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Club Soderbergh

Club Soderbergh

By Club Soderbergh
Tune in to a thirst quenching podcast about the feature film works of director Steven Soderbergh... on the rocks. Hosted by Carla Donnelly, Maggie Scott and Jessie Scott.
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Oceans 11 And Full Frontal

Club Soderbergh

Michael Gregg & Unsane
This episode covers 2017's Unsane and The Last Time I Saw Michael Gregg which has never been released publicly. We wrap up our project with Soderbergh super fan (and owner of Michael Gregg copy) Lee Zachariah.
April 16, 2020
Side Effects And Behind The Candelabra
This episode covers the queer double feature that rounded off Soderbergh's film making career, before hiatus, Side Effects and Behind the Candelabra. The Club is joined by Jean Lizza - comedian, podcaster and film programmer for the discussion. With love, Club Soderbergh.
April 16, 2020
Haywire And Magic Mike
After a long break, Club Soderbergh is here to bring what all you law breakers have been waiting for - Haywire! No, we know it's Magic Mike. In fact this is the moment Jessie has been waiting for her whole life. Hear the gang discuss what the sexual revolution would be like under the matriarchy and don't fast forward over Haywire - it has been the most polarising film so far. Listen, share and gush. With love, Club Soderbergh.
April 16, 2020
The Informant And Contagion
Hold onto your hats kids we're going in. Possibly the most favourite of film combos for the Club, by virtue of the constant laughing, is The Informant! and Contagion. Two very sleek and diametrically opposed films, beginning to wrap up Soderberghs film career on the short slide to retirement. Wigs! germs! What is lysine? Melanie Lynskey! Gwnny's saw open head! It's a cornucopia of great scenes in even better films. Please join us on the couch then head to our social media to discuss. With love, Club Soderbergh.
April 16, 2020
Che Part 2 - The Guerilla And The Girlfriend Experience
In episode 10 of Club Soderbergh, we follow Che Guevara into the wilds of Bolivia on a suicide mission - the brutal and unremitting conclusion to the 2-part Che epic. We then turn our minds to post-GFC America as depicted in The Girlfriend Experience; the film that brought Sasha Grey into the mainstream and us together in admiration of Stephen Soderbergh in the first place. Please connect with us on FB and Twitter @clubsoderbergh to keep the conversation going. Big love from the Sodernerds.
April 16, 2020
Oceans 13 And Che - The Argentine
In this months episode the gang cover the unlikely bedfellows of Oceans 13 and Che - The Argentine. From communist uprising in the jungles of Cuba to fake earthquakes beneath the capitalist desert of Las Vegas, our Director wildly swings from one paradigm to the other. Rich topic matter to be discussed - Don Cheadle's degenerating accent, Al Pacino's terrible toupee, who was the 12th and 13th Ocean? Mid century modern Mexican interior decoration, does capitalism remain the scourge on the modern world? Tune to find out! Please connect with us on FB and Twitter @clubsoderbergh to keep the conversation going. Big love from the Sodernerds.
April 16, 2020
Bubble And The Good German
In this episode, the Sodernerds discuss Bubble, the quiet masterpiece about a doll factory that no-one saw, and The Good German, Soderbergh's love letter to classical Hollywood noir.
April 16, 2020
Solaris And Oceans 12
The team discuss the incredible and very underrated Solaris, whilst scratch their heads at the popularity of Oceans Twelve.
April 16, 2020
Logan Lucky
The Sodernerds didn't even get half way through our Directors oeuvre before he came out of retirement and opened the fire hose of productivity. We discuss his latest offering in this very special addendum episode of Club Soderbergh. Be sure to listen to our Oceans Eleven/Full Frontal episode first as they are excellent companion pieces. And as always be in touch to let us know what you thought of the film.
April 16, 2020
Oceans 11 And Full Frontal
In this months episode the Sodernerds tackle two films on the extreme opposite ends of our Directors spectrum. Firmly entering 'one for me, one for you' territory we anticipate that our episodes from now on will have very lively discussions about experimentation and the potential tedium of big budgets. Oceans Eleven (the unequivocal hit) goes up against the super experimental, almost Schizopolis remake, Full Frontal. Could so much beautiful man meat turn the ladies off? Could more terrible wigs take up the majority of conversation? Tune in to find out! And don't forget to join the conversation on (Facebook and Twitter) @clubsoderbergh.
April 16, 2020
Out Of Sight And The Limey
It's 1998 and 1999 and we bring you films 6 and 7 of our directors career. Both crime thrillers of wildly divergent tones Out of Sight and Limey cement Soderbergh's turning point from where he never looks back. Both films are rich in gossip and giggles from our three hosts, tune in for so many actors in their glory - George Clooney, J-Lo and Terrance Stamp. Don't forget to reach out to the team @clubsoderbergh with your favourite bits of history and curios.
April 16, 2020
Erin Brockovich And Traffic
Episode 5 of Club Soderbergh is all about Erin Brockovich and Traffic, both released in the year 2000 and both nominated for Academy Awards in the same year. With special guest host Lee Zachariah, fellow film buff, Soder-nerd, film critic, pop culture vulture and die hard fan of Erin Brockovich.
April 16, 2020
The Underneath And Schizopolis
In this episode we have come to an interesting crossroads in the early career trajectory of our Director. The Underneath is the film that nearly burned Soderbergh out and Schizopolis is the film that made him fall in love with filmmaking all over again.
April 16, 2020
Kafka And King Of The Hill
What Steven did next...the Soder-bangs look at Soderbergh's slightly confounding second and third films. Both period pieces, but wildly divergent from sex, lies, videotape and totally different from each other. Was he using Hollywood cash to learn filmmaking? Who was cutting Jess Bradford's hair? Add us to your favourite podcasting app so you never miss an episode. We will be progressing chronologically so no excuse not to play along. With love the Club Soderbergh team.
April 16, 2020
Sex Lies Videotape
In the first episode of our brand new podcast Club Soderbergh, Carla, Jessie and Maggie discuss all things Steven Soderbergh. Why him? Why now? Why is James Spader's feathery mullet so compelling? Add us to your favourite podcasting app so you never miss an episode. We will be progressing chronologically so no excuse not to play along. With love the Club Soderbergh team.
April 16, 2020