajahram 20:37 Summary and conclusion by Datuk Dr.Christopher Lee 1:12:50 Slide presentation on "Treating COVID-19 Patients In Intensive Care Unit(ICU)" by Dr.Shanti Rudra Deva, Consultant Intensivist,HSB/HKL (webinar 26/03/2020) Summarized Q&A session ( from the webinar "Treating COVID-19 Patients In Intensive Care Unit (ICU)" with Dr.Shanti Rudra Deva, Dr.Giri Shan Rajahram and Datuk Dr.Christopher Lee Kwok Choong
March 31, 2020
First teleconference between Malaysia-China Infectious Disease Specialist
(Audio: Chinese-English with bilingual translation) COVID-19 case discussion between Chinese and Malaysian doctors was held on 26th of March 2020.  Q1: Role of Favipravir in treatment of COVID-19 cases 00:26:34 Q2: Comment of Malaysia COVID-19 treatment protocol 00:35:38 Q3: Cytokine Release Syndrome in COVID-19 00:52:03 Q4: Role of steroids in treatment of COVID-19 cases 01:02:36 Q5: Role of Interleukin-6 (IL-6) inhibitor in treatment of COVID-19 cases  01:09:29 Q6: Experience in usage of convalescent serum  01:14:17 Q7: Management of healthcare workers who exposed to positive COVID-19 patients without proper personal protection equipment (PPE).  01:22:04 Q8: Re-infection of COVID-19  01:34:09 Q9: Infectivity of patients who had recovered from the illness, but PCR test remains positive beyond 14 days  01:46:30 The summary of this video is available on google slide via Opening address by  His Excellency Bai Tian, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Republic of China to Malaysia,  Mr Bei Zhaojian, Deputy Director-General of the Shanghai Municipal Foreign Affairs Office and  Dr. Hishamshah Bin Mohd Ibrahim, Deputy Director General Of Health (Research & Technical Support), Ministry Of Health Malaysia representing YBhg.Dato’ Seri Dr. Chen Chaw Min, Chief Secretary, Ministry of Health Malaysia. Experts from China are:  Dr. Qiu Zhongmin, Director of Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Tongji University School of Medicine, Shanghai Profesor Dr. Shen Yinzhong, Director of Department of Medical Administration, Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center and Chief Physician, Department of Infection and Immunity Shanghai Also attended this video conference were the Infectious Disease Physicians and Specialists from 17 MOH Malaysia hospitals from all the 14 states and University Malaya (UM).
March 26, 2020
Webinar Session with General Practitioners on COVID-19
Medical Development Division, MOH in collaboration with Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) and National Institute of Health hosted this webinar session with the aim to provide General Practitioners with the current information and Infection Control Practice related to COVID-19 pandemic. (Date: 22/03/2020) Content of podcast: 1. Overview of COVID-19 by Dr. Suresh Kumar Chidambaram Senior Consultant Infectious Disease Physician, Head of Medical Department, Hospital Sg. Buloh 2. COVID-19: Infection Prevention & Control in Private Healthcare Facilities by Dr. Suraya Amir Husin Head of Infection Control Unit, Medical Care Quality Section, Medical Development Division, MOH 3. Expert Panel Q&A with Dr. Suresh Kumar (ID); Dr. Suraya Amir Husin (MOH); Dr. Ravindran Thayan, Head of Virology Unit, Infectious Disease Research Centre, Institute for Medical Research (NIH); Dr. Priya Ragunath, Head of Occupational Health and Environment Sector, Disease Control Division, MOH; Dr. Thirunavukarasu Rajoo, Honorary General Secretary, Malaysian Medical Association; Dr Nazrila Hairizan Nasir, Deputy Director, Family Health Development Division. Further information and slide presentation in the webinars are available at “Clinical Updates in COVID-19". 
March 22, 2020
1st Clinical Updates in COVID-19
This is the first “Clinical Updates in COVID-19” session on 19/3/2020, by Dr. Suresh Chidanbaram, Infectious Disease Consultant from Sungai Buloh Hospital. The session is intended for key opinion leaders in the field of infectious disease to share their clinical experiences with other healthcare workers.  This is intended to share within healthcare professionals. Further information and slide presentation in the webinars are available at “Clinical Updates in COVID-19". 
March 22, 2020