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Hypnosis in ACTION

Co-Creation Nation Hypnosis in ACTION

By Lauren & Troy
Are you ready to take back control of your health and well being?! Co-Creation Nation is a like-minded community serving the holistic and natural pathways of unlimited access through the power of your mind.
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ep30 HeartMath Technique Simplified
Are you needing a quick technique to support the biggest brain in your body?!  The HeartMath Institute connects the strategy to the science of true bio-feedback-supported energy change.  Changing the brain, changing the body, changing your LIFE, all through simple to follow exercises.  With or without the tech tools - you'll be supported with this strategy and understand the power and process of this Heart Focus, Heart Breathing, and Heart Feeling Technique! is another wonderful resource to connect all you in the Co-Creation Nation Community to the HeartMath Community plans and global meditation groups to really make that compounded energy-frequency heart-fueled impact!  IN_JOY :) 
August 05, 2021
ep29. Techniques that Change Your Mind
When you want quick - easy fixes for changing EMOTIONAL needs in the NOW check out these techniques for making behavioral change.  Stress management and Confidence building are truly only a couple of minutes away!
July 15, 2021
ep28. The side effects of change
When you're ready for real, lasting mental shifts in that UP DIRECTION....consider hypnosis! It's an age-old therapy THAT WORKS!  No placebo required...just participation and the openness to let your hypnotist lead your subconscious comfortably through imagery that helps you on many compounding levels.  In this week's episode, Lauren & Troy discuss the additional opportunities hypnosis will open for you in regards to goals.  It's fascinating & entertaining.  Co-Creation Nation is the community house for you to ask questions - get insight and learn techniques for lasting change.  Come over to FACEBOOK & Connect with us!!!
June 24, 2021
ep27. Interview with hypnotist Lu Camy...tap into your soul's creative purpose
Wanna tap into your creativity so you can direct your life and hone your purpose? We all come into this world brimming with creativity! As children, our creative juices flow naturally with everything from crayons and markers to our rich, lively, and curious imaginations. It’s why everything seemed possible when we were young! Yet somewhere along the line, life catches up with us and this creative shine loses its luster. Many people forget just how empowering and inspiring their creativity can actually be in successfully moving their life forward. We were fortunate enough to have Lu Camy with us on the show! Lu has extensive experience tapping the creative spark inside people and uses hypnosis as a gateway to massive change. This fun conversation evolved into how hypnosis can help you rekindle this super-power in you and how it’s helped so many past hypnosis clients from anxiety to addictions.
June 16, 2021
ep26. Are YOU READY for a different result??? HYPNOSIS WORKS!
HELLO FRIENDS!  This podcast is our share of cool hypnosis stuff!  This may have been a secret from you so we're bridging the gap of heavy neurological science facts and woo-woo new agism metaphysics.  Our mission is to connect a community together and share resources - we aren't professional podcasters - we are professional hypnotists helping people to change their lives for the better with quick, easy, and fun mental exercises that rewire the emotional stories we each have about our lives so that we can feel confident and empowered NOW.  Listen in weekly as we describe ideas for conquering anxiety, changing everyday bad habits, connecting to your true sense of drive and purpose and pursue your heart's highest desires for connection or creativity. Hypnosis is safe and just sadly misunderstood - Lauren & Troy are on a mission to re-write what you've heard about hypnosis so far, because it really works!! Join the TEAM NATION FACEBOOK COMMUNITY
June 09, 2021
ep25. Hypnosis really works...even chronic pain (physical or emotional)!
We know hypnosis is up & coming on its way to the mainstream where it belongs.  It's the oldest therapy already and so we understand there's curiosity & skepticism as to why this ancient process isn't posted everywhere if it really works!  This is why we are podcasting!!  To bring the real results and truth about hypnosis to those of you out there suffering from emotional or physical pain.  No one needs to live a life in misery or feeling broken or unable to heal from whatever hardships or malfunctions you're experiencing...even if since birth!  Lauren & Troy make no claim to heal you - instead, this discussion is about how you can heal yourself - using your own powerful mind!  It's free & easy (unless you book a session, then there's a cost) but we know those of you out there looking are willing to make the investment for your health and wellbeing.  Hypnosis truly works - no negative side effects.  Listen in and ask us questions, we're happy to share and explain this tool for empowerment for you to CO-CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT..... pain-free
June 03, 2021
ep24. Wisdom from The Elders & Robyn Locke
Wisdom comes to those who seek it!  Do you want guidance to your PURPOSE IN LIFE?  Robyn did!  She asked - for years - and got answers in an unexpected way....a collected group of guiding Elders who've waited patiently for her over many lives to support this mission she is called to achieve - to be of service in supporting YOU to actualize to your highest vibrational potentials through the beautiful experiences we each can achieve in this life.   If you feel like you're living life in your WHAT IS versus living from a free, heart-lead experience of WHAT IF then you need to listen to this interview....and connect with Robyn personally to follow her clear and concise have everything you need right now and NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME, Be as a Child, Find Your Original Purpose & Then Reach for the Stars... Check out more on Robyn Locke and messages from The Elders: 
May 28, 2021
ep23. rapid results for ANXIETY even with skepticism
Having anxiety for the better part of your life can certainly dictate the quality of the experiences you face. On the flip side, it can also bring you to opportunities and moments that allow you to grow and stretch in positive and unimaginable ways which you never believed were possible before. In this episode, Troy’s past client Kasey explains her journey towards hypnosis and how she noticed rapid results within just the first few weeks. Because when it comes to hypnosis, and implementing and doing the change-work, knowing who it is you are becoming is much more important than who you’ve been. Kasey explains her skepticism of hypnosis in the beginning but once the process was explained and she started noticing results, she realized just how beneficial hypnosis is in her life. Remember, you have a choice to either keep reinforcing old habits that no longer serve you, or start new ones which teach your brain something different as you move forward. Press play and hear Kasey’s story as she lived it.
May 20, 2021
ep22. Here’s How Hypnosis Really Works – And How You Can Benefit
Hollywood may do a good job of presenting hypnosis as some mysterious thing that makes people do what they don’t want to do or what they can’t remember. That might be good for selling tickets, but reality is much different than entertainment. In this episode, we dive deep into how hypnosis positively changes lives every day in our respective hypnosis practices. And while many people wonder if they might lose control in a clinical hypnosis setting, hypnosis is a means of teaching your brain how to get back in control for your benefit and to create lasting change. Because hypnosis is a well-studied modality, tens of thousands of scientific studies, peer reviewed research and direct evidence demonstrates hypnosis can indeed be the natural and holistic solution you’ve been looking for. Listen in now and then head on over to Co-Creation Nation on Facebook and say hi!
May 12, 2021
ep21. Why Does It Have To Be All Work And No Play? Listen to Natausha's client story...
Spoiler Alert - it doesn't! However, millions of people today wake up in the morning, go about their same routines, come home, only to wake up tomorrow and complete the same cycle. Needless to say, this process of repetition can cause stress. It can cause someone to feel there is something missing in life. It's like you're spinning your wheels yet not moving forward. In this podcast episode, we bring on Troy's past client Natousha who explains how hypnosis helped her focus on daily tasks and in turn, helped her find happiness and fulfilment throughout each day. Natousha does a wonderful job explaining the process of how hypnosis worked for her and about her experience throughout the process! Be sure to listen in and get a sneak peek behind the hypnosis curtain to see how hypnosis may also be right for you!
May 05, 2021
ep20. what happens in a hypnosis session
We know there are unanswered curiosities, hypnotism is unconventional.  IT WORKS but still there are so many mysteries of the mind and we understand people have hesitations....which is why we bring on REAL CLIENT STORIES. Today Lauren & Troy discuss the differences in there two business sessions so that you can see there is variety along with CONSISTENT REAL RESULTS FOR CHANGE. TRY HYPNOSIS FOR YOURSELF......or signup to be a guest on the podcast!
April 20, 2021
ep19. an easier way.... client crushes anger
When you get angry over someone or a specific situation, you are unconsciously giving that person or situation control over you. The interesting thing is, not many of us realize this. Yet anger is something many people experience today. It doesn't matter if it's something within their control or not. Anger is easy. Anger, just like any unwanted emotional state, is a habituated pattern the brain learns through repetition. And just like any habit, anger can become overpowering and all-encompassing at times. With hypnosis, anger can be amended. Troy's past client and podcast guest Phillip, discusses just how learning hypnosis has helped him regain his confidence and joy in just a few short sessions. He explains how this process has helped him become more involved with his family and the role model for his children he's always wanted to be. Hypnosis works. In Phillip's case, hypnosis can also provide beauty.  Want hypnosis for with Troy!
April 07, 2021
ep18. we want you to use hypnosis and here's why
We never thought we'd be doing this professionally!  And really it's the best career in the world!  We help people - get REAL results.  Listen in to understand more about the massive power of the mind and how you could use hypnosis to live your best life NOW!
April 01, 2021
ep17. client levels up his game and boosts confidence through hypnosis
You know what’s great? A past client who is so excited about their results so much that they want to come on the show and share their story because they know their experience can help others. Len is one of those amazing people and we are thrilled to have him on and have him explain his rapid progress through the power of hypnosis. Len describes how, with the help of Lauren, he was able to overcome both performance anxiety as well as skyrocket his confidence to get out on the dance floor and have fun again by being himself. It just goes to show how versatile hypnosis can be in the hands of a skilled practitioner and a determined client. You’re going to really enjoy Len’s hypnotic journey!  Want to work with Lauren....check out Modern Day Hypnosis
March 18, 2021
ep16. real client stories - and how it can work for you too!
What separates someone’s success from their failure? What’s the process that distinguishes a client’s positive result from someone who just feels stuck? It’s your internal neural feedback loop which gives back to you the same words, images, thoughts, attitudes and actions you feed into it. What you put into this loop, and into your brain, you get out in one continuous cycle. In this episode, Lauren and Troy present some amazing stories from their past clients who have quickly transformed their lives through the power of hypnosis and positive change. The reason why our hypnosis clients get such amazing results so quickly is because they are in the hands of capable hypnotists who understand their issues and have helped countless others before them. Simply put, hypnosis works! Listen in now and get results!
March 10, 2021
ep15. two great things for right now
In order to achieve any goal, you've got to do the rituals each and every day. That means, you've got to take small, measurable steps by consistently moving forward. It's not that Todd and Jynnifer don't believe in goals, they most certainly do. But they advocate that in order to attain and retain success, you've got to do the little things every day from a bigger, more encompassing perspective. We had the pleasure of interviewing this awesome husband and wife team about the mental focus and drive they instill in their clients through nutrition and functional exercise. Be sure to buckle up and press play because this is a value packed episode that allows you to stretch and grow while creating your own positive change. Check out:
March 03, 2021
ep14. here's the 411 on how Lauren continues to help thousands of satisfied clients
We all grow up wanting to be something. Funny how many of us wind up in a different profession than the one we envisioned when we were little. Lauren is no different.Hypnosis was the furthest thing from her mind. Yet, Lauren helps create real transformational change in people each and every day. It's not the conventional route Lauren planned to take but that doesn't mean she doesn't love every moment with her clients. Troy has the pleasure of interviewing Lauren and getting the backstory of the person behind the Modern Day Hypnosis brand and how she became the great hypnotist, speaker and entrepreneur she is today!
February 25, 2021
ep13. hypnosis as an everyday habit
You already do your own form of hypnosis with the words you say, the thoughts you think and the actions you take. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. That’s how the brain works. Your brain is designed to learn what you give it. And you can either choose to control your brain, or, like most people, allow their brain control them. Remember, it’s not the bad day or the bad luck that’s the problem. Rather, it’s the programs in your brain you need to be addressed and change. Curious as to how you can do that and easily take back control of your brain to live your life on your terms? This episode will help you discover how to do just that!
February 17, 2021
ep12.'s more than a meditative mind
If you're a dedicated yogi or have a discipline for meditation - we totally support you!  However please keep an open mind that Hypnosis is actually very different meaning you can get strong and lasting emotional change, and even changes in behaviors, by doing something that you may had thought you already were doing!  This week’s podcast features TAYLOR WILHELM, OT, yogi, nutrition coach and overall spiritual sweetheart to debunk how hypnosis helped her in radically different ways than any other technique or therapy she had tried before.  Although Taylor has a very successful practice in North Carolina and has helped thousands of clients, she explains how hypnosis changed her life in radically different ways than any other therapy, technique or modality she had done in the past. She shares valuable life experience directly from her practice with you and deep dives into what it takes for someone to self-direct their course in life. Talk about exciting! You will in-joy this talk...and possibly learn something too.  Our intent - as always - is that you get real take-away value in exchange for a little time & focus.  PRESS PLAY
February 10, 2021
ep11. well, it’s happened again…another client success! client conquers emetophobia
If you have a phobia or fear, it doesn’t have to be a life-long sentence! It means you can change it, through the power of hypnosis and neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is just your brain’s ability to rewire and reorganize itself for positive change. And the really great news is that you can learn how to tap into this natural, transformative ability. That’s what Lauren’s past client did! In this episode, we bring on Ana who explains her successful and lasting results with hypnosis but also initial uncertainty with the practice. Ana details her experience and what hypnosis was like for her and gives you useful tools that you can use in your life right now! Thanks for listening to our 11th episode! Time flies when you’re changing live
February 09, 2021
ep10. got questions like our guest skeptic?
We’re not shy in our love for hypnosis and how it can transform lives. We see it in our respective practices each and every day. But we also have respect for those people who have questions about this ancient healing art and perhaps a bit skeptical. We’re not out to convince anyone about hypnosis. We’re here to speak our purpose and show massive social proof from our past clients’ successes. The truth remains however, you are always in a hypnotic state. Whether it’s driving down the highway, playing with your kids or watching your favorite sports team on TV. Yet, people don’t realize its hypnosis. So, we get it when people are curious about the practice of hypnosis. In this show, we brought on an open-minded skeptic who has some great questions and discuss how the process of hypnosis works. Click play, right now!
February 09, 2021
ep09. stop thinking so small when it comes to positive change
We love our Co-Creation community! It’s a community of like-minded people who have reshaped their lives through the amazing power of hypnosis. But hypnosis isn't only reserved for the open-minded.  It's a modality that happens for anyone who has a mind and a desire for change. Hypnosis can help people of any age, any language, and even for the hearing impaired! This show explains how hypnosis works for people from all different backgrounds and belief systems. If you’ve ever imagined if you could be hypnotized yourself, this is your episode! Sit back and get ready for another fun and valuable conversation of transformation.
February 09, 2021
ep08. what would you like to change today with hypnosis? Client overcomes Driving Anxiety
Many people suffer with driving anxiety. Maybe you do too. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be your reality. You can choose to release this debilitating fear from your life in only a few short hypnosis sessions and reclaim your freedom of travel! Yes, it’s totally possible! But don’t just take our word for it. In this show, we bring on Denise to explain how she overcame her driving anxiety of ELEVEN LONG YEARS in only three hypnosis sessions. Denise shares her success story with you and details exactly how she did it through the amazing power of her brain and hypnosis. She even describes what the hypnosis experience was like for her and how quickly she saw results! This is real social proof from a past client! Smash that play button and start your positive transformation today!
February 09, 2021
ep07. OMG it's World Hypnotism Day...will you join us?
It’s a Live Podcast (our first) on January 4th, 2021 celebrating World Hypnotism Day! As two successful hypnotists, World Hypnotism Day is like the holidays and our birthdays all wrapped up into one special moment and we totally geek out on this episode! We also detail the many different styles and methods of hypnosis, because – surprise – it’s not all practiced the same.  Hypnosis has real and lasting therapeutic power, meaning you have the opportunity to positively change your life in life-altering way by self-directing your own transformation. What could possibly be more exciting than that? Smash that play button and start creating your life right now!
February 09, 2021
ep06. want to know a little secret?
Ever wonder what hypnosis can REALLY do for you? If you’ve been binge-listening to our podcasts, it’s likely this thought has definitely crossed your mind. After all, you reason, hypnosis has to be more of just a passing entertainment. Fortunately, it is. Many people today are turning towards hypnosis as a viable solution to help them achieve results. It’s no accident then, that hypnosis is one of the fastest growing modalities today. People are waking up about the myriad of benefits and what’s possible for them via hypnosis. In this show, we dive deep into the literal effects of hypnosis and how it can help you, right now. Buckle up for this one!
February 09, 2021
ep05. discover the ancient secrets of hypnosis which your body already knows....Neuropsychologist & Hypnotistherapist - Laiz Ricci
Children are so immersed in the everyday imaginative states of hypnosis! It comes so naturally to them that it’s effortless. You know this well when you watch your own child play. But what you may not know, is that even as adults, you have this same creative power that can direct your life to new heights and new transformations. In this episode, we host Neuropsychologist and Hypnotherapist Dr. Laiz Ricci who shares her work about how hypnosis is spreading throughout Latin America in both children and adults who are all creating massive positive changes in their lives. Dr. Ricci also shares with you how people are making true behavioral and emotional changes for lasting relief and abundance – something we all need more of these days. Be sure to tune in now and listen to her wisdom about how you too can share these wonderful benefits. Plus live birds sounds from BRAZIL!
February 09, 2021
ep04. how Samantha found easier results through hypnosis
Being open to holistic alternatives means you’ve determined there has to be a better way forward. You’ve decided enough is enough and you’re going to take back control of your life by walking into your empowerment. Congratulations! Welcome to the hypnosis revolution! In this show, one of Lauren’s past clients, Samantha, share how she did just that. Samantha shares her amazing social proof about how hypnosis helped get back to feeling like herself again. Listen in right now!
February 09, 2021
ep03. this affects you personally
Hypnosis is something that’s been around for thousands of years yet in our society today, there’s a stigma attached to what exactly it is and what exactly it can do. Hypnosis is more than just that entertaining Vegas stage show you’ve seen. It’s a modality that can completely change the direction of your life. In this episode, we discuss the positive side-effects hypnosis provides and how you’ll personally benefit by incorporating this practice into your routine. Press play and get ready to learn how hypnosis can directly help you today!   Co-Creation Nation!
February 09, 2021
eo02. you need to listen to this one!
Hypnosis really works!  Just ask Caroline who shares her remarkable personal story of quick and lasting emotional change through the power of hypnosis.  She shares how learning hypnosis and transforming her life is one of her proudest moments. Caroline proves that you are not stuck with whatever emotions life serves nor are you cemented to your mental programs you feel are set in stone. You have it within you right now to get results and walk into your empowerment with hypnosis. Caroline tells you exactly what she did and what she experienced with hypnosis for her remarkable transformation! Want to work with a hypnotist???  Want your own FREE AUDIOS???  Want to join a community of like-minded change makers??? Check out TEAM NATION
February 09, 2021
ep01. if you got questions, we got your answers in this show!
We're so humbled you’re listening in!  You know, this podcast is really all about you. It’s about how we can best serve you with every weekly episode and help you discover better results through hypnosis. Of course, we’ll be bringing on all kinds of guests and past clients who will be sharing their stories and how their life is successful now, after learning hypnosis. This week, we go into detail about our vision, our goals and spill the goods as to how we can all unite as one and empower each other as well as ourselves through Team Nation. You won’t want to miss what we’ve got in store for you!
February 09, 2021
ep00. hypnosis is the best kept secret…but not anymore!
Team Nation is a community of like-minded people who share a passion for speaking their truths and living their lives in a way they deserve. Lauren and Troy are just two fun-loving regular people that just so happen to run their own wildly successful hypnosis practices.  We demystify the hypnosis process and strive to deliver value and real social proof from our past clients. It’s our first entertaining, smart and edgy show that teaches you how to bring hypnotic healing into your life and we are so happy you are here with us!
December 02, 2020