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Coffee With Creators

Coffee With Creators

By Chelsey & Michael
Two creator friends who want to share their take on social media and life in general as creative professionals. A podcast for content creators by content creators.
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40 - Things you can do to meet your GOALS!
Welcome to Season 2! We hope you all had a wonderful break and we are happy to be back. Also, we have MUUUUURRRRCCCCHHH! (Merch): Shout-outs! (Michael may have spelled it wrong in the podcast...)
January 21, 2021
See you in 2021!
Stay safe, be well, and have a wonderful holiday season! - Chelsey and Michael
December 21, 2020
39 - Season 1 Finale: How it started, how it's going
We did it, crew! We got through an entire season with 39 episodes and it's all thanks to YOU! We sit down for a casual talk about the last 8 months.
December 18, 2020
38 - From Content Creator to Inventor: Caleb Wojcik
If you're a fan of Peter McKinnon then you've most likely come across Caleb's invention: The SwitchPod! Follow Caleb:
December 15, 2020
37 - The rise of Peter Lindgren
He's not as intimidating as he looks. Excuse Michael's "fangirling". Follow Peter Lindgren:
December 7, 2020
36 - Anxiety when buying gear
A little chit-chat before the Thanksgiving Holiday. Also, we now have our first video podcast on YouTube:
November 26, 2020
35 - Telling Life's Stories with Jordyn Dunseath
If being genuine is a skill, Jordyn has certainly mastered it. She share's her journey on becoming a filmmaker while Michael and Chelsey stumble all over themselves. Our scrappiest episode yet. Follow Jordyn: Instagram: @jordyndunseath YouTube:
November 23, 2020
34 - We're terrible at Math
Grab your favorite drink as we chat about the past week!
November 16, 2020
33 - Behind the Lens with DJ Magbanua
We sit down with Photographer DJ Magbanua and find out what goes behind the glitz and glamour of Fashion Photography. Follow DJ on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @djmagbanua
November 9, 2020
32 - Chelsey's "Parent Brain" and why Michael loves Best Buy
Post Halloween chit-chat between friends. Have a seat!
November 5, 2020
31 - Modern old-school gamer | Matt (aka Milkes)
Matt isn't angry. This is just the face he makes when his kids won’t go to sleep. We sit down with Matt Dilkes of @royalty.rgb and talk (and laugh!) about gaming, modeling, and being a parent. This is a very good one! Follow Matt on Instagram and Youtube: @i_am_milkes @royalty.rgb
November 2, 2020
30 - Let's add this episode to the dumpster fire that is 2020
The only thing scarier than Chelsey's embarrassing story is this episode itself. Join the RODE Giveaway contest in the link below:
October 30, 2020
29 - Podcasting with a Podcaster! Jared Spink from the Hive Podcast
Chit-chatting about podcasting. Also, sweet Rode Microphone giveaway! Enter in the link below: Follow Jared and the Hive Podcast on Instagram: @thehive_podcast @jaredspink
October 26, 2020
28 - Doing the "Dirty Work" with Aral Tasher
What's up, creative crew! Super awesome sit-down chat with the one and only Aral Tasher! We get down and dirty with his views on learning, educating his audience, and social media growth. You definitely can't miss this one! Follow Aral on Instagram @araltasher Follow him on YouTube: Resource he shares on this episode:
October 19, 2020
27 - Apple Event 2020, episode recap, and listener questions. Grab a seat and let's chat!
We went on IG LIVE today and nothing caught on fire! A bit more "off the cuff" episode with your favorite coffee and pizza crew!
October 15, 2020
26 - Building an audience as a student: Shengran of @dailysetuptech
PC and Setup enthusiast Shengran of @dailysetuptech chats with us about some of his growth strategies and where he wants to take his brand.
October 11, 2020
25 - Drink the Hatorade! - How we deal with negative comments
Hello, Creative Crew! We talk about a subject that has become all-too familiar these days. The good news is that it's not the end of the world and getting negative comments can actually help you develop "thick skin" as you grow in your journey. Listen up!
October 7, 2020
24 - Figuring things out with Eric Yoon (Lume Shot)
When faced with the unknown, most people will quit right before they even begin. Eric Yoon rolls up his sleeves and gets to work. In this episode he shares his inspiring journey about creating content as a creative expression and how he teaches himself new things by simply doing the work. He now runs a fast growing YouTube Channel and Instagram page called Lume Shot.
October 5, 2020
23 - Special Guest: Landon BTW
Oh Bytheway, we have a full time filmmaker as our guest this week! We ( virtually ) sit down with Landon and chat about his creative and professional journey in film making and content creation.  We also learn that on a deserted island, if he can only bring one thing ( other than a knife and a fire starter ) he'd choose to bring a computer with internet access. Such a good conversation with a dope creator.  Where you can find Landon: Instagram: @landonbtw Youtube:
September 28, 2020
22 - From a Brand's Perspective (Special Guest: Yee Su, CEO of Sum Products)
Surprise! We have a very special episode this week. We got to virtually "sit-down" with Yee Su, CEO of Sum Products. He gives a very unique perspective as a brand that a number of influencers have worked with. Listen up because there's a lot of nuggets of information and inspiration from hearing his story!
September 25, 2020
21 - Special Guest: Matt of @NVZION on Instagram!
Technology enthusiast @NVZION shares his Instagram journey and gives us a peek into his day job.
September 21, 2020
20 - Simple Tools to Elevate Production Value
Another messy but fun episode as we attempt to record while going LIVE on Instagram! We share our favorite tools to aid in the production of our content online and we hope you find these tools helpful. Mentioned in this episode are: Photo editing (mobile): Lightroom Snapseed Splice Picmonkey Graphics (mobile): Canva Adobe Spark Instagram Caption: Spacie Video editing (mobile): InShot Clipomatic (closed captioning tool) iMovie Quik Podcasting: (hosting) Rode NT USB (USB mic) Almost any $30-ish Amazon microphone Lighting: Aperture Lume Cube Discover a Creator(s) on Instagram: @premo @zachary.salter @aadilabedi
September 14, 2020
19 - Special Guest: Mike Wat
All the way from Vancouver, BC our featured guest is most known for his every day tech reviews on youtube and instagram. Join us as we sit down and chat with our special guest Mike Wat where we chat about creativity, headphone tech, inspiration and future projects. Make sure to check him out: Youtube: Instagram: @themikewat If you haven’t already make sure you give Coffee With Creators a follow on instagram (@coffeewcreators) THIS WEEKS DISCOVER A CREATIVE: [Michael] Mason Premo = @premo [Chelsey] Zachary Salter = @zachary.salter [Nicole] Aadil Abedi = @aadilabedi Thanks for the constant support crew! We’ll see you at the next episode - Your coffee and pizza crew
September 7, 2020
18 - Episode Recap and Listener Questions
We share some thought nuggets from our interview with Micah and we answer some listener questions. Congratulations to Chelsey for hitting 10K followers on IG! Also, Michael needs a nap. Discover a creator: @unique.depth @brittnaynay3 @cynlopink
August 31, 2020
17 - Special Guest: Micah Muzio
KBB guy, helicopter guy, or just... that guy. Micah Muzio shares his story in this week's episode. We hope you enjoy it a much as we had fun making it! Follow Micah's adventures on youtube and on Instagram @micahmuzio
August 24, 2020
16 - What's Stopping You?
Whether they're legitimate reasons or just excuses, we all have them. What's stopping you from creating? This week's "Discover a Creator": @jaredspink on instagram! Host of @thehive_podcast
August 17, 2020
15 - Your Brand as a Creator
What exactly is a brand and do we need to even think about it as content creators? Also, Michael talks about the awesome community of content creators that is slowly coming together on Instagram. Our "Discover a Creator" this week is @spawnpoiint 👌🏽Check out his IG account!
August 9, 2020
14 - The Pressures of Social Media and Content Creation
The pressure is real! You've seen people online "take breaks" or "detox" from social media before. They tell us why they did it but not very many share how to avoid it. So we try to dive in and share our own experiences. For our featured creator, check out @anthony,pontillas on Instagram!
August 2, 2020
13 - Parents as Content Creators
We share our experiences being parents as content creators. Just because we work from home doesn’t make it any easier. Also, as mentioned in this episode, here are the content creators we recommend you check out: @felixkruip @themikewat @royalluxuryproducts on Isntagram ✌🏼  And lastly, use the coupon code “chelseyhorne” at to get a little discount 😉
July 27, 2020
12 - Sponsored Posts: What exactly are they?
We share our experiences and views on sponsored content. Also, some gear news and our very first Creative Assignment!
July 20, 2020
11 - Why you should CHARGE for collaborations
In this episode Michael shares his experience with collaborations over the last two years (and what companies are really after!) and Chelsey shares some gear news about the Canon R5.
July 13, 2020
10 - Our First Guest: Jordan Pulmano!
Welcome to episode 10 and we're super excited to have Jordan Pulmano as our first guest. He is a filmmaker/cinematographer who works with musical artists. We hope you enjoy this as much as we had fun making it!
June 29, 2020
09 - Email Snafu
We give a little insight on how we respond or send emails. Also, we answer some of the questions we missed last week! This is officially the longest episode we've recorded so far so we hope you enjoy it!
June 22, 2020
08 - Michael's Influencer Rant
In this episode we share a few funny stories, and funny videos we've seen online. We also get off on a social media rant and funny dad stories. 
June 18, 2020
07 - Your "Competition"
Join us as we discuss competition between other creative professionals.
June 14, 2020
06 - Self-Motivation and Nasty Comments
In this episode we talk about the challenges of motivating oneself and we try to thicken our skins by reading nasty comments.
May 25, 2020
05 - Nostalgia and procrastination
In this episode we procrastinate about talking about procrastination.   The TedTalk we mentioned in this episode can be found here 
May 18, 2020
04 - You're Enough
As content creators we can sometimes feel as if we or our content isn't good enough. Grab your favorite drink and listen to us chat about how we have felt the same in the past. 
May 11, 2020
03 - Authenticity
Staying authentic as a content creator.
May 4, 2020
02 - Just Start Creating
As creators we know the struggle of getting started, especially when it comes to creating content for social media. Grab you're favorite drink and join us while we talk about our experiences as creators and the anxiety that follows. 
April 27, 2020
01 - Self Doubt as a creative professional
Welcome to the pilot episode of our scrappy little podcast! Grab your favorite drink and lets chat!
April 21, 2020