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Coding with Holger

Coding with Holger

By Holger Steinhauer
A podcast about all things coding, freelancing and all the stuff going on
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CTO with Florian Gamper
Florian Gamper joins me and we talk about the life and challenges of a Chief Technology Officer. During the episode, Florian mentions the annual pay survey from Golem. Here is the link to one: He also mentions the Blazor framework. If you want to read more, start here: If you wanna get in touch with Florian, check out his LinkedIn Profile
February 28, 2021
Open Source Development With Johannes Tigges
Happy new year! We are finally back. Thank you for bearing with us and be prepared for more episodes coming up this year. This time Johannes Tigges joined me, back in July 2020, to talk about Open Source, Open Source Software and more Open Source $things. Johannes and I had some "German moments", meaning we used some German terms and couldn't come up with a proper translation. So, if you are really interested, here is an post-said-translation-attempt: Laufakte (aka Handakte) "Reference File" Aktenlage "state on record" (there does not seem to be an official translation) Zulieferer Supplier As always, here are the promised and useful links from/for the episode: Heinz Nixdorf Museum RFC 1925 - "There is always something" OpenSSL Heartbleed AutoSpotting >a href=""> InnerSource Commons Creative Commons Creative Commons - CC by SA Read The Docs Gnu Public License (GPL) Blackduck Clearly Defined Open Source Software (OSS) Review Toolkit CDDL
January 29, 2021
Quality Assurance (QA) with Afua Apraku
We are so happy that we got Afua Apraku on the line to talk about QA, testing and how to work as a team. This episode will give you a lot of insides on what QA actually is, how testing fits into it, what kind of testing and environments we usually deal with in projects and how we as a team do successful projects. Want to get in touch with Afua? No problem head over to her LinkedIn profile
June 29, 2020
Relational Databases with Gordan Bobic
Join me and the fabulous Gordan Bobic when we explore relational databases, the role of a DBA and experience me learning the great term "PHP hammer". Gordan runs Shattered Silicon and has more than 20 years of experience in the field of programming, operating systems and databases in particular. As we touch on many topics, here are the promised pointers and some points to start your follow up research on: What is SQL: And what is a RDBMS: DDL and DML:, What are joins: What are database indexes: Cartesian product: When your security becomes a ladder 😈: ENUM: What is an ORM: Wanna get in touch with Gordan? The easiest way is to ping him on LinkedIn If you want to get in touch with us, hit us at
May 29, 2020
UI/UX with Milena Lolli
What is the difference between UI and UX? Should you have one designer doing both or one each? What is UI, and what is UX anyway? These are just a few questions I discussed with the incredible Milena Lolli. To get in touch with Milena, head over to her LinkedIn profile or check out her Twitter feed. Into games? Then her Twitch channel is just for you! Last but not least: Sorry for the keyboard and mouse clicks. Milena's boyfriend was working hard during the interview, and we realised too late that the microphone catches that. I promise to improve on that!
April 29, 2020
Be Your Boss with Wasilij Korotchenko
Wasilij Korotchenko from Hero Consulting joins me this time to talk about what it means to be a freelancer and that having a company is more demanding than we might have thought so far. Join us on a discussion around who might be better cut out to be a freelancer and who might even think of starting a company. Here is the sweet little search hack, Wasilij mentions while we were discussing the topic of finding clients: "Kotlin" AND ("Manager" OR "CTO" OR "Head of IT" OR "Engineering Lead") Do you want to get in touch with Wasilij? Connect with him on LinkedIn: and his company's website is Wasilij's projects: Honest Recruiter Podcast Bosh Gamer Wasilij is currently sorting the distribution and links, keep an eye on his LinkedIn profile and I'll send them out on our social media accounts :)
March 29, 2020
Data Science with Andreas Bollig
This time Dr Andreas Bollig joins me and we talk about all things Data Science. If you want to get in touch with Andreas, check out his LinkedIn profile: and his new website Interested in the mentioned Python podcasts? Check them out here: Heard about the (probably) XKCD comic? Turns out, it wasn't XKCD (but there is always a high chance it is). BUT, being a data scientist, Andreas found it anyways. Here you go Then we spoke about the pitfalls hidden in data, for example with names. Here is a good article looking at it: Want to dig deeper and look into the mentioned sources? Here are the links: (We mentioned Safari Books in the episode and this is called "O'Reilly Online Learning" now) (HackerNews) (My guilty pleasure, hoarding MEAPs) (The testing framework Andreas mentioned) Little errata: The first iPhone was released in 2007 and not in 2009. We got this wrong somehow, sorry. 
March 15, 2020
Full-Stack Development with James Mahy
In episode 3, we dive into full-stack development and what it means to be a full-stack developer. Joining me, in the first interview episode ever on this podcast, is James Mahy. He is doing full-stack development for a long time now, and we talk about how he got there and what benefits it has to understand everything from infrastructure, over backend technologies up to frontend tech. We also talk about his great work on SoSa and why he is building it If you are interested in James' code, have a look at his SoSa GitHub Organisation. And the best way to reach out to him is via LinkedIn Last but definitely not least, a massive shout out to Bradley Parsons. He created the music for my podcast. If you want to learn more about him or want to hire him, have a look at his website: Errata When James and I discuss the "good old times" with the C64 I use the word Quellcode twice. Sorry for that. This is how we Germans say "source code".
January 29, 2020
From Backends and Frontends
We talk a lot about frontends and backends, but what are these things actually? Using the example of an online food order service, I try to explain exactly that and give a small overview of different languages and tech stacks each of them can be implemented in. What is your take on it? Did I miss something? Let me know!
December 29, 2019
A short introduction
I love tech, I love coding and I love sharing knowledge. So the question was: Why don't I have my own podcast?  Well, this changes now. I will share my knowledge about tech, coding, freelancing and all the other things related with you on here and will bring interesting interviews with people I highly respect and trust.  So stay tuned, give feedback and always keep on coding.
December 2, 2019