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CMI's Peace Talks

CMI's Peace Talks

In this show we look at the world through the lenses of peacemaking. We have conversations with experts in the fields of diplomacy and international relations on what it takes to build lasting peace in this unstable world situation. We believe that all conflicts can be resolved. This podcast is about how to do it.

The Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) is an independent Finnish organisation that works to prevent and resolve violent conflicts throughout the world.
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How can peace mediation build more sustainable societies?
The coronavirus pandemic is making the world even more fragile in a situation where violent conflicts are being increasingly recognised as one of the main hurdles to sustainable development. What is the role of effective peace mediation in building more sustainable societies? Could the Covid-19 crisis produce real change in terms of how the international community and individual countries should address different vulnerabilities?  This episode focuses on the cases of Yemen and Libya as examples of countries where continuous violence has pushed back development. Guests are Abdulghani AI-Iryani, Senior Researcher at the Sana’a Center for Strategic Studies, and Maruan El-Krekshi, Head of CMI’s Middle East and North Africa team. The podcast is hosted by CMI's Communications Manager Antti Ämmälä. This episode is a part of our 20th anniversary campaign to raise awareness on themes that we consider critical for successful peacemaking now and in the future.
August 21, 2020
20 years on: It’s about time we walk the talk on women’s role in peacemaking
It’s been 20 years since the United Nations Security Council adopted a landmark resolution to strengthen women’s role in peacemaking. Still, after two decades, there are far more ball-point pens and middle-aged men present at the peace table than women. Why the progress has been so slow and how, above all, to walk the talk and turn words into concrete action? Guests are Anne Meskanen, Leading Expert in the Depart­ment for Africa and the Middle East at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, and Itonde Kakoma, CMI’s Programme Director. The podcast is hosted by CMI's Communications Manager Antti Ämmälä. 
March 5, 2020
The realignment of global affairs
The end of the American century, challenges to multilateralism, decrease in democracies, rising authoritarian regimes, and ever-increasing unpredictability.  What is going on in the world at the moment? In this episode CMI’s Communications Director Elina Lehtinen and Programme Director Itonde Kakoma discuss the US foreign policy, the realignment of global affairs, and why we should pay close attention to Africa.
December 12, 2019
Cyber attacks and wars fought with proxies: How can peacemakers respond to challenges posed by hybrid influencing?
Foreign meddling in elections, cyber attacks and wars fought with proxies on the battlefield. Hybrid influencing has caught the headlines in recent years. Blurring the lines between war and peace and resorting to a variety of actors and methods, hybrid operations make conflicts more complex and unpredictable. In this episode, we discuss how peacemakers can deal with some of the challenges posed by hybrid influencing. Guests are Ed Marques, CMI’s Interim Head for Middle East and North Africa, and Mika Kerttunen, Adjunct Professor for Military Strategy at the Finnish National Defence University. The podcast is hosted by CMI's Communications Manager Antti Ämmälä. 
September 13, 2019
Unraveling the relationship between climate change and conflicts
By 2050, extreme heat can make parts of the Middle East impossible to live in. Millions of people would have to find themselves a new home. This is  just one example of how climate change can add to instability in the world. In this episode, CMI's Project Officer Maria Ristimäki and Fundraising Manager and climate change activist Niklas Kaskeala take a good look at the links between climate change and conflicts and discuss what can be done to tackle the problem. Podcast is hosted by Communications Manager Antti Ämmälä.
June 20, 2019
How to support the fragile peace process in Yemen?
The devastating war in Yemen has already lasted four years. Recently the United Nations warned that the death toll of the war in Yemen could soar to nearly quarter of a million by the end of 2019. In this episode we focus on what is now needed to support the fragile peace process and what is CMI's role in different peacemaking efforts. Guest is CMI's Yemen Project Manager Sylvia Rognvik. Podcast is hosted by CMI's Communications Manager Antti Ämmälä. 
June 20, 2019
Peacetech: Is it just another buzzword?
With big data, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, a fast technological revolution is taking place right before our eyes. On the battlefield these new technologies paint a scary vision of the future. The world might enter the age of killer robots that would make war even more horrible. But what if these same technologies that make war would be used to make peace? Today's guest is Antero Karvonen who’s CMI’s expert on the emerging field of peacetech. The podcast is hosted by CMI's Communications Manager Antti Ämmälä.
June 12, 2019
The Finnish way in peacemaking
The rise of great power politics and the increasingly complex nature of conflicts pose many challenges to peacemakers. Some of the old ways of working are no longer working. In this episode, we ask whether the Finnish way in peacemaking could respond to some of the challenges. The guest is CMI's Executive Director Tuija Talvitie. The podcast is hosted by CMI's Communications Manager Antti Ämmälä.
June 10, 2019