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Coin Vigilante Podcast

Coin Vigilante Podcast

By Coin Vigilante
Our goal is simple: bring Bitcoin to the masses, and help people like you and me understand and learn the complicated world of crypto, business, and finance. We have a current monetary system that for far too long has favored Wall Street over Main Street, and for once, we have the opportunity to escape this rigged system of irresponsible fiscal and monetary policy - that opportunity is Bitcoin.
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#11 - Charlie Lee on Bitcoin and Litecoin as a Store of Value
Charlie Lee is the creator of Litecoin and has been continuously working to spread its adoption through the Litecoin Foundation. Litecoin is one of the most popular coins ever since its inception and has remained in the top 10 crypto ranking position throughout its existence. Its reputation as a store of value and a fast and secure medium of exchange has only strengthened as PayPal has integrated Litecoin into its platform. In this video you'll hear us talk about Litecoin, Bitcoin, the future of money, the current irresponsible printing of fiat, Star Wars, and much more. As mentioned in the interview, for the past 40 years our purchasing power has continued to be devalued thanks to the current fiat system we live in. And for the first time, Litecoin and Bitcoin have offered the opportunity to preserve and increase your purchasing power. We also talk about current developments with Litecoin such as: Grayscale (massive institutions) accumulating 1.4 million Litecoin & the MWEB completion bringing fungibility/privacy to Litecoin. I'm telling you right now, you will not want to miss out on listening to one of the biggest figures in crypto.
March 24, 2021
#10 - Wes Levitt on THETA NETWORK & the Importance of Peer to Peer Technologies
Wes Levitt is the Head of Strategy at THETA Labs. THETA has multiple uses including THETA TV where you can stream/create content similar to YouTube, and it also has the THETA Edge node where you can stream and share content in a completely decentralized way. This bring power back to the user and avoids resorting to a a central server like google or big tech companies who store your data. On top of this you can use the Edge node to share bandwidth with other THETA users. In short - THETA is a prominent network allowing users to share content in a peer-to-peer fashion instead of going through a centralized server. In this interview we talk about the evolution of Web 1.0 to 3.0, the importance of decentralized software and the opportunities THETA provides for content creating and sharing. Wes gives some insight on the economy today and the regulatory concerns we could see from the government in the future to come.    You won't want to miss this one!
March 14, 2021
#9 - Hans Koning on DigiByte, Disintermediation & the Economy
Hans Koning is the Chair of the DigiByte Foundation. He explains not only DigiByte, but also offers immense knowledge on the current economy and financial system. The DigiByte Foundation's focus is to ensure there is a low barrier for entrants across the globe looking to join the new peer-to-peer system which gives power back to the people. In this discussion various topics were brought up such as: The current problem in the financial world, hyperinflation, the lack of trust in society being the main driver for decentralization, DigiByte offering the solutions to these problems, the economy, and much more.  Want to jump straight into the main points?  - (4:00) What is DigiByte and what problem does it solve?  - (9:15) Growing community of crypto in Latin America, Africa, Asia due to hyperinflation  - (13:10) Complacency in 1st world countries being the barrier to understanding Bitcoin, DigiByte and the power of decentralization - (18:42) Lack of trust in our society/government/system as the main driver for decentralization and taking out the middleman - (22:24) What does it take for people to understand the current problem with our system?  - (26:22) How to spread the message to the world about the power of crypto/decentralization and and the freedom it brings - (28:58) Printing of trillions, wealth gap, economic disaster, the Federal Reserve saving the stock market at the expense of the purchasing power of the little guy - (33:40) A new Bretton/Blockhain Woods needed to form a new financial structure - (35:30) Will governments accept blockchain and decentralization or fight it? - (37:00) The threat to the business model of central banks - (40:30) Banks becoming custodians of crypto - Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins
March 5, 2021
#8 - Colin Miles on Zilliqa, Democratizing Finance & DeFi
Colin Miles is the Chief Commercial Officer and Co-CEO of Zilliqa - the world's first public blockchain relying on sharding to allow high throughput and many transactions per second. This interview offers down-to-earth explanations on complicated topics in crypto as Colin breaks down in very simple terms what Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is, how tokenization works, and how blockchains and the Internet of Money will co-exist in the future to come. Colin explains how Zilliqa solves the scalability issues that Ethereum is currently experiencing, and we also discuss how Zilliqa along with the crypto industry will democratize finance - giving power to the people.    This is by far one of my favorite interviews. You won't want to miss this!   Follow us on Twiter:  @MrBTCVigilante @SanAxline @CoinVigilante
March 4, 2021
#7 - Tequila and Bitcoin with my Roommate
Two guys, tequila, Bitcoin. In this episode you will hear my roommate's perspective on Bitcoin and why he sees this as the future. It only took me 3 years to convince him to buy Bitcoin, but both of us agree that his recent investment is one he won't regret. You won't want to miss this one. 
February 27, 2021
#6 - Rebecca White on Litecoin Fundamentals
Rebecca White works in the nuclear power plant industry and is an important figure in the Litecoin community. She is particularly passionate about Litecoin and has worked directly with the Litecoin Foundation to expand adoption. In today’s episode we talk about the Litecoin Foundation and its role in the adoption of LTC, MWEB implementation bringing privacy to Litecoin, the importance of Bitcoin and Litecoin in today's economic environment, and why newbies should get in now.
February 12, 2021
#5 - Jon Moore on Understanding Money First to Understand Bitcoin & Litecoin
Jon Moore is an important figure in the Bitcoin and Litecoin community who has continuously worked hard to get widespread adoption of cryptos. His expertise coming from the payments processing industry offers great insight and a different perspective on Bitcoin and decentralization. In today's episode we explain various topics in simple terms - you'll hear us talk about the current problem we have in the fiat system, what's driven him to be so passionate about Litecoin, and how people need to understand money to understand Bitcoin.
February 5, 2021
#4 - The US Failure in Financial Literacy
In this episode I give some quick thoughts of how the US and Americans have failed at financial literacy. The education system has failed at teaching all of us one simple concept: money. Whether it is investing, saving, consuming, or understanding how money is created and controlled today, our current system has failed us and we must take the steps to become fiancially literate.
January 27, 2021
#3 - David Bowie’s 1999 Internet Prediction
In 1999, David Bowie made an incredible prediction about the impact of the Internet in a BBC interview. In this podcast we listen to his six minute prediction that has in fact unfolded and come true. I will also discuss how the Internet has changed our lives when it comes to removing the middleman - focusing on the construction between the provider in the audience.
January 26, 2021
#2 - Talking Bitcoin & Litecoin with Al
Join us in listening to our first guest - Al is a dentist who got into crypto/Bitcoin back in 2017 and has a great understanding of the crypto realm we live in today. In today's episode we discuss Bitcoin in simple terms, Litecoin's bullish case and fundamentals,  and how Bitcoin offers the escape from our current monetary system. We also discuss the problem with money today, and how Bitcoin offers the opportunity to preserve your wealth.
January 21, 2021
Bitcoin, The Escape From the Rigged System
For the past 30 years, our purchasing power has been devalued over and over again thanks to irresponsible and unsustainable monetary and fiscal policy. We are currently experiencing one of the biggest wealth disparities in one of the worst economic crisis, and all of this has been facilitated thanks to the central bankers and governments around the world. In this episode, learn how Bitcoin is offering us the opportunity of a lifetime to exit this rigged system that for far too long has favored Wall Street, not Main Street.
January 16, 2021