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Colorado Fertility Conference

Colorado Fertility Conference

By September Burton
Creating Colorado Families
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What Happens When 2 Infertile Scientists Join Forces?

Colorado Fertility Conference

What Happens When 2 Infertile Scientists Join Forces?

Colorado Fertility Conference

What Does an Embryologist Do?
Dr. Michael Baker from Denver Fertility Albrecht Women's Care talks with September Burton from the Colorado Fertility Conference about the work and life of an embryologist. Click to listen to the full interview
January 19, 2021
Adopting Her Daughter--One Mother's Story
Dr. TiffanyNoelle Brown shares her story of adopting her daughter through the foster system. Interviewed by September Burton from the Colorado Fertility Conference.
December 8, 2020
Chiropractic for fertility
Chris Eddy from CJ Chiropractic in Colorado Springs, CO discusses how chiropractic care can help you get pregnant.
December 3, 2020
What to Expect on Your Surrogacy Journey
What is like to be an intended parent hiring a surrogate? Listen to this interview with Andrea McAfee from Hawaii Surrogacy to learn.
December 1, 2020
Finances and Infertility, How to Navigate Your Money While Becoming Parents
Denise Steele from SeedTrust Escrow talks with September Burton from the Colorado Fertility Conference about finances for fertility. 
November 19, 2020
Dealing with "at least" while trying to get pregnant
Licensed therapist Ashley Baldwin talks about how to handle people's questions about your family building, how to find a good therapist, and how a therapist can help you and your partner process your emotions while trying to get pregnant. Ashley believes in a relaxing therapeutic environment that allows for a sense of humor while also instilling hope, promoting her clients to work towards their treatment goals.
November 17, 2020
The Power of Yoga for Fertility
Erin McCollough from CNY Fertility and creator of Fertile Hope Yoga talks with September Burton from the Colorado Fertility Conference about how yoga changes your physiology to help you get pregnant. She reminds us of the importance of leaving space for miracles on your journey. 
November 10, 2020
Jessi Shuraleff--Mother of Two Amazing Little Humans, Shares her Fertility Journey
Jessi Shuraleff shares her journey of failed IUI's, cancelled cycles, frozen embryo transfer, a positive pregnancy test, and now being a mother of two. She talks about the community and support available to those who are still on their fertility journey and about how her fertility journey made her a more empathetic woman and mother. Listen to this episode of the Colorado Fertility Conference Podcast, hosted by September Burton.
November 3, 2020
How to Overcome the Pain of Infertility
Kristen Darcy offers coaching services to individuals challenged with infertility. Reach out to Kristen for support through your journey to fertility.
October 29, 2020
How to Get Fertility Insurance
Kate Leblanc from Resolve New England and September Burton from the Colorado Fertility Conference talk about the latest legislation in getting fertility covered by insurance. They also discuss how you can get involved and become an advocate in your state.
October 27, 2020
Your Period is Your Monthly Report Card
Trained Chef and Nutritional Therapist Caitlin Townsend teaches us about eating healthy and deliciously for fertility. 
October 22, 2020
The Underwear in My Shoe
Brett Russo, author of The Underwear in My Shoe talks about her book and her personal journey through infertility and IVF.
October 20, 2020
Finding Joy When Baby Making Gets Hard
Natascha Hebell shares her story of infertility and childlessness, not by choice. Listen to feel inspired and uplifted.
October 15, 2020
What Happens When 2 Infertile Scientists Join Forces?
This interview with Amy Beckley from Proov Fertility teaches why progesterone is so important for your fertility, how to test your progesterone levels at home, and what progesterone does for you as a woman.
October 13, 2020
Art Therapy for Infertility and Infant Loss
Susan Jacobsen has turned her loss and heartache into a life of helping others heal their pain and trauma through creating art.
October 8, 2020
How to Solve Your Hormone Puzzle with Coach Kela Smith
Coach Kela Smith
October 6, 2020
Elisabeth Manning
Today's episode of the Colorado Fertility Conference Podcast is Elisabeth Manning from Conscious Conceptions.
October 1, 2020
How to Talk About Infertility
In this episode we welcome the wisdom of Amy Klein, author of The Trying Game: Getting Through Fertility Treatment and Getting Pregnant Without Losing Your Mind.
September 29, 2020
Kate Potvin--Fertility and Conception Coach
About Kate Potvin Kate Potvin is a certified health coach that combines her training in health coaching, positive psychology, and yoga to offer holistic fertility coaching sessions, group workshops, and online programs. Her focus is on the mind-body connection and using that connection to create healthy body. As her site emphasizes, fertility is about more than just getting pregnant.
September 27, 2020
Emily Thompson Organic Homebirth
Listen in as Emily Thompson and I chat about Organic Homebirth and The Peak Midwife Collective.
September 24, 2020
September 24, 2020
September 24, 2020
Lauren Hanna Sacred Fertility Yoga
Listen in as we talk with Lauren Hanna from Sacred Fertility Yoga.
September 22, 2020
Jan Mead Sacred Pathways Integrated Health
Treating Infertility with a Combination of Physical Therapy and AcupunctureIn this episode of Colorado Fertility Conference, September talks with Jan Mead, a physical therapist, an acupuncturist, and the owner of Sacred Pathways Integrated Health. Jan...
March 19, 2020
Dr. Chris Eddy
Listen as Dr. Chris Eddy from CJ Chiropractic talks fertility, nutrition, and hormone balance in the world of chiropractic. Even if you've been to a chiropractor you're sure to learn something new in this episode!
May 20, 2019
Emily Thompson Organic Home Birth
A Certified Professional Midwife talks about fertility, birth options, and more with September Burton from the Colorado Fertility Conference
May 16, 2019
CJ Chiropractic
CJ Chiropractic
May 15, 2019
Adonis Fertility International
Your Surrogacy Options
May 15, 2019
Aimee Raupp
Acupuncture and natural fertility.
May 10, 2019
Ellen Trachman
ELLEN TRACHMANOn this episode, September hosts Ellen Trachman and Jen White who co-own Colorado Surrogacy, Surrogacy agency in Colorado.The two women narrate how their agency started and how it works. They explain the process of getting a surrogate,...
May 1, 2019
Snowflake Embryo Adoption
EMBRYO ADOPTION SUMMARY In this episode September hosts Kimberly Tyson from Nightlight Embryo Adoption. She is the director of an embryo adoption program called Snowflakes embryo adoption program. Kimberly talks about embryo adoption, what it is and how it is done. She talks about how through the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption program she is able to get embryos from couples who have extra embryos and place them with families who would like embryo adoption. She talks of the advantages of embryo adoption over the traditional adoption. She also narrates success stories of children born that have been made possible through her program. Kimberly breaks down the costs of adopting embryos and talks about the benefits of using her program for both the donor and the parties adopting. Lastly she lists her contacts and she is going to be attending the Colorado Springs Fertility Conference. SHOWNOTES 00:49 – Kimberly jokes that she thinks someone didn’t want her and September to talk that morning because they had problems with communications in the morning. 1:04 – Kimberly is the director of the Snowflakes embryo adoption program. 1:13 – Embryo adoption is when couples who have gone through in vitro fertilization to have a baby and they have had as many babies as they would like to but they still have embryos remaining in frozen storage donate them to another family for reproduction 2:18 - Snowflakes embryo adoption program helps that family with remaining embryos to select a family to gift those embryos to. 2:42 – Kimberly says that frozen embryo transfer cycle is not the same thing as an IVF cycle. 4:22 – Kimberly says that many of the families that are inquiring about the snowflakes embryo adoption program are actually families who have gone through in vitro fertilization themselves already but without success. 5:42 – The program is successful since they just celebrated the birth of the 640th baby through the program. 5:46 – Other families that go to Kimberly’s program are those that have their own biological problem but have had secondary infertility or those who have always wanted to adopt. 7:23 - The adopting families in the Snowflakes program need to complete an adoption home study, they build a family profile that the placing family is going to review. 9:08 – After the families match, they enter the contracts phase. The placing family is relinquishing all of their parental rights and responsibilities to the adopting family. 9:33 - The great thing about embryo adoption over a domestic adoption model is that you get to carry your baby, you experience pregnancy and childbirth. In every state in the United States, the woman who gives birth to the baby is the legal Mother of that baby, and her name will go on the birth certificate of the baby as well as the name of the man she is married to. 10:19 – Another fascinating thing about this kind of adoption is that since the adopting mother experiences pregnancy, her hormones naturally make breast milk and she is able to breastfeed her child. 11:52 – Kimberly says that at Snowflakes they get the embryos for adoption by attracting families who have remaining embryos to their program often through their fertility clinic. Perhaps their fertility clinic doesn't have an internal embryo donation program or if it does the family doesn’t like the anonymity of that program. 17:19 – Kimberly tells a story about a couple who had 3 biological children but chose to have their fourth child through Snowflakes embryo adoption program. The girl (embryo) of the couple had been frozen for ten years and unlike what people believe the babies suffer no defects from being frozen. 17:57 – It costs Snowflakes $2000 to bring in a family with embryos and they charge a fee of $8000 for the adoption program. The $8,000 includes the cost of shipping and coordination. It includes all of the human hands on process for matching. The $8,000 fee includes a lot of things in one of the best practices of adoption
May 1, 2019
Magarelli Fertility Clinic
In this episode, September talks with Dr. Paul C. Magarelli, a reproductive endocrinologist who had an unusual start in the fertility field. September and Dr. Magarelli talked about his organization, his unique philosophy and approach to treating infertility. Topics Covered Ø Why only 1% of patients who need care actually get it Ø How education decreases costs and increases quality in fertility care Ø What led to Dr. Magarelli’s decision to use frozen vs live embryos in his treatment Ø The reasoning behind Dr. Magarelli’s goal to help couples get “One Healthy Baby” Key Questions Discussed in the Episode: [0:40] How did Dr. Magarelli get into reproductive endocrinology? [5:31] Why is Dr. Magarelli able to charger lower rates than the average for fertility treatments? [9:35] Besides cost, what is another reason that many interested fertility patients don’t get the care they want? [14:20} What about the side effects of the medicine women take while undergoing IVF? [17:05} Why do you focus so much on education? [21:26] What led to your decision to use frozen embryos for IVF? [25:40] Why do you advise patients to deeply consider if they should have twins? About Our Guest Starting off in marine biology, Dr. Magarelli began his career with a dream of working with Jacque Cousteau. He ended up working for his son but realized that he wanted a career that would make a bigger impact than watching shrimp mate. He is a reproductive endocrinologist and the medical director of both High Quality Affordable Fertility campuses (Colorado Springs and Denver) and the co-creator of the CMAP Acupuncture protocol, which combines acupuncture with fertility treatments. Links of Interest High Quality Affordable Fertility Center  US Military Family Fertility Services Don’t forget to check us out at the Colorado Springs Fertility Conference website for event tickets, additional resources, and inspiration!
March 4, 2019
Fertility Yoga
In this episode, September talks with Lauren Hanna, 25-year experienced yoga instructor and creator of Sacred Fertility Yoga. Lauren shares why and how she developed the comprehensive yoga program and how yoga can be very beneficial to every aspect of...
March 4, 2019
Pradeepa Narayanaswamy
Overcoming infertitlity
March 4, 2019
How Acupuncture Improves Fertility
How acupuncture improves fertility outcomes
December 13, 2018