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Coaches Corner Chats

Coaches Corner Chats

By Kieron Boyle (Coaches Corner Chats)
Coaches chatting about sports! And sharing their individual sports coaching journey!
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Don’t Be A Silo Coach!

Coaches Corner Chats

Don’t Be A Silo Coach!

Coaches Corner Chats

Colton Bryant | Luck + Hard Work
Season 2 Episode 31 Colton Bryant Twitter:  @coachcolton Visit for more sports coaching content! Twitter @coachesletschat TikTok @coaches.corner I love wearing beanies! Let's go!  Peace!
June 16, 2022
Adam Jones | The Standard
Season 2 Episode 30:  Adam Jones In this episode, I chat with Adam Jones who is the head coach for the Wyoming (Ohio) High School Mens Soccer team and the Cincinnati United Premier College Pathway Director. Adam shares the impact of his playing days at Mason (OH) High School under the leadership of Paul Reedy and how his relationship with his then coach has now turned into a dynamic coaching duo at the high school level.  He also shares different stories of how life can lead you to opportunities and that through tragedy one can land on their feet and use that experience to help others! Adam's Wyoming HS Boys team won the Division 2 State Title last fall here in Ohio.  And he shares what that journey through the season and post season entailed.  Adam also talked about the season ahead and carrying the torch as a state champion and the challenges that brings for next season. One of the consistent themes throughout our conversation was a motivation and determination to be the best ... to be the standard.  Adam is working to be the best coach of the best program in the state of Ohio.  His success as a coach has not slower Adam's appetite for more championships.  In fact, he is as hungry now as he was before to chase the state title.  Along with his push to be great, there is an understanding and humbling that Adam shares.  He knows the opportunity to coach is blessing.  He understands that his actions and behaviors have a huge impact on the soccer players he coaches at Wyoming HS and CUP. Tons of great nuggets in this chat!  Thanks for listening! Connect with Adam on Twitter @Coach_Jonze and follow Wyoming Mens Soccer @WyomingMSoccer and follow CUP Boys @CincyUnitedCUPB #CoachesCornerChats @coachesletschat Let's go! Peace!
May 31, 2022
Josh Rife (Ball State University Women's Soccer) | An Unscripted Coaching Journey
Season 2 Episode 29 -- Josh Rife -- Ball State University Women's Soccer Head Coach In this episode, Josh Rife of Ball State Women's Soccer share his journey from high level college and professional player to coaching in Muncie, Indiana.  Josh has been blessed to play for some amazing and accomplished coaches during his playing days.  Also, Josh's wife was a very talented soccer player and he shares the impact she has had on him along his coaching journey. The insights and stories that Josh shares are reflective and well thought out.  Tons of great nuggets to take away in this episode! Connect with Josh on Twitter @BSUCoachRife @BallStateSoccer Thanks for listening! #CoachesCornerChats @coachesletschat Host of the Podcast:  Mr. Kieron Boyle @coach_boyle Let's go!  Peace!
May 24, 2022
Addicted to Coaching | Scott Forster
Season 2 Episode 28 Scott Forster In this episode, I chat with Scott Forster, the head women's soccer coach at Bluefield State University in West Virginia.  Scott is a native of Newcastle, England and shares the impact of his youth soccer experiences and his desire to coach soccer!  He shares the lessons he learned from his father and grandfather, as well as numerous mentor coaches who allowed him to grow and develop as a coach. The inaugural 2021-2022 was the first ever year of soccer competition at Bluefield State. Scott was responsible for establishing the program from scratch. He shares the "first steps" of creating the program and his hopes for the future! Amazing chat that I know you will thoroughly enjoy!  Thanks for listening! Connect with Scott and follow Bluefield State @GoBigBlueSoccer #CoachesCornerChats @coachesletschat Host of the Podcast:  Mr. Kieron Boyle @coach_boyle Let's go!  Peace!
May 10, 2022
Adrian Parrish (FC Cincinnati Academy) | Goals .... Dreams
Season 2 Episode 27 In this episode, I chat with FC Cincinnati Academy Coach Adrian Parrish.  Adrian shares his coaching journey which began in England!  He was the Director for Kentucky Youth Soccer and a few years ago transitioned to his role at FC Cincinnati. Adrian's passion for the game is easy to hear when he speaks about coaching and his players.  He is a huge proponent of helping other coaches improve and recognizes the impact coaching has on the lives of players.  His most important role is that of being a father to his son, who is an academy player at FCC.  Adrian talks on the balancing act of being a father and a coach.  Super insightful! He also speaks about the idea of goals and dreams.  Adrian talks about how as we get older we stop dreaming ... something he he has never stopped doing!  Great chat!  Lots of awesome nuggets! You can connect with Adrian and FC Cincinnati on Twitter @adrianparrish02 and @fccincinnati @fccincyacademy Thanks for listening! #coachescornerchats Twitter @coachesletschat Host of the Podcast:  Mr. Kieron Boyle @coach_boyle Let's go!  Peace!
May 03, 2022
Amy Eagan (Drury University Women's Basketball) | Coaching ... Doing What You Love
Season 2 Episode 26  In this episode, I chat with Amy Eagan, the head coach for the Drury University Women's Basketball program.  Drury is a perennial powerhouse in D2 womens basketball, located in Missouri! Amy shares her passion for impacting the lives of young women.  She understands the importance of winning on and off the court.  And winning is something Amy and her Drury Panthers have been very successful at! Like many other coaches, Amy's coaching journey has a number of highs and lows, including a break from coaching to work at WalGreens!  Random phone calls and conversations opened up doors for Amy to keep her in coaching ... and through perseverance and maturation as a coach, Amy has found a program that feels like home and where she belongs! Such a great chat with so many awesome stories and nuggets! Thanks for listening! Connect with Amy Eagan and her Drury Panthers on Twitter @amyeagan @DUladyPanthers #CoachesCornerChats @coachesletschat Host of the Podcast:  Mr. Kieron Boyle @coach_boyle Beanie of Choice in this Episode:  Carhartt visit Let's Go!  Peace!
April 26, 2022
The Drive to Coach | C.W. Ponton
Season 2 Episode 25 In this episode, I chat with C.W. Ponton, the head coach of the women's program at Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington, North Carolina.  This chat was a great opportunity for me to get a glimpse in to the Junior College Soccer environment.  C.W. does a great job of highlighting the positives of attending a community college to help with finances, getting started toward a degree, preparing to work a trade, or the opportunity to just start looking at the many options afforded to students nowadays. C.W.'s coaching journey has been one of personal dedication and will.  He shares the many highlights, including winning a national championship, as well as many of the lows.  At one stop on his coaching journey, while coaching C.W. also worked in the school cafeteria.  Through is all C.W. has kept his passion and his focus on becoming a college soccer coach ... he has a drive to coach! C.W. shares his mindset of ... you're either with me or you're not.  He's going and he's going full steam. Really enjoyed this chat!  And I know you will as well! Connect with C.W. at @cwponton on Twitter! Twitter:  @coachesletschat Instagram:  @coachesletschat TikTok:  @coaches.corner Beanie of Choice this Episode:  FitAid Let's go!  Peace!
April 19, 2022
If You're Not 10 Minutes Early, then You're 10 Minutes Late | Ali Hanif
Season 2 Episode 25:  Ali Hanif In this episode, I chat with Ali Hanif, assistant coach for the Illinois State University womens soccer program, who primarily works with the goalkeepers!  How Ali ended in Illinois is an amazing story.  Ali grew up in Manchester walking distance from Old Trafford. Ali got the soccer itch in his early teenage years and slowly fell in love with the game.  He spent time early in his coaching career as part of the Manchester United Academy.  But, Ali was motivated to experience soccer outside England.  He worked with Challenger Sports and spent summers in Kansas training and coaching players.  The more time Ali spent in the U.S., the more he felt called to stay and coach! Ali speaks about the struggle of his cultural traditions and beliefs, and the strain it put on his relationship with his mother.  Eye opening and inspirational! Ali shares his appreciation and respect for other coaches who he has worked with which is so refreshing to hear!  And, as you will hear, he has a gift for gab ... great story teller! Connect with Ali on Twitter @CoachAliH Thanks for listening! #CoachesCornerChats @coachesletschat Host of the Podcast:  Mr. Kieron Boyle @coach_boyle Beanie of Choice for this Episode:  FitAid visit Let's go!  Peace!
April 12, 2022
Starting from Scratch | Chase Montana
Season 2 Episode 23 Chase Montana:  Starting from Scratch In this episode, I am joined by Chase Montana, head womens coach at Northland High School, near Columbus Ohio.  Chase will be entering his 4th season with the Vikings next fall.  The Northland HS girls soccer program is unique in Chase brought back the girls soccer program back into existence! Chase did not play soccer as a youth and this is his first coaching experience.  Partner this with the fact that many of his players are first year soccer players.  There is a lot of learning for both coach and players!  Chase shares some of the obstacles that a coach faces when developing a new sports program, including sharing field space for practices, limited number of players in the program, and having to line the game field himself!  He shares a couple mantras that he uses to stay grounded, humble, and focused! Chase is passionate about teaching and coaching at Northland HS.  And he understands that his situation is different than many other HS soccer programs.  The opportunity for his players to enjoy the great game of soccer is a huge win!  Every game, every bus ride, every team bondings experience is another memory the girls will carry on for the rest of their lives. Connect with Chase on Twitter @coachmontana_ Thanks for listening! #CoachesCornerChats @coachesletschat Host of the Podcast:  Mr. Kieron Boyle @coach_boyle Beanie of Choice for this Episode:  FitAid visit Let's go!  Peace!
April 05, 2022
Oklahoma Football and Hoops | EJ Tillinger!
Season 2 Episode 22 EJ Tillinger In this episode, I chat with EJ Tillinger ... teacher, coach, husband, learner, and role model!  EJ coaches football and basketball at Choctaw High School in the great Sooner state of Oklahoma!  EJ's coaching journey took a turn for him during a meeting with an academic advisor in college ... and he has never looked back!  EJ shares the impact of his playing days in HS and college on his coaching journey, along with the numerous coaches who saw something in him that would make an impact on the players he coaches and teaches! EJ gets up every morning to workout at 4:30 a.m.!  He is also working towards earning his doctorate in Educational Leadership! This is another amazing chat with an awesome coach! Connect with EJ on Twitter @EJCoachT #CoachesCornerChats @coachesletschat Host of the Podcast:  Mr. Kieron Boyle @coach_boyle Episode Beanie of Choice:  BirdBrain Visit Let's Go! Peace!
March 29, 2022
Keri Sarver: The Thread That Binds
Season 2 Episode 21 Keri Sarver:  The Thread That Binds In this epsiode, I chat with Keri Sarver, Director of Internationals Girls Soccer Club in Medina, Ohio!  Also, Keri is the assistant coach for the New Zealand Women's Soccer Team!  The journey for Keri has been one impacted by great mentors, teammates, and fellow coaches.  Experiences at all levels have helped shape her coaching journey! Sit back and enjoy this chat as Keri Sarver takes you along on her journey! Connect with Keri @iscgirls Thanks for listening! #CoachesCornerChats @coachesletschat Host of the Podcast:  Mr. Kieron Boyle @coach_boyle Beanie of Choice:  Levis visit Let's go!  Peace!
March 22, 2022
Jennifer Klein: Taking A Step Back To Propel Forward
In this episode I chat with University of Michigan Head Womens Soccer Coach Jennifer Klein.  Coach Klein shares her experience as a player at the University of Arizona and the path her coaching journey took ... from UNLV to Washington State to USC and now Ann Arbor! Too many amazing nuggets to share in the notes!  This chat was so fun to be a part of!  Excited to watch the growth and successes of the Michigan womens soccer program! You can connect with Coach Klein on Twitter @JennKlein3 Follow the University of Michigan womens soccer program on Twitter @umichwsoccer Thanks for listening! #CoachesCornerChats @coachesletschat Podcast Host:  Mr. Kieron Boyle @coach_boyle Episode Beanie of Choice:  Levis visit today! Let's go!  Peace!
March 15, 2022
Mauricio Lozada: Stepping Towards Challenges
In this episode, I chat with Mauricio Lozada, who is very active in the coaching landscape of Minnesota!  He is the Boys Age Group Director  U11-14 for Tonka United Soccer Association, United Soccer Coaches Latino Advocacy Group Chair, and assistant coach at Bethany Lutheran College. Mauricio has a lot of energy to coach, to make an impact on and off the soccer field, and you can hear it when he talks about his coaching journey.  Mauricio shares his journey to becoming the United Soccer Coaches Latino Advocacy Group Chair and the challenges that brings with it.  He shares how important the connections he has made during his coaching journey along with the support of fellow coaches and his wife have been for him. Mauricio is always looking to take on challenges.  He has set a "checkpoint" for where he hopes to be as a coach at age 35!  Excited to see where the next 3-4 years take him! Great nuggets throughout this chat!  Thanks for listening! Connect with Mauricio on Twitter @NFLDMauri Follow Latinos Advocacy Group on Twitter @CoachesUnidos #CoachesCornerChats @coachesletschat Host:  Mr. Kieron Boyle @coach_boyle Let's go!  Peace!
March 09, 2022
Rich Stoneman: Crossing Paths with Other Coaches
Season 2 Episode 18. In this episode I chat with Rich Stoneman, the associate head coach of the womens soccer program at Longwood University.  Rich shares his journey from successful player to coach, including the numerous stops along the way.  And, even more impactful, all the amazing coaches that he has been blessed to work with throughout his career. Rich speaks about attending his first coaching course and how a conversation with another coach led him to Baylor University and the beginning of his coaching career.  Stops at Lousiana Tech, Eastern Carolina, and Coastal Carolina helped to grow and develop Rich as a coach and, as he shares,  even more as a person. The influence coaches have had on Rich is apparent while listening to him chat.  He mentioned that the coaching community is actually small and that the coaches know one another.  The other thing he shared was the willingness of coaches to give him and other coaches a chance.  These opportunities for experience and growth have been super vital for Rich and other coaches. Rich has spent the better part of 10 seasons at Longwood University.  And when I asked him about his time at Longwood, Rich's response is focused on Head Coach Todd Dyer.  Coach Dyer has been at Longwood for nearly 30 years!  Something that is rarely seen at the college level nowadays.  Rich shares the importance of his relationship with Coach Dyer and the impact of being on the staff has made in his life. You can connect with Rich on Twitter @StonemanFC Check out Longwood University Womens Soccer at  Tons of great nuggets!  Hope you enjoy! Thanks for listening! #CoachesCornerChats @coachesletschat Host:  Mr. Kieron Boyle @coach_boyle Let's go!  Peace!
March 01, 2022
Shaun Soderling: People Are Put In Your Life For A Reason
Season 2 Episode 17  In this episode I chat with Shaun Soderling, head coach for the Bescia University Womens Soccer program.  Shaun is a high energy coach who enjoys building relationships with his players and fellow coaches.  Shaun talks about his journey including the time as a player when others said he'd be a coach, to others pushing him to ask his future wife on a date ... and so many other great stories where there was a person put in Shaun's life for a reason! Shaun has a strong social media presence, especially on Twitter, and he gives a "behind the scenes" look into his creativity and thought process.  He co-hosts the Soccer Chat podcast which also has grown and develop into a weekly Twitter event.  This chat was so awesome, and gave some great insight into who Coach Soderling is and the experiences along the way that have shaped him to be the man, husband, father, and coach he is today! Tons of great content! You can connect with Shaun on Twitter @coachsoderling and Brescia Womens Soccer @bresciawsoc #SoccerChat is for coaches to network and learn from each other on Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. EST.  Twitter @ChatSoccr #CoachesCornerChats @coachesletschat Host of the Podcast:  Mr. Kieron Boyle @coach_boyle Beanie/Shirt/Drink for this podcast brought to you by FITAID @drinkFITAID Let's go!  Peace!
February 22, 2022
Sam Etherington: Connections Connections and More Connections
Season 2 Episode 16. In this episode, I chat with Sam Etherington, Director of Soccer Operations for the LSU Women's Soccer team.  Sam was born and raised in Newcastle, England and her soccer journey to the United States if full of many curves ... each one leading the next and Sam shares the many lessons she learned along the way. Sam has an awesome energy about her as she chats about her family and her days growing up in Newcastle and as a fan of Newcastle FC.  Her journey brought her to the U.S., where she played her college soccer at Nicholls State University.  But, what's fun about this transition to American student athlete was the connections that she had made in England that helped her to arrive at Nicholls.  And then there were more connections that helped propel her to coaching stints at the University of Dubuque (Graduate Assistant), Louisiana College (Head Coach), and Idaho State University (Assistant Coach). Sam's recollection of being a coach in Iowa at Dubuque, and her first ever spell as a head coach at Louisiana, to ending up in Idaho during the pandemic are full of great stories and lessons learned ... and the power of developing coaching relationships and connections!  She is very open about her experiences and gives a great glimpse into her time at those stops. The state of Louisiana is "home" for Sam now.  And she spoke about that in this episode.  She talks about the staff at LSU and how much she is enjoying coaching and being a part of the program. There is so many amazing nuggets in this episode.  Thanks to Sam for joining the podcast! You can connect and follow Sam Etherington @TheRealOPSam as well as LSU Womens soccer @LSUSoccer. Thanks for listening! #CoachesCornerChats @coachesletschat on Twitter Host of the Podcast:  Mr. Kieron Boyle @coach_boyle on Twitter Episode Beanie of Choice:  H&M visit today! Let's go!  Peace!
February 15, 2022
Erica Suter: Developing the Whole Person
Season 2 Episode 15  In this episode, I chat with Erica Suter, Youth Strength & Conditioning Coach who specializes in performance and injury prevention for young female athletes.  But that is just a title ... there is so much more to Erica and her soccer journey! Erica talks about the positive impact her mom had her with regards to health and fitness.  She shares her playing experience at Beadling SC in Maryland and her development from a recreational player to high level club player.  Erica talks about her decision to play at John Hopkins in college and the coaches and teammates that made that experience enjoyable and rewarding. Erica gives some insight into her transition to the youth strength and conditioning side of soccer.  She shares her focus on not only improving the players physically, but also emotionally and socially.  Erica stresses the importance of a quality diet, sleep, hydration, stretching, along with putting time in working with the soccer ball.  She, also, shares how she has become "female focused" in terms of youth strength and conditioning. Erica's journey has brought her to Tampa, Florida where she has opened up her own facility and is beginning to grow a community.  She shares the difficulty of leaving players and parents in Maryland to venture out to Florida.  She makes very strong connections with the players she works with and it is evident in the stories that Erica shares. Tons of great nuggets in this episode! You can connect with Erica on Twitter @fitsoccerqueen and make sure to visit her website: Erica has book out as well!  The Strong Female Athlete.  Available on Amazon. #CoachesCornerChats @coachesletschat Podcast Host:  Mr. Kieron Boyle @coach_boyle Episode Beanie of Choice:  King and Fifth -- Visit today! Let's go!  Peace!
February 08, 2022
Kendyl Baird: Across the Country and Back
Season 2 Episode 14  In this episode, I chat with Kendyl Baird, newly appointed assistant coach at Warren Wilson Mens Soccer Program!  Kendyl previously spent time in Montana as a graduate assistant at Montana State-Billings and assistant coach at Emory and Henry College.  She is a native of North Carolina and home is very important to Kendyl! Kendyl shares the importance of family and her parents nurturing her passion the game of soccer and ultimately coaching soccer.  Kendyl had a very successful playing career in high school and in college at Kings University in Tennessee.  Injuries curtailed her hopes of a professional career.  But, as one door closes, another opens! Kendyl has been blessed with great mentor coaches who have given her opportunities to grow and develop as a coach.  Challenging herself is something that is apparent when you listen to Kendyl's chat.  The move to Montana was a big step ... literally!  The move across the country put her out of her comfort zone, but she embraced the experience!  And now she is breaking the mold by joining the mens soccer program at Warren WIlson!  The head coach is excited to have Kendyl on his staff and she cannot wait to get to work! Kendyl also talked about developing and growing her confidence as a coach.  Really cool insight! Kendyl is always looking to learn and connect with other coaches!  You can connect with Kendyl on Twitter @kendyl_lianna Thanks for listening and supporting the podcast! #CoachesCornerChats @coachesletschat Podcats Host Mr. Kieron Boyle @coach_boyle Let's go!  Peace!
February 01, 2022
Jimmy Fermin: The Grass Is Greener Where You Water It
Season 2 Episode 13  In this episode, I chat with Jimmy Fermin, the head boys soccer coach at Piedmont HS in Oklahoma!  Jimmy shares his experiences with Piedmont HS, not only with the boys, but also with the girls.  Jimmy has a great perspective on working with players and is a big believer in developing character!  Along with coaching HS soccer, Jimmy is a part of the club soccer scene as well as being an assistant coach for a local college team! Jimmy got into coaching as a young man helping his father out on the soccer fields, who was coaching Jimmy's sister!  Jimmy shares how much his father's love for the game made a huge impact on him as a person and as a coach/player.  He also talks on the dynamics of helping coach his sister while being the older brother as well!  Family is ultra-important to Jimmy and you can tell from this chat! Lots of great nuggets in this chat!  Thanks for listening! Connect with on Twitter @Coach_JFermin #CoachesCornerChats @coachesletschat Host of the Podcast:  Mr. Kieron Boyle @coach_boyle Let's go!  Peace!
January 25, 2022
Colton Bly: When Coaching Opens Doors
Season 2 Episode 12  In this episode, I chat with Colton Bly, who is currently in the A-Senior Licensing Course and founder/director of the Twins Tiers Soccer Club, providing select soccer for players in western New York and western Pennsylvania!  Colton is a super bright and knowledgeable soccer coach who always had a feeling he'd be a coach ... mainly due to growing up and seeing his dad as a coach! Colton shares the move from a college soccer player to a club director ... and the subsequent moves that have brought him to his current coaching set up!  He will begin as an assistant coach with a professional soccer team this Spring 2022, while continuing to grow and develop the Twins Tiers Soccer Club. Colton has a lot of experiences with the USSF licensing courses, having completed all the courses from the Grassroots 4v4 through the A-Youth License, while he currently is working through the A-Senior License course.  He shares some great insight into the experiences in the USSF courses:  pros/cons, why coaches can benefit from the courses, what level of coach should take a particular course, and so so much more! This was a really enjoyable chat!  Thanks for listening! You can connect with Colton on Twitter @coltonbly Check out and follow Colton's journey with Twin Tiers Soccer Club: Follow #CoachesCornerChats on Twitter @CoachLetsChat Connect with Host Kieron Boyle on Twitter @coach_boyle Episode Beanie of Choice:  Columbia visit Let's Go!  Peace! O3eu46pgyI7f9NfOjqL9
January 18, 2022
Steve Rollins: The Impact of Giving to Others
Season 2 Episode 11  In this episode, I chat with Steve Rollins, who currently runs a supplemental training program for local high level youth players in he Princeton, NJ area.  Steve has a rich history in coaching and coaching education following his playing/coaching days in Europe. Steve shares a great perspective on the differences in expectations in Europe and the U.S. for players, coaches, and clubs.  He also speaks about the realities and characteristics of a true "elite" player. Steve is looking to buy a select soccer club and to instill his philosophy of creating the best youth soccer players in the U.S.  The goal of Steve's will be for the club to be run similar to the European academies ... with the club paying for majority, if not all, the costs.   His current supplemental training is the first step to making this dream a reality, with the trainings being completely FREE!  Steve is a big proponent of passing it forward ... he shares how others have made a positive impact on him (including Todd Beane) as player/coach and he plans to do the same for others. Lots of great nuggets in this chat!  Thanks for listening! Connect with Steve on Twitter @softtop67 Follow #CoachesCornerChats on Twitter @coachesletschat SHARE THE PODCAST!  THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Connect with Kieron on Twitter @coach_boyle Episode Beanie of Choice:  Columbia Let's go!  Peace!
January 11, 2022
Manya Puppione: A Thousand Miles An Hour
Season 2 Episode 10  In this episode, I chat with Manya Puppione, the head women's soccer coach at George Mason University!  Manya shares her experiences as a player, coach, and wife! Manya had an amazing playing career, but had to deal with numerous set backs, including injuries.  She speaks about those injuries and her continued determination to keep moving forward and trusting in her faith!  Manya's experiences have made a profound impact on her which has helped her revamp her coaching philosophy. Manya speaks about her awesome parents and her husband, Bobby, and their continual support!  She is constantly looking for ways to learn and grow as a person and as a coach.  And she shares how beneficial having a network of friends, family, and coaches/fellow players has been in her success! I was a throughly impressed with how determined Manya was during her playing days and the reflections and takeaways that she has taken from those experiences.  Also, Manya puts a lot of efforts into projects off the field of play! You will know why this episode is called "A Thousand Miles An Hour" when you listen! Connect with Manya on Twitter/IG:  @makoski22  Support the George Mason Women's Program with a follow on Twitter:  @MasonWSOC  Thanks for listening!  And for your support of this podcast! #CoachesCornerChats @coachesletschat Connect with the podcast host, Kieron Boyle @coach_boyle Let's go!  Peace!
January 04, 2022
Sarah Lowdon: Lean In!
Season 2 Episode 9  In this episode, Sarah Lowdon joins the podcast!  Sarah shares her coaching journey as a teenager in Newcastle, England and her big move to the United States to play soccer and study in college.  Her coaching journey has been full of lots of work and determination.  And many times with little to no pay!  Sarah has been blessed to work with amazing coaches including Becky Burleigh (University of Florida) and Erica Dambach (Penn State University). Sarah is very reflective about her coaching journey and has even written a book "A Chair and a Desk" (which is on amazon) chronicling some of the experiences she had with Becky Burleigh at the University of Florida.  She talks about journaling and constantly looking for opportunities to learn and grow as a coach. This chat is full of so many awesome nuggets!  Thanks for listening! Connect with Sarah on Twitter @sarahlowdon I highly recommend picking up Sarah's book "A Desk and a Chair: Investing in the Next Generation of Leaders" #CoachesCornerChats @coachesletschat Connect with Kieron @coach_boyle Let's go! Peace!
December 28, 2021
Becky Burleigh: Friday the 13th
Season 2 Episode 8  In this episode, I am joined by Becky Burleigh, long time head coach of the women's soccer team at the University of Florida followed by a stint leading Orlando Pride in the NWSL!  Becky is also one of the leaders of the What Drives Winning curriculum on not only the impact and importance of coaching, but how we go about our lives every single day!  She also speaks about relationships throughout the episode, including those she has with her former players. Becky shares her coaching journey, including her time prior to arriving in Gainesville, and the amazing people she met and worked with along the way.  She speaks on her ambition to become a soccer coach and her parents feelings on this aspiration.  Becky speaks on her move to the University of Florida, the making of the Gators soccer program, and gives some awesome insight into the UofF athletic program!  She has been a part of the growth and development of What Drives Winning and now teaches a master's program utilizing the same curriculum at the University of Florida!  She takes time to speak about her experience with the Orlando Pride and what the future for her may entail! There is so much in this episode, and I am so excited to share this with you!  Becky is the first #CoachesCornerChats Dream Guest to be on the podcast! You can connect with Becky on Twitter @BeckyBurleigh Check out What Drives Winning at and on Twitter @wdwconvo Thanks for listening! #CoachesCornerChats @coach_boyle Let's Go!  Peace!
December 21, 2021
Candice Fabry: Realities of Being a Female Coach
S2E7 Candice Fabry:  Realities of Being a Female Coach Candice Fabry @candicefabry #CoachesCornerChats @coach_boyle Let's go!  Peace!
December 16, 2021
Candice Fabry: A Holistic Approach
Season 2 Episode 7  In this episode I chat with Candice Fabry, head coach of the Kansas City Courage who plays in the United Women's Soccer League, founder of the female mentorship platform Fearless and Capable, US Soccer Coach Educator, and so many other amazing "hats"!! Candice is open and honest about her soccer playing and coaching journey.  From her days as a youth player near Chicago, to her time at the University of Toledo, and then the completion of her 'D' coaching license and the many stops and experiences that has brought along the way!  Candice speaks on coaching and living with holistically.  And this is apparent throughout the chat ... she shares positives of her life, as well some struggles, personal and professionally. Being a female coach, and many times the only female coach in situations, has given Candice some great insight on what can and should be done to help support females in the world of soccer.  She is an advocate for females and understand the need for more structured opportunities and experiences to be available to women, young and old.  Candice speaks about being solution driven and problem solvers rather than just pointing out all the issues to be fixed. Candice speaks on the balancing act of being a mother, wife, coach, mentor, and leader.  She talks about the support of her parents and husband throughout her coaching journey. Leadership and mentorship is very important to Candice and she shares her thoughts on creating leaders who recognize others have weaknesses, but that they are there to help find ways to improve on those weaknesses. You can contact Candice on Twitter (@candicefabry @fearlesscapable), Facebook (Candice Fabry), and Instagram This is a powerful episode!  Thanks for listening! #CoachesCornerChats @coach_boyle Let's go!  Peace!
December 14, 2021
Keith Cheek: Unknown Beginnings Lead to Great Things
Season 2 Episode 6  In this episode, Keith Cheek joins the podcast to share his coaching journey with TempesT FC in southeast Indiana!  Keith shares the humble beginnings of his coaching career with his daughter's rec team and how that unknown beginning lead to an amazing experience for him, his players, parents, and club! He shares the impact of his father on him as a coach, the experience coaching his own daughter, and the growth and development of his coaching and the club which he coaches at!  The chat showcases how great things can come along by putting a lot of effort and focus ... Keith has made connections with youth players, high school players, and college players during the past decade!  He also shares the impact coaching has had on his family and the amazing support his wife has been! To contact Keith and find out more about Tempest FC visit Thanks for listening! #CoachesCornerChats @coach_boyle Episode Beanie Choice:  BirdBrain Let's go!  Peace!
December 08, 2021
My Takeaways: Women's College Cup 2021
In this episode, I share my takeaways from the Women's College Cup 2021 match between Florida State University and Brigham Young University. Thanks for listening! #CoachesCornerChats @coach_boyle Episode Beanie Choice:  BirdBrain Let's go!  Peace!
December 07, 2021
Nick Stavropoulos: Power of Reaching Out
Season 2 Episode 5  In this episode, the podcast is joined by Nick Stravropoulos who coaches soccer in Michigan!  Nick shares his high school coaching journey with Ferndale High School and the impact of mentor coaches and his wife on his growth and development as a coach! Throughout the conversation Nick shares stories of reaching out for help with his coaching, for his players, and for his family.  The power of reaching out is amazing and clear in this episode.  His support and love for his coaching and players is evident during our discussion.  And even more incredible is the amount of love and support he receives from his wife. Such an awesome episode to share! Connect with Nick on Twitter @coachnickstav Thanks for listening! #CoachesCornerChats @coach_boyle Episode Hoodie/Beanie of Choice:  BIRDBRAIN Let's go! Peace!
December 03, 2021
Gabe Rocha: Love of Coaching
Season 2 Episode 4  Note: there some audio issues sporadically during the episode. In this episode I am joined by Gabe Rocha, a soccer coach in Arizona who is a high school boys coach, director of coaching for a local select soccer club, and is part of the FC Tucson Academy staff. Gabe shares his love of coaching throughout the episode ... from creating and cultivating opportunities for players from multiple nations, to taking on the challenge of being a part of the 30 Under 30 US Soccer Coaching program, to learning what a professional training environment entails ... Love of Coaching! Connect with Gabe on Twitter @CoachGRocha! #CoachesCornerChats coach_boyle Episode Choice of Hoodie/Beanie:  Birdbrain Apparel  IG:  @birdbrainapparel Thanks for listening!
November 23, 2021
Scott James: The Power of Positivity
Season 2 Episode 3  In this episode, I chat with Scott James, the third year head coach of the Bexley High School girls soccer program.  Bexley is a Division 2 high school in Ohio who played their way to the OHSAA Division 2 State Semifinal match! Scott talks about the tournament run and his coaching journey that saw him graduate from Bexley and go full circle to return at the helm of the girls soccer program.  He talks about his maturation as a coach, the focus on positivity when he started coaching Bexley, and mentions numerous individuals who have been a part of his development as a coach; his dad, his wife and children, players he played with; players he coached with! Scott has an infectious energy and passion for coaching ... he is All In for Bexley and is excited to grow the program into a respected state soccer powerhouse. Connect with Scott and Bexley HS Girls Soccer on Twitter:  @coachjames25 @bhsgirlssocce10 Thanks for listening! #CoachesCornerChats @coach_boyle Beanie of Choice this Episode:  King and Fifth Hoodies of Choice this Episode:  Russell (purple). Let's go!  Peace!
November 19, 2021
Ohio D1 Boys State Final (Takeaways)
Ohio High School Athletic Association Boys Division 1 Final between St. Ignatius and Centerville.  The best high school boys soccer game I have ever witnessed. In this episode, I share my takeaways! Thanks for listening! #CoachesCornerChats Twitter:  coach_boyle This Episode Beanie of Choice:  King and Fifth
November 14, 2021
Ohio High School D2 Boys State Finals (Takeaways)
I had the opportunity to sit pitch-side and watch the Ohio High School Athletic Association Division 2 Boys State Final game on Saturday 11/13/21 between Wyoming High School and Bay Village Bay High School. In this episode, I share some takeaways from the game! High school soccer, and high school sports, is SO awesome! Thanks for listening! #CoachesCornerChats Twitter:  @coach_boyle Beanie of Choice in this Episode:  King and Fifth
November 14, 2021
Sean Bray - Life IS Relationships!
Season 2 Episode 3 In this episode, I chat with Sean Bray, head coach of the Fenwick High School (Ohio) Boys Soccer team.  But that's only the start to Sean's amazing coaching story! Sean's experiences from Indianapolis to SW Ohio with stops at the HS and college coaching level is full of amazing stories of the power of relationships!  The stories not only show the power of relationships in coaching ... but also in life, family, and teaching! Amazing how a random comment, email, or text conversation can have on changing the direction of a coach, a team, and a program!  What an awesome episode with Sean Bray! Thanks for listening! #CoachesCornerChats Follow Sean and Fenwick Soccer on Twitter @SeanThomasBray @FENWICKFUTBOL The beanie of choice for this episode:  H & M Twitter:  @coach_boyle
November 12, 2021
Jamie Bartlett -- Relationships Matter
Season 2 Episode 1 In this episode, Jamie Bartlett joins the podcast!  Jamie is the head coach of the mens soccer program at Kenton High School (Ohio).  He has been a part of the KHS boys soccer program for nearly 20+ years!  He shares some great nuggets from his coaching and teaching experience. And throughout the episode there is a recurring theme ... Relationships Matter! Family, mentors, fellow coaches, students ... Relationships Matter! A big thank you to Jamie for chatting with me on this episode! Follow Jamie and Kenton HS mens soccer on Twitter:  @galaxycoachb @KTmenssoccer; IG:  @KTmenssoccer; FB:  Kenton Mens Soccer Thanks for listening! Episode Beanie of Choice:  King & Fifth #CoachesCornerChats @coach_boyle
November 04, 2021
Seasons Over … What Now?
In this episode I share what I have done since my HS season ended. And it’s been a huge benefit for me as a coach! I’ll share what I have done and the lessons I’ve learned! Thanks for listening!
October 27, 2021
Coaching … more than just game results!
4 games into my second season as a HS soccer coach and man what an experience! In this episode I share my thoughts on the impact we as coaches have beyond just game results! Coaches keep doing your thing! Keep being awesome!
September 05, 2021
Robbie Frye: Sink or Swim
Season 1 Episode 30  In this episode I chat with Robbie Frye, first year head coach for the mens soccer program at Kings High School, here in southwest Ohio! Robbie shares his experience so far as a first time head coach, the impact of his mother on his soccer career, and the experiences from his playing days at a college goal keeper that have shaped his coaching and daily life!  He also shares the "sink or swim" attitude that he has taken into almost every experience along the way! So many awesome nuggets in this episode! You can follow Robbie and Kings High School on twitter @GoKnights_MSOC Thanks for listening! #CoachesCornerChats @coach_boyle Beanie of Choice in this Episode:  King and Fifth
June 29, 2021
Zack Lewis: Lessons Learned
Season 1 Episode 29  In this episode, I chat with Zack Lewis, a 3rd grade teacher at Rosa Parks Elementary in Middletown, Ohio.  Zack talks about teaching, coaching, fatherhood, his healthy, and so many other things! Zack does a great job of sharing the lessons he has learned through his life experiences; the impact of his coaches as a teenage athlete; the relationship he shares with his twin brother; the role model he had in his father; injuries to his knees and taking control of his health. So many awesome nuggets shared in this episode! You can connect with Zack on twitter at @z_lewis58 Here is the youtube video by CrossFit chronicling Zack's 100 pound weight loss journey.  This is inspirational! Thanks for listening! #CoachesCornerChats @coach_boyle Beanie of Choice for this Episode:  Nike beanies 
June 16, 2021
Communication & Periodization
Sharing my thoughts on developing better communication (and obstacles) as well as thoughts on preparing my program to have as many healthy players as possible available to play at a high rate this fall (soccer fitness)!
June 12, 2021
Stanton Smith: A Blank Slate
Season 1Episode 28 In this episode, I chat with Stanton Smith, newly names assistant coach for the Georgetown College mens soccer program.  Stanton shares his journey from two sports college athlete to the college coaching ranks.  Stops along the way have made lasting impacts on Stanton and his coaching.  Spells with Barca Youth Academy, high school and club, as well as a stint at Transylvania University has propelled him to have a goal of becoming a high level coach in the professional ranks! Lots of great nuggets in this episode!  Stanton's outlook on his life and his coaching journey is refreshing.  He talks about going into new experience with "a blank slate".  He is always open to learning and hyper-motivated to be successful! You can connect with Stanton on IG:  @stantonsmith1744 Twitter: @coachSSmith LinkedIn:  Stanton Smith Thanks for listening! Beanie of Choice in this episode:  King & Fifth AMRAP beanie!  visit #CoachesCornerChats @coach_boyle
June 11, 2021
Tara Stroud: Evolution of a Soccer Mom
Season 1 Episode 27  In this episode, I chat with Tara Stroud who oversees marketing for the Cincinnati Sirens women's and Swerve men's soccer semiprofessional teams!  The Sirens and Swerve are a growing organizing in the soccer landscape of Cincinnati! Tara shares everything Sirens/Swerve!  She also speaks about the learning process of being a parent of soccer players and the balance and pushing your player while giving them support.  She talks about her willingness to always learn and that being a parent on the sideline has been a process of learning the game of soccer.  Tara gives some great advice with regards to the the college soccer recruiting experience. Tara's outlook on the power of soccer is super positive and impactful!  She speaks about the numerous amazing people surrounding her during her time at Cincinnati Swerve/Sirens, and those who have made an impression on her soccer daughters! This episode is full of so much value for soccer coaches, parents, and anyone who loves the great game of soccer!  Thanks Tara for joining me on the podcast! Thanks for listening! Connect with Tara and the Cincinnati Sirens FC by visiting Email: #CoachesCornerChats @coach_boyle Beanie of Choice for this Episode:  Nike
April 15, 2021
Cody Coley: The Wave You Create Will Steer The Ship!
Season 1 Episode 26  In this episode, I chat with Cody Coley, strength and conditioning coach at Solon High School in northwest Ohio!  Coach Coley shares his experiences as a S&C coach at stops in Memphis, Indiana, and Ohio ... and throughout the entire chat you'll hear his love and passion for working with young people and challenging them to grow, develop, and "be the mountain"! Cody's perspective on developing strength in athletes goes beyond just the exercise template a coach chooses.  In this chat, he speaks about accountability, supporting each other, mental toughness, and accepting challenges!  Through the chat, Cody continually brings up his personal self evaluation and self awareness that is key to becoming a successful coach for young athletes.  His ability to empathize with the kids he works with is a huge strength (no pun intended). Coach Coley is a life long learner who is always looking for the next great idea to implement in his programs.  The awesome takeaway for me was that his focus was very much holistic ... his passion is to create a well rounded young adult.  He speaks about the impact of growing up and playing football at Wynne HS in Arkansas, a perennial HS powerhouse led by a hall of fame coach. He shares his obsession with Coach Nick Saban, University of Alabama head football coach, and we share a good laugh about his Memphis southern twang and quick metaphors! I throughly enjoyed this chat with Cody!  Tons of value from start to finish for any coach in any sport or field! You can connect with Coach Coley @CoachONEMORE Check out Solon Athletics #CoachesCornerChats @coach_boyle Beanie of Choice this Episode:  AMRAP by King and Fifth visit
March 17, 2021
Ryan Mendonca: Culture Speaks Volumes
Season 1 Episode 25  In this episode, I chat with Ryan Mendonca, the head mens soccer coach at the University of Windsor!  Ryan is in the process of rebuilding the Lancer mens soccer program and gives us a glimpse into the pathway he has put in place to create positive momentum. Ryan is a firm believer that culture is crucial to his program's success.  He shares his thoughts on culture, as well as some of the things his staff and players do to build a family connection.  The use of journals, book clubs, discussion groups and more have become the norm for the mens Lancer soccer program. We touch on a number of other things, including the dynamics of coaching the mens soccer program at Windsor while his brother, Daniel, coaches the women's program. This chat was awesome and one I know you will thoroughly enjoy! You can connect with Ryan @coachmendonca on Twitter.  His email: To find out more about the mens soccer program at Windsor visit: #CoachesCornerChats @coach_boyle Beanie of Choice for this Episode:  H&M visit
March 17, 2021
Erick Lemus: When Opportunity Knocks
Season 1 Episode 24  In this episode, I chat with Erick Lemus, assistant coach with the mens soccer program at the University of Illinois Springfield.  Erick grew up in California, but his soccer journey has taken him across the United States, including time in Hawaii!  And now in the midwest at UIS! Erick speaks about the power of connections with mentors, fellow coaches, and players.  He speaks about things he learned along his soccer journey and how those have helped to shape him into the coach he is today!  You will hear as we chat how much he has grown and matured as a coach and person.  The one constant?  Erick is always pursuing a dream of coaching at the college soccer level.  Where that opportunity may take him Erick does not know.  But, if it's the right time, the right fit, Erick will jump in with both feet! Erick is excited for his current opportunity at UIS and looks forward to helping grow and develop the program in Springfield, Illinois! You can connect with Coach Lemus @coachlemus_ on Twitter and @lemusgk_official on IG! You can follow the UIS Mens Soccer program @UISMsoccer on Twitter. You can find UIS Mens Soccer on the web at: Thanks for listening/watching! #CoachesCornerChats @coach_boyle Beanie of Choice for this Episode:  H&M Beanies; visit
March 16, 2021
BJ Durel: A Piece of the Player Development Puzzle
Season 1 Episode 23 In this episode, I chat with BJ Durel, a soccer trainer in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio!  His training business is called Durel Football Academy (!  His Academy just partnered with Nike Soccer! BJ talks about his focus as a soccer trainer when working with players and parents.  He is a super motivated, passionate person who has high expectations for himself and for others.  BJ speaks about the importance of communication, using a holistic approach to soccer development, and share the joys of becoming a parent!  His take on soccer player development gives a glimpse into how his training can help supplement players in club/college/HS team settings! Tons of awesome nuggets shared in this episode! Connect with BJ @durelfootball on Twitter; @durelfootballacademy on IG. His email: For more information visit: Thanks for listening/watching! #CoachesCornerChats @coach_boyle Beanie of Choice for this Episode:  AMRAP beanie by King and Fifth (
March 11, 2021
Brian Hurley: A Family's Soccer Journey
Season 1 Episode 22 In this episode, I chat with Brian Hurley, a club coach for Valkyrie in Houston Texas!  Brian shares his experience of coaching a group of girls from 4-5 years old through HS! He speaks about the impact his father had on him as a youngster and how seeing his father coach left an everlasting mark on him as person, coach, husband, and father!  Listening to Brian speak about his father is inspirational and touching! Brian speaks candidly about his experience going through the USSF C License coaching course.  As well as the great support he has had from his wife throughout his coaching journey! Finally ... mass props and respect for Brian and his wife who were both a part of the U.S. Navy! Connect with Brian on FB and on Twitter @coachhurley6 Thanks for listening/watching! #CoachesCornerChats @coach_boyle Beanie of Choice for this Episode:  Levi's!
March 09, 2021
Daniel Mendonca: Windsor Canada!
Season 1 Episode 21 In this episode, I chat with Daniel Mendonca, the head women's soccer coach at the University of Windsor in Canada! Daniel shares his experience as first time head coach at the college level and the steps of his plan to rebuild the Lancers soccer program!  He talks on developing and cultivating relationships, the meaning of legacy, and the power of learning from experienced college coaches!  Also, he speaks about his awesome relationship with his brother, the men's head coach at the University of Windsor, and how they compliment one another in a way that helps both programs become stronger! Legacy, empowerment, family, relationships!  So many amazing stories and tidbits in this episode! Connect with Daniel on Twitter @dmendonca89 To find out more about Lancers Soccer @lancersoccer_ on Twitter or visit Thanks for listening!  @coach_boyle Beanie of Choice for this Episode:  AMRAP Beanie from King and Fifth
February 28, 2021
Jojo Juarez: "I just want to make an impact!"
Season 1 Episode 20 In this episode, I speak with Jojo Juarez, Director for FC Dallas East Texas!  Jojo shares his experience growing up in  Tyler, Texas and how he has grown a passion for the great game of soccer.  A passion that has brought him back Tyler!  But, even more, he loves the opportunity to share his passion for the game of soccer with others!  He gives a peak into the happenings of FC Dallas East Texas and the unique partnership that East Texas has with FC Dallas in Frisco, TX! Tons of value in this episode! You can connect with Jojo @juarez2560 on Twitter or email: Find out more information about FC Dallas East Texas by visiting Thanks for listening!  @coach_boyle Beanie of Choice for this Episode:  AMRAP Beanie from King and Fifth
February 26, 2021
David Robertson: "You are an Amazing Person who Plays Soccer!"
Season 1 Episode 19 In this episode, I chat with Nationals Academy (Detroit, MI) Director & Coach David Roberston (@coachdr7 on Twitter).  David shares his evolution as young coach who quickly earned his coaching licenses but then needed the coaching experience to aid in his development.  His coaching experience in Cincinnati, Ohio with Cincinnati United Premier and the Cincinnati Development Academy were beneficial for David in creating and cultivating his coaching philosophy. In this episode, David speaks about -What drew him to the Nationals Soccer Club. -The use of technology in the Nationals SC and how he uses that technology to improve his coaching and player development. -Reaching out to coaches at all levels for the opportunity to simply observe training sessions, planning meetings, pregame chats, etc. -Soccer players are more than "just a soccer player"! -Relationship building, focusing on the mental health of players, developing confidence on and off the field! -References the movie 300 as well as The High Performance Podcast. - So so much more ... tons of value in the episode! I took away some great nuggets of information! Hope you enjoy the episode!  Thanks for listening! Beanie of Choice for this Episode:  AMRAP beanie by King & Fifth
February 25, 2021
Coaches: Walk the Talk
Walk the Talk
February 23, 2021
Joe Janner: Wearing Lots of Hats!
Season 1 Episode 18 In this episode, I chat with Joe Janner who is based in Kansas where he is a part of the soccer community in numerous ways! He is the varsity boys coach for Washington High School as wall as the U17 Club Coach for BVB International Academy - Great Plains.  He speaks on the experience of coaching HS and club (one with a partnership with Borussia Dortmund in Germany!).  Joe is also a soccer scout and shares his insight on the responsibilities and roles he has with Sport Recruit USA. Joe wears lot of hats and shares his mindset and outlook on forging his path forward!  Bonus ... he shares how playing chess has helped him as teacher/coach! Connect with Joe @coachjanner on Twitter and email: HS Boys Soccer Coach @wash_kc U17 Club Coach @bvbiaplains @BVB Scout @SportRecruitUSA So much awesome value in this episode! @coach_boyle. Let's go!  Peace! Beanie of choice = AMRAP Beanie from King and Fifth!
February 15, 2021
Paul Kelshaw: Burnley and more!
Season 1 Episode 17 In this episode, I chat with Paul Kelshaw, the Director of Coaching for Hewlett Lawrence Soccer Club in Long Island, NY. Paul shares the impact of his youth soccer journey on how he views soccer now.  From a 10 year old just finding his way in the English youth soccer landscape, to attending Burnley F.C home and away fixtures, to a move to the U.S. for a summer of soccer camps that has turned into a longer stay! This episode is full of so many great anecdotes and stories of Paul's soccer journey! You can connect with Paul @paulkelshaw on Twitter and Instagram. Email: Thanks to Paul for joining the podcast!  Check him out on his podcast PK Soccer Youth Coaching Podcast #CoachesCornerChats @coach_boyle Episode 17 Beanie of Choice = American Eagle U.S.A. Beanie!
February 12, 2021
The WHY: why are your players struggling!
Why are your players struggling? Trust, Skill Set, Self Conflict. Inspired by a podcast episode by Tim Kight and Urbana Meyer, as well as the positive motivational Twitter posts of Adam Jones!
February 12, 2021
Load —> Stress
Great conversation with Tyler Wickham, assistant men’s soccer coach at Notre Dame College, about training loss and stress on players. Thanks for listening!
February 11, 2021
Episode 16 Cory Bucur: In The Trenches!
In this episode, I chat with Defiance College Men's Head Coach Cory Bucur.  Cory shares his experience playing and assistant coaching at Lake Eerie College near Cleveland prior to landing at Defiance. Cory shares his excitement to continue to build and develop the program at Defiance and stresses the idea with his players the he is "In The Trenches" with them every step of the way. Another episode full of great value and gives a great glimpse into the small college soccer experience! I appreciate Cory taking time to chat with me! You can connect with Cory @CtotheBewc on Twitter!  His email: Follow Defiance College Men's Soccer @DCmenssoccer on Twitter! #CoachesCornerChats @coach_boyle Episode 16 beanie of choice ... H&M!
February 07, 2021
Don’t Be A Silo Coach!
In this episode I talk about the positive experience I’ve had being a public address announcer within the Middletown city school athletic program. I talk about being able to look beyond just your own specific sports program and embrace all of the athletic programs at the high school level. Thanks for listening!
February 07, 2021
Hector Cano: Dive in!
Season 1 Episode 15 In this episode, I chat with Hector Cano, the head varsity girls soccer coach at Ysleta High School in El Paso, Texas (located walking distance from the Mexican border).  But that's only the start of the many amazing things Hector is involved with in the great state of Texas! Hector is the host of the 50/50 podcast that highlights and connects soccer across Texas! He is also a character, leadership and recruiting consultant for Prep1,  based in El Paso.  And, even more awesome, Hector is veteran of the United States Air Force!! Hector shares his story of chasing his Olympic boxing dream and his time overseas in Europe playing semi-professional soccer.  Through all the great stories and tidbits he shares, Hector consistently shares a growth mindset, as well as vision and mission to be a positive impact on everyone he encounters! His take on coaching, the landscape of soccer in the U.S., and so much more is so refreshing! A huge thanks to Hector for joining the show! Connect with Hector @coachhcano on Twitter! You can find his podcast here: Thanks for listening!  Hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did! #CoachesCornerChats @coach_boyle Episode 15 beanie brand of choice ... Levi's!  Let's go!  Peace!
February 04, 2021
Strength & Conditioning for Soccer (My Thoughts)
I had a great conversation in Episode 14 with Tyler Spence, assistant coach at Limestone College, and strength and conditioning for soccer. In this episode I share my thoughts on what I see as concerns with S&C for soccer. I think there needs to be more discussions like the one Tyler and I had. Let me know what you think!
February 03, 2021
Tyler Spence: Strength & Conditioning for Soccer
Season 1 Episode 14 In this episode, I chat with Tyler Spence, assistant strength and conditioning coach for Limestone College in South Carolina. I had questions that I asked Tyler.  His responses are real and raw, and I really appreciated his willingness to be open to the questions! Here are the questions I had: Objective of the game of soccer is scoring more goals than the other team ... how can strength training help my team be successful on that objective? From the objective I've worked down to see what is causing my team to score less goals than the opposition ... issues identified:  lack of communication, poor/slow decision making, inconsistent execution.  So, does become physically stronger help in those areas? Is the lifting more of a benefit for culture building? Off season ... what would a good HS S&C program look like?  We currently play open fields 3 times per week. What specific exercises would you recommend? Thanks for listening!  Hope you find value in this episode! Join the NSCA Soccer SIG Facebook Group! Find out more about Limestone College S&C: Follow Tyler on Instagram @coach_jtspence #CoachesCornerChats @coach_boyle on Twitter
February 02, 2021
Ben Swalwell: Free ID Camp ... Yep, Free!
Season 1 Episode 13 In episode 13 of the Coaches Corner Podcast, I chatted with Ben Swalwell who currently teaches history at St. Lucie West Centennial High School in Port St. Lucie, Florida!  Ben was born in England where he played youth soccer in the competitive academy leagues.  He shares the experience of going to a club trial, the amount of travel involved, the sacrifices his dad made for him to play soccer, and dealing with being let go by a youth club. Ben, a self proclaimed nomad, has spent time in numerous parts of England and Italy before coming to the U.S. with his wife.  While in the U.S., Ben and his wife have lived in Florida, Arizona, and Wisconsin ... and now is back in Florida!  During his time in the States, Ben has coached club, high school and college soccer! Ben's big project is the SLW Centennial High School Soccer ID Camp!  The camp is a FREE college ID Camp created for the student-athletes in the St. Lucie county!  He shares how his dream of creating an opportunity for players to experience college recruiting for free and the things that will be put in place for the event!  This idea is so awesome on so many levels! Value packed episode!  A huge thank you to Ben for joining for the podcast! Follow Ben @coach_swalwell on Twitter! Follow the FREE ID Camp for Students in Sl. Lucie County, Florida @SLWcen10IDcamp on Twitter! FREE ID Camp Website: Thanks for listening/watching!  #CoachesCorner Black beanie worn in the episode from H&M! Coach_Boyle on Twitter!
January 28, 2021
Episode 12 Tristan Tillette: A Futsal Community in Birmingham, Alabama
In this episode, Tristan Tillette joins the podcasts and shares the creation of a dream ... Futsal in Birmingham, Alabama!  Five years ago ... there was no futsal in Birmingham! During our chat, Tristan talks about growing up as the son of a long-time college basketball coach, and his ultimate decision to walk away from coaching college basketball himself.  Tristan speaks with a refreshing love of family, youth sports and youth development, as he left the corporate world to chase his dream of bringing Futsal to Birmingham, Alabama. How does one go about bringing a dream to life?  Tristan does a great job of taking us along the journey ... the initial conversations, finding a location, the first "camps",  the focus on the youth players that became a family focus involving the adults/parents as well. This is a great episode with a lot of value for anyone looking to chase a dream; get out of a rut; looking for passion in their every day life!  Tristan got me motivated and I know you will feel the same way! Thanks for checking out the podcast!  Let's go! Tristan can be found on Twitter @ttillette Birmingham Futsal can be found on Twitter @BHMfutsal Tristan and Birmingham Futsal are also on other social media platforms ... just hit the search! #CoachesCorner @coach_boyle
January 23, 2021
Episode 11 Dakota Rock: Purpose overcomes Adversity
In this episode, I chat with Dakota Rock, assistant women's soccer coach at Rhodes College in Memphis Tennessee. Dakota share his soccer journey from HS in Columbus, Ohio to Virginia, back to Ohio, and now to Tennessee!  He shares his passion for coaching, his purpose in using coaching to impact players, and the lessons he has learned from mentor coaches and coaching courses!  Dakota's journey is not smooth, but every time he was faced with an obstacle he rose to the occasion and found a way to move on and find the next soccer stop along the way! Purpose overcomes Adversity!  Thanks for listening! You can follow Dakota on twitter @CoachRockRHO #CoachesCorner Chats Beanie worn in this episode: The AMRAP from King and Fifth:
January 21, 2021
Season 2 Episode 1 MiddiesSoccer
New year ... time to look ahead to Season 2! The goal for the off season ... play soccer! Then play more soccer! Brick by Brick!
January 15, 2021
My 4 Takeaways from Episodes 1-10 of the Podcast
My takeaways from Episodes 1-10: 1) It’s your soccer journey. 2) Patience. 3) Make connections. 5) It’s more than the game of soccer.
January 09, 2021
Episode 10 Mike Radlbeck: Grit Goes A Long Way
In this episode, Mike Radlbeck shares his soccer journey in the great state of Connecticut!  Mike share his experience at the high school level as a player and his subsequent move to Division III college soccer!  He speaks on the impact his college coach had on his development as a player and young man.  Mike has experience in the personal training field and this past year was named the head varsity coach for E.O. Smith High School. E.O. Smith has a rich tradition of success in soccer in Connecticut.  The previous coach was a Hall of Fame coach with over 500 wins to his record!  Mike talks about following in the footsteps of a HS legend and how having that coach as an assistant this past fall helped him as a coach!  Along with coaching HS, Mike has begun to coach with Oakwood Soccer Club! Mike also speaks on nutrient timing which I found to be super interesting! Throughout the entire chat, the idea of grit and determination resonated!  Give this episode a listen and you'll realize that Grit Goes A Long Way!  Mike is living proof! Thanks for listening!  Hope you enjoy episode! You can connect with Mike @Raddle_back on Twitter! #CoachesCorner
January 08, 2021
Episode 9: Andrew Green - Florida to Michigan
In this episode I chat with Andrew Green of Albion University Men's Soccer.  Andrew is an assistant coach with Albion, as well as a club coach with Nationals Soccer Club in Michigan! Michigan is where Andrew is now ... but his coaching journey began in Florida and has slowly worked it's way north!  Andrew shares great insight on coaching college soccer (trainings/games/recruiting), great perspective on the transition from HS soccer to college soccer, along with numerous things he has picked up and learned from his experience in Florida, North Carolina and Michigan! This episode is full of value!  Hope you enjoy! You can connect with Andrew @coachgreener on Twitter. Thanks for listening! #CoachesCorner
January 06, 2021
Ep.8 Cory Reinard: Developing Community
In this episode, Cory Reinard, Head Coach of Hubbard High School mens soccer, shares his experience as a HS coach and his efforts to develop a program that starts way before players enter the HS! Cory works to develop a community focused program, including his Eagles Academy for youth players! This was another great chat!  Hope you enjoy! Connect with Cory @creinard8 on Twitter! #CoachesCorner
December 30, 2020
Ep.5 Steve Fore: Just Have to Ask!
In this episode, Steve Fore gives a glimpse into his soccer coaching journey ... one that has him currently coaching as a student assistant coach for Baldwin Wallace University! Steve has an infectious energy to learn and you will hear how he has consistently sought out opportunities and experiences!  This was a really fun episode to record!  Hope you enjoy! Steve can be found on LinkedIn and @Coach_Steve21 on Twitter.  #CoachesCorner
December 30, 2020
Coaches Corner Chats Ep.7 Neil Craft: Brotherhood
In this episode, Neil Craft, Head Coach of Kettering Fairmont High School mens soccer team, shared his insights into developing quality young men, positive connections, and consistency in culture.  All characteristics of developing a strong Brotherhood! Kettering Fairmont High School Mens Soccer @KFHSMensSoccer on Twitter!
December 30, 2020
Coaches Corner Ep. 6 Jay Gravatte - Step 2 The Ball
In this episode, I speak with Jay Gravatte of Louisville, KY!  Jay has spent the better part of the past 15 years coaching high school soccer in Kentucky.  He recently made the move to coaching club soccer and focusing on his individual training business "Step 2 The Ball".  Jay shares his insights on coaching high school soccer and the thought behind naming his podcast and training business "Step 2 The Ball".  Along with coaching, hosting a podcast, and running a training business, Jay also has written a book called "Prime".   He is enthusiastic and passionate about the game of soccer and loves to share this energy with others! Jay can be found @step2theball on Twitter/Instagram.  His youtube channel is  Step2TheBall Soccer Training You can get Jay's book "Prime" on Amazon! #CoachesCorner
December 30, 2020
Ep. 4 Sean Matteo: A Full Plate of Coaching
In this episode, I chat with Sean Matteo about coaching high school, his college soccer journey, coaching in the WPSL, and the awesomeness of having a supportive fiancee!  And so much more! Here's how you can get a hold of Sean: -- Twitter:  @smatteo30 -- Email:  Thanks for watching!  Like / Share!  Hit that Subscribe button! #CoachesCorner @coach_boyle
December 23, 2020
Ep. 3 Jason Lewis - S&C Coach at Oak Hills HS (Ohio)
In this episode, I chat with strength and conditioning coach Jason Lewis of Oak Hills High School (westside of Cincinnati) about strength training, impact of coaching, creating a culture of excellence, along with the importance of explaining the "why" behind your coaching as well as the power of relationship building!  And so many other great nuggets of information!  Enjoy! Here's how to contact Jason -- Twitter @J_LEWIS1982 -- Email:  Thanks for watching!  Please like/share the video!  Hit that subscribe button!  #CoachesCorner @coach_boyle
December 23, 2020
(Bonus Content) Byron Gutierrez
This is Bonus Content of my chat with Byron Gutierrez ... after I "ended" the original podcast episode, Byron and I continued to chat for another half hour!  And the conversation was so awesome!  So ... I had to share!  I hope you enjoy this Bonus Content!
December 22, 2020
Ep.2 Byron Gutierrez - Oklahoma Soccer Journey
In Episode 2, I chat with Byron Gutierrez on the #CoachesCorner Chats Podcast! And the conversation was awesome! We cover ... +Coaching Recreational Soccer in Oklahoma for players without a high school program to play for. +Coaching High School Girls soccer in Oklahoma and the demands of coaching players coming from successful clubs. +Consistency in values, expectations, and vision. +Coaching your own child. +And so much more! #CoachesCorner
December 22, 2020
The Son of the Coach | Brycen Boyle
In this episode, I speak with my son Brycen Boyle about his HS soccer experience, having dad as coach, dealing with COVID, mindset, future plans and more!
December 21, 2020
Coaches Corner Chat #2: What is Leadership?
Zoom Chat #2 with a great group of soccer coaches! The discussion looked at “what is leadership?” Does wearing a captains armband signify that you are a leader? Can all players be leaders? Hope you enjoy this episode! Share your thoughts on Twitter with me! @coach_boyle
December 18, 2020
Coaches Corner: Strongest Team (reflection)
This statement has made me really think ... the goal is to put your strongest team out in training sessions and games. I’ll share what this statement means to me!
December 15, 2020
Coaches Corner Chat #1: Recap!!!
Awesome Coaches Corner Chat #1 this past week! In this episode I share my takeaways from the discussion: Community, Culture, Consistency, Education! #CoachesCorner
December 11, 2020
Coaches Corner ... Why? Why not?
In this episode I share my thoughts on my new venture ... Coaches Corner!
November 30, 2020
Episode 33: Post Season Coaches Meeting
In this episode I share some takeaways from the MiddiesSoccer postseason coaches meeting!
November 20, 2020
Episode 32: End of Season Banquet
In this episode I speak about the end of season banquet and specifically the Brick by Brick award and senior speeches!
November 12, 2020
Episode 31: Mentally Drained
In this episode I share my experience of the last two weeks of the season and the effect it had on me mentally. A lesson learned and one I hope others can benefit from hearing about.
November 02, 2020
Episode 30: Stronger and Fitter
I. This episode I share a couple areas that I have to improve upon as a coach to help MiddiesSoccer continue to compete and get results next season!
October 30, 2020
Episode 29: We are who we are!
In this episode I share some overall thoughts on the program and the journey this first season! Brick by brick!
October 20, 2020
Episode 28: The 24 Hour Rule
In this episode I share the benefit of waiting 24 hours to critique my squad following a game!
October 09, 2020
Episode 27: Accepting the Challenge
In this episode I talk about the resilience, determination, and drive to succeed that my coaches and players are bringing to the MiddiesSoccer program!
October 02, 2020
Episode 26: Game 3 — Moments
In this episode I speak about the impact of moments within a game that effect the final result.
September 22, 2020
Episode 25: Game 2 — Progress
The journey continues for MiddiesSoccer! Game 2 showed ms y signs of improvement and progress!
September 15, 2020
Episode 24: “5 yards”
Game 1 is in the books and in this episode I share a couple of my takeaways from the game. Specifically the idea of “5 yards” and transitions.
September 06, 2020
Episode 23: We’re Back!!
After almost a month without a full practice ... we’re back! So many lessons learned! Character! Character! Character!
August 25, 2020
Episode 22: Suspended Indefinitely
In this episode ... I share the struggles of being told we are shutting down all extracurriculars in the district until further notice. It’s been a few weeks since my last episode and felt like I needed to talk about the situation.
August 07, 2020
Episode 21: Adversity; I didn’t handle it well!
Lessons learned through adversity!
July 22, 2020
Episode 20: weeks 1-2 of Periodization Completed!
A quick reflection on the first 2 weeks of the Periodization model and a sneak peak at the next phase for MiddiesSoccer!
July 12, 2020
Episode 19: Zero Point Day & Periodization
In this episode I share what Zero Point Day is for the boys and the implications as we move forward in our preseason periodization.
July 06, 2020
Episode 18: The Rabbit Hole of Periodization
In this episode I talk about how impactful a series of 7v7 games were on my focus moving forward. And how that day has sent me fully into the rabbit of hole of Periodization!!
June 27, 2020
Episode 17: FAMILY Friday
This episode I share ... FAMILY Friday; Stack It Relay Race; Cross the Line Activity ... MiddiesSoccer Brick by Brick
June 20, 2020
Episode 17: Mentors
This episode I speak about two coaches who have made a positive impact on my short time coaching and developing the boys soccer program at Middletown HS. Tyler Wickman @twickman06 and Scott Clemmons @coachclemmons
June 19, 2020
Episode 16: My Getaway Week
I spent the past week with my family in Gatlinburg and it was awesome! Time well spent with my wife and children and my assistant coaches had the opportunity to run team conditioning sessions! Great experience for the coaches!
June 13, 2020
Episode 15: My First Week Running Summer Conditionings
What an awesome week! I got to set up and run three conditioning sessions with my players and coaches this week! The players were awesome! My coaches were energetic and passionate! We took a step forward this week!
June 06, 2020
Episode 14: Phase 1 - Healthy and Active
In this episode I share my thoughts as Middletown HS boys soccer team transitions out of the quarantine! My goal ... keep my players healthy and active!
June 01, 2020
Episode 13: Restarts
This past week the focus was Restarts: kickoffs; throw-ins; goal kicks. Using Google Classroom to develop a player playbook! And the possibility of starting for real!
May 25, 2020
Episode 12: Formation, Player Roles and Responsibilities, Pre Game Mindset
Coaches meeting and team player meetings this week to discuss our formation and player roles and responsibilities. Also, spoke with the players about pregame mindset and rituals! Eye opening the comments by the players with regards to pregame!
May 19, 2020
Episode 11: The Mental Foundation for the MiddiesSoccer Program
The past 4 weeks I have been laying the foundation to help develop my players mentally! Listen to hear what I have shared! This is the foundation of the MiddiesSoccer mental program!
May 06, 2020
Episode 10: Chatting my coaching staff and focusing on the mental side with my players!
Episode 10: Chatting my coaching staff and focusing on the mental side with my players!
April 28, 2020
Episode 9: Individual Connections and a Coaching Staff
What an awesome week of connecting with individual players! And ... I’ve put together my coaching staff! Let’s go!
April 15, 2020
Episode 8: New Coach Connecting with Players
New coach excited to build and develop his HS soccer program ... now quarantined from his players ... how do I connect with my players? What can I do to keep the momentum from February and March. I share in this episode!
April 04, 2020
Episode 7: Wild Couple Weeks!
Strength training, Coronavirus, Lee Dunne podcast, Player Homework #2, and so much more!
March 21, 2020
Episode 6: Weights and Athletic Council Meeting
This episode I share the next phase of developing the physical side of MiddiesSoccer players and my takeaways from this past weeks Athletic Council Meeting. FAMILY = Forget About Me, I Love You!
March 07, 2020
Episode 5: Development of Program Culture and Getting to Know My Players!
Coaches speak of culture ... but how do we develop culture? In this episode I share where I am in the planning stages for MiddiesSoccer. Huge shoutout to Tyler Wickman of Chilicothe HS girls soccer and Brett Ledbetter of What Drives Winning.
February 29, 2020
Episode 4: Challenges, Accountability, Environment
This week I speak on how my focus has shifted from tactics to creating the right environment to foster a growth mindset!
February 23, 2020
Episode 3: Conditioning Begins
Conditioning... more than just the physical. In this episode I talk about controlling what you can control, preparation, working the entire time, and bricks and mortar.
February 14, 2020
HS Soccer Coach: Player Meetings
Episode 2 of my experience and journey as a high school soccer coach!
February 01, 2020
HS Soccer Head Coach - my first 2 weeks!
Sharing the first two weeks as a HS soccer coach! Follow me and my journey!
January 25, 2020
Kieron’s Mini Rants: Set Pieces and Defensive Team Identity
Some specific areas of play that have caught my curiosity! Set pieces and defensive team identity! Give this latest podcast episode a listen! Share your thoughts on Twitter with me @eclipsefc_boyle
January 02, 2020
College Showcases: Episode 3
You went and experience a college showcase! You are home now ... what can you do to continue to build on the weekend? Here’s some thoughts!
November 29, 2019
College Showcases: Episode 2
Your team is at the College Showcase ... what can coaches, players, and coaches do to maximize the experience!
November 29, 2019
College Showcases: Episode 1
I have learned a lot about College Showcases and will be sharing my thoughts in a 3 episode series ... Episode 1: The advantages of attending a showcase and some things to consider prior to attending a showcase!
November 29, 2019
Social Media presence ... here’s what I’m doing!
I put out quite a bit of content out on social media. In this episode I share what platforms I use, what content I publish, and who my target audience is! Hope this shines some light on my ... social media presence!
November 22, 2019
This is where I’m at and some projects I have on tap!
Beyond excited for where I am right now in my life at the ripe young age of 43! Tons of energy and excitement for some projects I am looking to begin and develop! Come along and enjoy the ride with me!
November 15, 2019
More than just a soccer coach!
Coaches... you are more than just a “soccer coach”! Don’t miss out on this opportunity!
November 09, 2019
Twitter Community of Coaches
A great conversation with my club coaches led to me sharing on Twitter ... the conversation from that initial tweet have be so awesome! Thank you!
October 30, 2019
Be willing to get out of your comfort zone as a coach!
Challenge yourself as a coach ... it will make you and your players better!
August 29, 2019
The New Goal Kick Rule!
How will the New Goal Kick Rule affect your coaching philosophy with regards to goal kicks? What changes will you make?
August 24, 2019
Coach Recovery
One word .., sleep!
August 22, 2019
Where is your team, players, and coaching headed?
Do you “leaderboard”? We are good now and that means we will always be good! Or do you have a big picture outlook ... where is your team, players, and coaching headed?
August 17, 2019
Coaches be honest with your ability level and your comfort level!
Great conversation yesterday with one of my club coaches ... his honesty really resonated with me and I respect that immensely. Give this episode a listen!
August 04, 2019
Coaches constantly evaluate your sessions!
Coaches should evaluate sessions before, during, and after ... and be comfortable changing things if needed.
July 30, 2019
Admitting I was wrong!
Part of the journey as a Director of Coaching is identifying areas that need improvement ... including myself as the DOC. Have a listen!
July 18, 2019
What I feel is the most important thing a coach needs to crush at the start of any new season!
What I feel is the most important thing a coach needs to crush at the start of any new season!
July 15, 2019
When is hot too hot to practice/train? And do you or your club have a policy that pertains to this?
When is hot too hot to practice/train? And do you or your club have a policy that pertains to this?
July 10, 2019
USWNT ... grow the game, equal pay!
Lots of discussion about giving females players more money ... equal pay! Here’s my thoughts on where I think the women’s game has to grow in order to help the need for equal pay across the board! There needs to be more to the women’s game than the FWWC that occurs every 4 years ... there has to be something built upon this momentum or it will fall flat in the end.
July 10, 2019
Progress can be slow ... progress is hard!
Learning so much on my journey as a DOC of EclipseFC and loving it! Hope you enjoy and get something from today’s episode!
July 02, 2019
Coach education ... I think it’s a good thing!
My thoughts on coaching courses ... pros and cons and why I think all coaches should experience them!
June 29, 2019
When your team struggles but wins!
How do you as a coach deal with or react to your team struggling during a game but getting the win?
June 24, 2019
Enjoying the process ... even the lows.
Tryouts were the latest step in the process of being DOC for EclipseFC ... lots of positives but also some lows with having to turn some players away ... the process of being great, being successful takes time, patience, and learning from mistakes ... that’s what excites me about this opportunity!
June 14, 2019
Grade level teams?
Do you create grade level teams in your club? If so ... at what age? If not, what do you do to alleviate the trapped 8th grader scenario? Would love to hear feedback and thoughts on this one!
June 11, 2019
Happy for all players even the ones who choose another club!
Players are awesome no matter where they play!! Be happy for them!’
June 09, 2019
Positivity ... from parents and coaches and the impact it has made on EclipseFC!
EclipseFC parents and coaches are awesome ... and it has been amazing to see how the positive “word of mouth” has helped to grow EclipseFC. Eclipse is better because we have great parents and coaches!
June 07, 2019
Being Content
As I spend more time as DOC of Eclipse FC the more I become content with where I am and the club is at this time ... I stressed over what we can do to improve the club, grow the club, and so on. And now I realize ... love the game of soccer and others will join you! The game of soccer is awesome in itself ... that’s what it’s all about ... the great game of soccer! Enjoy it!!
June 06, 2019
Does Success = Development?
A conversation with my club parents made me think about the idea of results and development ... coach development, player development, and team development! Does success = development?
June 03, 2019
Life Balance
What do you do to stay balanced with marriage, family, work, soccer, etc?
May 24, 2019
Emotion and Coaching
Another great conversation with one of my club coaches inspired today’s Mini Rant! Emotion and Coaching! Enjoy!
May 23, 2019
Communication...and its importance!
May 22, 2019
Kids and fun!
Last nights sessions were awesome! Kids and fun!
May 21, 2019
Club coach said after a victory ... we can play better!
Love that my club coaches have high expectations for the quality of our team play and development!
May 19, 2019
What I have learned with regards to game management and my U18 boys team!
Two major takeaways I have with regards to game management with my U18 boys team.
May 16, 2019
What sickness taught me about soccer!
Having pneumonia for two weeks taught me a lot about myself ... including my role as DOC and soccer coach!
May 10, 2019
You capture video then what?
You capture video of your game ... now what? Who do share it with? What do you share?
April 23, 2019
Helping improve the mental side of your players!
Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psychosocial ... how do you develop and strengthen the mental side of your players?
April 19, 2019
Movement by your attackers!
How do you get your front line players to make earlier decisions and movement once the ball is in or entering the attacking third?
April 17, 2019
Ryan Kramb via Facebook asked, “What’s your story?” (Paraphrasing)
A glimpse into my story as a soccer player, coach and director!
April 16, 2019
What legacy will you leave beyond the soccer field? Recent commercial featuring Dwayne Wade got me thinking ... deep!
April 12, 2019
I need your input DOCs and Directors of Soccer clubs! @eclipsefc_boyle
As a DOC/director for a select soccer club, what are your main objectives/responsibilities? Where do you out the majority of your focus and energy? Would to love to hear your input!! Thanks for listening!!
April 10, 2019
The “why” of an activity. And getting player input on the “why”.
How a struggling activity shined a spotlight on sharing “why” of an activity and how getting player input is so important!
April 09, 2019
Body language as a coach!
Lesson learnt on my body language as a coach.
April 07, 2019
Don’t Compare .... Accepting Criticism
Don’t compare • Anchor • Haters
April 02, 2019
The challenge of pushing your club coaches while also giving them the support they need and deserve!
One area that I have focused with my club coaches is the idea of building g out of the back. But as many coaches know there are so many layers to BOTB. Enjoy the process! And utilize the KISS method ... keep it simple silly!
March 29, 2019
Tournaments and Evolving as a Game Coach
Excited for EclipseFC to host Middletown Spring Blast this weekend! Expectations as a coach for tournaments and the evolution of myself as a game coach.
March 22, 2019
Talk WITH not AT your players!
So we as coaches allow our players opportunities to share input, ideas, and feedback? Why not? I say we should involve players in the problem solving experience of soccer development!
March 20, 2019
Parents/Family ... love watching your player play!
Before, during, and after a game ... how parents/family can be a positive for their player!!
March 13, 2019
When do we start teaching players to pass?
The Black Tux • What age do we start teaching passing? This episode inspired by Scott Nelson @hatrik10 on Twitter. Accidentally added a ‘c’ in his Twitter handle in the episode. When do we as coaches help our players develop the ability to pass? Or do we focus on dribbling at younger ages only? Thoughts?
March 13, 2019
Post Game Talk
Anchor • Post Game Talk. Coaches what do you try to accomplish in the 5-10 minutes following a game? When you win? When you lose? Would love to hear your feedback!
March 09, 2019
Getting your players to Communicate!
Communication is a key component of soccer. But how do you get your player’s to communicate? What activities do you use to emphasize communication? What information do you want the players to communicate?
March 08, 2019
Repetition, Automatism, Mastery
This episode is inspired by a conversation between John Pranjic and John Kokkoris on the 343 podcast ... a light bulb has gone off in my head! And I wanted to share my take and thoughts on the topic of Repetition, Automatism, and Mastery! I am working on a blog post on Medium to help organize my thoughts as this episode may be a bit sporadic!
March 07, 2019
Team Shape, Player responsibilities and player roles
Using this opportunity to clarify the roles and responsibility for the players with regards to team shape when playing on the field.
March 05, 2019
Why support and encourage other clubs?!?
We are all in this for the same reasons ... developing quality players, teams, and coaches in SW Ohio! Everyone gets better when they face quality game in, game out! Let’s do this!
March 01, 2019
Losing Your Man!
My thoughts and observations of the success of my 2004 girls team with regards to the increased scoring opportunities, possession of the ball, and number of passes connected in games!
February 24, 2019
4v2 2 grids
Looking for input
February 09, 2019