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Coffee with Curtis

Coffee with Curtis

By Robert Curtis
You are listening to Coffee with Curtis and I am Robert Curtis your host and CEO of Pipe Global. Welcome to the show. Coffee with Curtis is a weekly podcast where you will be able to tune in to my conversations with business leaders sharing their journey and experiences to give you insights to impact your own business. So grab a coffee and enjoy the show.
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Robert Rothbart - Building a winning mindset and developing your own high performance
Robert is joined by professional basketball player and high performance coach Robert Rothbart. In a wide ranging conversation the two Robert's discuss his successful sports career, the keys to cultivating a winning mindset in your life, building your life around your own talents and what you love to do as well as personal development strategies in partnering with a high performance coach. They also discuss the current issues around politics and social justice playing a role in sport and business and the impact that has on brand and bottom line.
June 23, 2021
Ben Morrison, CEO of Ben Morrison Consulting - Unlocking your fundraising potential
Robert is joined by Ben Morrison, CEO of Ben Morrison Consulting, a firm that specializes in working with charities and not for profits to power their fundraising strategies to raise more money for their organizations. Ben shares ideas for donation strategies, why working for and with charities is so rewarding and how the pay gap should narrow for those interested NFP's as a career choice. We also discuss the "sales and marketing" techniques required to deliver branding, messaging and fundraising strategies for strategies and the parallels with the business world. 
June 2, 2021
Deb Coviello - The Drop in CEO
Robert is joined by Deb Coviello, CEO of Illumination Partners and host of the successful 'The Drop in CEO Podcast'. Deb discusses her own career journey from corporate America to entrepreneurialism and how you can reinvent yourself for success. She also shares her own strategies and methodologies when working with business leaders to get to the root of the issues in their own organizations and find solutions to deliver transformation. We also chat about the impact of her podcast on her work as well as some stellar advice on navigating purpose in your company. 
May 19, 2021
Lirone Glikman - Business Development with 'The 'Human Factor'
Lirone Glikman is CEO of The Human Factor by Lirone Glikman, a consulting firm working with companies around the world on their business development strategies. Lirone shares her story with us from 16 year old radio host to becoming a founder of a business that combines her passion for people, marketing, ideas and innovation. Lirone discusses her upbringing, period as an Israeli army spokesperson and what drives her in the world of business today as well as her role focusing on sustainability for the United Nations. 
May 5, 2021
Eli Spitalnik - A spark of awesomeness!
Ilya (Eli) Spitalnik is the CEO of Powtoon, the world's leading animation software. Eli joins me on this episode to discuss the psychology of communication, how communication can be most effectively delivered, the future of work, artificial intelligence and an insight into his rocketship company that powers presentations for over 40 million users around the world. Eli is a special leader and he shares his leadership philosophy with us too. 
April 28, 2021
Alan Azi Cutter - The Recruiter
Alan or Azi Cutter as he likes to go by is the CEO entrepreneur of AC Lion International, a powerhouse recruitment firm specializing in tech company hires across functions. His firm was named a Forbes Best Recruiting Company in America four years in a row and they have placed thousands of people since being founded over 20 years ago. In addition Alan is an investor in tech through his AC Lion Venture Partners vehicle focusing on disruptive technologies for the talent acquisition market. We chat about a wide range of topics from the recruiting sectors changes over the years, where the innovation is coming from in the sector, how to navigate inclusion and diversity and the future of work and a whole lot more.
April 21, 2021
Gemma Claire - Serial Entrepreneur & Business Commentator
Gemma Claire is a non-executive director, chair and serial entrepreneur having led and founded multiple businesses. A former boardroom adviser to Arnold Schwarzenegger on The Apprentice, Gemma is also the business expert on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, contributor on a range of news channels as well as an ambassador for the charity Surviving Economic Abuse. She also advises the UK Government, most recently on its 10-year strategy to improve the nation’s financial wellbeing. On this episode of 'Coffee with Curtis', Gemma and I discuss her inspiring career, how to be a media personality for your sector, gender pay equality, the future of work and what the modern business leader looks like in today's world. 
April 6, 2021
Meet the ghost writer to 70 people and Head of Thought Leadership at Appsflyer, Jonathan Raveh
Jonathan Raveh is the Head of Thought Leadership at the rocketship Israeli tech unicorn, Appsflyer. He is charged with driving the company strategy for demand generation and thought leadership. In his role, Jonathan is also the voice for over 70 Appsflyer employees, crafting messages and written content mainly for LinkedIn to showcase the company from a range of perspectives including technology, sales, marketing, people and more. He shares how he is able to curate his content at this scale, explains what is thought leadership and who can do it and some tips on compiling the perfect posts for social media. 
January 26, 2021
Why university is still relevant with global ed-tech entrepreneur Mat Jacobson
Mat Jacobson is the CEO of Ducere Global Business School and a leading ed-tech entrepreneur who is disrupting the higher education landscape to deliver outcomes based learning and degrees with no more exams and full online learning delivered by some of the biggest names in business and leadership. Mat shares his insights on the future of education, why universities are still relevant, enabling educational access for all regardless of status and much more. 
January 14, 2021
The importance of personal branding with Amelia Sordell, CEO of Klowt
Amelia Sordell is the CEO of personal branding agency, Klowt that burst onto the scene in 2020. In this episode, Amelia shares her experiences of how to use human-centered marketing to acheive impactful business outcomes, what is personal branding and why it is so important in the post-social media era. Amelia discusses the power of platforms like LinkedIn where she has achieved incredible results not only for herself but for her clients this year. She also gives her top tips for developing your own personal branding immediately and how one of her recent posts got over one million views. So much value in this end of year episode. 
December 24, 2020
The man who sent the most famous email in history, Rob Goldstone, Publicist and Podcaster
Rob Goldstone is a journalist, publicist, and podcaster who has represented some of the biggest names in the world like Richard Branson and Michael Jackson. He has created some of the best moments for named brands and individuals over his career. He was thrown into the limelight himself when a 137 word email he sent to the Trump organization and subsequent meeting with then candidate Donald J Trump created the storm that would be known as Russia-gate and dominate much of the Trump administration's narrative over the past four years. Rob discusses his experiences with these household names, views on how to become the greatest showman in your business, managing PR around a crisis and insights on the media opportunities in today's world. 
December 9, 2020
Learn to ‘JUST PRESS RECORD’ and get posting marketing videos for your brand with Sivan Felder, Video Marketing Expert
Sivan Felder is the co-founder of Two Heads, leaders in video marketing production for B2B companies. Sivan is the master of showing the world just how easy it is to craft your own marketing videos so you can drive awareness and leads to your business whilst being authentic when recording light goes red.  In this episode, Sivan shares her insights on how to overcome the psychological barriers to getting on screen, the best way to make those first steps and for those already comfortable what to do to enhance your production.  In her own words, listen in so you can learn to ‘JUST PRESS RECORD’. 
November 19, 2020
Why your business needs social purpose to power commercial success and societal change with expert Debra Sobell
Debra Sobell is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Verity London, a purpose driven strategic communications agency, helping brands develop and communicate their 'Social Purpose' to drive positive commercial and societal change. In a fascinating episode, Debra shares with us the reasons why every company needs to weave a purpose driven approach into their strategy, where to start with that process and what is the impact can be for your bottom line. 
November 5, 2020
Communications advice from a self-confessed political hack and award winning PR expert, Dan Cohen
Dan Cohen is a veteran public relations, political  communications and media strategist. His work in the mid-1990′s at General Mills was recognized by the Wall Street Journal as being on the forefront of leveraging brands to greater PR success. Today Dan is the Principal of Full Court Press Communications guiding clients in the third sector (such as child healthcare insurance) and the political arena, managing comms for Democratic candidates from Mayoral to Congressional races.  Dan shares his PR and communications insights and golden nuggets on Episode 4 of Coffee with Curtis.
October 29, 2020
Shoulder pads, the Entrepreneurial Operating System & expert advice for digital marketing agencies with Clodagh Higgins.
Clodagh Higgins is a successful business mentor, performance coach, expert consultant to hundreds of digital marketing agencies around the world and top rated podcaster. She shares her career journey, how to build methodology when setting goals and great advice for agency owners on how to grow their business. Clodagh also tells us how podcasting has impacted her professional life. 
October 22, 2020
Slack, sales and being a 'princess warrior' with Sage Ray
Sage Ray from Slack is my guest on Episode 2 of Coffee with Curtis. Based in Australia, Sage talks about how she 'fell into' a career in sales and thrived and why more women should enter the sales vertical. Plus, as a leading sales executive for Slack, Sage shares insights on the impact that Slack is making on the future of work and how to communicate, collaborate and build culture in a remote working world. 
October 15, 2020
How to get your message across loud and clear with Helen Gottstein
My conversation with Helen Gottstein, CEO of Loud & Clear Communication takes us on a journey on how best to present yourself, your story and your business. The power of presentation is even more important in today's world of Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Listen to Helen to learn how to bring your best presenting self to business. We cover all this and more in the first episode of 'Coffee with Curtis'. 
October 7, 2020