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Cold White Fire Studio

Cold White Fire Studio

By Christopher & Vera

Who We Are
We are individuals passionate about helping others find their flame within.

Through work and education we can strengthen, increase, edify, and radiate pure light and happiness from within.

We are a perpetuating synergistic company. We are professionals working together to increase the quality of life for our clients at Cold White Fire Studio, as well as graduates from Cold White Fire Institute, our school that helps individuals with autism, mental health, and special education learn vocational skills for the workforce.

Ignite Your Flame Within
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Cold White Fire Studio: A Little About Me
Cold White Fire Studio: A Little About Me
Christopher talks about what motivates himself as a spiritually as well as more details about Cold White Fire. He desires for individuals to have hope in one's life, if one struggles with various challenges. 
September 10, 2021
Cold White Fire: What is it?
Cold White Fire: What is it?
Christopher Stapleton talks about his experiences with the Holy Ghost, and how it was hard to feel emotions and the disconnects as a member of. the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 
September 04, 2021