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Code is Currency

Code is Currency

By Lee Mallon
How to thrive in an era of digital transformation without learning how to code
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Introduction and why I wrote it

Code is Currency

Find your superpower
Have you ever searched Google and been unable to find the answer to your question or got frustrated by a website error message? Have you wondered why a file wouldn't download from your email or almost fallen asleep from manually writing or entering values into a spreadsheet? Don’t worry you are not alone, technology has been moving at an exponential rate with new services and features appearing almost daily. It has been hard to keep up and these tool work well enough but sometimes, enough isn't good enough. Wouldn't it be nice, even helpful if you could find the answer to your question on Google with the first search or easily track your flight delay or understand how spreadsheets work so that manual task goes from hours to minutes or even seconds. Now I can’t explain how all online services work in the world in one chapter (Though this would be nice). What I can do, is explain and demystify how the digital services you use day in and day out work and how you can find the advanced/hidden features of these services. This knowledge and mindset to investigate and discover will improve your productivity more than 100%.
July 07, 2022
What is code?
Code is simply a list of instructions, a way to make our electronic devices do things we command, be it an alarm clock to tell the correct time, your car to advise you of your speed or even the computers calculating how our universe began at the CERN hadron collider. I believe code (not coding) boils down to two things, two things that are so fundamentals they have their own chapter in this book, if's and loop's. All developers describe/solve their problems via these two concepts consciously or subconsciously) and being able to do the same provides you a fundamental understanding and advantage to solving problems in the digital age. where can we go tool video -
June 28, 2022
Introduction and why I wrote it
I sit here at 2:43pm in the very beautiful and high ceiling hotel  lobby of the Tryp hotel in Dubai, UAE. There are currently thirty-seven  adults, nine teenagers, three children and one baby in front of me. Of  the forty-six adults and teens, there are thirty-one women and fourteen  men. Families are checking in for a weekend away, couples on their  summer holiday, and businessmen/women in suits, dresses and traditional  Arabic clothing. Of the forty-six people mentioned, six are asleep or dozing on sofas (Dubai is a city of layovers),  the remaining forty people, one is holding a baby, and three are at the  check-in counters with staff checking in to the hotel. Of the  thirty-seven people remaining, thirty-two of them are on their phones,  and that would be thirty-three if I wasn’t writing this paragraph with  pen and paper.
June 27, 2022
Welcome to Code Is Currency
Good morning and welcome to the 'Code is Currency' podcast, an audio book with a difference. Over the last year I wrote a book about how to thrive in an era of digital transformation without learning how to code. I was going to release it as a fully formed book but procrastination set in while editing and a year of world travel has been a great distraction, so with the desire to share this with others and finish it I am going to incrementally release a chapter-ish a week both in text and audio form. There may also be some bonus audio material. I hope you find it informative and useful and if you have any questions or suggestions please email me at
June 27, 2022