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Coffee with a Recruiter

Coffee with a Recruiter

By Jose Marchena
Coffee with a Recruiter is a podcast dedicated to helping you hire, manage and grow - personally and professionally.

The podcast uses various formats, including 121 interviews, book/science reviews and much more.

My name is Jose Marchena. I'm a London-based recruiter with experience recruiting for startups and a passion for spreading great ideas and speaking with inspirational people.

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Fast-growth hiring strategies with Brian Evje - HR Lead
Brian Evje is a seasoned talent and people leader with experience growing startups and large companies in London and San Francisco. Topics discussed: What causes fast growth in tech companies? What risks are involved when companies need to hire quickly? What can talent professionals, interviewers and founders do to minimise these risks and grow effectively? Welcome, Brian, to the Coffee with a Recruiter podcast!
April 21, 2022
Defining professional success with Karolina Hayes (leadership and success coach)
We all want some level of professional success in our lives, but achieving success at work is a very difficult and ambiguous goal. Here to bring some clarity to this goal is Karolina Hayes. Karolina is an HR leader turned Leadership and success coach. She helps people and organisations define success, unlock potential and reach goals—whether that’s growing a business, supporting senior leaders, collaborating more effectively, or unlocking your team’s success. Topics discussed: Why is it important to define success? How do you define success? How do you make sure you succeed? First-time managers Enjoy!
February 22, 2022
Product engineering with Jose Luis de la Peña - Head of Engineering / Generation Home
How do you create a culture where ownership and product focus is central in software engineering teams? Here to answer this question is Jose Luis de la Peña. Jose is the Head of Engineering at Generation Home and a former Engineering Manager at Transferwise. Topics discussed: - (1:25) Intro to Jose and his team - (6:30) Career progression tips for engineers and new managers - (18:40) Product engineering and developing a great culture - (26:40) How to develop your product skills - (34:15) How do you interview for product skills in engineers?
February 08, 2022
Soft skills with Emily Sander (Chief of Staff/Exec Coach)
Emily Sander is a Chief of Staff, author, C-Suite executive, and ICF-certified coach. She has a decade of experience across Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. We discuss: (02:10) Intro to Emily, career transitions (14:00) Three circles approach to problem-solving (26:00) Good communication, learning from mistakes (34:22) Adaptability through the Swizzle technique (44:00) “Junk volume” and knowing when to rest Enjoy! Links to Emily:
January 25, 2022
Networking & leadership with Sean Allen (Head of TA, The Very Group)
Sean Allen is the Head of Talent Acquisition at The Very Group, a community admin at DBR and a member of RL100. He has tons of recruitment experience and is here to teach us a thing or two about: (01:00) intro to Sean, living in the North vs London, thoughts on hybrid work (08:40) DBR, RL100, the value of networking (15:00) tips on becoming a lead, what to expect (22:55) improving diversity in hiring (31:50) tips on being a great leader (39:30) horror movies and tattoos Also, Sean is looking for a talent partner! The Very Group is passionate about making good things easily accessible to more people to live life well. They combine amazing brands and products with flexible payment options that help people say yes when it matters most. If you're interested in a career within the recruitment team at The Very Group, then do reach out to Sean.
January 10, 2022
Tech hiring with Vincent Warmerdam (Developer Advocate - Rasa)
Vincent Warmerdam is a Developer Advocate at Rasa. He’s a speaker at various tech talks, a contributor to open source projects, and has a deep interest in all things tech hiring. You might also know him from a certain recruiter/Pokemon meme. Topics discussed (01:40) Vincent intro, Pokemon meme (08:00) over-relying on buzzwords, not culture fit (18:40) hiring through extracurricular activities and meetups (28:30) culture fit interviews (37:10) using your values to interview and attract talent (43:40) bias in recruitment tools (51:50) tips for tech job seekers Enjoy!
October 25, 2021
Attracting candidates through your values and branding (Recruitment Science #3)
What do candidates look for when reviewing your company online or on social media? To answer this question, we’ll review an academic paper titled “EMPLOYER BRANDING ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND RECRUITMENT WEBSITES: SYMBOLIC TRAITS OF AN IDEAL EMPLOYER - authors: L Eger, M Mičík, P Řehoř”. The researchers in the academic article try to do two things: First, they look at how young people assess the personality traits of an ideal employer. Second, they research how these people use company recruitment websites and social media to gain information about their future employers. I’ll first introduce some key concepts. Afterwards, I’ll present the research, the results, and personal observations on using these insights. 
October 14, 2021
What should we assess when interviewing candidates? (Recruitment Science #2)
What should you assess when interviewing candidates?  Defining the criteria interviewers should assess is often an improvised exercise at many companies, leading to bias and bad hires. We need a more scientific way of defining these criteria so we can hire the best people. How do we do that? This episode looks at Thomas Chamorro-Premuzic’s RAW model of defining these criteria from his book The Talent Delusion. I briefly summarise the model and give some personal observations on how to use his model. Thomas Chamorro Premuzic is an organisational psychologist, Chief Innovation Officer at ManpowerGroup and author: Now let’s get started.
September 15, 2021
The science of "recruiter friendliness" (Recruitment Science series)
Should you be a "friendly recruiter" with candidates or keep things professional with them? Well, there’s academic research done on the topic of recruiter friendliness by workplace and management professors. What do they say? In this episode, I’ll discuss the theory behind recruiter friendliness, what friendliness looks like, and the overall impact of being a friendly recruiter on our recruitment processes. To explain these topics, I’ll summarise one academic article called Effects of recruiter friendliness and job attribute information on recruitment outcomes by researchers of Chapman University, University of South Florida and Florida State. Enjoy!
September 01, 2021
TA and HR insights with Jessica Miller Merrell (Workology)
Today we're speaking with Jessica Miller Merrell, a workplace change agent, author and consultant focused on human resources and talent acquisition living in Austin, TX. She’s the founder of Workology, a workplace HR resource and host of the Workology Podcast.  Topics discussed include: What skills do managers need to handle the challenges of hybrid work? How has the role of Chief Human Resources officer changed in the last two years? What are recent areas of personal development that HR and TAs need to improve? For more information about Jessica:
August 25, 2021
Scaling startups with Andrew Bartlow (co-author, Series B Consulting)
Andrew Bartlow has 25 years of Human Resources and Talent Management experience. He is the co-author of “Scaling for Success: People Priorities for High Growth Organizations,”, and leads Series B Consulting, which helps businesses to articulate their people strategy and accelerate their growth, while navigating rapid change.  He joins me today to discuss: - (01:30) Intro to Andrew - (05:23) How do companies like Google and Airbnb hire? Why should startups not use this strategy? - (11:06) Five guidelines that startups can follow to hire talent - (23:57) As startups grow, what challenges do they face and how can they overcome them? - (31:40) What are the dangers of startups using OKRs? How do you approach goal-setting then?
July 14, 2021
Female leadership in tech with Toni Collis (
Today’s guest is Toni Collis. Toni is a keynote speaker, host of the Leading Women in Tech Podcast, career strategist, and leadership coach for Women in Tech. Toni has experience as a leader in the tech industry and is here to give us her perspective on how female leaders can thrive. Topics discussed: - (01:55) Intro to Toni - (08:10)  How women in tech and leadership contribute to business success - (18:40) How does being a woman impact workplace attitudes and behaviours towards someone? - (28:25) What key skills do you need to become a leader at executive level? - (34:28) double-standards when judging male vs female leaders  - (38:55) Impostor syndrome and what to do about it - (44:30) Overcoming gender bias as a recruiter
July 07, 2021
Tips on video interiewing candidates with Sean Fahey (CEO - VidCruiter)
Our guest today is Sean Fahey, the CEO of VidCruiter. VidCruiter helps HR teams save time, money, and headspace by modernizing outdated hiring processes. They specialize in video interviewing but offer a full suite of products proven to increase the overall quality of hires and drastically reduce time-to-hire. Topics discussed: (01:20) Intro to Sean Fahey / VidCruiter (03:15) How does video technology improve interviews? (07:55) How can companies structure their interviews to hire the best people? (12:55) The role of intuition in interviewing (2032) How do good hiring practices influence retention? For more info:
June 29, 2021
Job search & career advice with Jane Ferré (HR executive coach)
Our guest today is Jane Ferré, an HR career coach. Jane offers private career coaching for senior HR professionals who’ve outgrown their current role and want to secure their dream role in their dream company with a dream package in less than 6 months. Jane has had a 20+ year career in senior HR roles such as HR Business Partner, Head of Leadership Development and Head of Talent. LinkedIn - Website - Email - Topics discussed: - (03:07) Intro to Jane and HR coaching - (09:37) Why is HR career coaching more important than ever? - (16:17) If you're employed and starting a job search, what's the first thing you need to do? - (35:26) What should you do if you're unemployed and starting a job search? - (47:16) How should you approach salary negotiations? Enjoy!
May 26, 2021
Improving your career with Dr. Nicole Tschierske (intoactioncoaching)
Today we’re speaking with Dr. Nicole Tschierske. Nicole is a Scientist and Positive Psychology Coach. She helps her clients, often women in the STEM fields, strategically turn their career frustrations into career opportunities and a renewed love for their work. * Website: * LinkedIn: * Masterclass: Topics discussed: (01:50) Intro to Nicole (07:45) When should you leave your job, and when should you stay? (13:20) How do you find new and exciting challenges at work? (20:40) How do you communicate effectively at work? (33:45) How do you find happiness at work? (40:07) How do you deal with impostor syndrome?
May 11, 2021
Discussing DBR and tech hiring with Sophie Power (DBR community admin)
Our guest today is Sophie Power, an experienced internal tech recruiter. She’s also a community admin for DBR. DBR is a community with close to 7000 in-house talent professionals all over the world. Topics discussed: (02:06) Sophie intro (04:22) Communities and recruiters (11:10) The beginnings of DBR (16:12) Life as a DBR admin (21:08) How DBR helps recruiters (38:50) Tech hiring during the pandemic (46:37) The tech market in Q4-1
May 05, 2021
Inclusive workplaces with Kaylee Parkinson (Papercup)
Our guest today is Kaylee Parkinson from Papercup! Kaylee is an experienced people / HR manager with a background in tech / graduate recruitment and a passion for inclusive workplaces. Timestamps (02:16) Intro, transitioning from recruitment to HR (16:00) Inclusive workplaces (31:00) Recruiting diverse talent (41:30) Feedback cultures and introverts
April 14, 2021
Recruiting in Australia and candidate experience with Adam and Max (Infogrid)
Hello everyone! We have two guests today - Adam Garner and Max Encke from the tech company Infogrid. Both of them are experts in the internal recruitment and people space. They're here to share with us how they started their recruitment career in Australia and their approach to candidate experience. They're also looking for a tech and a commercial recruiter! Feel free to contact them for more info. Timestamps: (02:00) intro to Adam, Max, moving to Sydney (14:34) differences in recruitment between Sydney and London (26:30) high’s and lows of recruiting in Sydney (38:37) candidate experience and using data (53:00) differences between contract/perm and consulting/in-house Enjoy!
April 07, 2021
The candidate journey with Farrah Ather (ex-Sky, LoveHolidays)
Our guest today is Farrah Ather (Sky, LoveHolidays, Upfield) Farrah started her career in top agency recruitment companies before moving in-house. She’s worked as a contractor at Loveholidays, Upfield, and Sky. Farrah shares with us her experience as an agency and in-house recruiter, tips on improving the candidate journey and job search strategies for recruiters on today's episode of the Coffee with a Recruiter podcast. Timestamps: (01:23) Intro to Farrah (09:40) differences between agency/ in-house / HR (24:30) improving the candidate journey (37:10) job search strategies for recruiters (48:20) life as a contractor and the next step in Farrah's career
March 30, 2021
Onboarding, career roadmaps and well-being with Will Beaton (MyTutor)
Will Beaton is a talented people expert and is the Head of People at MyTutor. He’s here to discuss his career trajectory and his approach to implementing people initiatives at his company from scratch. Will's profile: People stories: Timestamps: (02:23) becoming Head of People (11:25) creating a people strategy (15:05) acquiring relevant skills and knowledge (24:00) creating a good remote onboarding initiative (36:00) Your first career progression plan (45:45) Starting a diversity and well-being initiative
March 23, 2021
All things people with Monika Ciezarek (Patchwork)
We’re continuing with our people focus this quarter with our guest Monika Ciezarek, the people and culture manager at Patchwork. Monika has seen talent acquisition from all angles; she’s been an agency recruiter; she then moved in-house and is skilled in all things people strategy and culture. Timestamps: (01:55) Intro to Monika's career, agency to in-house and her notion page (13:17) difference between people, culture and HR job titles (22:29) do you need CIPD qualifications? (33:23) what are the best and toughest aspects of being a people person? (45:53) accountability and influencing stakeholders Links:
February 25, 2021
People and culture with Hannah Keal (Unleashed)
Joining me today is Hannah Keal, the managing partner of Unleashed. Unleashed is a company that works with early-stage start-ups and scale-ups to create and implement projects in People Strategy, Operations, Infrastructure and Culture. Hannah joins me to discuss all things people-related on the coffee with a recruiter podcast. Timestamps: (04:30) having an on-site consultancy, difference between HR-People  (10:40) Improving mental health (22:50) Employer branding for startups (35:00) creating interview processes (42:10) performance evaluation frameworks and benefits Other links: Enjoy! 
February 02, 2021
New year's resolutions and survivorship bias
In this episode I talk about what I did during the holidays, some goal-setting tips you can use when setting new year's resolutions and how to use the concept of "survivorship bias" in recruitment. Enjoy! Some interesting links:
January 14, 2021
Mental health insights with Daisy Doardo
Daisy is a mental health advocate, public speaker and blogger. She's passionate about ending the stigma of mental health, and today she shares with us her experiences and insights on this subject: (2:00) intro to Daisy, what colleagues/the workplace can do to support mental health (15:05) overcoming anxiety through yoga, meditation (27:00) having a positive mindset during a job search (34:55) setting direction in your life and developing motivation (42:30) pro’s and cons of social media For more info on Daisy:
January 05, 2021
Discussing recruitment with an engineering manager - Gergely Orosz
Gergely Orosz  (ex-Uber, Skyscanner) is an engineering manager, blogger and author. In this podcast episode, we talk about tech recruitment, career progression, managing teams and his book “The tech resume, inside out”. His book is full of actionable advice on how to write a good tech resume for developer or manager positions. Hope you enjoy!  Links to Gergely's profile:
November 26, 2020
The best way to interview candidates, according to science
I wanted to talk about something I’m very passionate about, and that’s the science of interviewing candidates. Yes, there’s actual science, with actual scientists and academics, researching this stuff! I'll talk about structured interviews, unstructured interviews, their scientific backgrounds,  their effectiveness and how to use them.  Books/publications used: Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic - The Talent Delusion Huffcutt / Roth - Racial group differences in employment interview evaluations Kutcher / Bragger / Morgan - The Effects of the Structured Interview on Reducing Biases Against Pregnant Job Applicants Kutcher / Bragger - The Structured Interview: Reducing Biases Toward Job Applicants with Physical Disabilities Heimann/Kleinmann - Tell us about your leadership style: A structured interview approach for assessing leadership behavior constructs
November 12, 2020
Redundancy and finding a new role
In this episode, I discuss my start in recruitment, being made redundant in July 2020 and how I found a new role (or how the role found me perhaps?).  I go in-depth my experiences at my previous company, my thinking process during the pandemic, my job search, the discussions during the interview process with my current company, and what I'm currently working on.
October 27, 2020
Recruiting at a big tech company - anonymous guest!
"Chloe" is a lead recruiter at a big tech company. Her company is one of the most dominant players in the IT industry How do you set hiring strategies in big tech companies? What’s the best way of managing a team of 10 recruiters? How do you analyse recruitment metrics in order to improve processes? We’ll discuss this and much more, on the Coffee with a Recruiter podcast (13:00) creating hiring strategies (20:30) leading (remote) sourcing teams (32:00) coaching recruiters (39:40) engaging with stakeholders, using data
October 14, 2020
State of the internal recruitment market with Peter Miller - Hawkwood
Our guest this week is Peter Miller from Hawkwood. Peter recruits HR and internal recruiters into media and tech companies in London. The internal recruitment market has undergone quite a shakeup over the last few months, and I wanted to bring you some clarity as to the status of the market we work in. Peter's domain experience is unmatched, and he’s here to tell us all we need to know to make the right career move. (1:40) intro to Peter, Hawkwood (5:30) status of the internal recruitment market (16:20) top skills that employers look for (33:15) tips on improving your job search (43:20) salary expectations (49:10) future of the market, roles Pete is working on
October 07, 2020
Four insights on building rapport with candidates
It’s essential to build good relationships with candidates, but should we do that by asking them what their hobbies are? Or what their weaknesses are, or why they want to join our company? I don’t think we should; some discussions that aim to build relationships in our social lives bring unexpected problems to our interview processes. What are these problems, and what should we say if we still want to build rapport with a candidate? We'll look at why some questions cause harm, the power of mirroring, showing curiosity and simplicity in writing. Here I draw insights from the following articles/books: Tomas Chamorro Premuzic - Why do so many incompetent men become leaders?; Chris Voss - Never split the difference;; William Zinsser - On writing well; Enjoy!
September 30, 2020
Improving referral programmes with Nasser from Intrro
Intrro is a London-based HR startup. Their referral platform uses machine learning to help companies scan employees' professional networks to identify talented contacts and get more referrals. Nasser Oudjidane is the co-founder and CEO of Intrro. He is an expert in referrals, and I sat down with him to get his perspective on what the ideal referral programme looks like. Timestamps:  (1:20) What Intrro does, using data science (6:30) What does a good referral programme look like? / Referral cultures (12:00) What types of incentives should you offer? (17:15) Optimizing for outreach, getting buy-in (25:30) Candidate experience (28:40) Creating records (30:30) Keeping referrals diverse (35:20) Common mistakes when creating referral programmes (42:00) What's next for Intrro?
September 22, 2020
How to recruit designers with Mark Hothi
Mark Hothi (Deliveroo, Publicis Sapient) is a design recruiter with over 15 years’ experience. He’s here to share with us the basics of recruiting designers. How do you work best with a hiring manager? What are the basic principles of design? What are the different types of design roles out there? We’ll discuss this and much more on Coffee with a Recruiter. (1:25) Intro to Mark, agency to in-house.  (11:05) The basics of design recruitment. (22:10) Understanding portfolios. (29:40) Contractors, product designer deep dive. (40:00) Similarities between design and recruitment, recent movies we've watched.
September 15, 2020
Tips and insights on staying motivated
Hello everyone, and welcome to the coffee with a Recruiter podcast. Today I discuss tips on staying motivated professionally. I draw most of these insights from the book Drive: the surprising truth about what motivates us, written by Daniel Pink. I'll look at intrinsic vs external motivations, and how you can develop your own intrinsic motivations. Also, I launched a website! I'll be publishing weekly blogs there and I'm thinking of launching a weekly newsletter, perhaps in October/November. Enjoy!
September 07, 2020
Leading teams with Paul - Bazaarvoice
Paul Abercrombie is the Global Head of Talent at Bazaarvoice. Paul discusses his approach to recruitment, managing teams and much more on Coffee with a Recruiter (apologies for the muffled sound in the first 3 minutes). TIMESTAMPS: (5:03) Career history (16:16) Joining BazaarVoice, advice to agency recs (26:45) Managing teams and goal-setting (34:45) Referral programmes, staying motivated (47:15) company values and employer branding
August 31, 2020
Russell Ayles - Job Search Coach on Both Sides of the Desk
Russell is a former recruiter (Asos, General Pants), job search coach and HR professional. He helps candidates improve their CV, LinkedIn, Telephone / Video / and In Person Interview. He's an industry veteran with 15 years' experience in the creative, digital and retail space. Today we focused on how recruiters can better improve their job search, but the tips are also applicable to any jobseeker. Topics include the current state of the job market, how to best set up your CV, prepare for interviews, the #opentowork LinkedIn ribbon, ATS system myths and much more.
August 17, 2020
Placing a Head of People with April from Candid - MTP series #2
April Georgia Williams is an ex-recruiter, HR professional, podcaster, and events specialist. She focuses on Diversity and Inclusion, Employer Branding and Training/Workshops. Her podcast, "Candid Conversations", brings HR experts together in order for them to talk transparently about trending topics in our society. In this episode she discusses her podcast, how companies can communicate properly during a redundancy process, and how she overcame tricky managers and rejected offers when filling her toughest role - a Head of People.
August 12, 2020
Placing a CSO with Therese from NOTICE - MTP series #1
Welcome to our first episode of “My Toughest Placement”, a Coffee with a Recruiter series where I ask recruiters “what’s the toughest role you’ve had to fill?”   Our first guest is Marie Therese Nissen, the founder of NOTICE. She is a former colleague, and one of the best executive search headhunters I’ve ever met.   NOTICE is a fast-paced and boutique international search company.  She focuses on the SME space,  C-level roles, digitalisation and technology.  We sit down and discuss her toughest assignment yet - a Chief Sales Officer role in London for a tech-startup. What were the challenges? How did she overcome them? Let’s find out!   Marie Therese Nissen - NOTICE
August 04, 2020
Recruiting for high-volume roles with Rikke from Tempo
Tempo is a hiring platform that helps companies hire for non-tech, high-volume roles such as sales, PAs, customer support, admin and much more. What are the recruitment problems that Tempo is solving? How does it make the recruitment process better for both candidates and recruiters? I had the chance to speak with Rikke Mikkelsen, Tempo’s head of marketing, to find out more. Timestamps:  (02:10) How Tempo started and how it works (11:50) Types of candidates on Tempo, improving candidate experience (19:00) Tempo compared to other recruitment platforms (24:00) Hiring managers and recruitment (33:00) balancing fast processes with quality hires
July 28, 2020
Job search tips with Dominic Joyce - CVupgrade
When Dominic Joyce is not leading recruitment efforts in the banking sector, he’s running - a career coaching service that helps candidates with improving their CVs, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and interview skills. Dom has run CVupgrade for over 2 years, has helped more than 300 clients, and gathered tons of positive feedback. How did CVupgrade start? How can candidates improve their CVs and LinkedIn? What are the do’s and don’ts of CV writing? Dom breaks all of this down and more utilising tons of funny examples in this episode of Coffee with a Recruiter Timestamps: (5:20) Dom intro (9:10) switching from agency to inhouse (13:20) starting CVupgrade, how hiring managers read CVs (20:50) guidelines when writing a good CV (34:50) difference between LinkedIn and a CV (40:40) most memorable candidate he's helped! (48:30) preparing for interviews
July 21, 2020
Engaging managers with Gareth - Checkout
Gareth Pratten is a Talent Acquisition Lead at, but a better way of describing him is as a Talent "Business Partner": Gareth's key skills lie in truly partnering with hiring managers in order to understand their needs, strategising with his team and hiring the best people. What's Gareth's approach to engaging stakeholders? How did his transition go from agency to inhouse? And what's it like being a team lead? Find out about this and more in this episode of Coffee with a Recruiter. (1:45) Gareth intro (6:30) difference between in-house and agency (18:00) key discussion - how to truly partner up with hiring managers (32:50) being a team lead, giving feedback (43:40) being data-driven
July 15, 2020
Recruiting as a contractor with Kim Goddard
Kim Goddard is a former Facebook recruiter who has worked as a contractor for the past 3 years. What's life like as a recruitment contractor? What are the differences between contracting and a permanent role? What are the challenges and lessons of being a contractor? We’ll answer this and more with Kim on Coffee with a Recruiter. Kim’s profile: Timestamps (3:20) Joining Facebook, travelling Asia (8:50) how to recruit tech and product managers, becoming a contractor (16:35) difference between being a contractor vs permanent (21:50) biggest challenge and win as a contractor (33:20) Using different recruitment tools (43:55) writing the “perfect” reach out to candidates (47:45) what would make you go perm?
July 11, 2020
Tips on single-tasking and prioritising better
Hello everyone, We're back with another productivity episode here on Coffee with a Recruiter.  We'll be looking at 3 productivity tips: what single-tasking is and why you should avoid multitasking, how to prioritise better with the Eisenhower Matrix, and how to write down SMART goals. If you're enjoying these episodes then please subscribe / follow. Thanks again!
July 07, 2020
Recruitment coffee catch-up #1
New episode format! Here I discuss recent recruitment news and general thoughts on recruitment-related topics.  Timestamps: (1:17) Status of the podcast (5:30) Tempo UK - the recruitment platform (9:25) Getting "hate" and love on Reddit (18:07) Brewdog's comments on recruitment (27:00) Rebel Ideas and the sports documentary "The Last Dance" (34:55) How recruiting Dennis Rodman improved the Bulls Hope you enjoy!
July 02, 2020
How to give better advice to hiring managers - 6 tips
The role of recruiters is changing! It's not enough anymore to just send CVs and book in interviews. We need to be “hiring advisors” to stakeholders. Bringing in not just candidates, but also important recruitment insights in order for hiring managers to make informed hiring decisions (competitor analysis, salary benchmarks, employer brand comparisons for example). In this podcast episode, I discuss what this professional change is, the use of market mapping, along with 3 guidelines to follow and 3 challenges to watch out for when advising hiring managers. Time stamps: (1:11) three guidelines (9:00) three challenges to watch out for Hope you enjoy!
June 29, 2020
Employer branding with Megan Newberry
Employer branding is one of the key aspects of recruitment that companies most often need in order to attract the right talent and lower their cost per hire.  But what exactly is employer branding? Here with us is Megan Newberry -  She's a talented internal recruiter with experience in employer branding (corporate, construction, medical sectors).  Some timestamps: (1:30) - intro to Megan (8:00) defining employer branding  (16:48) what tools to use (28:00) starting in employer branding (39:00) long term EB investments  Hope you enjoy!
June 22, 2020
Preparing candidates for interviews with Andrew Mischefski
In our current job-hunting landscape, being prepared for interviews is essential. Andrew Mischefski, a talented internal recruiter, joins me in discussing how candidates and recruiters can best prepare in order to be successful when interviewing. We discussed various areas such as techniques to best answer interview questions, dealing with interview pressure, what documents we should send candidates, and how to answer the dreaded “salary expectations” question. Andrew’s LinkedIn: Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to like / subscribe / follow!
June 15, 2020
How can recruiters be more productive?
I think most of us have had a few agency managers telling us to just dial more numbers and stay longer on the phone in order to hit your recruitment targets and be more productive.  I feel this approach is not the best because I've seen it cause more harm than good to recruitment processes, and it ignores some of the more complex aspects of recruitment (for example stakeholder management, employer branding and much more). Instead of telling you to dial more numbers, I wanted to outline 3 very flexible methods that (internal) recruiters can use boost their productivity in this episode of Coffee with a Recruiter. We'll also mention some cool resources you can use near the end if you're interested in this topic. Hope you enjoy!
June 08, 2020
How to add more value as an internal recruiter
What can you do outside of just sending more CVs to your hiring manager? In this episode, we take a look at how internal recruiters can improve their recruitment processes in a number of ways. We'll take a look at how to cover "the basics", how we can improve our recruitment process, our sources of hire and we'll take a quick look at "market mapping". Hope you enjoy this episode!
May 31, 2020
Coffee with a Recruiter is a podcast dedicated to helping hiring managers and (internal) recruiters with top insights in order for them to hire the best people. Our content will include 121 discussions with talented recruiters, discussions about what skills we can learn to improve our recruitment processes, how to attract top talent and much more. My name is Jose Marchena. I'm a London-based recruiter with experience recruiting for tech startups, enterprise and a passion for spreading ideas. Feel free to drop me a line at
May 30, 2020