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The Cofree Coffee Cast

The Cofree Coffee Cast

By Sandy Maguire
Host Sandy Maguire gets to know members of the functional programming community.
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Solomon Bothwell

The Cofree Coffee Cast

Shae Erisson
In which Shae discusses the power of names, doing things that need to be done, organizing EuroHaskell, putting together the Monad Reader, where to get permission to build cool things, and the importance of ignorance.
March 01, 2022
Reed Mullanix
In which Reed discusses truth, proof assistants, getting good at math, category theory, inductive types, how to learn, the importance of community, and epistemic humility.
February 07, 2022
Solomon Bothwell
In which Solomon Bothwell discusses starting a radio station, building collaborative communities, pair programming, building a functional chat bot, the meaning of utopia, a new residency program, the Curry-Howard isomorphism, and renegotiating your place in society. You can get in touch about Solomon's residency program here.
January 30, 2022
Jonathan Lorimer
In which Jonathan Lorimer discusses getting into programming as an adult, hiring a programming coach, building communities, mentorship, data vs codata, the use of philosophy in the modern world, and the importance of taking yourself seriously.
January 16, 2022