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#12: Why Home Sellers Aren't the Clients

An episode of Close to Home

By Brennen Clouse
How do you buy a home? Why is the home the most intimate and telling place in your life? What makes the home the most important place to you? What makes your home feel like your own? How do you sell your home? What's the best way to decorate? What are the hottest paint colors? Where is everyone eating and shopping this month?

Welcome to the Close to Home podcast where we will answer all of your home questions and beyond! Every other week, host Brennen Clouse dishes the newest trends, how-to's, and stories about the home - one of the most special places for each of us.
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#13: What Does a Property Advisor to the Ultra-High Net Worth do?
Our guest today is Judy Boerner-Rule, president of Tapestry Associates. Judy has a deep history of managing luxury hotels, food and beverage, and private club management. She was recruited in 2002 to manage the private residential estate of a high-profile family, with her responsibilities gradually evolving into the role of Senior Director of Operations for all of the family’s residential estate operations. In 2006, she met Randy Gantenbein and Anne Lyons, whom with Judy would become co-founders of Tapestry Associates. Judy describes Tapestry Associates as a property and personal lifestyle advisory for individuals and families of significant wealth. It was founded with the goal of helping principals and their advisors optimize the investment of their enjoyment capital. Judy shares with us which types of services Tapestry provides to achieve this goal and the three categories that her clients usually fall under. She also provides the points to consider to determine the need for property and personal lifestyle advising. Tapestry Associates:
November 5, 2018
#12: Why Home Sellers Aren't the Clients
Today’s guest is Justin Riordan of Spade and Archer Design Agency, the world’s first guaranteed home staging company, which currently has offices in Seattle, Portland, and Palm Springs. After obtaining a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Hawaii, Justin gained seven years of experience in interior architecture and five years in construction management before starting Spade and Archer about nine years ago. Justin tells us about what home staging is and why it is so important in the process of selling a home. There are many differences to be seen in a house that is staged compared to one that is not, so Justin talks about how these differences are subtle yet make an exceptional impact on a home’s likeliness to sell. We hear about problems that Justin runs into in his line of work, the most common of which is sellers focusing too much on their own psychology rather than the buyer’s. He also shares insight on how to successfully stage a house based on his deep experience.
October 10, 2018
#11: Tell Me What I'm Seeing: How to create a film that helps sell your home
Not only does the real estate market change with supply and demand, the marketing trends in real estate also change. This week we focus on the change in real estate videography as I interview Ryan Reese. Ryan is a the founder of Reese Films, a 7 person production company specializing in creating lifestyle films and video content for marketing purposes in the luxury real estate industry. Ryan and his team have produced marketing videos for over 2000 properties and counting as We discuss how conveying emotion, telling a story, and helping the viewer understand the lifestyle of a home are all very important in marketing the property and ensuring that it gets sold. I strongly believe that video is one of the best ways to do all three of these things. From music, to the right equipment, to how to avoid trouble when you're flying drones - hear it all here. You can find Ryan at and if you love this episode, please rate and review this podcast at
September 24, 2018
#10: The 10 Lessons I've Learned Since Leaving Corporate America
Hey guys, thanks again for tuning in! I would love it if you could please rate, review, and share this episode with anyone you think might enjoy it. Just go here: In this episode I discuss my transition from my full-time job at Microsoft to my full-time job as a real estate broker and the 10 lessons I've learned since one year ago when I made the transition. For entrepreneurs and real estate agents alike, working for yourself can be difficult and unmanageable. These are some of my observations and strategies to find success in starting your own business. I hope you enjoy!
September 10, 2018
#9: 2018 Houzz Design Trends Reviewed, Part 2
Houzz reported on the 2018 Design Trends Expected to Take Hold Early this year (see link). In this two part episode, Stacey Zorzi and I review some of the trends that don't work for us and those that we love coming to fruition this year! We discuss our love and hate relationships with design and when you're out, you're out. Tune in and tell us if you agree - are these design trends in or out?! Houzz article:
August 27, 2018
#8: 2018 Houzz Design Trends Reviewed, Part 1
Houzz reported on the 2018 Design Trends Expected to Take Hold Early this year (see link). In this two part episode, Stacey Zorzi and I review some of the trends that don't work for us and those that we love coming to fruition this year! We discuss our love and hate relationships with design and when you're out, you're out. We talk about not hanging wallpaper with your significant other if you don't want to get in a big fight, level five painting (what is that?), Stacey's sofa addiction, and how to avoid some custom design work that may not help if you're trying to sell your home in the future (like initials in your pool!). Tune in and tell us if you agree - are these design trends in or out?! Houzz article:
August 5, 2018
#7: How to Budget for your Home Remodel & More
What are the costs that surprise most people in a remodel? This week I spoke with Jenny Ruegamer again from Jenny Ruegamer Design. In this episode we explore the timelines for getting a contractor and what to budget for each type of room, whether it's your kitchen, bathroom, or living room. We also discuss how to budget your project based on your needs and hoow to match the budget you have to work with to your expectations. Last, we discuss design trends that are HOT in Seattle right now and how the shift in style preferences are changing! Thanks for tuning in and please don't forget to rate & review us! You can find Jenny Ruegamer at
July 23, 2018
#6: What is the Fed Interest Rate Hike and What Will it Mean for You?
The Fed just announced an interest rate increase with two more possibly on the way in 2018. While this may be positive news for the economy, it can impact home buyers and sellers in unforeseen ways. That's why I interviewed Lysa Catlin of Caliber Home Loans to learn more about what the Fed Interest Rate Hike is and what it means for real estate. Lysa grew up in the mortgage industry and is a second generation mortgage originator. With more than 22 years of experience, Lysa has the technical expertise, dedication, and knowledge to help clients achieve their financial goals. Her and her team are committed to providing exceptional service, and believe in the importance of taking time to ensure their customers understand the loan process through a hands-on approach of continuous communication and education. You can reach Lysa at: or (206) 963-0191
June 26, 2018
S1.E5 How to beat cash offers and more
In the second of this two-part interview, I speak with Stacia Weishaar of HomeStreet Bank about how to beat all-cash offers when buying a home, her top tips for overall financial wellness (even if you aren't buying a home), and her top tips for future home buyers. Stacia and I discuss the most important part of beating cash offers: being prepared. We also discuss tips for overall financial health for everyone, including those who plan to buy homes. And last, we discuss Stacia's top three tips for buyers planning to make a home purchase this year. You can reach Stacia at: Stacia Weishaar ‭(206) 849-0357‬
June 13, 2018
S1.E4 The home mortgage collapse and why it won't happen again, how a mortgage works, and news in home lending (Part 1)
In the first of a two part interview, I speak with Stacia Weishaar of HomeStreet Bank about what she and her team do to create delightful refuge for their clients in the lending process. Stacia and I discuss the meltdown of the home mortgage market in 2008-2009, why it happened, and why it’s unlikely to happen with today’s new lending practices. Stacia and I also explore the ins and outs of what a home loan really is and how it works. We discuss the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, which was a result of the crash. Last, we discuss what’s new in home lending in 2018, including a Fannie Mae raise in the loan limits for conventional loans: from $592,250 to $667,000. You can reach Stacia at: Stacia Weishaar ‭(206) 849-0357‬
May 29, 2018
S1.E2: How to buy your first home
From Deflation to Elation: The first-time home buying experience. In this episode I interview my good friend and past client, Lindsay Tomson, on the experience of buying her first home. How does your perception of buying a home differ from the experience of buying your first home? How does your realtor get paid? What's the most difficult part of buying your first home? Is it really like the broad city episode? We cover all of these questions and more in this episode. Plus, get Lindsay's top 3 tips for people searching for their first home: 1. Find a realtor you want to spend time with 2. Figure out your methodology for organizing everything before you start 3. Trust your gut and be true to what you're looking for I hope you love listening!
May 8, 2018
S1.E3: How to remodel your home after you purchase
In this episode I speak with Jenny Ruegamer of Jenny Ruegamer Design about the process and thought that goes into remodeling your home after you buy. How long should you wait after you purchase a home to remodel? What is the typical timeline of remodeling a room or whole house? We answer all of these questions and more in this episode! Jenny is an interior design and architect that lives in Seattle. You can find Jenny at
May 8, 2018
S1.E1 Who am I and why are you listening to this podcast?
You probably don't know me, or maybe you know me tangentially. In this episode you'll hear a bit of my story and what brought me to real estate. Listen in for how I got here and what makes real estate so important to me. I'll also cover what I hope this podcast will evolve into in the future! Please shout out with any suggestions:
May 8, 2018
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