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Co-Creating Queen

Co-Creating Queen

By Sara Michaels
This podcast is dedicated to the Queen who's creating the life (& business) of her dreams. She believes she was made for more, she CAN have it all, and she refuses to settle for less. Life's too short to drink cheap champagne. 🥂🍾 Cheers, To Your Success. hosted by: Sara Michaels
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Earning with Ease and Automated Attraction Marketing + the TRUTH for Beginner Business Owners
This Episode was based off of the past few "Personal Path to Profits" Sessions I've done and there seems to be a massive trend among spiritual entrepreneurs when it comes to "earning with ease" and automated attraction marketing . . . we're going to discuss this today. Would you like access to all of my scripts? Join my Inner Circle ⭕️Monthly Mentorship ("What the Tech?" and get access to all of my trainings by topic and Weekly Live Q&A with Me! Podcast Promo Rate $97/m (regularly $197/m) 👉 CONNECT WITH SARA FACEBOOK PAGE : FACEBOOK PROFILE: INSTAGRAM @xosaramichaels INSTAGRAM @cocreatingqueen YOUTUBE click here to subscribe FREE TRAINING, RESOURCES, & Courses 👉 JOIN THE CCQ PODSQUAD & DISCUSSION COMMUNITY 👉
October 21, 2020
Healing My Body Naturally: My Story (The Overview)
I believe your body was designed for abundance and vibrant health and that it has the capacity to heal naturally. I'm proof: this is an overview of my story and experience.  WHAT I DID - Anti-Viral Protocol (which included eliminating the trigger foods) - Reduced my stress and found ways to balance my over-inflamed system (yoga, walking, swimming & stopped intensive exercise) - Started adding in HIGH QUALITY supplements (link below) - taking CBD to help balance my endocannabinoid system and reduce some of my physical symptoms TRIGGERS  I AVOIDED - Dairy, Eggs, Caffeine, Pork, Processed Foods, Alcohol, Corn, & Soy WHAT I DID: - Mainly plant-based, whole-foods with less fat (fat from plants!) MINDSET - I VISUALIZED MY HEALING & started focusing on HEALTH instead of DISEASE. I started speaking POSITIVELY to what I wanted to happen. I used natural healing hypnosis sessions on Youtube (free) and also my Healing Meditations Daily with my Mindset Coach - EFT (Tapping) - Positive Health Affirmations RESOURCES & LINKS: - SUPPLEMENTS I TAKE: and on my amazon list under the "health & wellness" tab: > Shop > Amazon Faves - CBD the brand I use is at and you can click for more info - VIBRANT HEALTH & HEALING NATURALLY FREE RESOURCE GROUP: - "THYROID HEALING" Book > Search for it on Amazon - "Heal" Documentary on Netflix - "Mind Over Medicine" Book > Search for it on Amazon CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram: @xosaramichaels Facebook: @saramichaelslive (profile) @saramichaelsonline (page) 🎥 SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE: BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST! 💕 QUESTIONS? Submit them on this page:
October 14, 2020
How I 5x'ed My Income in 1 Year working 1/2 The Time - Sara Michaels
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January 18, 2020