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Stop Taking Advice from Family and Friends

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By C-Note
As an aspiring freelancer or entrepreneur, your head is all over the place. You're taking on any job you can, discounting your rates, staying up all night and it can be overwhelming. You're not useless or terrible, you're just at the beginning of the game. I, with 18+ years of experience in media & design along with a few of my friends in other fields are going to show you how to build on personality, branding, marketing and sales by building your team of Brand Blaster heroes.
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What is Branding, really?
Today on the show we're asking "What is Branding, really?" Is it imagery? Language? A logo? or is it something different entirely?
March 16, 2019
"Let Me Pay You"
It’s very exciting when you get someone to say “I want to pay you for this” or “this was worth every penny.” Without even prompting them they just reach into their pocket and insist on giving you their hard earned cash. Why? Likely because you just gave them something invaluable and they don’t know what to do. So, logically, cash is the way to show appreciation. I met with someone today and this ended up happening. We talked for 45 minutes as a discovery meeting. I just listened and did everything I could to get to know her and get to know her needs. I quoted her for a project and I could tell in an instant that she felt in way over her head. That happens, sometimes the costs are too high, I get it. However, further opportunity wasn’t lost on me and frankly, it was easier to talk now that money was removed. The barriers were down. I let her know that I wasn’t interested in taking money she wasn’t prepared to spend and I’m not cutting her off from my knowledge because of that. We talked about her goals, I shared my story and gave her advice on how to go forward. While she didn’t agree to what I quoted (which was work I didn’t want to do anyway) we eventually agreed to do ongoing consulting. Right then and there she insisted that she paid me. Why? I listened. I took my own agenda off the table. I made it clear I wanted to serve her. I gave her room to make her own choices. I let her know I wanted to work WITH her, not for her. That this is a joint effort. She also resonated with my natural intuitive self and it doesn’t hurt to click. The point of all of this is that I didn’t push the issue. Sales is not about pushing for the sale. You can’t trick a brain to be ready when it isn’t. Even if you do, they’ll sober up and regret it. That won’t bode well for your future relationship. And that’s what you’re doing, building a relationship based on existing needs and possibilities. Not ideals and desparation.
March 14, 2019
Fulfillment with Your Work
Today on the show we're talking about my personal path of learning to be okay with myself as a brand, to continually assess the fulfillment I feel in my work and how that leads to value for others. This episode is an extension of last week's episode about advertising vs. creating mixed with sharing more of my personal story. I've also felt financial pressure putting into bad old habits. We break that down today on Brand Blaster! Brand Blaster Course:
December 14, 2018
Creating vs. Advertising
Today on the show we're talking about creating versus advertising. What's really the difference? What should be your focus in today's world of social marketing? There truly are plenty of cues that we can take from the old world of TV and Radio but we haven't take the wrong ideas into account. We tend to think more like advertisers, just throwing our product out there at every angle instead of thinking like creators. If you want to buy ads then buy ads but even then you have think about how that ad naturally fits into the content eco-system. If it looks like an ad, smells like an ad and no one wants it then it's going to be a dud. We also talk about giving away free stuff and why we get so cynical about it when it doesn't work. Thanks for being here, let's blast off into the marketing wonderful with today's episode of Brand Blaster! Brand Blaster Pre-Order:
December 7, 2018
Who Are You, Really?
Today on the show we're asking the question "Who Are You, Really?" as we share another segment from the Brand Blaster course, which you can pick up at Part of the course involves identifying your personality in order to harness that into an effective brand. But for us to know who you are, we need to strip away some of the traditional notions of who we are. We're not just a mother, father, co-worker or sibling but we have wants, needs, and desires that drive us at our core. What are those things? We talk about that on today's episode of the Brand Blaster podcast. Brand Blaster Course:
November 30, 2018
Why Have a Personal Brand?
Today on the show we're officially announcing the new name of the show, which is Brand Blaster! All about personal brand development. We talk about building your personality, brand, marketing and sales strategies. We're talking about your "Why?" today. Why do you even want a brand? What is the purpose and meaning of it for you? Strengthening your resolve is a major key step in even getting started with a brand. Is there a personal reason? Is it for the money? The likes? The attention? Understanding your why will help you to determine if you're even on the right track. Sign up for Brand Blaster at
November 23, 2018
Finding Your Focus | Building Your Brand Blaster Team
Today on the show we're talking about building your Brand Blaster team, a band of characters that represents your personality, brand, marketing and sales. I remember playing Chrono Trigger when I was a kid and realizing that the only way to survive and thrive was to make sure these characters were assisting each other during the entire battle. The leader defined the mission, The Tank dealt big damage, The Specialist kept dangers at bay and The Healer revived the team. Each component, when you check in on them, provides consistent focus and support when facing new opponents and tackling new clients. Not literally. Support the show: Sign up for the Course: Request a consult:
November 16, 2018
10 Things You Need to Know About Branding
Today on the show we're talking about branding and the 10 things you need to know to even start thinking about branding. It's not easy to start a brand, not easy to be a client to a designer effectively without knowing anything about branding, understanding that not everyone can do it, colors matter and that branding is a qualifying aspect of your business. These 10 things to know are the key starting points for learning how to build brand by yourself or with a designer. Support the show: Brand Blaster Course: Boss Project Summit:
October 25, 2018
Losing Followers
Today on the show we talk all about losing followers. That feeling of missing out on connections really sucks. We know what that's like but also understand that losing a few followers doesn't mean that someone doesn't like your content or that they're even a real person. There are so many factors that contribute to the impersonal nature of trying to add followers to your media presence. We're here to talk about how all of that doesn't matter if you're looking to reach the right people. Media Courses: The Boss Project Summit:
October 12, 2018
Business is Mutual
Today we're talking about how business is a mutual experience. Working with clients involves both the service provider and client to protect each other from the challenges that business brings. Many see contracts as this cold method of communication that is making relationships worse but it couldn't be further from the truth. It's about establishing a guideline so you know where you stand and neither party can make things up when they get stressed. It's super important and we talk about that on today's episode of C-Note's Media Madness. Support the show: C-Note's Media Courses:
October 3, 2018
Using Politics in Marketing
Today on the show we're talking about using politics in marketing. When is it appropriate to approach such sensitive topics when you're using social media to market your services? Is it always a qualifier or can it be used too aggressively to alienate a potentially powerful client? There's a lot of little things to talk about on this topic so let's go! Support the show: Media Courses:
October 1, 2018
Today on the show we're going through a thread of my favorite Facebook group called "Getting Clients Without Being Salesy" in which a question was asked about business pet peeves. Essentially, there a ton of little things that we, as business people, deal with every single day from our families to our clients. This episode is meant to bring some of those issues to like, talk a little bit about what you can do to prevent some of those issues and continue to build the business that you love without any sense of guilt or frustration. Support the show: Meet the Host:
September 26, 2018
Kindness is Good for Business
Today on the show we're talking about kindness being good for business. Taking care of people, listening to them, not putting a paywall on your knowledge, and providing support even if they can't pay you is all important for long term business relationships and growth. Not only that but it's a good way to approach personal relationships as well. Support the show: Meet the Host:
September 19, 2018
Media, Yesterday and Today
Today on the show we're talking about Media, Yesterday and Today and how there isn't a major difference between pre-2000s and today beyond the tools and amount of reach possible. We're still trying to sell things, we're still trying to be presentable or popular, we're still trying to find reasons to brag to our friends. It's not any different than the "My kid is an honor student" bumper sticker showing off your pride to the car behind you (who thinks you're a douche). Let's explore those parallels today on C-Note's Media Madness! Support this show: Learn from the host:
September 18, 2018
Stop Taking Advice from Family and Friends
Today we're talking about taking advice from family when it comes to your branding or your work with clients. Unless they are the ideal client for your client then you shouldn't be attempting to obtain constructive information from family and friends. You wouldn't ask a random stranger to evaluate the design integrity of your branding, would you? It's no different than when you're asking someone with no experience to vote for a design or give you feedback. So cut it out! Support the show: Consulting: Learn about the host:
September 17, 2018
Top 10 Things You Need to Start a Podcast
Today on the show we're talking about the 10 things you need to start a podcast. 10 very important things that are going to propel you through the creation of your show every day. We talk about building your audience, your why, your goals, your mission, naming, branding and more. This show is meant get you into the mindset of understanding that creating a show of any kind is not just about the hardware and software but about the heart you put into every episode. You can pick up the podcast course here:
September 10, 2018
Nike's Big Move
Today on the show we're talking about Nike's Big Move. Why did decide to make Colin Kaepernick the face of their 30th anniversary campaign? The answer is pretty simple...always be qualifying. They're in a marketplace that is continuing to grow around them and Nike is a brand that is so used to be in the culture that for them to make a bold move makes sense for brand recognition. It's almost smart to take a stand on where they feel social trends are going and to be honest, it's hard to not side on equality. I do the best to remove bias and talk about this from a business perspective, so take a minute to breathe before you go into keyboard warrior mode :D Podcast Course: Consulting:
September 7, 2018
Today on the show we're talking about "Authenticity" and the current state of the phrase. What does it really mean when someone says they're authentic? Should you always be authentic? What does it look like? Does it follow or break the rules? Spoiler: It's not that simple. Let's break it all down on the latest episode of C-Note's Media Madness! Support the show: Learn about the host: Set up a consulting call:
August 31, 2018
Your Podcast Audience
Today on the show we're talking about defining and figuring out your podcast audience. I recorded a segment today for my podcast course, which you can find at, and figured it would be a great sample to share with you guys. Building a podcast is hard, I'm doing it now with this show and another show. It takes time, it take listening, it takes knowing yourself and loving the process. We break all of that down in this segment and you'll be able to learn more if you sign up for the podcast course at
August 24, 2018
Multiple Projects
Today we're talking about managing multiple projects. I've heard the questions over and over about whether or not someone should take on another podcast, another project, another client, etc. I also hear people saying you should only focus on one thing at a time. So, what's the real answer? Let's break it down today on C-Note's Media Madness! Courses: Subscribe: Consulting:
August 23, 2018
Fiverr and Designer Elitism
Today on the C-Note's Media Madness we're talking about Fiverr and the Designer trigger that occurs when we talk about the service. We aren't going to critique the service but moreso discuss how it tends to make experienced designers freak out and scoff at those who use the service. We talk about the varying perspectives that come into view when this situation occurs and how designers can better capitalize on this scenario. Consulting:
August 22, 2018
Listening: The Conversational Sales Funnel
We all love that word "Funnel" when referring to sales on the internet but that concept of getting someone into the space you need to be in, that sale-ready headspace, is not even remotely a new concept. I talk some time talk on this podcast about the every day conversational opportunities to plant seeds in our lives to eventually make a sale but also work through this notion that selling at all is gross. There involves a little of getting over ourselves to make some money. More Episodes: Creative Consulting:
August 10, 2018
Anchor is Monetizing: "Listener Support"
Today on the show we're talking about Anchor's recent rollout of their money-based feature called "Listener Support" which takes aim at Patreon when it comes to podcasts. From each platform listeners can support their favorite show for .99, $4.99 or $9.99. There are some issues, however, but it's one step closer to helping smaller podcasters find a way to make some money from they love to do. More episodes: Courses:
August 9, 2018
Welcome to the INFJ "The Mage" course! We're going to break down everything I can think of when it comes to understanding INFJs. Whether you're an INFJ yourself or have a loved one who is an INFJ that you're trying to better understand, this is the place to be. We're going to talk about how INFJs think, functions and navigate the world. I refer to the INFJs as The Mage because their combination of Introverted Intuition and Extroverted Feeling leave a magical quality to their existence. Ideas tend to simply "be" and they can't always explain the way that they think. That's the point of the INFJ, they're power stems from simply "being" and letting go of any preconceived notions to conjure up new ways of thinking. They're truly powerful and intense people with some elements that could use some tempering. So we're here to break all of that down as much as we can. Pre-Order the INFJ Course at:
August 2, 2018
What is Myers-Briggs for?
Hey everyone! Lately, I've been busy creating media and Myers-Briggs focused courses to help you develop as a person and entrepreneur. Many of us have heard of Myers-Briggs but may not necessarily know what to do with it. What does it even mean? What's its purpose? It is a little more complicated than just those 4 letters telling you who you are. So, welcome to C-Note's Media Madness! More Episodes: MBTI Courses: Consulting:
August 2, 2018
Podcasting as a Promotional Tool
Today on the show I wanted to talk about using podcasting as a promotional tool. Many of us are trying to sell something and podcasting can absolutely be a way to reach an audience. It's important to remember that you need to entertain them before you can just push your wares but if you accomplish the ability of connecting people then they'll trust what you have to offer. You can hear more of the show at You can pick up the Podcast Course for Absolute Beginners are
June 7, 2018
Twitter Spam Updates
Today on the show I wanted to share Twitter's latest updates meant to improve the perception of the platform. Twitter has been overrun with spam over the years and the platform is finally putting rules in place to prevent people from putting duplicate content all over the place. We talk about this and go through some of those rules to make sure you're not doing anything that will get your account suspended. You can hear more episodes of the show at You can purchase our Podcast Course for Absolute Beginners at You can learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at
May 31, 2018
Should You Make Daily Content?
Ah, the ever elusive question. Should you make daily content? The answer is maybe? It depends on a lot of factors and today we're here to talk about those factors. What do you need to consider when thinking about making daily content? Are you good enough? Can do you it quick enough? Do you have the bandwidth to keep up with it? There's a lot to talk about here so please join on this episode of C-Note's Media Madness! You can hear others episodes of the show at You can pick up our Podcasting for Absolute Beginners Course at You can learn more about the host at
May 29, 2018
Google Duplex
Today on the show I talk about Google Duplex. I basically react to the revelation of this new feat in technology and share how I think it'll affect the future of sales. You can hear more episodes of the show at You can learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at Also, check out our full podcast course for absolute beginners at
May 24, 2018
Modern Day Marketing: The Race to Being Human
Today on the show we talk about Modern Day Marketing and the race to being human. I talk in depth about how the modern marketing world has been created via our understandings of big business and all of the media we've been fed for the last few decades. Now that we all have access to each other on an individual scale, the tides are changing for how we interact with each other and how we want to hear about our friends businesses in a friendly way versus the anxiety of feeling like anyone could sell us on anything at any time. So, all of that leads to the discussion behind the relationship economy and how building those relationships allows us to genuinely connect with people to find out about what they actually need and want instead of trying to force someone to like or buy your product. So, there's a lot to break down here and I'm fascinated to hear what you think :D You can hear more episodes of the show at
May 22, 2018
What's Going On: Laurel vs Yanni
It's the dress all over again. The internet is struck with this audio phenomenon that is Laurel/Yanni. There's some audio things going on here that create an interesting illusion, but it's just that, an illusion. So I talk a little bit about why that is and some of the more philosophical human reasons as to why we're hearing different things. There's a lot going on. Check out to find out about our media offerings. Learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at
May 17, 2018
Sydney Wong from VenturX on Tech Startups and Learning from Silicon Valley
Today on the show I have the wonderful Sydney Wong sharing her experience in the tech industry in Silicon Valley. She talks about what she's learned from time there talking to everyone she can get close to in order to bring all of that into VenturX, a company that helps startups learn about the industry standards and learn the best ways to pitch their new app or service to major investors. They've had great success and Sydney really speaks to that. We speak about topics such as the current state of the app market, where it's going and how it takes more than just a good idea to make something happen these days. There's a lot of great information about simply getting started to learn about where to go from here. If you're a tech startup looking to improve your chances at funding you can go to and use the promo code CNOTE to get your first month on the platform for free. Learn more about C-Note Media at
May 17, 2018
How to Spot a New Designer
Today on the show let's talk about what information you need to spot an inexperienced designer. Not that new designers are bad, but there are typically fundamental lessons in design that are learned through experience. So, if you're someone looking to work with a more experienced designer, you're going to need to know what to look for in a designer. I go in depth about various topics in design such as Fiverr, using templates, psychology, color choices, terminology and more. There's a lot of great information in this episode that I'm excited to share with you all! You can learn more about the host, Christian Rivera, at You can learn more about C-Note Media and the packages we offer at Book a discovery call with Christian and C-Note Media at
May 15, 2018
C-Note Media Madness: What's it all about?
Welcome to the first episode of C-Note's Media Madness! I'm so excited to put this show together for you as a means to teach you, the business owner, how to improve your own design sense or to better understand when you need help from a designer. We're going to be talking about high-level in-depth concepts about marketing, design, video, content creation, web design, identity seeking and understanding the ins and outs of both building a business as well as a ways to connect with a designer as if you're maintaining a relationship with a mechanic so they will take extra good care of you. On this episode I share all of the topic ideas we've got coming down the pipe and why you should be exciting for upcoming episodes. I couldn't be happier to be sharing this new podcast with you and I'm hoping you'll be back to share your thoughts on all of the great topics we talk about. Be sure to go to to learn more about the host and go to
May 12, 2018
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