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Clubhouse now let’s you add real links with the latest update
In cluhouse app, we have a big update. You can now give people a direct link to your profile or club. An example is direct link to our podcasting club:
March 13, 2021
PodPage is an ideal solution for running a podcast website
I will always recommend you get a website if you have a podcast. One simple solution I have found is PodPage. See: PodPage allows you to run a podcast website with probably everything you could need. You can opt for the free version or for a few dollars the complete package You can also host a podcast network as well. Simply add a few details and your RSS feed and you are live.
March 13, 2021
What has a self help book got to do with podcasting?
What has self help books to do with podcasting. I was listening to a podcasting club on clubhouse where one of the host was from what I gather selling his book on the club. He was quoting passages from the bible. I am not sure if he was one of these life coach people. I have only come across them on club house. I am in the UK, so perhaps they are a thing in the USA. I have listened to many on clubhouse and have noticed many seem to use the same script I heard from the 1980’s when people were pushing pyramid selling. Many of the large clubs on clubhouse seem to be populated by these people. I have heard people selling there homes to pay these people believing they will become wealthy. But end up with nothing. But back to this podcasting club on clubhouse. Until all of a sudden I was banned (what have they to hide), they were talking about buying 500 books. It was extremely odd. I did wonder if the host/owner of the club had been paid or was on commission from this chap. Personally I feel clubhouse needs to let people opt in or out of clubs that are hosted by people pushing a product or service.
March 10, 2021
Make money with your podcast using BuyMeACoffee
I came across a site that may interest podcasters. It is called To put simply it lets people pay you a small amount if they like your site or podcast or indeed whatever. I set up a page today. You can opt in for membership too where people can pay you monthly or yearly. You can get paid via PayPal and some other payment system (I forget the name). Then all you need do is tell people your link. In a podcast you can simply say, ‘If you enjoy this podcast, feel free to send me a dollar or two to (but of course change clubpod to your name)’. You can also put the link on your vid. And why not add the link in your podcast description too. The website lets you add a very nice button to your website with ease. Remember that the website presumably takes a cut of whatever people pay you.  So one presumes if someone sends you via the site $5, one presumes you will not get the full $5 (I could be wrong). This may or may not be some use to you. I will see how things go and report back later. As my site/podcast is small and just gets a few visits, I do not expect to get any cash, but podcasts with thousands of listeners may make a nice income from doing this.
March 10, 2021
It is easy to add your podcast to other sites using your RSS feed
The way things work is simple in podcasting. You find a site to host on. You get an RSS feed. You then add your podcast to the many distribution sites, such as apple and Spotify. This is very easy to do. If a firm offers to do this for you for a fee, tell them to go shove a brick where the sun does not shine. All you do is find the RSS feed on the host site.  In my case my RSS feed is: If you use a Anchor then you need to turn the display personal email in RSS feed to on as some sites may not except the RSS feed without it. I could not find the option on the anchor app, and did it on the anchor website.  But it could be on the app, and I simply did not see it. Now all you have to do is a quick search for each site you want your podcast on. I tend to search for ‘add podcast to [website]’ for the direct link as some sites are not easy to find it. Some all you need to is copy and paste the RSS link in, while others you have to join first. I found adding the RSS link to apple a bit harder, as I found for me that I had to use my apple account. I mean by this the email that I registered my apple account on my apple mobile and password.  I am not sure you can add your podcast without an apple account. Once I did that, I just added the RSS link and was approved about 4 days later. Some sites that host your podcast may automatically add your podcast to some sites with a press of a button.
March 10, 2021
Use the bitrate Constant or CBR when saving podcasts
In truth, it is only a few days ago I read that when saving podcasts that it is recommended that you save using bitrate Constant or CBR (and I have no idea what it means). Your soft wear may be set to save this version as it is. However I found in the software I was using it was set to something different, so I had to change it.
March 10, 2021
Be very carful using copyrighted material such as music in your podcast
Be extremely careful about using copyrighted material, such as music or indeed clips from TV shows or podcasts on your podcast. You need to be 100% sure you are fine to do so, or it could get extremely expensive. Just because others may do it does not mean you will not get found and be sent a huge bill for copyright use. A lady on clubhouse in a podcast room was telling people how she used music she found on YouTube on her podcast. And not a single person said she may have legal problems doing so. Personally I would not at this point record shows from clubhouse. I do not care if people in the room all said it was fine to record or that you put in your comments that you are recording. At the moment in the terms of service it clearly states you need written permission to record.  On top of this clubhouse is a closed app in many ways. First you have to log into the app, then you have to join/enter a club. As such, people may indeed presume privacy.  I keep hearing moderators of rooms state it is fine to record if you tell people.  Considering this could be considered clear legal advice, they may themselves find themselves being sued if other get sued or even simply loose the clubhouse account due to recording a room, after they were told by a moderator it was fine to do so. Unless you have got legal advise to say recording a clubhouse show, let alone use it on such as a podcast, then I would be extremely carful. At the moment I am going to avoid recording ClubHouse shows until it becomes clear that this is legally fine to do so. I am not telling you not to, just to be carful that you do not get into trouble from doing so. Be carful too of background music.  Last year I was sent a message on YouTube stating they had automatically removed some music from a YouTube vid of mine. I was surprised by this as I had not recorded music.  When I played the vid back, you could hear a car pass with music on. It was hardly noticeable, but the clever software YouTube uses, picked it up.  
March 7, 2021
Use QR Codes to promote your podcast
Use QR Codes to promote your podcast shows. For at least a year now, a qr reader has been built into the iphone. You had to download an app, but now all iPhones and I believe android phones should scan qr codes. Simply go to your camera app, and it should in photo mode automatically scan a qr code. If your phone does not, then you may have to go into your settings to turn this option on. The advantage of a qr code is you do not have to tell people the name of your podcast, and hope they bother to search for it. As many will not bother. You can get them to scan the qr code and like magic they have the link on there mobile. It is free to do qr codes and you will find many sites that will create them for you. Just enter an url or indeed almost anything and it will create a qr code. You can print them on business cards or on the side of your car. So next time you are at such as a podcasting event, just hand out business cards with your at code on.  
March 7, 2021
ClubHouse now let’s you broadcast in higher sound quality
Clubhouse now let’s you broadcast in higher sound. If you have heard anyone play music on the clubhouse app, then you will know how bad it sounded. Now you can select high quality sound to avoid that problem. You need to update your clubhouse app as if not, you may not have this option. To select the high sound, you should see three dots when you come to speak. Click on the three dots. Then select the sound option. It may say low option is selected. Simply choose high or normal for better sound.
March 6, 2021
ClubHouse now let’s you add two clubs automatically
ClubHose has updated its app so you can add your club to clubhouse. You need to update the clubhouse app. If your in the latest version, all you need to do is log into the clubhouse app. Go to your profile page. The page where you change your profile pic. Go to the bottom of this page. You will see lots of circles with clubs your part of (if you have joined any). Swipe them to the left. At the very end, you will see a + sign. Click on the + and add your club. Be carful as once you add your club it does not look like you can change the club name. Then add info about the club and a profile pic. You can change this info at any time. At the moment you can add two clubs.
March 6, 2021
You can edit your own audio with audacity free and very easy
I keep hearing people who pretend they are helping podcasters with rubbish advice, try to get podcasters to pay them to edit audio, as if it is hard and expensive to do. In truth it is very easy and you can use free soft wear such as audacity. On the iPad I use WavePad. This is not free, but in the UK I paid £9 for the full software. In new posts, I shall show how to use the soft wear. The main difference I have found with audacity and WavePad, is that you can add tracks to audacity. You can sort of get around this in WavePad by pasting files together.
March 4, 2021
Be carful of firms who offer to get you likes or viewers
This recording is very short as I must have hit the stop recording button by accident. But this is a short one anyway. Someone on Instagram contacted me to say for a fee they could get me listeners or likes or comments on my podcast. Personally I would avoid such business as they tend to be a scam and could even have you loose your account. They tend to use bots or pay people to come onto your site. It is like owning a shop and paying someone to send you 1000 people, who do no more than come to your shop, open the door a bit, then close it and walk away.  In most cases the visits you get are worthless and will probably never return. I often ask them to provide a sample of what they can offer to prove they are legit. And they tend to say they cannot and will give you reasons as they want the money up front. If any firm wants to prove they are legit, feel free to contact me and demonstrate they can do what they claim for real and I will promote them for free if they are legit.  I make this offer knowing full well they will never want to, knowing that they are offering a con service and I would end up exposing them.
March 4, 2021
Not all advice is healthy or given for the right reasons
Something I have said before and someone else stated on ClubHouse this week, not all podcasting advice is healthy or given for the correct reasons. The chap speaking was in a small podcast clubhouse club. Often the small ones give far better advice.  He pointed out that he had to leave a large clubhouse club as he was a moderator and was talking with someone else. The other person was telling a lady to buy a cheap microphone and to use his service to clean up the sound.   In truth, the correct advice would have been to buy a decent mic, but this chap wanted people to hire him to edit people’s sound files. ClubHouse clubs has become like what forums were. They get large and popular and those that run them gain great power and use them to push there products or service to people who lack experience and believe that these large clubs they are in give those that moderate the look of being legit.  One suspects that in time the larger clubhouse clubs will do awards and such.  I have seem forums do the same. The awards have often no meaning and are awarded to friends, people who bung in some cash, or to those who brown nose.  From using clubhouse for a few days now, my conclusion is to stick to the small rooms as they tend to give the best advice for free. I would suggest when someone is clearly pushing there product or service that one should take far less notice of. I have noticed too that those who run services for podcasters are getting annoyed that I am giving out far better advice for free than they are when they are charging.
March 4, 2021
3D Sound Experiment 2
3D Sound Experiment 2 Please use headphones to get the full effect. Main site:
March 2, 2021
3D Sound Experiment 1
3D Sound Experiment 1 Please use headphones to get the full effect. Main site:
March 2, 2021
Should you buy .club domains for ClubHouse?
On ClubHouse people seem to be panic buying .club domain names. Is it worth getting .club domain names. In truth probably not. That said I have purchased about ten, simply because they are £1 this year. However I will probably not re-new them next year when the are due to be re-billed. Personally I still feel .com or .co domains are with anything.  The other type to me are no more use than feeder sites to your main site. So why would you need a .club domain name? The chances are that if ClubHouse goes online as a website, they will let you opt for your club name.  So by this I mean something like joinclubhouse/yourclubname. It is also probable that you will have more control over your clubhouse page, than you do now.   So why would you even need a separate domain name/site? And if you do need a separate website, would you not simply use your main website? I suspect very few people purchased a domain name for there Facebook page or Twitter page or Instagram page, so why would you for ClubHouse? But, as I have said, I purchased a few .club domain names, and at £1 it may be with getting one or two, but if you do not use them in the end, make sure you do not have them on auto re-new or next year you may have a huge bill. Some people have got .club domain names thinking they will flip them for thousands. Good luck with that as a bet very few get re-sold. 
March 2, 2021
People may be investing too much belief in ClubHouse
Are people getting far too excited about ClubHouse? We know many sites are doing versions of ClubHouse and Twitter is almost live with there version. It will probably not be long that you can get a plug-in to run your own ClubHouse type site on your Wordpress site. In the same way you can get many YouTube plugins to turn your Wordpress site into a YouTube type site. The problem ClubHouse has is that it is not yet a web based platform, nor is it on any other phone than iPhone or iPad. This means that if another sit does there own version and is on all platforms long before ClubHouse is, then ClubHouse may loose out. The other problem ClubHouse has is recording. In theory you are not supposed to record. And one suspects that people will have problems if they record a show and someone later objects to being uploaded to a podcast.  While other platforms may not only allow recording, but may include the ability in there app. The problem most social media sites/platforms have is most do the same thing. For example, most let you connect with other people, send each other messages, post text, post vids, post vids, include hashtags. As such, it is likely most if not all well known social media platforms will include the same ability to talk in a group.  So perhaps, people may be getting far too overexcited about ClubHouse.
March 2, 2021
Ian St John has died
I read today the footballer Ian St John has died. Before I carry on, I am going to point out that I hate football. So why have I posted this news? The reason I have posted it, is because a few years ago he co presented a UK TV show called the Saint and Greavsie football show. A show I lived. For me, this show he presented with Jimmy Greaves was one of the funniest shows ever. They simply would go off script and talk about anything they wanted. In many ways this was the format of a podcast show. If you get a chance, go on such as YouTube and watch these two in action. The fact I hate football yet would not miss this show, clearly shows that if your good enough on your podcast people may listen even if they are not interested in the subject. Over the years, I have concluded that there are very few who have such talent to do such a show. The other two are James Whale who is still going, but would do a radio show based in Yorkshire, UK on Radio Air.  They converted it once a week to TV on Yorkshire Television, but it was never as good as when he did the show on radio.  People would phone in just to be insulted by him. I would often stay up till 1am to listen and would always be late for school. I have not found his old radio shows online but you can find his old TV shows. The other is Howard Stern.  He has a magical way, but in fairness, I often feel Robin Quivers makes the show.   In time I plan to listen to podcasts, and find who I think is great on them.
March 2, 2021
Not all traffic is valuable
A few days ago I was listening to a talk on podcasts, and getting traffic.  People were saying they put sample clips out and doing like shows on such as ticktok and ‘begging’ people to listen to them on there podcast. A chap called Glen who stated he used to be a webmaster made a very important point. Not all traffic is valuable He pointed out that you could have thousands of people listening, but if they think your show sucks they will not come back, and while you may think your a big player as you can get thousands to listen to your latest podcast, it means nothing if they think your show is dull and do not return to listen to your new shows or listen to your older shows. It also is worthless if those who are listening are not going to be the people who may make your podcasts worthwhile.  For example if you are doing a podcast on cars in the USA, it would be not worth advertisers to advertise there USA based garage on your podcast if all your listeners are in the UK as they are not going to fly to the USA to buy a car. So in truth if your podcast has only ten listeners, that podcast can be more effective than one with millions of views, if those ten people are the ones who may buy or use a service you promote. However, the great importance is not numbers listening to a show, but if they listen to other shows and keep coming back. If you find people listen once then do not return, then you are not doing well. One suspects that those who are in truth doing well are those who find they get more and more listeners who keep returning with no publicity.  If you only get listeners on the basis you have to keep promoting on Instagram and so on begging people to listen. It simply means nothing if people never return. Number of listeners is not success. What is successful is if your listeners return, and if your listeners grow organically each month with no promotion.  This is also something advertisers should think about. They may be wasting a lot of money if they advertise on a podcast that has millions of views, yet those who listen, only do so for a moment and never come back, and have not stayed on the podcast long enough to even hear the advert.
February 27, 2021
Marketing your podcast
In this post I will cover some basic marketing advice. These are a few simple methods. 1. Have a website It is very easy to set up a Wordpress blog/site. Post your podcast on a blog post using embedded script. You can post pics and text too. Use your website as a hub and add all your social website links (such as Twitter). Also add all the links to your podcast on the various platforms. 2. Social Media Get accounts on as many social websites as you can.  Try to keep your username the same on each one. 3. SEO While years ago, most website owners relied on traffic from google. I would suggest this is now less important and you can probably achieve more traffic and better quality traffic from such as Facebook and Twitter.  However if you have a website. You may find by adding text on your blog/website, this will be picked up on such as google and bring in traffic this way. 4. Put your domain on your car Many people listen to podcasts driving to and from work.  So why not put the url of your website on your car. Your car may be seen by hundreds of people each day. 5. Word of mouth On the internet word of mouth can be seen as tweeting links to your blog posts. If you have a Wordpress site, you can add a free plugin that will show icons from different social media. You can set these to show on your blog posts. If people like a show, then they may press a logo and post it on Twitter or Facebook or whatever. They may have thousands of followers, who in turn may re-post the link.  So very quickly you can grow a huge amount of traffic very easily. As your podcast show is free, it has more chance for people to re-post.  Ask your friends to re-post links to your site too.
February 25, 2021
The dark side of ClubHouse
ClubHouse is a great app. Some clubs are whatever they are called are great. For instance one I found had comedians putting on a play. BUT... ClubHouse has a dark idea I have found after being a user of the app for less than a week. It has some people who are using the app to make money and gaining a lot of power. Years ago, people would set up one page basic websites selling some pdf on self help or how to make a million or some such rubbish. I am sure they found people to buy these PDF’s. I am also sure that not a single person benefited from reading them. Today on ClubHouse we have some people who seem to be selling a dream to vulnerable people as moderator of some very popular clubs. Being moderators means they can prevent and block people from the club who may point this fact out. The result is, these people end up looking legitimate by the simple fact they get many thousands of followers. They too have fellow moderators who encourage listeners to both follow the leaders on social media as well as sing the praises of these moderators. The result is a room full of many people listening to people who have only one aim and that is to get people to pay them for a service that the chances are they do not need. Today I listened to one person who was allowed to speak. She was a psychic. It was not clear why a psychic was in a room that was marked ‘Biz Pitching’. This demonstrated to me the dark side of things as psychics target vulnerable people who wish to believe in this nonsense. And like with all psychics the lady psychic did no more than fish. By this I mean she asks open questions, such as, she did today ‘do you know someone who has a birthday soon.’ And most people will know someone with a birthday this year. If the so called psychic guesses wrong they will have a reason such as they are reading someone else and getting several messages from several people or some other silly excuse. The person who is listening tends to wish to believe and as such will only hear the psychic getting everything correct. As I stated one wondered why such nonsense was in a biz club. However it clearly demonstrated the people listening were vulnerable. One method the moderators of the group use to validate each other was to tell each other that they were wonderful people who did great things and people should follow them to gain great benefits. Some of these clubs now seem to be no more that to create an almost captive listeners to what is in effect no more than a clever sales speech in order to sell a product or service. One also can see other great problems that may develop. As some clubs become very popular, and I am not clear if there is a max number of listeners or if it is possible to have unlimited numbers. One could see some groups could once the app is open and not invite only and on all platforms the possibility that some rooms could easily get millions of listeners world wide, possibly more listeners than any radio or tv show has ever got. That moderators and/or those who ‘own’ the clubs could be in a position to take huge payments from people or companies in order for them to be selected to speak. In the same way those on such as Instagram get paid huge amounts to promote products or other Instagram accounts. Those who run or own such clubs with many followers could see themselves earning possibly millions from this method. The fact that clubhouse does not seem to allow people to have a right of reply or challenge someone speaking, unless the moderators allow you to speak seems rather dark and possibly dangerous. It means to be members of a club, and to avoid being banned, one has only got the option to praise the moderators of the club or room. This could create a sort of micro or mini dictator who has full control over people’s speech. As such, it would not be likely that he or she would allow anyone to state the moderator of that group was in any way a bad person.
February 25, 2021
Recording a PodCast show
When recording a podcast, I would recommend recording in WAV format. Once you edit the show you can save it as an mp3 or whatever format you wish.  When recording, set the level so you do not peak. This is where when you play back on such as your computer you will see a wave pattern. Peaking is when the sound is so load it goes off the scale. I heard one sound chap say keep the sound recording 20% from hitting peak levels. If the sound is recorded a bit low, do not worry, as you can increase this when you edit the recording.  A would do with a few practices so you can make sure you have the sound correct before you do your show. Press record before the show as that way it will save you from forgetting and you can make sure everything is fine. Record a few mins of saying nothing.  If you find some noise on the recording, you can use the non talking segment to remove some background noise such as a buzz with the section that has no talking on it.
February 24, 2021
Recording ClubHouse shows may get you banned
Some so called experts are saying you can record ‘shows’ on ClubHouse as long as you tell people you are recording the shows. However it may be that this could get you banned.  This looks to be a privacy issue. In the terms of service it states at the moment you need written permission to record shows. In the news it states that ClubHouse shut down a website that was recording shows. A lady on ClubHouse stated that she believes if you screen record the shows with your phone, that the clubhouse app will detect this and possibly will result in a ban. By the way, I have nothing to do with any groups or clubs that use the name clubpod.  So please do not pay anyone thinking your paying us. I have noticed some clubs on ClubHouse seem to be just used by moderators to flog there business. For instance on a club for podcasters, if people ask a question, often the reply is from the moderator is contact her and pay for her service.  If I was you, avoid clubs where the moderator(s) is asking you to pay for there business. As these clubs seem to be no more than a tacky sales pitch for there business.  A few ClubHouse tips: If you are going to talk. Turn the mobile option thing off on your mobile. Leave the WiFi on. This way if you are talking, then if someone phones you it will not switch you chatting off. Often you can hear people cut out when people phone them. Some are saying that you should avoid clubs where it is silenced just asking people to follow each other as some are claiming both the club and members may get shadow banned.  To applaud people. The method at the moment is to flicker your mute or microphone button on and off. 
February 24, 2021
Avoid Politics
This is a bit of advice, and that is do not post or talk about politics unless your podcasts, blog or whatever is on politics. The reason being is often it will result in getting abuse and harassment. Plus people may not want to hear your views. An example of this is a friend of mine who is a glamour model, posted her views on Trump. This resulted her getting huge abuse. And the truth is, her fans were following her for her looks and far less on her views. Now if you get people send you abuse because you said something that they felt was offensive, just block them. Do not waste your time trying to apologise to these PC bullies. Once you understand that these people who pretend to be offended by anything you say are no more than bullies and while they claim to be kind, in truth are just thugs and nasty people. The worst of these bullies are the ones who want people banned or silenced yet at the same time they will claim to be against fascism, while being a facist. They have an ideology that they are better than everyone else and that others are inferior to them and as such need to be silenced and banned. So just block them. They are not your fans or your friend, so block them. It is a bit like when companies pretend to be woke. The truth is, in most cases the woke people are not thee customers. And all that happens is that the real customers get fed up with the woke nonsense and you end up loosing real customers because you go woke. As long as you know your not being racist or whatever your being accused of, then simply ignore and block. The result is, these bullies just move onto someone else to bully while pretending to be nice.
February 23, 2021
ClubHouse and podcasting 3.0
I am going to call such as the app ClubHouse a podcasting 3.0. By this I mean I shall call podcasting 1.0 where you just recorded yourself and uploaded the podcast online. Podcasting 2.0 was where people had several people on the podcast. Sometimes in a room, or via a mobile phone or zoom or some other communication app. So I shall call ClubHouse podcasting 3.0. As I write this, ClubHouse is an invite only app and at the moment only on the Apple phone or IPad. I have the app working on an iPad at the moment. The app is basically voice only, and to send someone a text message at the moment you do this via Instagram or Twitter by a DM otherwise known as a Direct Message. At the moment, once you get an invite, you can invite two people. I find most people on the app seem to be from the USA. The app is live, and at the moment has no recording function for you to record the shows. However, you can using other recording apps or external recording machines. The idea is that people create groups or as they seem to be called ‘clubs’. The clubs have moderators, who let people talk. You can just listen or if you want to take part, you click the wave button. The problem with the clubs is (1) as they are live, you may miss a ‘show’ as you are busy or even asleep. And (2) some ‘clubs’ have become like forums where some people take over and feel they are all important and unless you brown nose them, them you are not allowed to speak and even booted out of the ‘club’. This may become a problem as I have noticed this in forums. People end up feeling important and the forum ends up where only some have a voice. Then they create silly awards and the awards always go to the same people. It is why I have no interest in awards as they often mean nothing. The other problem that may come about is that already some people are recording the shows to post as a podcast. However, if you have 9000 people (for instance) listening and recording the same show to upload to there podcast, we will end up with 9000 same podcast shows. It is also likely that we will see lots of ClubHouse clones. Indeed it has been reported in the news that Facebook is working on a version. I have also noticed a few people doing voice only shows on Twitter. This is new to me and I will look into this later. However it does seem you can to live talk shows on Twitter with others. While some of the ‘clubs’ can be a bit dull. So far the more entertaining ones seem to be like ‘Dragons Den’ (it may be called something different in your country), the TV show. So people pitch there business ideas to people to try to get funding. These can be very entertaining to listen to.
February 23, 2021
Test 2
In this test I recorded directly to the anchor app with my iPhone SE. However I used a cheap £20 ear pop thing by Aukey. As they are not made for doing this I did not expect good results. It was not as bad as I expected. But not great. It seems to cut out a bit. But I needed to do a test in case I ever decide to record with these pop things one day.
February 23, 2021
Test 1
In this test I have recorded directly to the anchor app using the iPhone SE phone with no external min.
February 23, 2021
Get a website
You do not need a website, but it is a jolly good idea, as you can post your shows and post info about your shows. If possible opt for a .com or .co domain name as it simply looks better. Try to opt for a short url as often it is easier to remember. Do not be tempted to go for the cheapest firm offering domain names as sometimes you may regret it, is you wish to move your domain to a different firm or you need to contact the firm if you have a problem.  One simple option is to setup a Wordpress site. These days most hosts will let you add a Wordpress sire automatically by pressing a button.   A firm near me charges £1000 for setting up a basic Wordpress site. To me, this is a huge rip off. I do it free for people as it can take me less than five minutes to set such a site up. You can then select one of many free or paid these and plugins to set the site as you want. You can use your site as a HUB where you can add links to all your social media links and to your podcast host(s). You can also post an email link and/or contact page for people to contact you. You do not need to host with the same firm you have your domain name(s) with. You can also find a few firms that you can pay a fee to and you can select a website and edit it.  Personally these seems a bit costly when you can do it yourself for much less. But if you want a simple option, then this could be your best bet. Although a few years ago we had lots of free hosts, these days you tend not to have as many. However, do not host your site on free hosts as from experience they tend to close or crash and you could loose everything. 
February 22, 2021
Should you use a USB microphone?
A lot of people seem to suggest to do a podcast, it is fine to just plug a USB mic into your computer and press record. This may not be the solution for everyone.  If you have your PC on you may also record the sound of your computer fan or hardrive or indeed other electrical noises.  It may be better to record on an external microphone into an external recorder.  This means you can record in a different room or outside or on location without being connected to your computer.  However if you are doing such as a live YouTube talk, then a USB microphone may make life simpler. 
February 22, 2021
Before you start a podcast
Starting a podcast is a bit like starting a business. It is a good idea to listen to as much radio and tv shows as you can, including old radio shows. Listen to how they do things. Time how long they interview people for. Listen to lots of podcasts and work out what you think is good and what is bad. Also look at a lot of YouTube vids on how to record and use sound software. You need to also ask yourself if you can do podcasts. A lot of people who do podcasts are dull and not at all interesting. Do not just chat to people who say you are great all the time. These people are no use to you and will tell you that you are great even if you stink at doing podcasts. They do not care if you fail or not and are only interested is looking like a nice person. You need people to tell you that something sucks. And you need to not have such an ego that you get upset that someone tells you that you suck. But at least spend time doing your homework. In the old days of cinema, people would sit down and watch a film and would time how long each scene would last, the camera angles, lighting and everything they thought important. They would teach themselves how to shoot films and would go on to make great films. This is what I would recommend you do before you start.
February 22, 2021
Welcome to the website. This site is independent and has no connection to any other site or user using the term ClubPod. The aim of this is to help new podcasters out with basic help and thoughts.
February 20, 2021