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GOGI Coach Taylor

GOGI Coach Taylor

By GOGI Coach Taylor
The GOGI Life Tools are now made available to individuals who may feel as if they are struck, trapped, or in a prison of their own making. Join Coach Taylor as she shares strategies for you to easily move beyond perceived limitations.
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Financial Focus Attracts $$$
Join Coach Taylor as she discusses how to gear your focus towards financial success.
July 01, 2021
Go Ahead. Buy that Home!
Don't let a mortgage payment become an unnecessary stress to your everyday life. Join Coach Taylor as she answers a question about relieving the stress that comes with buying a home for the first time. 
June 23, 2021
Finding Real Friends
Friendships have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Join Coach Taylor as she examines how to find a real friend in this ever-growing world of ours. 
June 16, 2021
Super Easy Time Management
Managing your time in a super busy world can be a difficult thing to do. Join Coach Taylor as she goes through various techniques to help you time manage more efficiently. 
June 09, 2021
Moving Beyond Negative Situations
In this session, Coach Taylor responds to an email that asked "How can I have positive regard in a negative situation?". 
June 02, 2021
Master Your Inner Perfection
Join Coach Taylor as she discusses the three P's and how they can help master the perfection we all hold within us. 
May 28, 2021
Action Steps for Your Perfect YOU
We often find ourselves to be reliant on ill-equipped individuals. Join Coach Taylor as she goes through some examples to show just how perfect you are. 
May 26, 2021
Morning Meditation - Just Like You
Learn to feel confident in who you are. Join Coach Taylor for this meditation as she takes you through various exercises to help you find the best solutions for yourself.  
May 24, 2021
Master Your Inner Revolution
Join Coach Taylor as she informs how to use the tools (discussed on the last podcast) for mastering the change in you. 
May 22, 2021
Tools to Master Your Inner Revolution
Join Coach Taylor as she provides you with the necessary tools to help provide solutions for a better version of yourself and your life. 
May 19, 2021
Meditation for Managing Your Inner Revolution
Join Coach Taylor as she goes through a guided meditation that will help you start to help yourself. 
May 17, 2021
Easy Steps to Reduce Trauma
The last session to our week-long exploration on trauma! Join Coach Taylor as she discusses how to apply the tools we've learned this week so that you can help provide solutions for yourself with regards to your trauma. 
May 14, 2021
LET GO of Past Trauma
Are you unable to leave behind the traumas of your past? Join Coach Taylor as she discussed how to use GOGI Life Tool, LET GO, in order to experience GOGI Life Tool, ULTIMATE FREEDOM. 
May 12, 2021
Meditation to Reduce Trauma
Join Coach Taylor for this exclusive meditation as she takes you through some excellent methods to reduce the strain of any past traumas. 
May 10, 2021
Focus on the Positives
Sometimes a different perception of the world can influence your decisions and help find the solutions you need. Join Coach Taylor as she discusses the GOGI Life Tools, POSITIVE THOUGHTS, WORDS, AND ACTIONS. 
May 05, 2021
Meditation for Magnificence
The world is more good than bad. Join Coach Taylor as she teaches how to find the magnificence in your life and the world around you. 
May 03, 2021
How to Shift Perception
What would happen if you had a high level of gratitude everyday? Join Coach Taylor as she discusses how to shift your perception on a daily basis, resulting in an easier time of dealing with the everyday problems that life will throw your way. 
April 30, 2021
Tools to Create the Life You Want
Join Coach Taylor as she reviews all of the GOGI Life Tools and goes over how they can all help different aspects of your life. 
April 28, 2021
Meditation for Perception
Your life experience is created by you. Join Coach Taylor for this special meditation session and explore how to control your thoughts through shifting your perception. 
April 26, 2021
Be of Service to the World
There is something magical about being of service to the world around you. Namely, it will help you regain the freedom that you've always been seeking in life. Join Coach Taylor as she discusses how to apply the GOGI Life Tool, ULTIMATE FREEDOM, in your everyday life. 
April 23, 2021
Free Yourself From Within
Have you ever been in a situation or relationship that has left you feeling trapped? Join Coach Taylor as she explores this week's GOGI Life Tool, ULTIMATE FREEDOM, through reading excerpts and sharing experiences from her own life. 
April 21, 2021
Meditation and relaxation may prove to be a powerful way to reach your goals. Join Coach Taylor as she guides you to the internal freedom that you may experience through the relaxation process as you focus on the GOGI Life Tool ULTIMATE FREEDOM. 
April 19, 2021
Your Mistakes Do Not Define You
Do you feel as if you are a victim of circumstance, or, worse yet, a victim of someone else's actions? You may be surprised to learn that you're not alone. Join Coach Taylor as she shares the power of the GOGI Life Tool, CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY.
April 16, 2021
It's human nature to want some control over events in our lives. All too often, however, we feel out of control and that things are beyond our ability to positively impact. In this session, Coach Taylor lets you in on a little secret. You, and only you, have complete control over how you respond and react. The GOGI Life Tool CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY gives you the power to direct your own life in the direction you want it to go. 
April 14, 2021
Welcome to our first meditation session! Join Coach Taylor as she discusses how to take control of your breathing and CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY, which will be our GOGI Life Tool of this week. 
April 13, 2021
You Can LET GO of Negative Self-Talk
Negative self-talk may be your biggest obstacle to the happiness you seek. In this session, Coach Taylor shares the practical application of the GOGI Life Tool, LET GO, and how it can help you move positively into your future. 
April 09, 2021
Got Problems? Just Hand, Squash, & Toss Them Away
Have you ever been told to let things go by your friends or family? Letting go can be a complicated process if you don't have the right tools at hand. Join Coach Taylor as she discusses the simple action of "Hand, Squash, Toss!", which defines the GOGI Life Tool called LET GO. This simple act of Hand/Squash/Toss is a quick way to clear the path to happiness.  
April 07, 2021
Is Your Life Out of Control? Here's a Simple Solution
Do you wish you had more control over a situation that is really bothering you? Sometimes, the simple act of using a few GOGI Life Tools will relieve that pressure just enough for you to see other options you may have. Getting back into the driver's seat of your life may be easier than you think.  
April 02, 2021
Who is The Boss of YOUR Brain?
We all know what it is like to have a bad boss. Sometimes, we even experience a good boss. We have also been exposed to absentee bosses. In this session, Coach Taylor asks you to consider your position as boss of your own brain. What kind of boss are you when it comes to your thoughts, your words and your actions? Explore how to be the best boss possible using your GOGI Life Tools. 
March 31, 2021
Is Depression a Choice?
There are many levels and durations of depression. All of them are real and each can be aided with the simple GOGI Life Tool called Belly Breathing. 
March 26, 2021
You Can Actually Breathe Into Freedom
Humans have the hidden power of breath, which enables the body and mind to operate optimally. The GOGI Life Tool, BELLY BREATHING, helps you unlock the mystery that is contained within your breath with a simple set of actions that come in handy under any circumstance. 
March 24, 2021
Are You Doing the Delicate Dance of Change?
The GOGI Life Tool REALITY CHECK permits us to accept the fact that, as humans, we have a choice in how we respond and react, as well as many choices in what we say and do. With the option of nearly unlimited choice comes the propensity toward mistakes, miscalculations, and error. In this session, Coach Taylor shares the simple GOGI Life Tool REALITY CHECK. 
March 19, 2021
Are You Ready to Put Your Past In The Past?
It's human nature to let decisions of the past define who you think you are today. This limiting approach to self-definition keeps you stuck in a loop, repeating the same choices without a difference in the results. In this session with Coach Taylor, you will learn a simple life tool that enables you to move beyond your perceived limits. Moving beyond your past is essential in creating your best life possible. 
March 17, 2021