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Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things - Conversations With Coach Dris

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things - Conversations With Coach Dris

By Coach Dris

The whole idea behind this podcast is to deconstruct the habits that led people to their success, learn from their experience, and give you insight and actionable steps to pursue your own interests, passions, and dreams
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Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things - Conversations With Coach Dris

Francesco Carbone On Enabling Creativity, Innovation and Vision
Our guest today is someone who is described as a visionary. Though he is pretty humble about it, he has proven to be a progressive and creative thought leader.  Francesco's first work experience was in the assembly line of a book factory when he was 15. His following few jobs fell almost under the same umbrella, including customer-centric experiences like working at a restaurant or as a barista. And as Francesco describes it, this type of work offered little to no opportunity to be creative. So was the educational system that he enrolled in. German schools often followed a tedious curriculum that regurgitated the material one has learned. Fortunately for him, his upbringing influenced his future in positive ways. Francesco recalls how his parents told him that he can do whatever he sets his mind to. This advice helped him open his mind and become curious about possibilities. As a young adult, he broadened his horizons through traveling, learning from others, and immersing himself in different cultures. He actively uses the knowledge he gained from these experiences and transfers it to his work environment. Nowadays, creativity comes naturally to Francesco. He loves being challenged - the fewer tools and resources available, the more exciting the task is. How to encourage teams to be more creative and innovative? The first thing to consider is what the challenges of the company are? The second is finding people who fit the various profiles that can produce an orthogonal approach to problems. Francesco suggests finding good candidates by testing their problem-solving skills with limited resources.  Companies should create a framework that enables their team members to thrive. This can be accomplished by forming a trust-based environment, where failure is allowed and even encouraged. Permission to fail creates a sense of safety that can only later be repaid in positive development. Diversifying the workplace can also play a significant role in driving creativity and innovation. And even though non-diverse teams can be more successful in linear work, they can sometimes lack perspective and creative innovation, which trumps all.   The question then arises of raw talent vs. effort: Is it more valuable to have a curious mind or to put in the work? David Sinclair quotes, "Never hire people based on skills, look for passion and raw talent. This cannot be taught." Francesco argues that it depends on company's current needs; nonetheless, it will always be on a case-by-case basis. .fusion-body .fusion-builder-column-3{width:100% !important;margin-top : 0px;margin-bottom : 0px;}.fusion-builder-column-3 > .fusion-column-wrapper {padding-top : 0px !important;padding-right : 0px !important;margin-right : 1.92%;padding-bottom : 0px !important;padding-left : 0px !important;margin-left : 1.92%;}@media only screen and (max-width:1024px) {.fusion-body .fusion-builder-column-3{width:100% !important;}.fusion-builder-column-3 > .fusion-column-wrapper {margin-right : 1.92%;margin-left : 1.92%;}}@media only screen and (max-width:640px) {.fusion-body .fusion-builder-column-3{width:100% !important;}.fusion-builder-column-3 > .fusion-column-wrapper {margin-right : 1.92%;margin-left : 1.92%;}}.fusion-body .fusion-flex-container.fusion-builder-row-4{ padding-top : 0px;margin-top : 0px;padding-right : 0px;padding-bottom : 0px;margin-bottom : 0px;padding-left : 0px;}
September 02, 2021
Kim Walch on What it Takes To Bring Innovation to Companies and Organizations
The thought of being a visionary may sound like an exclusive quality, but it is specifically what gives modern companies a competitive edge.  Kim, the founder of Berg & Macher, takes us on a journey through her lens of experience to learn what worked for her company. Berg & Macher is an organization development company whose mission is to create a more motivating environment where team members feel comfortable contributing their creative and innovative ideas. With Kim's background in communication science and her psychology and company culture expertise, these ingredients combined create a specific recipe for success. In today's highly competitive business and constantly changing environment, companies must adapt to become more innovative. Bringing together diverse team members can help introduce different perspectives to problem-solving. Recruitment is where we begin. Using Kim's recruitment process as an example, she presents every possible employee with different cases and tasks that can display their agility and core values. It's all about starting early with building great teams with the same vision and purpose. Kim suggests giving one space from the hustle and bustle of entrepreneur life to become more creative from an individual level. There is a deception that focus is what generates creativity when in reality, it's the opposite.  Relaxing and letting your mind flow freely invites creativity and innovation. Just like it is essential to brainstorm as a team, it is equally important to have that inner drive to discover problems that will then need a solution. Admittedly, it is a mindset that needs to be tapped into - but inspiration is omnipresent. Exposing yourself to different cultures and ideas and having external guidance can play an essential role in creative development. .fusion-body .fusion-builder-column-7{width:100% !important;margin-top : 0px;margin-bottom : 0px;}.fusion-builder-column-7 > .fusion-column-wrapper {padding-top : 0px !important;padding-right : 0px !important;margin-right : 1.92%;padding-bottom : 0px !important;padding-left : 0px !important;margin-left : 1.92%;}@media only screen and (max-width:1024px) {.fusion-body .fusion-builder-column-7{width:100% !important;}.fusion-builder-column-7 > .fusion-column-wrapper {margin-right : 1.92%;margin-left : 1.92%;}}@media only screen and (max-width:640px) {.fusion-body .fusion-builder-column-7{width:100% !important;}.fusion-builder-column-7 > .fusion-column-wrapper {margin-right : 1.92%;margin-left : 1.92%;}}.fusion-body .fusion-flex-container.fusion-builder-row-8{ padding-top : 0px;margin-top : 0px;padding-right : 0px;padding-bottom : 0px;margin-bottom : 0px;padding-left : 0px;}
August 23, 2021
Francesco, COO at Kenjo, on Bringing Positive Change Through The Workplace
Francesco Enrico Carbone, COO at Kenjo, on Bringing Positive Change Through The Workplace How many times, we heard of the importance of having a positive workforce? And how often we thought this is a fun thing rather than a serious investment in an organization? Most companies don't invest in their workplace culture. It's not something they proactively plan for. It's not often part of their vision or mission. They are generally too busy with other more important priorities. And perhaps don't really know how to do it. 30 billion people are working on this planet, but only 40% of them report that they are happy at work. Organizations with happy employees have up to 3 times more revenue. And no, not because they are better paid. You don't have to spend more money to make your employees happier. It's not about ping-pong tables and massages and pet walking; it's not about perks. It's all about how they are treated by their leaders and the people they work with. Investing in your employees is the best thing you can do if you really want to grow your organization. In a world where the workplace is changing, human resources are evolving. Kenjo supports HR teams to become a strategic partner within their company, helping people reach their potential and truly thrive. Kenjo is not only an HR admin tool but also an engagement, empowerment, and people management software. Today's guest believes in human potential. He is passionate about studying what truly drives people and businesses. He believes that the real impact happens at work, and true positive change starts at the workplace. A change that affects business and makes us better humans, better partners, better friends, and better parents. During this conversation, Francesco drives us through his vision and mission. We learn about his upbringing and what led him to do what he does these days. We talk about the factors that lead to excellent performance and unleashing potential. I was particularly interested in understanding Francesco's personal approach and outlook on the topic of developing human potential. Kenjo is revolutionizing performance management. The software assesses employees and managers and identifying leaders and who need support. It provides assessment metrics templates. I wanted to know the role its COO plays in all of this and how he transferred his personal interests and ambitions into his work to positively impact and influence more people. Meet Francesco Enrico Carbone, COO at Kenjo. The Culture Architect. Show notes * Francesco on Linkedin * Learn more about Kenjo here * The Drama triangle * Book recommendations: The Power of Habit, Reinventing Organizations, The Psychopath Test, Based on a True Story.
December 11, 2020
Faisal Alshawa on Performance and Healthy Living Through Nutrition
Today's guest is Faisal Alshawa. Faisal works with athletes to improve their exercise performance and recovery through nutrition and busy people to help them commit to living a healthy lifestyle with more energy and joy. He loves witnessing positive changes in people's lives and being a part of that change. He loves making people healthy, genuinely happy, and confident, and he is dedicating his life to doing that. He is the book author of Fill Your Mind Before You Fill Your Plate, as well the founder of the mobile app nourish that helps people live healthier and happier lifestyles Faisal is very articulated, and I found our conversation very rich and interesting. We go through his beginnings, his challenges, and his ambitions. I like his approach to nutrition, especially how he adds the mindset component to it, often overlooked by most nutrition specialists. Podcast notes: * Faisal on Linkedin * Fill your Mind before your Fill your Plate Book * Believe nutrition on Instagram
November 18, 2020
Seana Forbes on Skyrunning, Lifestyle Choices and Sports
This week's podcast is with Seana Forbes. Seana is a Skyrunner. Skyrunning is a mountain running sport above 2,000 meters where the incline exceeds 30%, and the climbing difficulty does not exceed II grade. Seana is also a digital marketing expert, sports marketing, and PR specialist, and she also coaches running in Munich. I met my multitalented and passionate guest at our favorite fitness group and training ground, The Eisbachfit. Today we unpack what I consider an extreme sports. We talk about how to prepare for it and what it takes to be a mountain runner. We also speak about Seana's life, her habits, lifestyle, and her early life. Show notes * Seana on LinkedIn * Seana on Instagram * Interesting book: Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance
October 29, 2020
The 14x2m – Female Photographers Collective Munich
Meet Jana, Sarah, and Andrea, three brilliant female photographers who are a part of the 14x2m women photographers collective. In this interview, we discuss their mission and passion and their story and what led them to do what they do right now. We are putting the spotlight on their challenges as women photographers and what has to change.  The 14x2m collective started in June 2019. 14 female photographers showed their work in a 2 meters space each. I met them in their second exhibition, and I am sure this is just the beginning of a long-lasting and successful journey. Andrea Senyk Canadian Photographer Part of the Munich photographer women’s group since Spring 2019 Web: Instagram: andreasenyk LinkedIn: Saripicture | Sarah Domandl German Photographer Part of the Munich photographer women’s group since early 2020 Web: Instagram: saripicture KontraPixel | Jana Erb German Photographer Part of the Munich photographer women’s group since summer 2019 Web: Instagram: KontraPixel LinkedIn:
October 18, 2020
Claire and Victoria in Supporting Female Entrepreneurs
This week’s podcast is with Claire and Victoria, the two founders of Businettes. They are helping aspiring female entrepreneurs build their own businesses. Their vision is to develop a fully automated platform to empower as many fempreneurs as possible. At the moment they are offering a semi-digital founders training with the option to book personal coaching sessions. The two founders like to follow a purpose and they believe in the freedom of the entrepreneur's lifestyle. They love to hear about innovative business ideas and to work closely with ambitious women and helping them reach their full potential. I have enjoyed our conversation, both Claire and Victoria have great energy and are super interesting to talk to. The Challenge & The Solution Women running a business is still behind compared to how many men are operating their business. The problem is in education where young girls are being told that this kind of career is for men, rather than for women. Claire and Victoria are there to shift this limiting belief and lead by example, showing other women that is all possible, and that they are all capable of not only running a business but thriving at it. Show Notes * Businettes Website: * Businettes on Instagram: * Linkedin: Businettes are promoting their founder's training and offer 15% off to all your listeners with the promocode 15Dris-Businettes
October 16, 2020
Benedikt Wiechers On Supporting Startups Across Europe
This week’s podcast is with Benedikt Wiechers, a management consultant who’s currently pursuing a Ph.D. @ RWTH university where he is also involved in building the new flagship startup program. Benedikt works with exceptional deep-tech teams from around Europe - helping them get to market and raise capital. He enjoys helping and coaching startups on their way from idea to market and he helps them to find solutions to their most pressing issues. Together with his team, they are creating a European leading university-based incubation program, where deep-tech startups find the resources and support they need to excel and be successful. Innovation through Collaboration The RWTH Incubation Program believes in innovation through collaboration. Their mission is to discover and support Europe‘s most promising tech startups. This young team of experts offers a structured program with resources and networks to help them succeed while enjoying the startup journey. From valuable mentorship and coaching to a broad corporate network and a vast RWTH research landscape, the RWTH Incubation Program participants enjoy accessing outstanding offerings and resources. They aim to maximize the time spent on product development, interacting with customers, and talking to investors. Interview notes Books mentioned: the pyramid principle, by Barbara Minto
October 13, 2020
Damea Dorsey on How to Seize The Moment
Damea Dorsey is a surf action, athletes, models, and city and landscapes, photographer. For over 12 years, he has captured some of the most exciting images in the field of surfing. This week's podcast interview is about how to seize the moment.  Just like for his photography business, Damea learned to be prepared and ready to capture the moment. During this conversation, he tells us about his background, his beginnings, his growth, and, more importantly, his relationship to the ocean.  Damea's story is full of great examples that illustrate how to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way. From being a beach boy to a lifeguard to a marketing manager for one of the biggest names in the surf industry and then to a surf photographer traveling the world with the greatest surf athletes of all times; Damea found his way to doing what he loves by taking the right decisions in the right moment. In this podcast, you will learn: * What you can learn from living by the ocean * How to be resilient through challenging times * What it takes to seize the moment It was nice to host Damea in my podcast. He is inspiring and easy to be around. He has a lot of stories to tell and seems to have lived 100 lives. We met last summer, more specifically in August during a surf trip that I made in one of the Indonesian islands. The former senior staff photographer at TransWorld Surf is now based in Bali, Indonesia, and this is his story. Podcast notes: * Damea's Facebook: * Damea's Instagram: * Barbershop business:
June 01, 2020
Susie Crick on Leading with Passion and Purpose at Surfrider Foundation Susie Crick was the first female Chair of the Surfrider Foundation Australia and was responsible for the development of the programs, community collaborations, partnerships, and events. She joined Surfrider Australia in 2012 as the President of the South Coast Branch and has remained in that position to date. Her roles within Surfrider Australia are voluntary. Susie studied a Bachelor of Education (Art/Music) UNSW; Diploma in Graphic Design, School of Visual Arts; Certificate in Early Childhood Studies; Level 3 Elite Figure Skating (Ice) Coach and IOC Coaches Solidarity; Level 2 Artistic Gymnastics Coach; she surfs terribly but loves the ocean. Susie has extensive business and travel experience and took up a career with Qantas Airlines in 1988 as an International Flight Attendant and has traveled throughout the world, seeing first hand the negative effects of single-use plastics and many other issues affecting the marine environment due to human impact. In 1997, as a mother of three young children, she built and founded a progressive preschool on the South Coast of NSW with a strong focus on the environment called Planet Childcare Centre. The children in her care, go to the beach to have lessons and do beach cleans, and their program has a marine emphasis. Her strong entrepreneurial energy and flair have grown the Surfrider brand in Australia. Driven by her desire to find solutions for global heating, the climate crisis, and the plight of oceans and the marine environment, she trained with Al Gore, and she became a member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps. Susie was selected from over 10,000 applicants to be chosen as a crew member on, which is an around the world sailing voyage doing ocean microplastic research. Susie will be sailing from Tahiti to the Cook Islands in April 2021. She is also an Ambassador for   Susie is an advocate for organizing events that attract media attention and connect like-minded people and organizations to join her personal mission to grow community awareness and educate the public into action. She enjoys speaking at conferences and writes a marine environmental column for a magazine and sits as a voluntary Director for the following 'Not For Profit' Boards: the Boomerang Alliance, CitizenBlue, and the Surfrider Foundation Australia.   Interview Notes:  * Get in touch with Susie on Linkedin. * Follow her on Instagram * Surfrider Foundtion Australia
May 14, 2020
Assil Bernossi on His Spiritual Quest to Inner Peace, Growth and Fulfilment
Assil Bernossi was born in Tangier (Morocco) and very early evolved in an environment influenced by diverse cultures. After graduating from high school, he flew to Paris to study and to start his professional career. After a few years, he felt emptiness; the City of Light was no longer so bright to his eyes. He then decided to leave everything behind to go to Bali. This break leads him to beautiful encounters and miraculous experiences. Today, he is no longer the same Man. As an entrepreneur, he manages his startups from all over the world. He considers the world to be his country. In recent years, he has lived in fifteen different countries on three continents. Movement and travel bring a precious dimension to his daily life: the acceptance that nothing is eternal and that everything is destined to disappear one day. Thus, this atypical way of life opens up new perspectives for him and brings him a series of lessons, especially on a spiritual level. This is what inspires him today to write to share his story. This podcast interview is about his journey of self-discovery and the steps that led him to it. We discuss Assil's life philosophy and approach to life. We dive into how his attitude changed so radically. His book Jeux de Conscience Eveille is an illustrated analysis of the different states of consciousness as well as their repercussions on personal balance and professional performance. Through his story, we can see parallels with our own lives. His insights are definitely transferable and can help us reflect on the way we approach our recent challenges with Covid19. Interview Notes: * Assil's recent book: JEUX D'UNE CONSCIENCE EVEILLEE * Recommended Books: Conversations with God * Favorite Hautors: Deepak Chopra and Boris Cyrulnik
May 11, 2020
Dylan Crawshaw, G-Herbal’s COO, on Living With with Passion
This month's podcast is with Dylan Crawshaw, head of operation and development of G-Herbal, a plant-based supplement harnessing the power of Indonesian herbs known for their positive effects on body and mind. G Herbal aims to provide herbal supplements that are made from ingredients that can be traced straight to the source. They are continually working with their partners in Indonesia and across the globe to create supplements that most effectively and safely improve people's health and wellbeing. I have invited Dylan to my podcast because I was particularly curious about his journey and background. As you will notice during this conversation, most of our discussion is about his story, rather than the products that he is in charge of developing.  Dylan is very passionate about what he does. You can clearly hear it in the tone of his voice. During this interview, Dylan shares key insights on how to pursue the things you love and develop them. In this podcast, you will learn: * How to pursue something that you are passionate about * How to navigate through changes and challenges * The importance of using the right supplements * How G Herbal supplements are different than others * The story of G Herbal supplements * How to keep a healthy work-life balance Podcast notes: * * * GHerbal Global: * GHerbal Indonesia:
May 04, 2020
Coach Mark Mariani On Focus and Consistency Coach Mark Mariani On Focus and Consistency Mark Mariani is an internationally recognized certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, a former Marine Sergeant and Elite Close-Protection Professional. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree with first-class honors from Point Park University. He is also a life-long martial arts student and competitor. Mark has a unique skill set, contagious energy, and genuine passion for inspiring, guiding, and educating others to achieve holistic health and wellbeing. Mark is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, TRX Master Instructor, Trigger Point Master Instructor, as well as an MMA conditioning coach (MMA CC) and 'Training For Warriors' (TFW) certified level-2 coach. He is a recognized leader in the South East Asian Fitness Industry, where he regularly presents coaches' development and certification programs. He has trained a wide variety of people: heads of industry, senior military officials, Navy Seals, Olympians, UFC fighters, and members of the general public. They wish to improve health, fitness, and performance. As a United States Marine, Mark was a member of an elite team of security professionals that provided antiterrorism protective measures for U.S. Strategic interests. He coordinated numerous protection missions for selected individuals in third world countries. As a special response team leader, Mark strategically led his men to respond to threats and crises. He completed a successful tour of duty and was highly commended for professional achievement in the superior performance of duties. Mark worked as an Executive Protection Agent at Gavin de Becker & Associates, the leading executive protective firm in the United States, where he managed a ten-man protective detail for high profile clients. As a detail leader, he was the first point of contact for the overall security/protection of the family and safeguarding over $100 million in valuables and estates. He was a two-time recipient of the prestigious Gavin De Becker' Atlas Club Superior Performance Award' for elite physical fitness. The leadership, mental strength, physical endurance, and commitment to service required in these roles are foundational elements of his coaching philosophy. Mark travels the world as a coach, presenter, and consultant, inspiring audiences to take control of their lives through an effective mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery. He has trained thousands of instructors and is particularly passionate about designing courses and workshops that professionally develop other fitness professionals. His presentation style is high energy and motivational, and he builds strong connections with his audiences by referencing his unique experiences. Mark's motivation is to make a difference in the world, and this is exemplified in his extensive charity work, focused on improving the lives of underprivileged children in Thailand and Indonesia. His life and work aim to encourage others to also wholeheartedly pursue these goals with an uncompromising commitment to excellence, discipline, and determination. Interview Notes: * Mark on Instagram * Thanyapura Thailand * Book Recommendations: The Biology of Belief - The Power of Now - You Are The Placebo
April 26, 2020
How To Deal With Jobs And Employment During (and Beyond) The Crisis Sandra started her international career in recruitment in June 2002 in Budapest, Hungary, at TMP Worldwide (now Hudson) in the Legal Recruitment Department (now Legalis). She has worked with executives in CEE while being based in both Budapest and Warsaw, Poland. In June 2010, after a 2-year break in recruitment (Sales & Marketing Manager in Latin America), Sandra decided to change, though not moving in-house, but to what she likes calling “the third side” of the recruitment process: supporting executives in their job-hunting process. Sandra works in English, Polish, German, and Spanish. She also speaks Portuguese and French. She has gained international experience working in I .a. Ecuador, Mexico, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Germany, etc.  Sandra founded Career Angels, an international career consulting boutique that provides tailor-made services since 2010. Career Angles team is formed by active and retired Executive Search / HR Consultants with usually over 10 or 15 years of business and/or in-house experience as Recruiters or HR Managers. Despite their expertise, they continue to consult their ideas, thoughts, and methodologies with decision-makers and their colleagues on the market.  There is no “one-size-fits-all-kinda solution,” but there are underlying principles that will help you, an experienced manager, navigate through the job hunting process in the 21st century! Interview Notes * Open webinars in 4 modules on job search:  * Free career support:  * Job Search & Career Management Guide during COVID:  * Best to follow us on LinkedIn:  * Sandra on Linkedin:
April 21, 2020
Kartika Alexandra on Relationship Issues, Attraction, and Healthy Relationships Kartika Alexandra on Relationship Issues, Attraction, and How to Build Healthy Relationships.  I initially wanted to create a podcast interview to discuss the topic of managing relationships and avoiding conflicts during the Covid19 confinement period. But then I decided to make the conversation more generic and talk about what makes relationships successful because I believe that the importance of having healthy relationships goes beyond the confinement time. Being in locked dow only bring the issues back to the surface, now that you have nowhere to hide. In this conversation, Kartika and I talk about the law of attraction, the honeymoon phase, the issues, selecting the right partner, how not to bring the past to the present, how to resolve conflicts and how not to keep repeating the same old patterns by selecting/attracting the same type of partners. Kartika Alexandra holds a degree in psychology and works as a hypnotherapist. She is also the owner and founder of Holistic Healing Hypnosis. A top-rated therapy center in Bali, Indonesia providing personalized profound therapy session, face to face and remote. I reached out to her a little while ago, when I was going through some challenging times and found her services very helpful. In a previous podcast, we discussed the power of the subconscious mind, and we dived into the "behind the scenes" of our attitudes, actions, and behaviors. That interview was one of my most recent popular ones, and if you haven't listened to it yet, please feel free to go back to episode 23 and tune in. RELATIONSHIP ISSUES The topic of relationships is so complex yet very interesting and exciting. And even though we covered a lot during the 75 min of this conversation, I feel like we barely scratched the surface. There are a lot of great insights and learnings, and I wish these things were thought to us at an early age when we just started dating and before making our first moves into committed relationships. Perhaps then we would lower the 50%+ divorce rates and family shatterings. One of the most common mistakes we all do is diving headfirst into what we believe is "true love," as it was pushed into us by our parents, culture, media, stories, and novels—leading us to naively believe or misunderstand love at first sight, soulmates, twin flames, and the happily ever after.  When, in fact, and as you will find out in the conversations, things are a little less romantic than that. Our biochemistry, our energy levels, and our subconscious mind play a massive role in interpreting the messages we see through an often confused lens. We push our issues to our partners; we replicate our childhood models into our own families and tend to blame rather than take responsibility for our own actions, past experiences, and baggage. Healthy relationships bring us the happiest moments in our lives, but at the same time, they can also create the most miserable experiences. These are really just opportunities for one to heal and release their past. It is our lack of understanding of our own human nature that leads us to poor decision making. As Tony Robbins said, the two skills to master to create an ultimate relationship are Select and Connect. What "Selects" means is being able to choose the right partner. So what criteria are you using to select that person? Do you have a list of things that matter? Well, you know what, most of the time, your selection is going beyond your conscious choices. It is what's in your subconscious that is attracted to the subconscious of the person in front of you. Go back and reread this last one. It's that same subconscious that is making you win that relationship or lose it, which is why it is essential to get to know yourself.
April 20, 2020
How To Build Resilience And Be In The Right Mindset During Times Of Crisis
I've been invited to an exclusive Zoom webinar with Falcons Startup on how to build resilience and be in the right mindset during times of crisis. During the webinar, I discuss how to build resilience and be in the right mindset during these challenging times. I discussed the actual situation and how it is impacting our mental, emotional, and physical state, business, and relationships. It's an interactive session where I was sharing intel on how one can improve their wellbeing from mental, physical, and emotional points. Participants learned about different emotional management and coping strategies, how to optimize their days to be more performant.   Agenda * Introduction * Coach introduction * Topic introduction * Agenda introduction * Participants introduction Core topic * Feelings and how they work * How to manage emotions * Alternative forms of coping * The key to better mindset and performance * Action plan  Conclusion Q&A  WEBINAR'S LINKS If you want to do a little emotional evaluation check try this Read a little about emotional intelligence here, and learn about the different types of feelings here and here. This podcast I hosted is great about emotional management. The science of breathing (and more). Youtube video 1, 2. The breathing technique guided here. Meditation - The science, Why we should do it, the how it works, and the app. Other forms of coping How not to kill (your wife) each other during confinement. The key to better performance: Routines + extra here. Extra self-care for entrepreneurs  
April 14, 2020
The Power of The Subconscious Mind With Kartika The Hypnotherapist
The Subconscious mind is far more powerful than the conscious mind. Over ninety percent of our daily actions and behaviors come from what we store in our subconscious.  In this podcast interview, meet Kartika Alexandra, who shares key insights on the benefits of Hypnotherapy. Kartika works with clients to help them overcome issues and topics by accessing and working with their subconscious mind.  Based in Bali Indonesia, Kartika is the founder of Holistic Healing Hypnosis and Maja Healing, a wellness center fueled by accomplished healers and therapists. Her satisfaction comes from seeing people experiencing clarity and understanding as to why they are who they are today. Kartika helps her clients make realizations to have more insight into themselves, their own mind, their own potential. In this podcast, you will learn: * The benefit of meditation and silent retreats * The different states of mind * What hypnosis really is * How hypnosis is backed up by science * Who can benefit from hypnosis * How do we learn things as humans * The role of the subconscious mind * The difference between the subconscious and the conscious mind Kartika and I met through a mutual friend. I was immediately interested in knowing more about her practice. I knew how hypnosis could be powerful, but I have never had the opportunity to do a session. It was until recently, by the end of 2019, that I booked a session with Kartika and experienced the transformative powers of a 3 hours long session digging deep in my past and childhood to resolve conflicts in the present moment.  Kartika believes that each individual can heal and resolve what troubles them all by themselves. Her role is to facilitate the process in a more direct and focused way. She tailors the entire session according to who the client is and what will help them resolve their issue as quickly and safely as possible.  Podcast notes: * * * Kartika's Instagram: * Dr. Bruce Lipton: * The Biology of Belief Book: * Bali Usada Meditation Retreat: 
April 06, 2020
How To Hack The Crisis With Daniel Cronin
How To Hack The Crisis With Daniel Cronin, entrepreneur, lecturer, presenter, and keynote speaker. He is the Co-Founder of the full-service app-agency allaboutapps, a joint venture of i5invest and runtastic, Co-Founder and Member of the Board of AustrianStartups (a non-profit to strengthen the entrepreneurial eco-system) and Co-Founder and partner of the Vienna Mentoring Group (, a mentoring program for early-stage startups. He lectures at several universities, including the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, the Vienna University of Technology, and the Vienna University of Economics and Business. In October 2015, he joined the Board of the WWG – the Austrian Association of Advertising Sciences. In August 2016, he became a founding partner of the Vienna Mentoring Group (, a mentoring program for early-stage startups. In June 2019, he took on an additional role, joining FoundersLane, the leading independent corporate venture builder as a venture partner. He has hosted more than 250 events on startups and innovation, including the Pioneers Festival, Bits & Pretzels, the FifteenSeconds Festival, The Spark – Der Deutsche Digitalpreis” (The German Digital Awards) and the “Tag der Deutschen Industrie” (Day of German Industry/TDI`17). In February 2018, he gave his US-debut hosting “Moving Forward” (a conference with an innovation focus) in New York. Also, in 2018 he was invited to join the Future Leaders Program of the 15—Science and Technology in Society forum (STS forum) in Kyoto, Japan. He is nicknamed “The Pitch Professor” and is considered as one of the leading experts and trainers on pitching in Europe with more than 250 training held both for startups and large corporations. Daniel has spoken to innovators, top executives and startups at Audi, Deutsche Bank, Lufthansa Technik, PWC, TEDx, Siemens, Peek & Cloppenburg, T-Mobile, Kapsch, Red Bull, Adidas, Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) and several others and global conferences about startups, culture, transformation, pitching, innovation and corporate-startup collaboration. Interview Links Hack The Crisis AustrianStartups Vienna Mentoring Group A Ted Talk I held: Red Bull / Parachute Pitching
April 04, 2020
How to use art to find yourself when the world is going crazy by Douglas Diaz
Douglas Diaz (b. 1972) is a Brooklyn, New-York born artist. His work explores questions of his own humanity, challenging preconceptions and thoughts, embracing fears and the darkness that lies deep within the unconscious in an attempt to gain spiritual equanimity. This exploration takes shape in the form of drawings and paintings that occur after a short zazen meditation. The drawings themselves are cathartic exercises that often repeat in themes. Douglas has been exhibiting his work in solo and group shows since 2015 across Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States. In 2017, Douglas had his first solo museum exhibition titled SHUKKE (Art 1 Museum, Indonesia). His work is collected privately and publicly in 18 different countries. Interview Links Douglas's Instagram Website
March 31, 2020
How NOT to kill each other during the confinement time
Lucy is a yoga teacher trainer and business owner, based in Bali. Her business, The Pineapple House Bali holds Surf, Yoga and Wellness retreats throughout the year in Bali and in pop-up locations around the world. Originally a professional contemporary dancer, Lucy quit her dance career and started teaching yoga in 2013. After experiencing adrenal fatigue in 2014 she discovered Yin, both as a yoga practice and a concept, as well as committing to a regular meditation practice. Since then Lucy has studied Ayurveda and 5 Element theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine system. She now holds Yin Yoga teacher trainings in Bali with her business partner, Rachel, and guides her students and clients back to balance and away from feeling wired by tired. You can find live and pre-recorded online yoga classes, meditations and lectures through her website and her Facebook Group “Whole Health with Rachel and Lucy.” Interview Links . Lucy's Website . Lucy and Rachel's business . Lucy on Instagram . Facebook Group
March 28, 2020
How To Survive The Lockdown With Using Your Body & Mind
How To Survive The Lockdown With Using Your Body & Mind Presented by Ina Andrea Stride. Already at a quite young age, Ina addressed herself to the correlation of a strong mind and resilient body - and the role both play in achieving peak performance. A personal trainer and athletic coach at the age of 17, she coached and trained athletes from multiple backgrounds, accumulating practical knowledge in the world of mental mastery, movement, neuroscience and applied psychology. 5 years ago, she decided to leave an international corporate career and since dedicates her time to coach, move and train people and to the continuous evolution of her coaching & movement methodology. Her coaching is focused on the work with High Achievers and Young High Potentials, who she takes to the brink of their excellence - and further. Ina is based in Asia and works internationally with clients from all over the world. She is a certified NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioner, as well as a Comprehensive Pilates, Yoga and Gyrotonic Teacher. Interview Links: * Ina on Linkedin * Ina's Website * Ina's Online Practice
March 26, 2020
How To Pivot Your Business During The Current Global Economic Crisis
How To Pivot Your Business During The Current Global Economic Crisis presented by Wayne Hughes a business thought leader and influencer. Wayne has been involved in high performing businesses for more than 30 years, representing a comprehensive range of industry categories. He's built successful businesses from new media, specializing in digital marketing and leading-edge web technologies, to corporate advisory. Wayne is one of the founders of First Digital capital. Now Rebranded to Portal Asset Management. Graduating with an MBA from UWA, Wayne has an eye for outstanding opportunities and the determination to deliver value. He is a passionate Blockchain advocate and an early investor in the sector. Interview Links * Empire Group * FREE LIVE Training  * Empire Group Instagram
March 24, 2020
Annie Boulanger on how to have a successful sporting career
Having a successful sporting career isn't always guaranteed. There are lots of ups and downs, injuries, and stressful moments along the way.  But what is it that makes some athletes stand out more than others? And what is the secret to a glorious sporting career that actually continues long past the competitive periods?  Annie Boulanger, my podcast guest for this episode, has clearly found the way to be a successful athlete beyond and over the time when she was competing. Being now retired professional snowboarder, she spends half of the year chasing waves, and the other half chasing snow in the mountains. Annie quickly understood that being a professional athlete is such a mind game, and that is why she chose to work with a sports psychologist in an early period of her career.  Annie shares with us her story, what she enjoys doing, and where she likes to spend her time. She shares with us key insights on what she learned during her competitive period and who influenced her the most. In this podcast, you will learn: * What it takes to have a successful sporting career * How to pursue your dreams * The most important thing for career success * The power of optimism  * The benefits of working with a sports performance psychologist * Why it is not good to have a plan B Annie has also been involved in the snowboard film industry, which was a part of her career dreams. It seems like her life purpose right now is to live life to its fullest, surrounded by good friends, lots of adventures, and continuous learning.  Annie and I met during a surf trip on a remote island in the Indonesian archipelago. My first impression was that she was very friendly and especially very helpful when our airline rescheduled our ticket and we were risking to miss our connection to our final destination. Podcast notes: * Annie's Instagram: * Annie snowboarding video:
March 02, 2020
Emotional Management With Bernd Windhofer, Yoga Teacher
How well you do in a career and life is highly dependent on your emotional management skills. Whether it is at the office, in sports, or relationships, being able to have excellent emotional intelligence is crucial to your success. In this mindset and performance podcast episode, Bernd Windhofer shares with us key insights about how to improve your general wellbeing in a fast-paced world that never rests.  Bernd is far more than just a Yoga teacher. He gives yoga classes, meditation classes, and yoga teacher training. Bernd teaches in different yoga studios in Bali Indonesia. His style is quite particular. His pupil likes his classes because of the way he sequences them, but also for his approach to teaching. Bernd likes to give his students the freedom to modify and adjust their practice to suits their needs. Significantly influenced by eastern philosophy, Bernd formed himself through the years by continuously learning from his teachers and mentors. Having lived in culturally diverse countries, Bernd blends multiple approaches to serve better anyone who would like to be healthier body and mind. Bernd wasn’t always into yoga. In fact, his beginnings were in music and theatre. It’s only through his teens that he started developing an interest in the eastern way of doing things. He played martial arts and mastered his skills to become a teacher at a young age. In this podcast, you will learn: * The importance of acknowledging your emotions * The different emotional management techniques * How to manage your emotions effectively  * What Tantra means * How to stay focused  * The power of meditation * How to navigate emotionally challenging times I have known Bernd for about five years now. I first met him in the yoga studio. What I specifically like about his approach is his down to earth style, fluff-free :). He uses humor and often quotes his own teachers. His sequences are often intense and physical, which is something that I like. In his practice, we are usually required to pay attention to our breath. And there are always lessons and key insights that are beyond the grounding physical benefits of the yoga practice that I carry with me through the day. Podcast notes: . Bernd’s Instagram: . Desa Seni studio:
February 02, 2020
Entrepreneurship & Personal Growth With Hicham, Founder of UserGuest
Entrepreneurship can be exciting, yet quite challenging if you don't have the right systems to navigate through its ups and downs. During this podcast interview, Hicham Benyebdri tells us about his experience and how he moved from a safe and secure career to becoming an entrepreneur and how that impacted his personal and professional growth.  Hicham is leading a digital agency specialized in the hospitality industry, helping luxury hotels and resorts achieve their revenue goals. Through effective paid media campaigns management, data insights, in-depth industry knowledge, the agency connects hotels with new digital technologies. Hicham is a hotel marketing professional with extensive experience in performance marketing. He has led large scale performance marketing projects for the online travel industry leaders. From bidding Algorithm creation, processes automation to 50+ Million$ in media spend management. He's a highly technical marketer with great leadership and strategical skills. In this interview, Hicham shares with us key insights on how to start your own business and maintain sustainable growth. We talk about his early years and what influenced his mindset. His journey is filled with lessons that you can relate to. Hicham talks about how he keeps high-performance levels with his daily routines, nutrition, and time/priority management.  In this interview, you can learn: * What it takes to be an entrepreneur * What are the main challenges that you can be facing * How to navigate through them * How to organize your day to be efficient * What processes you should put in place to keep learning and growing * What kind of books you should be reading * Which mantras that can help you stay focused I have known Hicham for quite a while now. We recorded this podcast when he was passing by Bali Indonesia. And even though I was aware of his entrepreneurial driven profile, it was good to get to know more about his background and what made him who he is today. Enjoy the show! Podcast Notes: * Jack Canfield: * The Success Principles Book: * The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: * User Guest: * Swell Hotel Marketing agency: Hicham on LinkedIn:  * Hicham's companies: * *
January 06, 2020
Othmane Choufani Moroccan Big Wave Surfer
This Week's podcast interview is with Othmane Choufani a Moroccan Big Wave Surfer. Othmane is only 26 years old but has already a of great experiences surfing and traveling all around the world. During this interview, Othmane shares with us the story of his relationship with surfing. His journey started at a very young age in the city of Agadir, which is considered the capital of surfing in North Africa. Othmane's teenage years were full of adventures around the small town of Taghazout, where he grew up looking up and learning from his peers. Othmane started surfing at the age of 9 years old in Morocco; then he moved to France when he was 15 years old to train with Philippe Malvaux and Michel Plateau at the "pôle France surf." He quite competitive contest surfing when he was 18 yo and started traveling the world looking for big waves. He spends most of his time between Morocco, Europe, Mexico, Indonesia, California, and Hawaii. The 'charger' has been challenging big waves since a very young age. He is considered to be a pioneer in this surf category. Othman is the first Moroccan surfer that started exploring the massive swells in Morocco and all around the world. In this conversation, you can learn that talent doesn't mean much if you don't put the necessary work to get better. Othmane also tells us about his training drills and how he combines, physical and mental preparation for dealing with pressure and challenging situations. 'Hotman' earned his nickname because of his warm loving and bubbly personality. He is a very passionate person, and you can clearly hear that from the sound of this discussion. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Othmane, and feel free to share your comments and questions. Show Notes: Othmane's Facebook fan page: Othmane's instagram: Othmane's besty from childhood:
April 01, 2019
Irfan Bachdim Professional Indonesian Football Player
My conversation this week is with Irfan Bachdim, an Indonesian professional footballer who currently plays for Bali United and the Indonesia national team. Irfan started his football career at the Ajax Amsterdam soccer academy along with great football players like Mitchell Donald, Jeffrey Sarpong, Christian Supusepa and Ryan Babel. After 3 years he moved to SV Argon, where he became a top scorer even though his midfield position. I met Irfan in Finns Recreation Club in Bali Indonesia. A sporting recreation club where he trains and takes his kids to play sports. Irfan was very friendly and open to the conversation. He is very accomplished yet incredibly humble. Irfan Bachdim shares with us the story of his sporting journey. During this podcast interview, you will learn what it takes to pursue your dreams and never give up. Bachdim’s mindset led him to reach his objectives multiple times, and even though he had several setbacks, he kept on believing in himself to pursue his dream and live up to his passion for football. The message here goes both to the parents of young athletes as well as junior sports kids who love their sports. Parents support is crucial to the development of the athlete. Young athletes carry their parent's voice in their head. It plays a huge role in their development, on and off the sporting field. Show notes: Irfan on Instagram:
March 18, 2019
Patrick Preilowski | Sports Scientist at Out Of The Box
Patrick Preilowski is a qualified sports scientist through the German Sports University Of Cologne. He has been involved in the research and application fields of pain-, neuro- and movement science. Patrick is also a sports scientist at which is a multi-purpose platform that provides a team of experts for professional action sports athletes who would like to improve upon themselves as well as education and research for both athletes, athletic trainers, and physiotherapists who are looking at developing their skills. With "Out Of The Box" Patrick Preilowski teamed up with a physiotherapist, nutritionist, and psychologist to support primarily professional action sports athletes like Wakeboarders, Snowboarders, Mountainbikers and Trail Runners and works as a lecturer and consultant for several educational institutions. During our conversation, we talk about his beginnings as well as his philosophy and approach to his work. Patrick is prepared in a variety of strength & conditioning topics, but he specializes in integrated sensorimotor training as they relate to programming and individualizing sport-specific exercises. Enjoy the podcast. Show Notes: - Out Of The Box Homepage: - Link to the lectures of Robert Sapolsky which I mentioned: - Out Of The Box - For The Athlete on Facebook:
March 04, 2019
Interview With Tiffany ‘Time Bomb’ – 7 Time World Champion Fighter
Tiffany 'Time Bomb' Van Soest was one of my most interesting podcast guests. Our conversation left me with a long lasting positive impression. You might expect a fighter to be rough and rowdy, but I found Tiffany Van Soest calm and put, eloquent and very articulated. It was also interesting to see how the most accomplished people are also the most humble. Being a world champion fighter didn’t blow her ego out. Tiffany Time Bomb is a 2-time glory Kickboxing World Champion and a 5-time Muay Thai World Champion. Having a Dutch heritage, she grew up in California playing sports, surfing with her dad, and enjoying her creative place - the ocean. Tiffany’s mindset, emotional intelligence, and outlook in life played a huge role in her successful athletic career. It is a big part of her fight preparation to train her mind. During this conversation, she shares with us her training drills, her routines, and her life philosophy. Moreover, Tiffany also speaks about her upbringing, her other passions and what she is preparing for her future career as a retired athlete. Through my work, I meet and connect with individuals from all over the world who are in a journey of getting something, or somethings. Whether it is more personal growth, unlocking their full potential to compete and win, or simply becoming the best version of themselves, they all share the same patterns and mindset. There are a number of valuable lessons to take from deconstructing their habits and understanding their map of the world. I believe Tiffany's story and philosophy has a lot to teach us. The learnings can be applied to life in general and for sure to competitive sports as well. This interview has been a full blend of openness, vulnerability, honesty, and interesting insights. It was conducted in Bali Indonesia where she is training to take back her world title. Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the podcast with Tiffany 'Time Bomb' van Soest. Show Notes Tiffany's Instagram Tiffany's Website Author she likes Coach Mariani Bali Training Gym
February 19, 2019
Andrew Cotton On Fear, Taking Risks, And Challenging Big Waves
Andrew cotton is a big wave rider; he is a charger. I came across his profile on LinkedIn when he posted something about the mental challenges he was facing and how tough it is to be off the surfing for some time because of his knee injury. Just like many of us, there has been a time where we weren't happy doing what we do. Andrew decided to be in charge of his destiny and follow his passion for surfing. I invited him to my podcast to learn about how he did the transition from quitting his nine to five job into becoming a world known super athlete with Redbull. In this podcast, you will also learn about Andrew's training techniques, his breathing exercises, his life philosophy and his approach to fear, taking risks and challenging big waves. Interviewing Andrew Cotton was amazing. His life story is quite inspiring. Enjoy the conversation. SHOW NOTES Andrew's website Andrew's training retreats
February 01, 2019
Cris Mills and How He Helps People Improve Upon Themselves
This is Cris Mills. He is far from being the average PT guy that you will meet in your neighborhoods gym. Cris is a surf strength coach who dedicated most of his adult life helping surfers, people and athletes improve their potential with movement, exercise, nutrition, and the foundations of athleticism. The Surf Strength Coach is a public figure who's known for his surfing strength exercises. His videos are all over the internet, from the Inertia to MagicSeaWeed. His success is strongly linked to him being clear about what he wants to get out of life and have gone after it with furious determination. Cris Mills primary intention is to help people improve upon themselves, so that they may not only surf more, but also become more injury resistant, and learn how to look after themselves actively. Enjoy the podcast! Show Links Cris's Website Cris on YouTube Cris on Instagram Cris's Surf Trips
January 15, 2019
Elise Carver Surf Trainer and Her Philosophy of Living a Healthy Lifestyle
Elise Carver is the owner and sole surf style trainer of Little Bantam Health and Fitness Studio in Australia. Through her holistic approach to training and physical education, Elise inspires, encourages and guide those with the ambition to improve their health. Using a wide range of training & recovery techniques Elise's surf style program is ideal for improving core strength, flexibility, agility, balance & endurance. Elise Carver believes that owning a balanced, healthy and active body is what everyone should be aiming for to make the best of themselves. Our conversation covers all the spectrum. From her beginnings to her amazing success. Elise walks us through her passion for gardening and growing organic, healthy veggies in her backyard. We speak about her own practices and what helps her unwind after a full, busy day of work. The lesson I learned from this conversation is that we are all and always asking the same questions. And even though we might never get the answers that we are looking for, true happiness comes from pursuing what we love. Enjoy the podcast! Show Links Elise's Website Surf Style Training Website Little Bantam Surf Training on Instagram
January 08, 2019
Rafi Papazian: From Baker to Ironman Athlete
Ironman athletes are considered to be the strongest and most endurant human beings, always pushing the limits. But what does it really take to be an Ironman and what kind of mindset does one need to cultivate to perform in that level? My conversation this week is with Rafi Papazian, an Ironman athlete, a baker, an entrepreneur and a curious soul. Most people know him as a cafe owner, and don’t necessarily know the story behind his success. Rafi's story isn't only about his sports accomplishments. We dive deep into his childhood and how he grew up refusing to take things for granted and always questioning the norms and the possible. From an early age, he knew that he was meant to try different career paths and fill his life with challenges and exciting experiences. His natural ability to stay focused and committed to the process lead him to achieve great things in his life. True athletes - and business professionals - know that perseverance and consistency is the key to living an abundant life full of possibilities. Tune in, and learn what it takes to be a high-performance human being. "Passion is a seed. If you give it time and attention, it grows." - Rafi Papazian Podcast Notes Rafi's Chef's Youtube Channel: Rafi'sChef's website: Rafi’s Facebook Rafi on Instagram: Monsieur Spoon Bakery’s links: Rafi’s recovery Spa: Tjampuhan Spa: Canggu - Bali: Bali first Monsieur spoon bakery: Wim Hof - The ice-man: The four Toltec agreements book: Rafi's 14 December upcoming event:
December 11, 2018
Doctor Ogi Markovic Co-Founder of Surfing Medicine International
Meet Doctor Ogi Markovic, a dedicated surfer who was able to join his passion for surfing and expertise in medicine. He created a very dynamic life full of excitement, exploration, and meaningful connections. Ogi is an entrepreneur, a medical doctor, a key opinion leader, a consultant specialist in ophthalmology. Doctor Markovic is a preventive medicine specialist, a philanthropist, and a researcher. He is leading the Surfing Medicine Team as a teaching professor at the University Lisbon The High-performance surf coach postgraduate. He is continuously streamlining his career to envision digital health with human-technology interaction in sport and businesses. And he is the co-founded Surfing Medicine International, where he is responsible for the general strategy of the organization. During our conversation, Ogi Markovic tells us about the important holistic role that he is organization is playing in building awareness, educating, and changing the surfing industry, not only to prevent health issues but also the global impact that it has on the environment and the general wellbeing of surfers. We also discuss Ogi's beginnings in surfing. Even though he was not leaving near the ocean, he pursued his passion into becoming the leaders in the industry. He is now traveling all around the world to share his knowledge and expertise and bringing people together. Learn what it takes to be living and breathing from what you love. Conversation's links: * Surfing Medicine International * World Conference 2019 * Dr Ogi Markovic
December 04, 2018
Shannon Reporting on Her Passion for Surfing and Empowering Women
This week's podcast is with Shannon Quirk - also known as Shannon Reporting. She is a television host, journalist, director, social media manager, and tour coordinator at the WSL Big Wave events. Our conversation is about Shannon's passion for surfing and following storms. She is doing all she can to empower driven women in the world of sports and business. She is a true inspiration. I am sure a lot of you listeners will benefit from this conversation and learn about hard work, determination, Shannon's compassion, and how to dream big.
October 30, 2018
Ash Grunwald On Optimism, Surf and Blues Music
Musician Ash Grunwald is one of those rare people who are passionate and genuine about what they do. I met Ash through my surf buddy Michael who introduced him to me as a musician and a surfer just to find out that he is much more than that. In our conversation, Ash talks about his journey from sports to music and what it is like to tour the world with international athletes. Ash also shares with us his philosophy, routines, his love for the music, and what drives him.
October 29, 2018
Israel Llansola On The Benefits of Land-Based Surf-Training
Israel Llansola is the founder of Fetch, a surf training facility that offers an efficient and safe training program to improve surfing. During this conversation, Israel walks us through his passion for surfing and how it all began in his hometown in Spain. We talk about why land-based surf training is so important, learn about his inspirations while growing up, his mindset, his vision for the sport of surfing, and what it takes to build a sustainable green business on the island of Bali. This conversation might have you change your perspective on how to train. Enjoy listening.
October 29, 2018
Carly Wopat on How Your “Why” Can Change Your Game
Becoming a great volleyball athlete doesn’t happen overnight. Carly Wopat walks us through her journey of growing into a champion. During our conversation, we talk about the early beginnings with her parents who were a big inspiration, her early years in competition, and her training drills. Throughout this conversation, you will learn about the reason why knowing your “why” can create massive shifts in your results. Carly also talks about how failing is a part of learning, the importance of morning routines, and the benefits of journaling.
October 27, 2018
Conversation With Craig Durrant – Living Legend Swimmer
Craig Durrant is one of the best swimmers and most inspiring and humble people I ever met. During our talk, we discuss how he got into swimming, his pursuit of freedom, his training methods and the life lessons he learned throughout his swimming career. At 58 years old, Craig is a senior swimmer who still competes and wins, both in life and in sports. In this podcast, you will learn about the importance of being authentic and how to recognize your self-worth to fuel your athletic career.
October 27, 2018
Conversation With Boujemaa Guilloul – Professional Windsurfer
Boujemaa Guilloul is the most famous Moroccan windsurfer in Hawaii. He is a true windsurfing artist and has acquired international recognition. Born in Essaouira in 1984, Boujemaâ Guilloul learned to surf at the age of 12. In 2004, he became a professional windsurfer, and since then he has on tour all over the world. During our conversation, Boujemaa talks about athletes can use their unique talents in order to stand out and reveals inspiring details of his success.
October 27, 2018