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Co-Creation and Joy Radio — by Anastasia USA (Ringing Cedars)

Co-Creation and Joy Radio — by Anastasia USA (Ringing Cedars)

By Anastasia USA
Co-Creation and Joy Radio is a show dedicated to the Kin's Domain lifestyle, the beauty of life, and sharing it with everyone. Join us as we discuss ideas from the Ringing Cedars of Russia (aka Anastasia) book series by Vladimir Megré, have exciting interviews with different leaders in the sustainable and holistic worlds, and more! Joy and bright thoughts to you ❤️✨

Anastasia USA:
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#4: Jeanice Barcelo on Natural & Modern Birth, EMF Radiation Dangers & Solutions
Today's episode is a treasure trove of information about birth and EMF radiation: the dangers of modern birthing procedures, birth trauma and how to heal it, methods and insights on natural (and Ringing Cedars style) birth, the real dangers of EMF radiation, and solutions to rid your life of them.  If you are planning on having children at any time, this episode is a must listen. My guest today is Jeanice Barcelo, author, activist, and researcher exposing the dangers and lies of the modern medical system's approach to birth and its danger to children and mothers, and the effects of EMF radiation in our modern lives. She's written two books, "Birth Trauma and the Dark Side of Modern Medicine", and "The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation", the second alone having over 1500 citations. She is one of the most thorough researchers I know, and a wonderful voice of truth on the topics of birth and radiation.  Jeanice's work can be found at: and Joy and bright thoughts to you, Co-Creator of a splendid new world, - Gabriel Miguel P.S. If this podcast was valuable to you, please share it with a friend! And also... Follow us on facebook: Join our facebook group: Visit our website:
August 30, 2020
Kin's Domain Creation Insights | EP. 03
Today's episode is all about creating Kin's Domains: what to avoid, common mistakes people make, and what to do instead.  Join Gabriel as he goes deep into the heart and soul of connecting with your land and Kin's Domain, and shares stories and insights from other Ringing Cedars readers in the USA. Also we discuss the differences between Kin's Domains and other more western types of ecovillages, and the psychology of creating Kin's Domain settlements and communities. Joy and bright thoughts to you, Co-Creator of a splendid new world, - Gabriel Miguel P.S. If this podcast was valuable to you, please share it with a friend! And also... Follow us on facebook:  Join our facebook group: Visit our website:
August 24, 2020
EARTH STEWARDSHIP w/ Kiss the Ground + NuMundo | EP. 02
President of Anastasia USA, Gabriel Miguel, Executive Director of Kiss the Ground, Lauren Tucker, Program Director at NuMundo, Bryan Arturo, and Wesley Wittkamper from NEXUS took the stage at the 2019 Lightning in a Bottle conscious music festival to share their thoughts on Earth Stewardship. This video covers a lot of ground! Discussed in this video:  - The importance of land and families  - Resources for getting educated on how to grow your own food and set up your land  - What to do if you're living in the city and still want to live a sustainable + regenerative life  - The Ringing Cedars movement in the United States + Canada  - and so much more!  Organizations: Anastasia USA (Ringing Cedars in the United States + Canada):  Kiss The Ground (advocacy, education, and media nonprofit focusing on healthy soil):  NuMundo (the Airbnb of ecovillages): Thank you,  Gabriel  Anastasia USA
June 2, 2019
CO-CREATION AND JOY - Anna McKeyEva (Rus. Sunny Bard) EP. 01
This first episode is very special. We were very grateful to get an interview with the amazing Anna McKeyEva, from the Sunny Bards group in Russia. They perform all over Russia and other countries, on Kin's Domain settlements, singing beautiful songs of joy and love to the people. We met in Russia, on the Vedrussia settlement, during a performance of hers. It was fantastic, and she asked me if I ever did anything in the USA, to please let her know. So for our reader's gathering (in NYC on May 20, 2018), I knew we had to have her! She graciously said yes, and after a full day of singing, dancing, and discussions at our gathering, she stuck around with me to do an interview. Today, Anna and I (Gabriel) dive into: - What Co-Creation means to us and other readers - Being the "hands and feet" of God - Things to consider when creating Kin's Domains + more! Bright thoughts to you, G Follow us on facebook: Visit our website:
May 27, 2018