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Two Midwestern Cuzzies, talk theme parks, and roller coasters.
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PreFreeRT & Cedar Fair Announcements - Coffee With CoasterBro (Episode 88)
Recorded a show before my weekend trip to Iowa for Lost Island and FreeRT. Gave my last second thoughts the evening before the big Cedar Fair announcements. I also may surprisingly found the best scrambler in the nation!?
August 16, 2022
Great Cuzzie Roadtrip - Six Flags America (Episode 87)
We highlight the Washington D.C. and Baltimore area as well at Adventure Park U.S.A. and Six Flags America. Warning: Nearly ever roller coaster in this episode is a clone of some sort. Poor Maryland.
August 09, 2022
Pennsylvania Road Trip July 2022 - Part II (Knoebel's, DelGrosso's, Lakemont, Idlewild, Waldameer, Kennywood, and Columbus Zoo)
The trip review continues this week with complete reviews of Knoebel's, DelGrosso's, Lakemont, Idlewild, Waldameer, Kennywood, and the Columbus Zoo. Make sure you check out our TikToks from the trip! 
August 02, 2022
Pennsylvania Road Trip July 2022 - Part I (Kentucky Kingdom, Camden Park, Adventure Park USA, Dutch Wonderland, & Hersheypark)
Coasterbro and the executive producer Brittni talk about their road trip through Pennsylvania. They hit 11 parks in 11 days. Part I covers Kentucky Kingdom, Camden Park, Adventure Park USA, Dutch Wonderland, and Hersheypark. You'll learn about Appalachian Fatalism (we forget what it's called), the best kiddie park in America, and hear our review of Fast Track at Hersheypark!
July 26, 2022
69 Questions With Chef Jeff (Episode 84)
Chef Jeff from the Great Cuzzie Road Trip takes on 69 Questions. He dies at the end, so listen. Sounds effects by
July 19, 2022
69 Questions With Theme Park Stud (Episode 83)
Co-Host of the show Theme Park Stud takes on 69 Questions. He talks all things Disc Golf, working in theme parks, Harry Potter, and all about his puppy Maple. On the journey Theme Park Stud and CoasterBro find out that Maple has a hidden talent... Sounds by
July 12, 2022
Hersheypark & Dutch Wonderland - Great Cuzzie Road Trip (Episode 82)
Hersheypark is on of the best coaster parks, and best regional amusement park resorts in America. Chef Jeff and CoasterBro highlight its features as well as things to do in the area. The same is done for Dutch Wonderland and the city of Lancaster.
July 05, 2022
69 Questions With Perry (Episode 81)
Perry is one of our most loyal listeners and most active in the discord. You won't be able to name an enthusiast who makes better pizza and is a bigger Ohio State fan. He takes on 69 Questions. Sounds provided by
June 28, 2022
Our Most Memorable Ride Experiences (Episode 80)
This show we share our stories of our most memorable ride experiences we've had in our 30-something years of experiencing rides and attractions. Theme Park Stud also reacts to topics like Worlds of Fun's rumored new for 2023 roller coaster, a ride at Kennywood getting stuck upside down, and the new Surf Coaster at Sea World Orlando.
June 21, 2022
I'm Excited for My Trip - Coffee With Coaster Trip (Episode 79)
CoasterBro mostly talks about his upcoming Pennsylvania/midwest trip. In between he talks Coaster News, takes Q&A, talks about Carowind's scrambler, and tells a terrible dad joke.
June 14, 2022
Kennywood & Surrounding Parks - Great Cuzzie Road Trip (Episode 78)
The Cuzzies highlight one of their favorite parks of all time, Kennywood! They also cover Idlewild, Lakemont and DelGrosso's. The attractions of Pittsburgh and all things Yinzer food that involves throwing fries on shit is also covered. It's a party, you guys.
June 07, 2022
69 Questions With Andrew from Coaster 101 (Episode 77)
Andrew is the unofficial face of Coaster101, running the social media side of the very successful website We learn more about his journey with the website, North Carolina Basketball, Pro Wrestling, and more! Only one Indiana farmer was harmed in the recording of this podcast. Keep up with what's going on around the industry at Sound effects courtesy of, as well as an old POV.
May 31, 2022
Twitter Q&A (Episode 76)
Justin from Twitter hits us with a bunch of great questions to answer from Twitter, and your favorite stud reacts to the news!
May 24, 2022
Favorite Coaster Topic to Explain to Someone? - Coaster Curiosity (Episode 74)
Brittni asks what is CoasterBro's favorite roller coaster related topic to explain to someone?
May 13, 2022
Knoebel's and Dorney Park - Great Cuzzie Road Trip (Episode 73)
@on_ride_ryan joins the Cuzzies to nerd out about all things Knoebel's and Dorney Park. 
May 10, 2022
69 Questions With Parker (Adventures with Parker) Episode 72
CoasterBro interrupts Parker of Adventures with Parker on YouTube in the middle of a Hamilton performance. He answers question about Taylor Swift, mostly. There are also some questions about the beauties of Canada and Canada's Wonderland. Vocals by CoasterBro (Believe it or not) Sound effects by
May 03, 2022
Which Park Has the Most Roller Coasters? Coaster Curiosity (Episode 71)
CoasterBro talks us through who has the most roller coasters on this week's Coaster Curiosity.
April 29, 2022
Ranking Sea World Parks (Episode 70)
Orion bumps into Orion, CoasterBro declares that Cedar Fair owes him 12 bucks, and we rank the Sea World Parks.
April 26, 2022
What is B&M? - Coaster Curiosity (Episode 69)
CoasterBro explains what B&M is... may not have got the names or country right, but doing no research beforehand is part of the fun.
April 22, 2022
Beast is a New Cred - Coffee With Coasterbro (Episode 68)
Beast is TOTALLY a new credit. Coaster Studios won't stop apologizing. Scrambler of the week is the bet one so far. I recorded on TikTok so it's like TOTALLY different on a podcast. 
April 19, 2022
Coaster Curiosity With CoasterBro - How do roller coasters get picked for the RMC treatment?
We launch a new series called "Coaster Curiosity With CoasterBro." CoasterBro's wife Brittni co-hosts and asks CoasterBro a question that many just joining the community (or are now in it by  marriage) may have. This week's episode Brittni asked "How do roller coasters get picked for the RMC Treatment?"
April 15, 2022
Philly & Six Flags Great Adventure - Great Cuzzie Road Trip (Episode 66)
Stops on the trip include the city of Philadelphia, Sesame Place, Clementon Park, and Six Flags Great Adventure!
April 12, 2022
April Fools Day is Weird - Coffee With CoasterBro (Episode 65)
CoasterBro covers the news our of Orlando and the "news" out of April Fools Day. Jambalaya is the Scrambler of the Month. CoasterBro then answers some wild questions.
April 05, 2022
Creating an Amusement Park for Dogs (Episode 64)
Theme Park Stud and Coasterbro talk about some heavy news and then create an amusement park designed just for dogs!
March 29, 2022
69 Questions With Airtime Myke (Episode 63)
How much does Airtime Myke love Voyage? Not as much as Ancient Egypt... Sound effects by
March 22, 2022
Whore the Shore - Great Cuzzies Road Trip (Episode 62)
The Jersey Shore is known for it's boardwalk park and incredible amount of credits. Theme Park Stud and CoasterBro highlight the coasters to ride and talk about how long you should plan at the parks to effectively whore the shore to maximize your credit run.
March 15, 2022
Ride to Misery - Coffee With CoasterBro (Episode 61)
Ride to Happiness gets stuck, stuck... Worlds of Fun coaster rumors are heating up. I answer some outrageous questions. It's a part on Coffee With CoasterBro.
March 08, 2022
Theme Park Stud Ate and Drank His Ass Off at Disney World (Episode 60)
When you can't board your cruise, might as well go to Disney World. Theme Park Stud talks about his last second decision to visit Festival of the Arts at Epcot and check out Hollywood Studios to review Olga's Cantina. He then reacts to the news from January and February over his time off.
March 01, 2022
69 Questions with Shockwave Dan (Episode 59)
CoasterBro visits Shockwave Dan in the ride basement of Shockwave. Dan then answers 69 questions. Sound effects obtained from
February 22, 2022
The Great Cuzzie Road Trip - New York City (Episode 58)
The Cuzzies along with Chef Jeff tackle all of the amusement parks of New York City as well as break down the attractions and places to eat in each of the boroughs of New York City.
February 15, 2022
SEAS Offers FUN - Coffee With CoasterBro (Episode 57)
CoasterBro shares his opinion on Sea World offering to purchase Cedar Fair, COTA Coaster for 2023, and answers what he is most anticipating in 2023.
February 08, 2022
69 Questions with Logan from Prairie Coasting (Episode 56)
CoasterBro launches a new series called 69 Questions. Logan from Prairie Coasting takes the inaugural episode and we learn all about our friendly neighbor from the north. Sound effects obtained from Check out the Prairie Coasting podcast if you love our show! 
February 01, 2022
Is 2023 the Year I Make Worlds of Fun My Home Park Again? - Coffee With CaosterBro (Episode 55)
CoasterBro talks about the new coaster rumor at Worlds of Fun, and calls out people who dismiss resellers as scumbags. Also... does anyone know if the Scrambler of the Week ACTUALLY exists?
January 25, 2022
Coaster Fuzzies (Episode 54)
CoasterBro is joined by Angella, AJ from Zero Credits Remaining, and Brian from Game Socket to draft their best teams for theme park mascots in three different categories. Who can assemble the best birthday party? The best team for a bar fight? Who has the best drip? We need you to decide. Voting starts soon on the Coaster Cuzzies Instagram.
January 18, 2022
Coffee With CoasterBro - Let's Make Babies at Six Flags (Episode 53)
CoasterBro talks about roller coasters catching fire, answers questions, and asks you what would be the best name for a child conceived at Six Flags.
January 11, 2022
The Great Cuzzie's Road Trip - Quassy, Six Flag's New England, and Lake Compounce - Episode 52
In this episode the Cuzzies and Chef Jeff continue down the east coast into Connecticut. They stop at Quassy Amusement Park, Six Flag's New England, and Lake Compounce. 
January 04, 2022
Coffee With CoasterBro is Back! - Episode 51
After a short break on Instagram Live, Coffee With CoasterBro has returned... This time in podcast form (as well as IG Live and IGTV). CoasterBro covers the news, and introduces some new segments to the show.
December 28, 2021
The Great Cuzzies Road Trip - North Eastern Parks Episode 50
The Cuzzie's make their way to the North Eastern part of the United States and visit 6 parks. They also stop at Boston, MA and Portland, ME.
December 21, 2021
OKC Thanksgiving Trip
The Cuzzies head on down to Oklahoma City for Thanksgiving. We give you all the details and do some Theme Park stud Reacts!
December 07, 2021
The Great Cuzzie Road Trip - La Ronde - Episode 48
Mitch from Prairie Coasting joins Coaster Bro and Chef Jeff as they breakdown La Ronde and a few credits in Quebec. 
November 23, 2021
The Great Cuzzie Road Trip - Canada's Wonderland - Episode 47
In this episode Coaster Bro and Chef Jeff invite Mitch from Prairie Coasting Podcast to join them in Toronto as they visit Canada's Wonderland. Tune in to learn everything about Toronto and Canada's Wonderland. 
November 09, 2021
The Cuzzie's Halloween Show - Episode 46
In this episode the Cuzzie's discuss their trip to Halloween Haunt at Worlds of Fun, Coaster Bro recaps his day trip at Worlds of Fun, and Theme Park Stud recounts his recent trip to Orlando and HHN. 
October 26, 2021
The Great Cuzzie Road Trip - Waldameer, Darien Lake, Marineland, and more - Episode 45
The Cuzzies and Chef Jeff hit up many parks in upstate new york and Canada on this weeks installment of the Great Cuzzie Road Trip. 
October 12, 2021
Filthy Casual Kyle is Back - Episode 44
In this episode the Cuzzies have Filthy Casual Kyle back on the show to react to recent industry news, discuss the Golden Ticket Awards, and talk about the Rolling Stones magazine top 500 songs of all time list. 
September 28, 2021
The Great Cuzzie Road Trip - Cedar Point - Episode 43
In this episode the Cuzzies breakdown everything about Cedar Point and Sandusky Ohio. 
September 14, 2021
Water Rides Ft. Cheapthusiast - Episode 42
Josh from Cheapthusiast joins the Cuzzies as they cover recent news and discuss their favorite water rides. Go Check out Josh's YouTube channel by googling Cheapthusiast. 
September 07, 2021
The Great Cuzzie Road Trip - Indiana Beach and Michigan Adventures - Episode 41
In this episode Coasterbro and Chef Jeff go to Indiana Beach and Michigan Adventures to give you all the details that you need to know. 
August 17, 2021
Coasterbro goes on a trip!!!!! Episode 40
In this episode the Cuzzies have Coasterbro's wife on to discuss their most recent traveling adventures together. 
August 10, 2021
The Great Cuzzies Road Trip - Six Flags Great America - Episode 39
The Cuzzies and Chef Jeff head to Chicago, IL to visit Six Flags Great America. We breakdown the park, food, and area attractions. 
July 20, 2021
Our 4th of July Memories - Episode 38
In this episode the Cuzzies recount their favorite 4th of July memories in a theme park. 
July 06, 2021
The Great Cuzzie Road Trip - Mt. Olympus - Episode 37
In this episode the Cuzzies visit Mt. Olympus in Wisconsin Dells. We break down everything you need to know about Mt. Olympus and what to do in the Dells!
June 22, 2021
The Most Underrated and Overrated Theme Park Traits - Episode 36
In this episode the Cuzzies break down their most underrated and overrated theme parks, roller coaster, flat rides, park food, and events. 
June 09, 2021
The Great Cuzzies Road Trip - Valleyfair! and Mall of America - Episode 35
In this episode the Cuzzies visit MAll of America and Valleyfair! We break down all of the fun things to do in Minneapolis and the parks. 
May 25, 2021
Ranking Six Flags Parks - Episode 34
The Cuzzies list their top 15 Six Flags Parks and compare their lists to the listener's list! Tune in to see how the list compares to each other. 
May 11, 2021
The Great Cuzzie Road Trip - Adventureland (Des Moines, IA) - Episode 33
The Cuzzies and Jeff make it to the second stop on the Great Cuzzie Road Trip, Adventureland! Adventureland is right by Des Moines, Iowa so they break down everything you need to know about the park and the surrounding area. 
April 27, 2021
Ranking Cedar Fair Parks - Episode 32
In this episode, the Cuzzies rank the Cedar Fair parks and compare against the listener's list. Stay tuned to see which park takes the top spot. 
April 14, 2021
The Great Cuzzie Road Trip - Episode 31
Come join the Cuzzies and Jeff on their virtual road trip around the United States. We will be stopping at different amusement parks around the country. While we are there we will breakdown the park and give you fun tips on what to do in the surrounding area. 
March 30, 2021
New Jersey Coasters talks New Jersey Coasters - Episode 30
Jason from New Jersey Coasters joins the Cuzzies and they discuss New Jersey parks and coasters. 
March 16, 2021
Coaster Bro's Honeymoon - Episode 29
In this episode, Coaster Bro shares the details of his honeymoon he went on in 2019 and gives advice on planning a theme park honeymoon. 
March 02, 2021
It's our Birthday! - Episode 28
It's been a whole year since our first episode. In this episode the Cuzzies reminisce on some of their favorite clips from previous episodes.
February 17, 2021
Theme Park Regrets - Episode 27
In this episode, the Coaster Cuzzies talk about things they regret doing or not doing while at a theme park. We hope you all don't make the same mistakes. 
February 02, 2021
Trip Planning 2021 - Episode 26
In this episode, the Cuzzies talk about potential trip ideas for this ear. We also introduce a new segment called Theme Park Stud Reacts, where Theme  Park Stud will react to coaster news from Coaster Bro. 
January 19, 2021
The Coaster Cuzzies New Year's Resolutions - Episode 25
In this episode, Matt and Jeff join the Cuzzies and we discussed what the parks did well in 2020 and what we are looking forward to in 2021.
January 05, 2021
Coaster Cuzzie's First Christmas - Episode 24
In this episode, Theme Park Stud and Coaster Bro discuss their favorite holiday events at theme parks. We have a special guest named Pierre on the show for our first ever game show. Sean sends in a voicemail sharing his love for the Coaster Cuzzies. 
December 15, 2020
Brian from KY_Coaster_Club's 2020 Adventures - Episode 23
In this episode Coasterbro talks with Brian from KY_Coaster_Club. They discuss all of the parks he has been to this week and why Florida is just a big coaster tease!
December 01, 2020
Your Favorite Coaster Sucks Podcast - Episode 22
In this episode, the Coaster Cuzzies have on Zach and Ben from "Your Favorite Coaster Sucks" Podcast. We talk about the top overrated roller coasters, and what we are all thankful for this year! 
November 17, 2020
Theme Park Stud Does Orlando Again - Episode 021
The Cuzzies recap Theme Park Stud's recent trip to Orlando. He talks about his experiences at Universal Orlando, EPCOT, and Disney's Hollywood Studios. Happy Election Day!
November 03, 2020
Coaster Cuzzies Halloween Special - Episode 020
The Coaster Cuzzies love Halloween so much that they made a special episode about it. Theme Park Stud and Coaster Bro each pick a park and fix or add their perfect Halloween event.
October 31, 2020
Six Flags St. Louis with Filthy Casual Kyle - Ep. 019
The Coaster Cuzzies bring GP Kyle on the show to take the longest ever Ejector seat. Coaster Bro and GP Kyle AKA Filthy Casual Kyle break down their day trip to Six Flags St. Louis. 
October 20, 2020
Twas the Night Before Six Flags - Episode 18
Coaster Bro is going to Six Flags St. Louis, so the Coaster Cuzzies talk about the park. We rank our favorite coasters at the park and discuss what the park needs to improve. 
October 06, 2020
Ranking Canadian Coasters with Prairie Coasting - Episode 017
Logan from Prarie Coasting joins the Cuzzies and we get to know him and rank our favorite Canadian Coasters. 
September 22, 2020
The Coaster Cuzzies Give Dating Advice - Episode 016
In this episode, the Cuzzies discuss different date ideas to do at the parks. They also give tips and tricks to make a theme park date fun!
September 08, 2020
The Coaster Cuzzies Rank Their Favorite Special Events - Episode 015
In today's episode, we talk about what Cedar Fair and Six Flags are doing this fall. We also rank our top 10 special events that we have attended and list 5 events that we want to attend in the future. 
August 25, 2020
We finally went to an amusement park this summer! - Episode - 014
The Coaster Cuzzies went to their home park, Worlds of Fun, and discuss how the trip went! 
August 11, 2020
Do the Watermelon Crawl to Disney World - Episode 013
In this episode, our good friend Heather joins the Coaster Cuzzies and we rank our top 10 favorite dark rides and top 5 coasters at Disney World. 
July 28, 2020
10 Year Anniversary of of the First Cuzzie Trip - Episode 012
Ten years ago to this day we were on our first amusement park trip! We were four twenty-year-old bright eye young men on the trip of a lifetime! Join us as we breakdown that trip!
July 14, 2020
Who is ready for a Coaster Tour in 2021? - Episode 011
In this episode the Coaster Cuzzies interview Ryan from Theme Park Tours LLC. Ryan has started a touring company that specializes in theme park tours. We had a great time talking to Ryan and learning all about his future plans for his company. 
June 30, 2020
Small Parks of America - Episode 010
In this episode Coaster Bro, Theme Park Stud, Matt, and Jeff talk about their favorite small parks in the United States. We also introduce our new segment called Thought of the Week! 
June 16, 2020
We can see the light at the end of the tunnel - Episode 009
Theme Parks are starting to open back up, and we are so excited! Coaster Bro and Theme Park Stud discuss all of the news around amusement parks and theme parks opening up!
June 02, 2020
Why is Fun Spot one our favorite parks? - Episode 008
Theme Park Stud and Coaster Bro go down memory lane and share their experiences visiting the Fun Spot Parks. 
May 19, 2020
There's more than corn in Indiana, finally some good news during this quarantine - Episode 007
The Coaster Cuzzies and some buds give you all the details about the big announcement from Monticello Indiana! We also discuss our most anticipated roller coasters coming to an amusement park near you! 
May 05, 2020
A Love Letter to Kennywood - Episode 006
Join the Coaster Cuzzies along with their buddies Jeff and Matt as we confess our love for Kennywood Amusement Park located in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania.
April 24, 2020
What's the best park at Disney World? - Episode 005
The Coaster Cuzzies and our buddy Jeff take turns ranking the parks at Disney World. Coasterbro's wife keeps score and reveals the results at the end! 
April 07, 2020
Bonus Episode - Where it all started ft. Jeff Schachter - Episode 004
We are coming to you a week early with some bonus content. We have brought on our buddy Jeff Schachter and talked about our first summer working in theme parks together at the Mamba roller coaster at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri. 
March 31, 2020
Corona Time - Episode 003
Coaster Bro and Theme Park Stud give their hot takes on the Coronavirus and we discuss what this means for theme parks!
March 24, 2020
Theme Park Stud Does Orlando - Episode 002
In this episode, the Coaster Cuzzies discuss Theme Park stud's recent trip to Orlando! Stay Fly America! Please send any feedback to the
March 10, 2020
Welcome to the Coaster Cuzzies - Episode 001
Welcome, and What's up Cuzzies! Welcome to our first episode on our podcast. In this episode, you will meet the hosts, Coaster Bro and Theme Park Stud, and they will discuss their favorite amusement parks and roller coasters.  We would love to get your thoughts on the episode. Please email us the good, the bad, and the ugly  to
February 25, 2020