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Isaac Arthur - The Future of Smallsats - The Cold Star Project S02E03

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By Jason Kanigan
The Cold Star Project digs into the challenges of scaling fast that tech and Space manufacturing founders encounter. Money does not solve all problems--so what now? Listen in to discover what scaling problems you'll be running into soon, and get a serious advantage in starting to solve them before they run you over!
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The Cold Star Project digs into the challenges of scaling fast that tech and Space manufacturing founders encounter. Money does not solve all problems--so what now? Listen in to discover what scaling problems you'll be running into soon, and get a serious advantage in starting to solve them before they run you over!

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Riccardo Albertoni - Electric Propulsion for Smallsats - Cold Star Project S02E06
Dr. Riccardo Albertoni, head of the electric propulsion program at Airbus and working on the OneWeb constellation, is our guest on the Cold Star Project.   His team was the 2017 & 2019 Winner of the Airbus Defence and Space Award for Excellence, and he lectures on electric propulsion at the Airbus Space Academy.   Dr. Albertoni explains how electric propulsion for satellites works, as well as its role in the market.   While electric propulsion has several advantages, it is not a fit for every type of mission. He explains to host Jason Kanigan that there will continue to be room for conventional combustion propulsion systems.   Dr. Albertoni concludes by sharing his views on what new developments are upcoming in the electric propulsion field.   Cold Star Tech is on a mission to bring automotive-style continuous manufacturing process improvements to smallsat and cubesat commercial operations. In doing so, costs will be lowered; profits will be increased; and most importantly, smallsat mission success rates will be raised.   Talk to Cold Star:
November 18, 2019
Amelia Greig - What Smallsat Projects Are Like For University Students - Cold Star Project S02E05
Dr. Amelia Greig of the University of Texas at El Paso's Center for Space Exploration and Technology Research is on the Cold Star Project to talk about her experience. We're looking into both her own experience as a student and professor, and that of her graduate students in today's programs.   Dr. Greig earned an Australian National University doctorate in plasma physics & electrical propulsion, a Postdoctorate in Plasma Physics at CalTech, and taught aerospace propulsion, space environment and spacecraft thermal control at California Polytechnic State University before moving to the University of Texas.   I wanted to hear from "boots on the ground" about what's going on in academia regarding smallsats. So we cover what kind of courses students are interested in, the hands-on opportunities they're being given in addition to classroom theory, and Dr. Greig's vision for the future.   In addition, she shares her thoughts on what graduate students can and should be doing before and as graduation approaches so they can maximize their job opportunities. Networking done well during this time can pay off strongly into their career.   You can connect with Dr. Greig at    Talk to Cold Star:
November 11, 2019
Rick Fleeter - A Personal History of Smallsats - The Cold Star Project S02E04
Dr. Rick Fleeter, associate adjunct professor at Brown University and visiting lecturer at La Sapienza (Rome), has decades of personal history with small satellites.    “I got started in microspace through amateur radio and AMSAT. In the early 1980s I had the unusual experience of spending evenings building small satellites in a garage in Redondo Beach, CA, paid for essentially with small contributions by the team that was building them, while during the day working at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and then TRW, where it was insisted that without something close to $1 billion there wasn’t much you could do other than paper studies.”   Rick Fleeter was launching smallsats in the 1970s, when they were considered merely a hobby or toys. Since then he has helped change the perception of cubesats to useful tools by leading well designed, cost-minimized projects. As an example, Brown's Space Engineering department built a satellite for just $5000. He has written books, founded the company AeroAstro and the Space Horizons annual conference at Brown.   In this interview, Cold Star Project host Jason Kanigan asks Dr. Rick Fleeter about the smallsat and cubesat field, new developments, frustrations with space, and even company development.   Inquiries for Dr. Fleeter can be emailed to:    Talk to Cold Star:
November 4, 2019
Isaac Arthur - The Future of Smallsats - The Cold Star Project S02E03
Host of the top space educator YouTube channel, Science and Futurism with Isaac Arthur, is on the Cold Star Project and we're talking about the future of smallsats. Isaac Arthur shares his views with host Jason Kanigan on: the potential impact of economies of scale and the sheer number of cubesats about to be put into orbit tracking problems and space debris cleanup possibly resulting from mission failure, end of life, and collisions connectivity improvements leading to SAR (search and rescue) & lifesaving operations the next two or three decades of industry & commercial development of continuous launches to place and replace satellite constellations the future of smallsat technology and "space jobs." Check out Science and Futurism with Isaac Arthur here: Talk to Cold Star:
October 28, 2019
Ron Martinelli - Forensic Criminology & Critical Investigations - Cold Star Project S02E02
Why a forensic criminologist / incident investigator on a Space podcast? Dr. Ron Martinelli has much to share with us about how to analyze documentation properly, derive lessons from it, and become a truly learning organization.   Dr. Ron Martinelli is a nationally renowned forensic criminologist who is the only police expert in the country who is also a Certified Medical Investigator at the physician’s level.   Dr. Ron directs the nation’s only multidisciplinary Forensic Death Investigations & Independent Review Team and specializes in forensic investigations including officer-involved and civilian self-defense shooting death cases.   Everything he has to share is directly applicable to improving smallsat mission success rates.   In this episode of the Cold Star Project we're digging into:   ways in which evidence can be misleading   the effectiveness or lack thereof of bodycams (and all cameras) how movies & TV portray psychological profilers versus real life the way "the story can change over time" and lessons invalidated that you thought you had learned--and indoctrinated the entire culture about in the meantime, getting it all wrong the importance of processes & systems to collect critical data.   Find out more about Dr. Ron Martinelli at  Talk to Cold Star:
October 21, 2019
Matthew Travis - Enabling Simplified, Rapid Access To Space - The Cold Star Project S02E01
Phoenix Launch Systems co-founder and Vogue Aerospace president Matthew Travis is on the Cold Star Project to share his plans for enabling simplified, rapid access to space.   With a nanosatellite launch system and versatile space transportation system, Matt is engaged in the mission to bring launches to a daily occurrence. His experience with smallsat components and interest in streamlining products and processes provide the drive to keep costs minimized and a goal of US $750K launches.   We discover what Matt learned about the reliability of third party component specifications and other experiences "from the front lines" in this interview.   Contact Matt by email at   Talk to Cold Star:  Cold Star Tech: "Make Space Boring" - Smallsat Manufacturing Process Improvement & Data Science
October 16, 2019
Steve Yanovsky - Culture and Compliance In Hospital Sterile Processing Departments
My guest on the Cold Star Project this time is the Director of Education and a partner at the Boston Career Institute, where they train sterile processing techs.   I have been interested in the sterile processing field for some time as it exists at the intersection of the opportunities I enjoy most:   compliance culture  time-based critical mission (and hopefully) desire to be the best.   That last is not always in evidence out there.   Steve Yanovsky's insight to this world was fascinating to me. I have spoken with Steve before but we had not gotten to this level of detail. This conversation immediately got me started on looking for evidence of such culture mismatches elsewhere...and I suspect they are just about everywhere.   I have certainly seen this kind of issue in the world of sales training: the VPs of Business Development have zero idea what the "boots on the ground" problems their front line salespeople are experiencing...they only care about their numbers.   Especially if you are in the healthcare field this will be an eye-opener. I'd recommend it as alarming listening for anyone interested in the world and human affairs, though.   You'll hear about how:   Sterile Processing Departments (SPDs) could lose 70% of their workforce because they can't get their staff certified the Sterile Processing Tech (SPT) field is much bigger than equipment / setup / sterilization  much discretion left to the tech, supervisor, etc. on carrying out of tasks  SPTs can "get ahead" in hospital work environments  the missing culture connection of the SPD directly to patient care in the operating room is causing training and delivery problems.   Talk to Cold Star:
October 8, 2019
The Unknown Impact of Albert Kahn On Industrial Architecture - The Cold Star Project
This time on the Cold Star Project we're looking at Albert Kahn. Kahn’s firm pioneered standardization and modular systems, and had the biggest impact on industrial architecture in the 20th Century--yet is almost completely unknown both in the USA and Russia despite having done major projects in both countries.   Kahn's USP was designing buildings on time & under budget, with good quality of construction. The "Why" of hiring his firm was not about hiring the artist (as with contemporary Frank Lloyd Wright) but rather the "corporate guarantee" Kahn's leadership brought to the table.   The USSR's transition from an agrarian to industrial economy was certainly sparked by the teaching and involvement of Kahn's firm as the Soviets hired them to teach their engineers and build their first giant mass production factories.   I'm indebted to Claire Zimmerman and Sonia Melnikova-Raich for the information used to create this episode. Playlist:  Subscribe:  Talk to Cold Star:
September 19, 2019
Luis Lomanov - Building Scalable Financial Infrastructures - Cold Star Project
CPA Luis Lomanov and author of Financial Foundations works with high growth tech firms to give them scalable financial infrastructures. In early stage, fast growth periods, Luis excels at helping these companies avoid taking on big costs too soon. These include processes and systems the owners are typically not thinking about, which enable them to avoid:   getting sucked into unprofitable "busy work" that takes them away from sales  hiring a $150K/yr CFO too early -their people and systems breaking when the level of activity quadruples  KPIs that don't help the owners in making decisions  running out of cash unexpectedly in the middle of a growth spurt.   This discussion about scalable financial systems between Cold Star Project host Jason Kanigan and Upward Insights Managing Partner Luis Lomanov will show you the key perspective to have about money processes as you grow.   Connect with Luis Lomanov on LinkedIn. Talk to Cold Star:
September 10, 2019
Todd Hockenberry - Effective Inbound Marketing for Service Organizations - The Cold Star Project
Todd Hockenberry returns to the Cold Star Project to share his experience with and views on how to make inbound marketing effective for service organizations.   While many service companies believe they understand their ideal customer avatar and buyer's journey, the fact is they're often irritating their best customers. What those customers want is not what the company believes they do--or what the organization wants to "push."   Todd Hockenberry is the author of "Inbound Organization: How to Build and Strengthen Your Company's Future Using Inbound Principles."  Learn more about Top Line Results and Todd through this Welcome Link: Talk to Cold Star:
September 2, 2019
Brian Reynolds - Improving Manufacturing Firms In the $50 - 100 Million Space - Cold Star Project
Brian Reynolds helps family-run firms, often in the manufacturing space, in the $50 - 100 million revenue range "replace stale and ineffective business models with modern, integrated sales & marketing processes." In this episode of the Cold Star Project hosted by Jason Kanigan, Brian Reynolds talks about the challenges of navigating the family through a process of your plans can survive the holiday dinner you are not invited to. Is the business' vision separated from its tasks? Is there succession planning? And how important is branding to the owners? These are key questions Brian raises in our discussion. Brian notes that it's a terrible idea to run your business as if nothing bad will ever happen. Yet that is how most are operated. Listen in and find out what you can be doing differently as a business owner to ensure yours doesn't get stuck. Talk to Cold Star:
August 27, 2019
Charles Radley - Predicting Space Collisions and Avoiding the Kessler Syndrome - Cold Star Project
Space Initiatives Inc. president Charles Radley is on a mission to make collision detection between objects in orbit much more effective. The current technology is not as good as you might think, and there is an opportunity to improve space collision detection at an affordable investment. A major danger of orbital collisions is not just the crashing of one object into another, but a cascading series of impacts called the Kessler Syndrome. The worst outcome for a Kessler Syndrome incident is an orbital debris field blocking launches for generations. And it is not a fantasy. Talk to Cold Star:
August 19, 2019
Marc Mawhinney - Thick Face, Black Heart - The Cold Star Project
Thick Face, Black Heart by Chin-Ning Chu is an operations manual for realists. It's a field guide for people who want to develop a thicker skin. It's all about the art of stopping being a people-pleaser and becoming just a little more ruthless in the pursuance of your goals.   Marc Mawhinney is the founder of Natural Born Coaches and the connected group The Coaching Jungle on Facebook, a 16,000-strong container for coaches of all kinds. After having a real estate business implode under him (discussed in a previous appearance on this show), Marc dusted himself off and moved in a different direction. Using Thick Face, Black Heart as his guide, Marc has created new success while "keeping his belly covered" as sales trainer David Sandler would say.   If you're a fan of The Secret, you owe it to yourself to see the contrast available in Thick Face, Black Heart. Join Marc Mawhinney and Jason Kanigan for this fun discussion of entrepreneurship "behind the scenes."   You can find the Coaching jungle via Talk to Cold Star: 
August 12, 2019
Todd Hockenberry - Scaling An Industrial Manufacturing Business With Effective Inbound Marketing
Todd Hockenberry is on the Cold Star Project to share his experiences with growing industrial manufacturing firms through effective inbound marketing. He has many valuable stories to share about improving your results.   Being overly focused on the product results in a way of thinking about your business that stops sales from happening. There is far more going on in your buyer's mind than wondering about a list of features.   Todd's way of thinking about industrial manufacturing marketing begins with answering the question, "How does the buyer of this product actually buy?" And that leads to the strategy, then the tactics through the right inbound marketing content. The details of the situation around the buying decision are the key to this content, not features.   Todd Hockenberry is the author of "Inbound Organization: How to Build and Strengthen Your Company's Future Using Inbound Principles."  Learn more about Top Line Results and Todd through this Welcome Link:  Talk to Cold Star: 
August 5, 2019
The Power of Accurate Documentation - The Cold Star Project
Your organization's speed of response is critical, whether it's taking advantage of opportunities in the marketplace, delivering on a critical mission, or responding to an angry customer. Yet most companies' documentation processes are terrible. And without good, timely documentation, you won't learn anything. Tune in for examples of how poor or non-existent documentation processes have resulted in failure of organizations...and most disturbingly, lessons these organizations thought they learned becoming invalidated as the story of what happened changed over time. That changing story is a direct result of poor documentation. Talk to Cold Star:
July 31, 2019
Your Business Can Only Grow As Big As The Way You Think About It - The Cold Star Project
Verne Harnish has a great diagram in his book Scaling Up. I use it all over the place. The diagram shows 28 million firms in the USA, divided into categories by revenue. You might be surprised at just how few companies reach $50 million. And between each category, you must go through what Harnish terms the "Valley of Death"! To scale up to the next revenue plateau, you must adapt or die. How well you adapt is directly impacted by the way you're thinking about your business. Over the past year or so, I've been searching for different ways of thinking about businesses. Yet the newbie crowd, who are only interested in what I call "newbie talk"--focus on traffic and conversion, tactics, hacks and magic bullets--hear what I bring back from my searches as "philosophical" or just plain nonsense. But the fact is, having talked about "newbie talk" topics from 2011 through around 2016, I'm simply no longer interested in those topics. They seem like kids' stuff to me. You can still get all my old content out there for free. In this episode, I'm giving a clear example of different thinking. Three different organizations have three different ways of thinking about...and solving...the same problem. Until now, you've likely been unconsciously following just one way of thinking in your business. You probably never thought there was another way of thinking about it. Yet your competitors are surely thinking in those different ways. Which of you will succeed? The one that adapts the best--which is the one that THINKS the best. Listen in and discover something new. This is just as real to me as rocks and trees. It's not philosophy.
July 30, 2019
Trent Dyrsmid - Scaling Amazon Wholesaling With SOPs - The Cold Star Project and founder Trent Dyrsmid is on the Cold Star Project with Jason Kanigan to share the incredible value of SOPs in building your Amazon Wholesaling business.   Trent immediately documented his processes as he created his own Amazon wholesaling operation, and makes these SOPs available to other sellers.   Not knowing your numbers is the #1 issue he sees with business owners. And to do that, he has specific programs he recommends you get training on and use.   We also talk about different Amazon business models and why wholesaling is likely the best choice for newbies today.   Talk to Cold Star: 
July 29, 2019
SaaS Dashboards: You Only Manage What They Let You SEE - The Cold Star Project
"What's the best SaaS dashboard product?" is a common question I'm asked. And my answer is: the one you build yourself. No one knows your KPIs as well as you do...and the limitations in the thinking of the dashboard developers will blind you if you use their product. Talk to Cold Star about your situation:
July 28, 2019
Attila Dobai - Disruption In The Marketplace - The Cold Star Project
Avis' Manager of Strategy & Innovation, Attila Dobai, returns to the Cold Star Project with Jason Kanigan to share his experience over the last several months causing disruption in his marketplace.    While leading an innovative program to offer truck rentals at major retailer parking lots, Attila also managed to take a Harvard Business School course on disruption, attend a live networking event at Cambridge afterwards, speak on two stages, and become an examiner for the Baldrige Awards.   Yes, it was a busy Spring for Attila. Join us to hear the details and learn about marketplace disruption.   Talk to Cold Star: 
July 22, 2019
Wes Schaeffer - Process Before Login: Helping You Pick The Right CRM - The Cold Star Project
I asked Wes Schaeffer, the Sales Whisperer, back on to the Cold Star Project to follow up on his previous appearance, "What CRM Should I Get?" Turned out there were plenty of details for us to cover, so you could understand what you need to get together before you go out shopping for a new CRM.  If you don't write down the process you're using to gather leads and market to them, you'll get suckered in by bloated CRM programs that sell you features you don't need and will never use. Wes explains the steps you must go through to make sure you don't fall into this trap, and instead get the right CRM for you--the one you will actually use.  You'll learn a lot from our straightforward discussion, and if you want Wes' free CRM training package afterwards, it's at   Talk to Cold Star: 
July 15, 2019
Adam Crowl - Point-to-Point and Titan - The Cold Star Project
Adam Crowl returns to the Cold Star Project to talk about a "moon-based gas station," point-to-point travel, and why many space-focused people want us to go to Titain.  To become a spacefaring society we're going to need infrastructure, and what we're discussing today could be an economically and physically practical part of that.   Adam's blog is   More about Cold Star: 
July 8, 2019
Fraser Cain - Starlink and Startups - The Cold Star Project
Space news aggregator and educator Fraser Cain is on the Cold Star Project to discuss Elon Musk's Starlink and his experience with startups.  SHOW NOTES: First we cover the Starlink constellation:  -what is it (high speed worldwide ISP satellite network)  -compliance requirements -space junk / Kessler Syndrome problem - lowered planned altitude solution -astronomers not consulted - streaks of satellites crossing images blocking view (somewhat fixed)  -privacy & political considerations - it's a broadcast network - no intermediary / routing - all traffic will go at same speed.   Fraser co-founded 2 businesses in the 90s that went public and another that he made a lifestyle business:   -Absolute Software for a laptop theft recovery system web development for large companies  -Communicate owned early one word domain names  -discovered self-knowledge of where his genius range / fun point is in business  -found his "fun factor" is in educating and directly connecting with readers through Universe Today  -"20 years later still having a ball"  -features: minimal staff, built to last, strong purpose (not Exit for money, but "how do I make this more fun for me?")  -uses Pateron because he doesn't like paywalls  -how self-directed vs Patreon-directed? His readers want the "chefs special"  -If-Then Statements about Happiness that don't work out in reality (people end up sadly surprised), so pick something you love.  Get on Fraser's newsletter distribution list at   Talk to Cold Star:  
July 1, 2019
Eustratius Graham - Beyond NERVA: Nuclear Space Propulsion - The Cold Star Project
Self-educated nuclear propulsion expert Eustratius "Stuart" Graham joins host Jason Kanigan on the Cold Star Project to bring us up to speed on this topic.   Stuart is consulted by Space industry professionals and is building an online repository of history and information about nuclear propulsion for space vehicles.   Our discussion is a great primer for you to understand the historical development of nuclear propulsion (which was primarily completed in the 1970s) and how it is being planned for use today.   Beyond NERVA blog and encyclopediac site: 
June 24, 2019
Every Law Creates An Outlaw - The Cold Star Project
In today's solo episode of the Cold Star Project, I'm sharing an example of how harsh demands force people to think outside the box. And that's often not good for you.   The brutal demands on Germany of the 1919 Versailles Treaty ending WWI prompted Weimar politicians and military officials to come up with creative means to circumvent those restrictions. These means enabled Germany to pay off reparations much more quickly than anticipated and get out of economic domination, and also train and upgrade their armed forces in a way the treaty was specifically designed to prevent. Germany took their activities "off the radar" of the victorious Allies. If you can't see an event, you can't audit it. As we've covered in past discussions, poor documentation results in stories changing over time...and the lessons you thought you learned often being invalidated. Talk to Cold Star:
June 23, 2019
Ken Moskowitz - Thinking Like A Successful Business Owner As You Scale - The Cold Star Project
* BUILDING a business  * RUNNING a business * Running a SUCCESSFUL business   are all different things, and Ken Moskowitz of AdZombies is on the Cold Star Project with Jason Kanigan to tell us stories that highlight the differences.   We begin with the question, "Do companies actually learn anything?", and continue with how to put the right people into the right seats.   Our discussion about scaling covers:   business structure that doesn't fit the corporate model delegation of control and the corresponding trust needed in your people dealing with being easily distracted as a founder the difference between what Ken thought scaling was and what he found it to really be what to deliberately ignore and what to concentrate up on when deciding whether or not to bring on a new employee   What business are you in? What business are you really in? And what business should you be in, to "future-proof" your business? Ken poses and gives his real-world examples to answer these questions.   This is one of the top five interviews I've hosted.   Talk to Cold Star:  
June 17, 2019
Daxy Perez - Scaling Your Podcast - The Cold Star Project
Daxy Perez, founder of Legacy Podcasting and the Podcasting Success Secrets group on Facebook, is on the Cold Star Project with host Jason Kanigan to talk about growing your podcast.   We discuss:   how to pick the right audience to boost your chances of podcasting success determining your conversion strategy, ie. what you as the podcast host want your listeners to do next what podcasters can do to increase their podcast audience size the best attitude for podcasting success how to focus on the psychology of your avatar or target audience to improve the effectiveness of your podcast's marketing. He also describes from the examples of his clients what an underrated podcast looks like, sharing important details podcast hosts can build into their own shows.   Daxy points out that podcasting is not "like launching a product; it's not.: it's like starting a book. All right: now there's a lot more work to be done."   Talk with us: 
June 10, 2019
Derek Schmidt - Documenting Your Business With Swell System - The Cold Star Project
Swell System founder Derek Schmidt is back on the Cold Star Project and he's got some new stories of scaling to share. We discuss: - How business owners are using Swell to document their processes, so they can free up their own time and energy and learn - How agency owners can give up control of key tasks like bidding on jobs without fear that their people will screw up - Derek's appearance as a Council for Entrepreneurial Development (CED)-featured tech presenter for a $50K grant - info at Swell is an integrated business management solution and is one of Cold Star Tech's Preferred Vendors. More information can be found through our referral link at Talk with us:
June 3, 2019
Do Companies Actually Learn Anything? - The Cold Star Project
Are Companies Actually LEARNING Anything? ("No.") Without accurate documentation, the story changes over time. And if the story changes over time, what can you say you've really learned? If you're not documenting what happens in your business, you and your people won't learn anything. Operational excellence will be an impossibility. You say, "Yeah, I know that," but I know hardly anyone is documenting anything. The processes, and the data that results from them, are in their heads or not recorded at all. And they data they do have? The accountant doesn't know what their production people need--and the production people don't know to ask accounting for it. So you don't "know that."
May 29, 2019
Peter Hoskins - Selling a Scaling Business - The Cold Star Project
How do you sell a scaling business? Particularly a process-based, zero employee business?   Peter Hoskins of RareCurve has succeeded in multiple six and seven-figure exits and this time on the Cold Star Project we're discussing the details of how he did it. What factors were involved in this seven-figure sale?   - How did Peter get the business organized to sell?   - How did he find an appropriate buyer?   - What kind of commitment was required to make the sale happen?   - How long did it take?   These and many other questions are answered in this extensive interview with a business creator who understands the importance of process and documentation. Join Peter Hoskins and Jason Kanigan for this in-depth conversation about selling a scaling business.   Talk to Cold Star: 
May 28, 2019
Michael Hiles - Strategic Thinking and Investment Funds, Fintech and Blockchain - Cold Star Project
10XTS (advanced fintech and regtech solutions provider) and Founder Institute - Cincinnati prime mover Michael Hiles is on the Cold Star Project and we're talking about big thinking and capital markets. This is a conversation far above the "tips and tricks" level and could well be an eye-opener for you.   We talk about fintech software, blockchain and cryptocurrency, creating your own opportunity zone investment fund, and improving capital efficiency. You'll learn the difference between "balance sheet" dollars versus "hustle revenue" dollars and what scaling your financial processes might look like.   The kind of fund Michael shares details about here is useful to offset tax gain liability.   We also cover how you can begin to develop your own expert contact base, which is the key to opening doors to working at a higher level.   Talk to Cold Star: 
May 20, 2019
David Reeser - opiAID is using AI to Combat the Opioid Overdose Crisis - The Cold Star Project
On average 130 people die from opioid overdose every day [CDC.] "If I see injustice you must act": David Reeser is a leader in the true sense of the word. In striving to leverage the AI skills of his other business and harness the power of the community in Wilmington NC through opiAID, David is leading the work to over come the opioid epidemic.   The process begins with language: recognizing that victims of the opioid overdose crisis are our neighbors. And we help our neighbors.   David is one of the most genuine, Be-Here-Now people I have met. His intention on solving this deadly problem is laser-focused and I have no doubt that he will achieve the goals opiAID has. I attended the monthly meetup held to update stakeholders at Tek Mountain, and was very impressed with the 30+ medical, therapist, startup and other professionals in the room.   From the opiAID website: "opiAID is a technology assisted therapy (TAT) offering an integrated communication platform that allows ALL Partners the ability to coordinate their efforts to save the life of at least one Neighbor. With real-time communication and accurate data – all working on a compliance-driven and fast cloud-based platform – this SaaS application will result in better reporting and more accurate data. Ultimately, lives will be saved and the cost of combating this disease will dramatically decrease.   "For our Neighbors, we are designing a wearable device with the capacity to detect cravings and alert a family member or counselor in the event of an emergency. If an overdose is detected, the device will deliver Naloxone and reverse the effects of the opioid, all while alerting emergency medical professionals of the Neighbor’s location."   opiAID is gathering community members and leaders in a way that hasn't happened before: it's more than technology.   opiAID website:   opiAID article in WRAL Tech Wire:  CDC information page on the opioid overdose crisis:  Talk to Cold Star: 
April 29, 2019
Dave Schneider - Building An MVP, Iterating, Then Selling SaaS - The Cold Star Project
NinjaOutreach was a 4 year startup SaaS for founder Dave Schneider. He and a co-founder worked with this idea for years, developing an MVP and then improving it until the opportunity to sell the product came along.   Dave's story is unlike the typical "We're perfect and did everything right" tale you'll hear spun by most SaaS founders. In this episode of the Cold Star Project you'll hear honesty about capabilities, marketing, churn and more that will make you sit up and take notice of what it really takes to succeed in the SaaS world.   While other founders will give you a snow job about how well they're doing and the performance of their product, Dave Schneider steps up to the plate to share the reality of what the SaaS experience is like for a whole lot of founders who choose this path.  Talk to Cold Star: 
April 22, 2019
Peter Loving - Pitfalls of SaaS Founders In Trying To Scale - The Cold Star Project
Peter Loving is the founder of the SaaS Founders and Execs group on Facebook, and from this position he has seen the pitfalls of many SaaS founders as they try to scale.    In this interview on the Cold Star Project, Peter shares the critical problems he has seen new SaaS founders run into again and again.   If you're thinking about becoming a SaaS founder, or are one who is struggling to find customers, this interview will show you the big issues between you and having a scaling business. And they are typically things you should consider before you begin your SaaS business...not when you're in the middle of it and stuck.   Talk to Cold Star Tech: 
April 15, 2019
John Garuti III - How To Scale To Sell With A Business Broker
I've had so many conversations with business owners and business brokers, and found:   + the owners are confused about why the brokers don't value their businesses as high as they thought they would...   + and the brokers are frustrated that the owners believe someone would give any value to a sloppy and undocumented business with no repeatable processes written down.   Just because your business has been around for some years is no cause for valuation at all. If you can't hand that business to another person and expect them to get the same results you did in a repeatable way, you haven't created value in regards to the sale of your business.   John Garuti III is a business broker I've known for some time and keep running into through my contacts. So I'm having him on the Cold Star Project to explain what brokers are looking for when they're developing a valuation figure for a business.   Owners, listen up! In this episode is your path to the valuation of your business you imagined when you started out on your entrepreneurial journey. You'll hear from John Garuti III the pitfalls and the boosters of business valuation in the world of selling and buying businesses.  If you think he's a fit for you, connect with John on LinkedIn.
April 8, 2019
Brad Gosse - Breaking WordPress and Scaling IT Infrastructure - The Cold Star Project
What at first seemed like a straightforward infrastructure upgrade for this clipart image sales firm turned into a nightmare.    Brad Gosse of Vector Toons was stuck trying to find a way to scale the storage and delivery functions for sales of his cartoon images, and WordPress had broken. WooCommerce was no longer doing the job.    And it turned out this problem was far more complex and challenging than anyone realized...including "experts" who said they'd figured out the way to solve it. Scaling WordPress for over one million images turned out to be a project failure.   Join us for an in-depth explanation of the problems in breaking WordPress as a sales and delivery website for media files, and what it took to find an effective solution at scale.    Brad started with around 30,000 images and is now over 3 million: imagine the strain this put on his IT infrastructure as he found his accelerator.   Talk to Cold Star Tech to discuss solutions to scaling in your business: 
April 1, 2019
Facebook Ads Are Going Up In Price! What Should You Do About It? - The Cold Star Project
Jason Kanigan of Cold Star Tech is on to talk about the recent increase in the price of Facebook and other platform advertising. Prompted by past guest Ken Cesar, and the change of the marketplace as it matures, Jason shares what he believes you should be doing as a business owner to stay alive. The costs of advertising are going to increase...and the complexity and time necessary to gain an ROI-positive customer will continue to rise: what will you do to ensure your business is around next year? You need to get more out of what you've got. Generating more leads is not the answer. Converting more of the leads you are paying for is. We look at conversion improvement methods such as: -using an indoctrination funnel -getting out of the groupthink of dashboards -documenting and refining your processes and more! Need help with what we've talked about in this episode? Talk to Cold Star:
March 25, 2019
Isaac Arthur - Kickstarting Space Infrastructure - The Cold Star Project
What's needed next for the people of Earth to kickstart space infrastructure?  The host of what I consider to be the best "Space explainer" channel on YouTube, Science and Futurism with Isaac Arthur, joins us here on the Cold Star Project to share his knowledge.   -Power production -Asteroid mining -The legalities of interactions in space -Smallsats  -Space stations  and even unusual space advertising are discussed.   Are you interested in the business of Space? Then stay tuned to this podcast and Jason Kanigan.   Book a time to talk to Cold Star Tech:   And check out Isaac's amazing channel here:
March 25, 2019
What Founders Should Really Be Doing: CEOs vs COOs and the Chief of Staff role
Young founders, particularly in tech and SaaS, are turning themselves into COOs instead of CEOs.   The mistake here is this unconscious choice turns you into someone who works IN your business instead of ON your business.   I explain what the true role of the founder/CEO is, and how you can free up your time and energy by making the conscious choice to get a Chief of Staff into the COO role.   What you think you should be doing are NOT the decisions and activities that are effective as a founder/CEO.  Recommended book: Chief of Staff by Tyler Parris If you're ready to talk to us at Cold Star Tech to get clarity on your business, use this link:
March 23, 2019
Stephen Lowisz - Scaling SaaS Sales Teams and Igniting Revenue - The Cold Star Project
Working with European and North American SaaS firms, Stephen Lowisz of 21 LEAP provides the sales systems and personnel to ignite fast growth.    You should be looking to grow your revenue by at least $1.2 million to work with Stephen's organization.   The entire lead nurturing sequence to get the prospect ready to talk to a live human being is also in 21 LEAP's scope. Automation without the perception of spam is the result, as Stephen segments large prospect lists into different and relevant pain points.  Talk to Cold Star: 
March 18, 2019
Adam Crowl - Breakthrough Starshot Light Sail to Alpha Centauri Initiative - The Cold Star Project blogger and Space expert Adam Crowl is back on the Cold Star Project with Jason Kanigan, and this time we're digging into the Breakthrough Starshot initiative.    Many improvements and technologies are planned to result from this proof-of-concept project to send a fleet of lightsail vessels to Alpha Centauri.  Each of 100,000 tiny ships will require:   Cameras  Processors Photon thrusters Battery Protective coating Lightsail.   A laser battery will provide the initial thrust.   Details: Is it time to discover the hidden challenges and opportunities in your business? Book a call with Cold Star Tech at 
March 11, 2019
Ryan Kohler - Finding The Black Swan: Scaling To $13.5 Million With How People Really Use Your App
Applicant Pro founder Ryan Kohler is on the Cold Star Project, and the way he scaled to $13.5 million ARR will surprise you.   Pushing back against the conventional wisdom of "finding pain points and solving a problem your target market admits to having," Ryan found success with his recruiting industry app in an unusual way. Instead of looking at the more obvious direct connections and what users said was important, he investigated the ways stakeholders were actually using (or not using) the app.  And that lead to some critical discoveries...and a lot of revenue.   Ryan's story is a powerful scaling tale because it demonstrates how user adoption is often driven by hidden motivations...and that the customer does not always know what's in their best interests--or even what they truly want.   Join us for a discussion that will give you new ideas of where to look for the clues of success. Your business awareness level will be raised!  Talk to Cold Star: 
March 4, 2019
Changing Your Dominant Ideas So You Can Scale - The Cold Star Project
We act (or fail to act) based on what we believe to be true.   Bruce Lee said, "Defeat is a state of mind; No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.”   He's also quoted in a Bob Proctor training as having said to learn his martial arts knowledge, his students (that's you) first had to get rid of their own.  Jason Kanigan of Cold Star Technologies shares two important examples of how we are fed images that produce emotional responses, and so-called "facts" we blindly accept. Examples like these produce action or inaction responses from you, and as long as they are in control, you lose.  To scale your business and reach the next revenue plateau, you must move through the Valley of Death as described by Verne Harnish: if you don't change how you are doing what you're doing, your business will die.  And to change how you're doing what you're doing, you need to change the ideas behind those actions.   The truth is that most of us never stop to inspect ideas. We receive them and automatically respond based on our cognitive biases. But these filters are subconscious, and we are under their control.  If we chose to treat the dominant ideas in our mind with more awareness, we could regain some of that control.   The factors explained in this episode are critical to your ability to scale. To get a fresh, outside perspective on your business, book a time to talk with us at 
March 2, 2019
Attila Dobai - The Key Choice At The Start Of Your Improvement Projects - The Cold Star Project
Whether the term is "Define," at the beginning of Attila's 'DOITS' process, or "Select," at the start of the 'SREDIM' problem solving methodology, the first thing you do in process improvement is critical. Your precise choice of what to work on is a factor more important than any other: what you choose to focus on will determine the impact, success or failure of your improvement project. Attila Dobai, a Manager of Strategy and Innovation at Avis and six sigma black belt mentor, is on the Cold Star Project to discuss with Cold Star Tech founder Jason Kanigan the massive importance of choosing your improvement subject wisely. Playlist: Subscribe: Book a call with the experts at Cold Star:
February 25, 2019
Jim Padilla Interview - Charging a $50000 Setup Fee - The Cold Star Project
What does it take to charge a $50K setup fee for working with your firm? Jim Padilla of Gain The Edge is on the Cold Star Project to share his experience and the details of what it takes to do so.   * the value  * the mindset  * the sale you first have to make to yourself  * the credibility elements  * the process necessary to work with the buyer   are key and all explained in this episode. Just wanting to bill big fees is not enough: you need to have several pieces of the puzzle in place to be able to take this impactful step.   Book a call with the experts at Cold Star: 
February 18, 2019
TJ Gamble - Scaling Your Agency From The Middle Of Nowhere - The Cold Star Project
"If you are not growing, if you are struggling to find clients or actually get something out of your partnerships and relationships, then you aren’t doing a good enough job making it clear what you do best."   TJ Gamble of Jamersan specializes in enterprise ecommerce development, but started in a geographic location nowhere near anything. In two decades of running his business, he's figured out how to develop trust with people far away from his location, and how they buy.   Geographic proximity can be a huge factor in recommendations and referrals, so getting around this issue was key to TJ's success. Specialization and partnerships, he discovered, were the tools to get the clients he wanted.   "Understanding the psychology of positioning and niching and that it’s just all about being memorable is probably the biggest thing I wished I had learned earlier in my career. All the experts say to niche, but no one really explains why too well." Join TJ to hear what he wishes he'd been told ages ago.    To get focus on your own specialization or partnership questions, book a call with us at Cold Star Tech: 
February 11, 2019
Scott Seward - Scaling An Agency To Six Figures MRR - The Cold Star Project
Right Hook Digital partner Scott Seward is on the Cold Star Project to share what it took to build his agency to consistently well over $200K MRR. It's a story with mergers & acquisitions, realization that the internal processes were not up to further growth, contrarian thinking in lengthening rather than shortening the sales process, and a lot more.  Agency work is not just about sales, and Scott has learned this lesson well. The right systems need to be in place to support those sales figures, or else customers will leave when fulfillment of the service is lacking. If you're ready to get serious about your processes and systems, talk to us at Cold Star Tech 
February 4, 2019
Jonathan Kiekbusch - Scaling Results by Radically Improving Your Product Infrastructure
In the beginning you'll cobble together a solution for your customer's problem, using a patchwork of apps and systems. But if you're solving a genuinely important problem for your target market, you'll soon discover this is no longer good enough: it's inefficient, clumsy, and frankly unappealing. When you arrive at that moment, what will you do?   Jonathan Kiekbusch of SEO Butler knew he not only could but had to improve the infrastructure of his solution, so he would be able to provide a much better experience and outcome for his customers. The answer was to invest a significant amount of cash into a complete redesign of the company's website...and the systems behind it.   Jonathan says:  We founded SEOButler 4 years ago, as a totally bootstrapped startup, originally on Opencart, which to no surprise was a total mess.   Originally we started with just a couple of digital products/services. As customer and order volumes grew quickly we started to consider moving platform. Eventually we moved to Wordpress/Woocommerce.   Over the years we grew significantly and kept applying patches / plasters to the site in order to continue to make it run. It started to crumble around us.   Our website couldn't handle customer volumes, complex processes and other complexities, basically resulting in us not being able to maximize our earning potential.   Site load times were through the roof; same with bounce rates. Lots of issues.   We track our support tickets, and discovered the volume of tickets related to bugs on the old site kept increasing.   We also started interviewing customers to identify exactly what it was that they weren't happy with.   Identifying processes that caused friction with our customers was a huge learning point.   Eventually we gave in and decided to completely rebuild the website from scratch, investing over $30,000 to work with experts: hiring a special designer, specialist developers for both front and backend and doing it “the right way.”   Initially the experience was “painful” because we always undervalued our main way of creating revenue for the business. But now that the project is almost completed (we are in public beta), we are so grateful that we finally made the decision to go this route.   ##   Listen in on our discussion and discover not only what point you might be in a similar situation, needing to bite the bullet and create a significant upgrade to your capabilities and solution, but also what huge benefits there are to making this kind of investment.    Is it time to talk about what improvements you could be making to your product infrastructure--to give your customers a fantastically better experience and you a smoother, more profitable operation? Let's talk! Book a call with the experts at Cold Star Tech: 
January 28, 2019
Symptoms vs Problems and The Belltower Example - The Cold Star Project
Sure, you can go around identifying symptoms and taking actions to resolve them. But you're not identifying or reaching or handling the root problem. Jason Kanigan of Cold Star Technologies gives a clear example of how focusing on handling symptoms, and not digging to find the root cause problem, is not only a waste of resources...but may actually hurt people. The things we think are problems are frequently only surface level symptoms of those deeper problems. It's easier than you think to get distracted and make this error. We also look at a proven problem solving methodology, so you can get the idea of how to use it in your business. Ready to have outside expert perspective look at your situation? Book a call with us at
January 23, 2019
Attila Dobai - DOITS: Innovation and Continuous Improvement In Service Firms - The Cold Star Project
 Attila Dobai is Manager of Strategy and Innovation at Avis, the vehicle rental company. I thought this would be an ossified industry--after all, it has been around forever--but was surprised at how interested they are in continuous improvement. There are about 50 six sigma improvement professionals there.   Attila is on the Cold Star Project to share details of an innovation he has recently made at Avis, giving access to a new distribution channel for truck rentals with a major retailer. We also discuss his proprietary DOITS continuous improvement methodology.   Attila says:  Continuous improvement started in manufacturing.  Problems with efficiency and effectiveness in manufacturing are commonly solved using methods such as DMAIC (six sigma), SCORE (LEAN), TQM, or with the Toyota Production System.  These systems are great at solving problems in manufacturing and have seen some success in service or transactional based businesses.   Traditional problem solving methods for efficiency and effectiveness in service or transactional businesses are difficult to implement and sustain or scale.  They often focus solely on cost reduction thus missing opportunities for real growth.    I have developed the DOITS method for continuous improvement in service/transactional businesses.     DOITS stands for:   Define - define the problem to be solved and the optimal problem solving method (fire fighting or stop gap, efficiency/effectiveness improvement to margin, or innovation).   Observe - observe the problem and identify potential root causes in context.     Improve - start improving with a mentality that failure is ok.  We want small rapid failure to discover the best solution.   Test - Test the improvement using solid data analytics.  Did the improvement drive the desired outcome.   Sustain/Scale - If your goal is to maintain an improvement then implement methods to sustain it and scale it for the rest of the business.  If your goal is to grow then implement methods to scale the solution beyond your business.    Continuous improvement implementations in service/transactional businesses seem to have a lifespan that is shorter than their manufacturing peers.  I believe this is because service and transactional businesses solutions are more centered in human behavior.     Business owners/executives may feel that traditional continuous improvement fails to deliver improvement over the long term or they may feel that it puts them on a race to the bottom.  They may feel like traditional CI disavows the intuition that they have relied on to get to where they are.  I recommend the DOITS system for CI for businesses that want to drive growth and scale.     If you're ready for the transformation having clarity on your processes and being able to put your finger on the areas needing improvements will bring to your business, we should speak. Book a call with us at 
January 21, 2019
Derek Schmidt Interview - Scaling An Integrated Business Management Solution - The Cold Star Project
Derek Schmidt lives in the same town I do, so we were able to meet in person! For the first time we have an on-location shoot for the Cold Star Project, and we're talking about Swell Systems. Swell is an integrated business management solution: marketing, sales, and customer relationships.   You'll learn how and why Derek created Swell, first as an internal system for solving problems his business had--and that means it's designed right for you, because it wasn't done in an ivory tower. Is it time to talk with the professionals about your internal systems? Book a call with us at
January 15, 2019
Peter Joeckel Interview - No ERP Implementation Project Ever Had a Bad Demo - The Cold Star Project
 TurnOnDynamics founder Peter Joeckel is on the Cold Star Project to share the disturbing truth about ERP sales processes and implementation projects: they're broken. And SaaS founders will recognize exactly the same problems occurring in their field.   No ERP implementation project ever had a bad demo...but that doesn't make the system a good match-up for solving the customer's problem. Peter Joeckel covers the serious issues with RFQ, bid document, presentation-dependent, and features-heavy sales and purchasing processes, and how these result in bad projects.   Is it time for you to get serious about the systems and processes in your company? Do you want to get to the bottom of what's wrong with your operations? Then book a call to talk with us at Cold Star Tech at 
January 7, 2019
Nathan Hirsch of FreeeUp - Scaling Your Business with VAs Virtual Assistants - The Cold Star Project
FreeeUp co-founder Nathan Hirsch is on the Cold Star Project to share his challenges encountered during scaling his Virtual Assistants marketplace business. When the original back end systems can't keep with the front end user demand, what do you do? Nathan says: " I'm sure you have used the other marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr. I built my first company to over twenty million in sales using freelancers and I always wanted a faster way. I built FreeeUp to address the frustrations I had. FreeeUp receives hundreds of freelancer applicants each week to join the marketplace. "We interview and vet them, take the top 1% (based on skill, attitude and communication), and make them available to our clients quickly whenever they need them. On the backend, we have 24/7 support to make sure people have a good experience. Lastly, we have a no turnover guarantee covering replacement costs if the freelancer ever quits. We have been growing rapidly since we started three years ago and work with thousands of business all over the world. " If you're ready for champion corporate systems to improve the operations of your business, we should speak. Book a call at 
December 31, 2018
Celene Hoag - Scaling a White Label Content Creation Business - The Cold Star Project
Celene Hoag is the "glue" holding a fast-growing white label content creation business together. Like any other relatively young business, Anansi Content Solutions faced growing pains moving from being a small agency of a couple of people primarily working “in” the business to a larger team of five and working “on” the business. Figuring out who to hire next, going through periods of being super swamped and over-capacity, then increasing the team (which incurs other expenses and training time) caused cashflow issues because they suddenly had one more mouth to feed. And the project load didn’t magically increase to accommodate the new person. They also had a string of virtual assistants (VAs) coming and going due to a series of random occurrences so that took a lot of extra energy to continuously hire and train people. Doing everything themselves, while simultaneously trying to build the foundation of the business, clearly didn't work effectively. They knew where they were at, and had a clear picture of where they wanted to be, but really struggled with what the path from point A to point B looked like. Two main things have helped Anansi grow so quickly and smoothly: 1. Having so many detailed processes mapped out for tasks, divided by projects, admin and sales. Having processes clearly documented also allows new team members to step into their roles much quicker because instead of spending training time showing them how to do basic things, Celene can spend it showing them how to do them really well, and also answering their questions. Being able to invite partners to the Teamwork app on their projects and have them see the backend is an added bonus, because they see just how detail-oriented and organized Anansi is. This has a big impact on trust. 2. From Brent Weaver from UGurus was the concept of structuring the business around a Single Scalable Seat. This means having a single role which you can measure cashflow and capacity around, and easily scale up or down by adding or removing people. If you want the clarity and effectiveness of having processes like those described in this interview, book a call at
December 17, 2018
Adam Crowl: Near Earth Space Exploration - The Cold Star Project
The next step for humanity is to become a spacefaring society. What kinds of things should we expect to be necessary as we make that transformation? The author of blog joins us on the Cold Star Project to answer questions about the importance of space exploration, and what our first priority should be in Near Earth activity. Is it time for creative problem solving in your business? Do you finally want to recover your time and put your finger on the real problem? Talk to us at
December 10, 2018
The Stratemeyer Syndicate: Scaling Saleable Content Creation
"Extruded Book Product" may be a bad-sounding phrase but it's great business! Ever heard of The Hardy Boys...Nancy Drew...The Bobsey Twins? These and many more were series produced according to a strict formula for an eager target market of children by an army of ghostwriters. Created by one man over a hundred years ago, the Stratemeyer Syndicate is a model for those wanting to create a scalable content creation business today. Listen in and discover the elements of Stratemeyer's successful formula and how he created a book empire that lasted well over 85 years. If you're eager to talk to us and come up with some ideas for creating a similar concept for your business, book a call at
December 6, 2018
Alzay Calhoun: Coveted Consultant - Productizing Your Business To Scale - The Cold Star Project
Information used to be the core deliverable for a consulting company. Companies were paid simply to give advice and make suggestions. The traditional (billable hour) generalist consulting company is fundamentally inefficient. Too much competition and too many complex problems. You can’t just throw bodies at the problem and figure it out as you go. Consulting companies are now asked to be execution partners. They are asked to share in the risk of the project. Consulting companies have to find a profitable way of operating in a new competitive landscape. When information/analysis can no longer be the core deliverable, and hourly-based pricing is incredibly difficult to scale, what should you do? If there is one specific mechanic that changes all of these is the productized service. 1 - It promises a clear deliverable in advance. The knows what they are buying. 2 - It easier to manage a project than it is to manage billable hours. The pressure (pain) is found in the daily operations of a consulting company: - Bad sales calls. Lots of talking. No one buys. -Custom proposals and RFP process. Constant guesswork on both sides (client/consultant) -Scope creep. Vague projects get more vague. -Clients don’t follow directions. They (un)intentionally do things to damage the project. Have you ever asked "how to turn my service into a product"? Watch this interview episode of the Cold Star Project with Alzay Calhoun, the Coveted Consultant founder, for answers on how to productize your business to scale. Is it time to put your finger on the true problem in your business? Get the Red Team:
December 3, 2018
Marcel Petitpas - Transforming Project Data Into Decision Information [KPIs] - Cold Star Project
Marcel Petitpas, co-founder of Parakeeto, joins us on the Cold Star Project to talk about what happens as you grow your agency and realize the deeper level of tracking you need. You'll discover all the data you need to see critical agency KPIs are spread out between a bunch of different tools: - Timesheets in a time tracking tool (Toggl or Harvest) - Expenses, Payroll, OPEX in accounting (Quickbooks or Xero) - Budgets & proposals in spreadsheets in google drive - Resource plans in another tool or spreadsheet - Sales pipeline in a CRM - Project status reports in a PM tool and more. Trying to bring all this data together in a spreadsheet to calculate Utilization, Profitability, and do any level of forecasting for resources or finances will be a real administrative burden. And the existing tools in the marketplace to help you do so are both expensive and few and far between. That's where Parakeeto is coming in. All this data needs to be turned into information you can use to make decisions. Not just a dashboard, but a tool you can calculate with after it collects the data. And most importantly, you need to become aware that this problem is going to happen to you as you scale. Is it time to talk to the experts of scaling from 12 - 500 people at Cold Star? Book a call at
November 27, 2018
Jon Paramore Interview - Challenges of Scaling Your Sales Team - Cold Star Project
Can't you just "hire a commission salesperson"? What happens when you try to scale your sales team? If it's been All-You so far, the founder acting as the sole salesperson for the business, what challenges will you run into when you try to change that? Jon Paramore is here to answer these questions and show you the missing steps in finding great salespeople. SCALING YOUR SALES TEAM Sourcing the right salesperson is not an easy task. Despite many business owners feeling their sense of discernment is good, hiring mismatches often occur when they try to bring in someone for their sales team. Good talkers in interviews frequently do not translate into powerful performers...there's a gap between what the candidate says and what they actually do on the job. HIRING SALES REPS Listen in and get a great education on what it takes to attract genuine salespeople who get results for your business. Is it time to talk to the experts of scaling from 12 - 500 people at Cold Star? Book a call at
November 13, 2018
Aaron Krall - How The Right Onboarding Process Can Fuel Growth Of Your Tech Business
The founder of the SaaS Growth Hacks group on Facebook, Aaron Krall, is here to share his definition of Onboarding...and how that process can be used to fuel the growth of your tech firm. Too many founders operate in isolation, creating a solution for a problem no one else acknowledges. Tech marketing also concentrates on features, which the majority of the buying marketplace does not understand. Aaron shows you how to get a different result by focusing on what your customers are actuall saying--instead of what you believe to be valuable. SaaS Growth Hacks facebook group: Is it time to talk to the experts of scaling from 12 - 500 people at Cold Star? Book a call at
November 9, 2018
Process Mapping vs Mind Mapping: What's the Difference?
"I love the mind mapping idea," is a comment I frequently hear when I'm explaining process mapping to a new audience. But they're not the same thing, and this is my attempt to explain the difference. To me, mind maps are subjective conceptualizing, creating space to fill in, and finding out what's important to you about a topic. Process mapping is a much more tactical, much more objective step-by-step diagrams of how things actually work in your business. Is it time to get the process experts at Cold Star Tech working for you? Book a call with us to find out at
November 8, 2018
Perverse Incentives In Your Business
In this solo episode of the Cold Star Project, founder Jason Kanigan explores an example of perverse incentives. The Belgian Congo and atrocities committed there in the name of good accounting are today's topic. Also covered are modern examples of perverse incentives, and eight points from a Forbes article on how to develop good performance measures that result in behaviors you want. It's all too easy to accidentally create a KPI or measure that results in bad behavior. Look for the Humans WILL Game episode for the factory production scam example. Is it time to talk to the experts of scaling from 12 - 500 people at Cold Star? Book a call at
November 6, 2018
Wes Schaeffer - What CRM Should I Get?
The guy who wrote the book on Infusionsoft, Sales Whisperer Wes Schaeffer, is my guest on the Cold Star Project. "What CRM Should I Get?" is a question we've both heard unrelentingly over the past half-decade. Wes has an answer, and it's not what you think. Demystifying the selection process is key to your success: don't get sucked in by feature-rich promises of an app you may never appropriately use...but still pay full price for. Wes' "Process Before Login" video and map: Is it time to talk to the experts of scaling from 12 - 500 people at Cold Star? Book a call at
November 5, 2018
Harry Kanistik - Growing Your Business With Machine Learning And AI
Mikaels Labs founder Harry Kanistik is here on the Cold Star Project to share how machine learning and AI are being used to grow businesses. "AI" in particular is a buzzword these days and frequently misapplied in the effort to make marketing sound cool. Harry's firm is on a mission to help companies scale with real machine learning and AI solutions, so listen in to hear what those terms really mean. Is it time to talk to the experts of scaling from 12 - 500 people at Cold Star? Book a call at
October 30, 2018
Managing Agendas and Upholding Standards While Working On Large Organizational Change
In large organizations there are "gravity wells" of power bases...and different agendas being run by different departments. Cold Star Tech founder Jason Kanigan gives an example from his past work experience in leading an organization out of an unethical time and into one where standards were consistently upheld. On the way, friction between departments and agendas caused much difficulty. With this example on the Cold Star Project, we hope to demonstrate the kinds of issues you'll run into in trying to make similar changes happen. To get clarity on the issues your company faces, book a time to talk at
October 26, 2018
Mateusz Kurleto - Managing Change and Leadership As You Scale
Matt Kurleto has built a tech business of over 60 staff...and he has a lot to share about what to do at what stage in development of your organization. Join us on the Cold Star Project to hear inside info about the challenges of scaling that you won't hear anywhere else. More about Matt Kurleto at Get the help to scale--and find out what stage you're at--with a conversation with the Cold Star Tech Red Team:
October 26, 2018
Stephen Monaco - The Power of Voice of Customer Programs As You Scale
CEO of $50 million software firm Datastorm and outsourced CMO Stephen Monaco joins us on the Cold Star Project to share his expertise on Voice of Customer programs. If you don't have a VoC program, you need to start working on yours right now. If you do have one, you should speak to Stephen to find out how you could be getting more impact with it. When it comes to knowing the right step in marketing, feature design, product development and more, Voice of Customer programs are the engine of profitable growth. Is it time to talk to the experts of scaling from 12 - 500 people at Cold Star? Book a call at
October 16, 2018
Lior Ohayon - Prospecting For Scaling SaaS Revenue Generation [Founder Focus]
Lior Ohayon, founder of ScopeLeads, is on the Cold Star Project to share his experience with founding a prospecting saas. Revenue generation requires active, consistent, focused activity, and Lior digs into how to: - know when somebody wants what you're thinking about making - keep focused on the actual prospecting time required - retain offer/solution focus as a product creator in the face of support desk-driven feature creep threat. For an assessment of your organization's operational and scaling infrastructure visit
October 6, 2018
Pat Lavergne Interview - Scaling Your Sales Process In SaaS
SaaS Sales Process Scaling consultant Patrick Lavergne joins us on the Cold Star Project to share his experiences in helping startups grow fast. Pat Lavergne concentrates on startup SaaS, which is a smaller size of firm than Cold Star Tech typically focuses upon. This is a powerful look into what it takes to burst out of the 'hustle and grind' mentality of startups and into a more formalized operation that gets consistent, repeatable results. When you get past this point, talk to us at Cold Star Technologies about operational excellence:
October 1, 2018
Stewart Townsend- Micro & Macro Views of Scaling SaaS
Channel strategist Stewart Townsend joins us on the Cold Star Project to share stories from both the low and the high perspective in scaling SaaS. As a front line salesperson with a well-known SaaS, and then as a strategic channel consultant, Stewart has much to tell us about the challenges of scaling tech firms. Want to find out what you've got? Get the Red Team Experience:
September 24, 2018
What's Wrong With Demos for SaaS?
What's the problem with relying exclusively on walkthrough demonstrations of features for Software-as-a-Service? Cold Star Tech illuminates the number one SaaS demo sales-killer observed over the past decade. Then we look back at the mature SaaS VAR industry and what happened to it in the cataclysmic years of 2009-11 following the 2008 economic meltdown. Lessons from that period are applicable to today's Internet Marketing-driven SaaS field as it matures.
September 12, 2018
Ken Cesar - Scaling To Seven Figures (Twice! And In Different Fields) - Cold Star Project
Under-30 Ken Cesar describes the true challenges in scaling to seven figures, which he has achieved twice so far...first in a cash flow (agency) business and second in a wealth builder (ecommerce) business. While some people may brag and make a course about hitting say $30K in sales, Ken knows that is a tiny revenue amount in the real world. He's here to share the brutal truth about what's really required to make it in business. Expect stories and information you won't have heard in the bizopp space--that is feeding you mindless enthusiasm instead of Ken's cold, hard truth.
September 10, 2018
SaaS Sales Problems and the Battle of Dorking
The sales problems SaaS firms had in 2007 persist today! It's as if nobody has learned anything over the past decade. In this episode of the Cold Star Project, we investigate a fascinating example of marketing that resulted in significant operational change. Marketers and salespeople, in addition to SaaS and tech company founders, will find a unique point of view and great value in this discussion.
September 6, 2018
Ben Watkins - Hiring Fast When Scaling a SaaS Firm
Ben Watkins of Intrinsic Executive Search is here to share the challenges of hiring as your tech firm is scaling fast. We discover just how quickly the job description you were hiring for becomes outdated if your business is growing fast...and what you must be doing as a founder or CEO to keep pace. Concentrating on the San Francisco area and Europe, Ben Watkins focuses on helping scale emerging High Growth Software / SAAS firms.
September 1, 2018
Taz Lake Interview - Your Website's Fail Points When Scaling
Brightmill founder Taz Lake specializes in identifying and fixing all the things that could go wrong with your website and data as you scale. In the rush to grow, tech pieces get left behind and quickly become outdated. Serious vulnerabilities and damaged capabilities ensue...only for the business to find out about it when something badly breaks. From website security problems exploited by hackers (think Target, Equifax) to government regulatory changes, Taz knows the challenges that might blindside you and your customers through your website. If you want an organization-wide status check of vulnerabilities in your business, get the Red Team Experience from Cold Star Tech:
August 22, 2018
The Biggest Bang For Your Buck - Improvement Projects
You have your blinders on when it comes to where you'd get your biggest bang for your buck in improvement projects! Sure, the bonfires are attention-getting and put off a lot of heat and smoke-- --but let me me make this crystal clear: You've been living with them all this time until now. No matter how bright, scary, and smoky they may be, the tire fires are not the biggest contributor to the success or failure of your business. If they were, you'd be out of business by now. No...the secret is somewhere else. Listen in and I'll tell you where. Should we speak to find out where your biggest bang for your buck in improvement projects is? Book a call at
August 17, 2018
Matt Daniell Interview - Importance of Processes In Scaling
The founder of Hello Process, Matt Daniell, is here not only to share his experience in the value of processes in scaling, but also a story of outright theft going on right under the nose of the accounting department of one of the biggest American railways. Humans Will Game, as I said in another podcast...and Matt has stories to share about what founders ought to be doing instead of fighting fires and trying to tackle everything themselves. If your business is at under $500K ARR, you should speak with Matt about Hello Process. If you're above that figure, especially at the $2million ARR mark or greater, talk to us at Cold Star Tech about the Red Team Experience:
August 16, 2018
Andrew Fletcher Interview - Scaling to $500K ARR
Convertri founder Andy Fletcher shares all the challenges of scaling a saas to $500K ARR...the lead generation, the payment processing, the operations, and more... If you see the need to get a leg up on this kind of stuff BEFORE you're immersed in the mire of scaling, get the Red Team Experience. Book a call to discuss your situation at
August 14, 2018
Jeremy Pope - Importance of Culture and Hiring In Scaling
My previous co-founder, Jeremy Pope of The Closing Engine, joins me on this episode of the Cold Star Project for a fun and relaxed discussion. We dig into the critical importance of knowing your culture, and its impact on hiring decisions. You cannot hire willy-nilly...and you WILL make mistakes. The Closing Engine manages third party sales teams for offers of $6000 and up. And if you think that's easy, you've got another thing coming.
August 6, 2018
You Have A People Problem, Not A Technology Problem!
What you think is a Tech problem is always a People problem. Companies with three letter initials have been around a long time, trying to create little clones of themselves with their technology--and yet the same problems they say they eradicate still exist! Why? Because they are not getting at the source of the issue. In fact, the technological "solutions" are often causing more people problems! Listen to this episode of the Cold Star Project for a surprising example.
August 5, 2018
Strong Governments Are Inherently Unstable
Your business has weak points. One of them may be you. Remember the CEO of Uber? Jason Kanigan of the Cold Star Project takes you on a quick tour of leaders who appeared to be in unassailable positions...but were knocked down only a short time later. A warning for all founders: strong governments are inherently unstable.
August 5, 2018
Cheaper By The Dozen - One Weird Couple & Their Time and Motion Studies
In this episode of the Cold Star Project we dig into the fascinating lives of the Gilbreths. Together with Taylor they are the "parents" of scientific management and time & motion studies. If you're going to enhance your knowledge of operations improvement, ergonomics, and productivity, you need to know about Frank and Lillian Gilbreth.
August 5, 2018
Do You Use Your Business Without Understanding It?
Like electricity, television, and smart phones, people make use of their business without understanding it. How much do you really know about what goes on, and how you and your people accomplish it? Consistent results and fast scaling come from full understanding of how things are done in your company. In this episode of the Cold Star Project, we look at many examples of things commonly used by people who don't understand them. Can you do that? Sure. Is it optimal? Nope. What are you giving up by not understanding the things you use? The path to scaling fast is accomplished by knowing how you do what you do, and demanding consistent standards of behavior and results.
August 5, 2018
Humans WILL Game: Why You Need Process Engineering
Create a scoring system for anything--production, sales, whatever--and people WILL game it so they are shown in the best possible light and given the most results. Jason Kanigan shares a deep level example of gaming piecework production and rewards in a factory to demonstrate. Do not think because you hired nice people that they aren't gaming the system. And don't blame them, either: you set the rules. They're just doing what humans--what you--would do. Cold Star Technologies has, in the course of investigating and documenting processes, uncovered many scams, misrepresentations, and cases of outright theft in client organizations. Do not believe you are immune. Humans WILL game.
August 5, 2018
Highest Best Use Of Your Time -- What Does That Mean?
As the founder of a fast-scaling business, you must make the highest best use of your time. But what does that even mean? Jason Kanigan, host of the Cold Star Project, gives several examples. Founders should not be doing front line, technical functions. You need to be focused on leading the team, developing strategic partnerships, and driving revenue. Executive time being badly used is one of the biggest problems we see at Cold Star that is blocking tech firms from scaling fast. Don't underestimate it.
August 5, 2018
Death of Deep Work by Internal Communications
As you scale and your team grows, what unexpected challenges arise? We love online collaboration tools that allow instantaneous communication between remote team members, for instance...but what happens when you get four or more individuals in a Slack channel? Turns out you can't get anything important done. Listen to this episode of the Cold Star Project in which Jason Kanigan explains the Deep Work-killing surprises that strike companies that are scaling fast. Paul Graham's Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule post:
August 5, 2018
Razvan Girmacea on Startup Lead Generation Without SEO
You've got a startup, and need to drive revenue--but how long can you wait for SEO to kick in? You can't wait. You need leads NOW. And the topic of how to get them is what founder Razvan Girmacea discusses with Jason Kanigan in this episode of the Cold Star Project. No one can scale without leads.
August 5, 2018
Marc Mawhinney on Playing The Game Right And Still Losing
Founder of The Coaching Jungle (group on Facebook) Marc Mawhinney grew a real estate agency to over 100 people...only to have it all blown away. What triggers, warning signs, events did he go through that you as a founder should know about so you can recognize when it's time to quit? Marc's story will tell you. And then his comeback tale will inspire you to keep taking action in scaling your business!
August 5, 2018
Steven Peijl on The Power of Processes In Scaling
CTO of Kyvio (know your visitors inside and out) Steven Peijl joins Jason Kanigan to share the power of processes in scaling from 7 to 8 figures. You can't simply be doing "double of the same" to make a leap like that: you must be doing different things and things differently. By recording your process steps, you achieve consistency...and there is a way to get conformity in results without killing innovation.
August 5, 2018
Andy Greene on Choosing The Right Product As A SaaS Founder
Health industry marketing and tech whiz Andy Greene shares a seriously cautionary tale of arrogance and self-destruction in the world of SaaS. Just because you CAN make a product does not mean you SHOULD. This lack of matching solution to problem, message to market, is a real problem in the SaaS world: founders go out and expend resources creating a solution nobody wanted. Then they struggle to sell it, and the audience just doesn't care. You can avoid these deadly problems--listen to Andy Greene as he's interviewed by Jason Kanigan on the Cold Star Project!
August 5, 2018
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