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The Code of Sisterhood

The Code of Sisterhood

By Samantha Louise
Have you ever felt isolated, alone, or threatened on your journey of personal growth and professional development? Join me and my guests in conversations that invite you into a moment of retreat to reflect on the foundations and applications of your self-leadership in order to fulfill your purpose in life. In this space, girls and women unite and connect around the common cause to transform leadership for self, family, community, and organizations. Here we showcase our true self through an opportunity to share stories that depict our vulnerability, personal power, and visions for change.
Belonging in the Warmth & Beauty of Sisterhood with Leah Morris
Leah provides listeners with a soft space to land and be held with compassion. She knows just how tricky it can be to navigate pain, adversity, and obstacles on the journey of life, but advocates that we must seek truth and meaning within these lessons in order to grow. As a transition coach, Leah brings unique perspective to our conversation about sisterhood and specifically speaks to the self-development process of identifying patterns and actively choosing to change from the inside out in order to live a life of authenticity and joy. Join us for this episode and feel the love the Leah radiates from every ounce of her being. Connect with Leah: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram Follow Me: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram
August 25, 2022
Embracing an Unwavering Sense of Sisterhood with Sydney Grant
Sisterhood in the lens of this episode's guest, Sydney Grant, will bring new perspectives to you about exploring your own feelings. What's right and wrong? How can you overcome the burden of supporting those who belong in your community as well as yourself? Sydney is the Director of Programming for the Center for Rural Health Leadership and we talk about how her leadership style has changed enormously ever since she realized that life is about supporting groups and individuals into seeing their full potential, in every aspect of themselves. Connect with Sydney: LinkedIn Follow Me: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram
August 22, 2022
Going Inward to Discover Peace & Joy with Beatriz Verdin
Biocognition is a profound way to transform your life and make sense of those unnerving feelings of owning your life by recognizing your own emotions and simply working through it all. This conversation with Beatriz Verdin, a cultural thought leader and singer/songwriter with strong Mexican heritage, has climbed her way through healing the toxic sides of her culture but also highlights all the positives that helped her come to terms with her past and present self. She also shares the things she would like to change within herself for her own family. Beatriz is emotionally smart, assertive, and most of all, a loving figure who understands the up's and down's of womanhood and how to embrace them all. Connect with Beatriz: LinkedIn | Instagram Follow Me: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook
August 11, 2022
Prioritizing a Human-Centered Approach for Thriving Systems with Dominique Vacheresse
Education is the foundation of everything, but there are still some flaws in the system such as not prioritizing a relatable and more human approach to students. Our guest, Dominique Vacheresse, founder & CEO of Quick Candor Consulting and known as an extraordinary academic leader, speaks about her experience in the education field and outside of it, having a unique solving puzzle for those who need guidance about their next steps in life. Dominique has an eccentric mind, enthusiastic participation in the upgrading of failing systems, and overall caring for the wellbeing of her surroundings which has cataloged her as the amazing coach she is today. Connect with Dominique: Website | LinkedIn | Facebook Follow Me: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook
August 06, 2022
Leading Justice through Poetic Action with Amanda Harrinauth
Inclusivity and representation can bring emotional comfort and confidence within yourself, our guest Amanda Harrinauth made a stand on how having disabilities played a role in becoming the amazing poet she is today. Giving her insight into her life before and after finding herself in her craft. Through the power of her writing, and her life coaching, she hopes she can encourage everyone to follow their passions and have open conversations with themselves. Heal, experience, and explore, that's what Amanda has taught us in this new episode. Listen till the end to hear her splendid poem about womanhood. Connect with Amanda: Website | YouTube | Facebook Follow Me: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook
August 04, 2022
Navigating Your Thinking to Thrive in Excellence with Amanda Wiebush
Humanizing your emotions, realizing your potential, and appreciating yourself. These are some of the lessons Amanda Wiebush, ultra-runner and entrepreneur, left in our minds during this episode. Learning how to build your confidence through your internal battles and become the main character of your life by creating spaces to evolve and develop the things you've been dreaming of. I hope that Amanda's charismatic and heart-touching words will motivate you to navigate and find your true self even when it can be your most complex pursuit yet. Connect with Amanda: Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn Follow Me: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook
August 01, 2022
Helping Successful People Become More Successful with Elise Auxier
Don't say we didn't warn you; this episode will INSPIRE you. I talk to business coach, Elise Auxier, about the high highs and low lows of womanhood, where she gives a unique point of view on the complications of growing up and what it's like to be an adult with an ever-evolving personality, how to stand tall with your head high after standing up for yourself and the values you believe in. Her beautiful words, personal yet relatable situations, and graceful personality will motivate you and hopefully, help you meditate about the things you've been looking for in a successful life. Connect with Elise: Website | LinkedIn Follow Me: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook
July 23, 2022
Inspiring Change through Compassion with Deborah Barnes
Sweet, empathetic, and powerful. That's how we can describe this episode with guest, Deborah Barnes, who is a powerful model not only for youth, but also for adults that accept the gift of her wisdom. We talk about how Deborah managed to overcome her hardships and created a beautiful way of living in the middle of personal despair. Her knowledge and combination of empathy for every situation will inspire you, it will make you smile and maybe, it will teach you new lessons about how we can view our surroundings. Get ready for some goosebumps, realizations, and a sense of personal peace with Deborah and her phenomenal angle on life. Connect with Deborah: Facebook Follow Samantha: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook
July 11, 2022
Cultivating a New Generation with David Ortega B
In our fifth episode, we turn from our normal concept and hear the fantastic and wise words from David Ortega B., founder of GEN-ES-MX and author of "Cultivating a New Generation," known as a loving father and innovative health advisor. We ask David questions about empowerment for girls and women from a male perspective and learn how he has evolved since he became the father of an amazing daughter, giving pieces of advice to fathers, new and old, everywhere. David wants to reveal the emotional road for all children during their growth, allowing them to be complete individuals living beyond traditional expectations and roles. Connect with David: Website | Book | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube Follow Samantha: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook
July 05, 2022
Using Humor to Counteract Sexism & Misogyny with With Amy from WeMAD
Life is full of laughter and genuine care for others. That's what our guest, Amy from WeMAD, has taught on this episode. Amy is known for her humorous takes on gender roles and flipping society's expectations of women onto men to show how nonsensical they are. When she is not on TikTok, Amy is busy raising her three children and building websites. It's time for you to know both sides of Amy, her comedy and her unique point of view on life as we know it. Connect with Amy: Website | Instagram | TikTok Follow Me: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook
June 14, 2022
Leveraging Your Unique Skills to Thrive with Catherine Corley
Truth is power. Our guest, Catherine Corley, is a conscious business coach and connector of humans and ideas. If you have ever felt like your truth was stuck inside of you or not allowed to be shared, Catherine's stories and wisdom will inspire you to let go and begin to live your life fully by acknowledging your various forms of expression and connection as superpowers. Connect with Catherine: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook Follow Me: Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook
June 07, 2022
Living Life in WOW! with Debora Hollick
The enlightening words from our guest, Debora J. Hollick, a mentor, coach, consultant and a best selling author, will resonate with you throughout our special chat. With advice that touches your heart, and an amazing point of view on life; this episode feels like catching up with a wise friend in a comfortable environment, where all your words matter. Debora is also the founder of Live Life In W.O.W! Wonder - Openness - Wisdom – watch for more on this, coming soon! Where to find Debora: Insightful Solutions Smash Through Mentor The Canadian Coach Facebook LinkedIn Follow me: Website LinkedIn Instagram Facebook
May 31, 2022
Healing Your Traumas through Storytelling with Ilona Seddik
On our pilot episode, we talk to the brave, bold and sweet Ilona Seddik, a Russian bestselling author and strategic coach with a Ph.D in Russian Law and  a BA in the Russian Language. Ilona shares a unique perspective about Womanhood and her experiences overcoming hardships. Join me and Ilona, in an important conversation about the life lessons we, as women, have to endure and learn from. Where to find Ilona: Instagram LinkedIn Follow me:  Website Instagram Facebook LinkedIn I hope you enjoy The Code of Sisterhood!
May 24, 2022