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Coffee with Shantel

Coffee with Shantel

By She Laughs
Hello their , Here you’ll find chats with friends and myself chatting to you . My heart is to connect with you, your heart and your journey ,to learn , grow together to encourage you, inspire you, uplift you through Jesus + coffee along with great conversations. I’m all about sharing my heart and Jesus with the world one cup of coffee at a time .
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S1E1: Spiritual Seasons

Coffee with Shantel

S1E1: Spiritual Seasons

Coffee with Shantel

S3E5: The God who Sees
Hey friends . Hope you’re having a blessed day join me today as I share my heart as we take a walk through the glimpse of Hagar and her story how she’s not forgotten she’s seen by the God who sees her ! in her despair God shows up his faithfulness always stands be encouraged today
July 22, 2020
S3E4 Gods faithfulness
Hey their! Welcome thanks for tuning in , today chat is about Gods faithfulness , His promises still stand , He is always Faithful . Keep asking and believing God , don’t give up the process to your promise is comming ! Glory to God
July 20, 2020
S3E3: provision and faithfulness
Hey friends welcome ! Come listen hang out today sharing my heart on Gods provision and His faithfulness
June 18, 2020
S3E2: spiritual gifts
Hey y’all come listen to some chatting about spiritual gifts me , giving some teaching and encouraging on spiritual gifts , to my bible study group on Facebook
June 18, 2020
S3E1: Motherhood + Jesus
So what does motherhood and Jesus look like for us in our current seasons of life ? , how do we start our mornings with Jesus ? Are we starting them with Jesus? and how do we do that as moms
February 5, 2020
S2E2: bloom where your planted
Hello their! Today’s a little chat about blooming where we’re at in life , where God has us , how do we bloom where We’re planted ? Embracing where God has us and being real , growing , flourishing some encouraging words.
February 12, 2019
S2E1: embrace ourselves
Hello their, we are enough we are more than conquers, .. let’s be honest at times it’s hard to believe this , but through Jesus we are ! Let’s embrace ourselves and become the us He created us to be
February 5, 2019
S1E8: in a mood lately
Hello their so today’s chat is where I’ve been lately , in a mood a anger funk and how Gods word is always in time His tug always brings us back , some great scriptures to mediate on and what happens when we invite him in our mess
December 10, 2018
S1E7: friendships , well watered or dry
Let’s chat today , what kind of friend are we , friendships and being a well watered women bs a dry women learning seasons.
November 15, 2018
S1E5: let’s chat , let’s fellowship
Hello their , today I wanted to sit with y’all and chat justbhave some fellowship , and share a little about where I’ve been and what’s on my heart about psalms 51.
November 4, 2018
S1E4: abiding , encouraging word
An encouraging word for us all from my heart to yours.
October 15, 2018
S1E3: at the ballpark
Come chat with me , while at my sons ball practice , have some fellowship as I share what this baseball season is teaching me . Patience , grace , be still , preparing , listing not just hearing .
October 9, 2018
S1E2: Grace and truth
What does have and truth look like for you ? How do you embrace situations more n the graceful side or truth side
October 6, 2018
S1E1: Spiritual Seasons
We’re all in different seasons in our journey , what’s seasons all about , Where any why God
October 6, 2018