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 Training For Healthcare & Related Professionals

Training For Healthcare & Related Professionals FINDING YOUR VOICE & CONFIDENCE

By COGUK training Communication skills
Find you voice as a professional at undergraduate or postgraduate levels.
Great to help your future professional growth confidence in communicating.
Ideal for all Allied Health Professionals and anyone looking to evolve and strengthen their role in Health and wellbeing promotion and education by finding their voice!
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Patient leading on their health Sharing the facts and feelings.
Preparing to be open minded and help a health professional get the facts and then assess you from their own perspective to hopefully find a new way forward for you and health make short notes if needed to refer to, what has worked or not worked and what you would really like from this appointment. What needs to change to make a new way forward?
August 29, 2021
Leadership growth is about giving and receiving feedback
Being a health professional means work can be so busy at times. Taking time out to review is key to growth and progression. Receiving feedback is useful and a good benchmark on what needs work. Providing others with feedback is equally useful for the feedback giver. Being in the receiving end of how it feels is important and is developmental too. Seeking honest and candid feedback from a critical friend who is on your side but willing to challenge is vital to make it all a worthwhile process.
July 28, 2020
Challenging comfort with candour as a leadership skill for health care professionals
The balance between being challenging and making people feel uncomfortable is a fine line. Teams get used to working a certain way. Perhaps too comfortable or too dangerous. Either way that can lead to stagnation and no change. As a leader candour when positioned well can help people develop and grow and progress. Health care delivery depends a growth mindset or it becomes a risk to everyone.
July 28, 2020
Leadership in Health care through story telling examples of your journey
Taking colleagues on a journey with you can create a bond and communicate values that go way beyond the subject matter of a lecture or workshop. Who you really are, what you have learned along the way and how you have grown is key in gaining a following. Be real and open and tell your story to become a stronger leader in health care and inspire others.
July 28, 2020
Systems thinking for health care professionals looking at complex issues
12 rules to keep on top of complex issues by pulling together streams of information and allow things to co cerge rather than get out of hand. In health care there are so many silos and border lines of responsibility that allow small bits of vital information to be lost that inform and help the "system" work. Patients and colleagues all depend on the detail as well as big picture thinking. Complex issues become more complex when loose ends are lost and levels of responsibility get blurred.
July 28, 2020
Interprofessional inclusive leadership style for better collaboration
Balancing traits provides a chance to bring friend a great leadership style for collaboration especially when empathy and connection mixed with a modest and welcoming personality. Communities and colleagues and our patients need this inclusive understanding to feel safe to contribute and be heard.
July 21, 2020
Social media for Healthcare professionals working inter-professionally
What can we learn from social media ? How can it inform health care professionals as well as adding value to posts by others. Transforming health messaging and motivational positive messaging. Working inter-professionally is now vital to help patients navigate their care and offer options that help them achieve the best outcome they can. Shortening the patient journey helps save money but more importantly saves a patient suffering more than necessary. Patients reaching a dead end due to poor interprofessional working leaves them helpless and lost. This cannot be allowed to happen.
July 16, 2020
Planning presentations for an interprofessional health care audiences
What do your audience want from their time spent with you? A clear takeaway message? Knowing your limits....and hearing questions and answering them or even returning the questions to gain clarity.
July 16, 2020
Leadership skills applied to working and learning inter-professionally for health care professionals
Sharing and learning with others is a key to development and taking your health professional leadership role forwards. Challenging others and asking questions whilst making others feel comfortable and open is also a key skill beyond the facts and knowledge being imparted.
July 16, 2020
Health Care Professionals skills in interprofessional Leadership help your clinical skills too!
Example of assessing Sciatica and communication with your patient. Nice Guidelines informed process and management is incorporated into this approach. Adapting tests and applying knowledge with and evidence base is Leadership at the heart of health professionals care delivery. Expressing what you do and more importantly think is key to working inter-professionally and and making a greater impact on patient wellbeing and progress. Silos of care reduce options for patients and ultimately could impact adversely on their care pathways.
July 16, 2020
Making the most of Personality types. Health Care Professionals interprofessional Leadership skills
A mix of personality types brings different qualities to a team of health professionals. Personalities can clash or be put to good use depending on how people are managed and valued. Making use of these traits can produce better overall outcomes by playing to peoples strengths. Interprofessional working means this area of leadership personality has to also overcome barriers as well as silos of professional style.
July 15, 2020
What does Good Coaching look like for Health Care Professionals & interprofessional working ?
Coaching for health professionals can be even more useful when your coach has experience working in the healthcare field. Sharing experiences and acting as a role model is useful to provide real life examples and share challenges that were pivotal in developing the coach. Challenges occur in differing and similar ways between professionals and professions. Avoiding silos is key.
July 15, 2020
Health Care Professionals exploring Coaching or mentoring. What might suit your needs 2020?
What process would help you develop most effectively in your health professional leadership journey? How does coaching vary from mentoring ? Why is reflection time so important? Guidance or a sounding board ? Coaching and mentoring can be mixed in differing ways to suit the individual. Covid19 2020 has made a huge difference to the need for interprofessional working and collaboration. Upping your communication and leadership skills has become key to reaching the community and delivering even more engaged healthcare that so many need.
July 15, 2020
Finding YOUR Health Care inter-professional voice. Now more than ever!
We explore the steps from mission to vision and the SWOT analysis process to developing your interview questions for your first video or podcast. Reaching the community with confidence and sharing your knowledge and sense of purpose. Knowing self is the most effective way to work inter-professionally and have an open minded approach to learn from others work and experience. Less barriers and more forward momentum
July 14, 2020