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Property Marketers Show

Property Marketers Show

By Cole Correia - Host Of The Prop Marketer Show
The Property Marketers Show is a podcast developed for those with an interest in property of all kinds. We provide you with the insight so you can be knowledgeable about the world of property and unusual real estate!

We would like to reimagine the idea of property and think of it as something we all can improve, challenge, and upgrade! Each week we give you another property concept and then we give you the pros, cons, opinions and hard hitting questions to capture your interest and bring you more value! Check us out, every week!
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#18 - Jude Kamal & Sansa Interiors Tell Us How To Make It In Interior Design

Property Marketers Show

#18 - Jude Kamal & Sansa Interiors Tell Us How To Make It In Interior Design

Property Marketers Show

#20 - Louis Thompson & Nomadic Resorts Tell Us About Sustainable Design & The Future Of The Design Industry
What an episode with one of the most passionate architects I have ever met. Louis Thompson is a visionary and someone that needs to be heard especially when he is speaking about the future of the design industry and sustainable design.   In this new episode, we were able to sit down with Louis and speak about the many different projects, and themes that have made his career incredibly fulfilling so far. We were also able to get a better picture of the world of alternative living and the building materials that go along with building these structures.  It was a true honour to get a better idea of some of the most popular emerging technologies out there today, from someone who has used them to perfection. When it comes to creating projects that are truly unique, it takes time and understanding which are two factors that have helped the Nomadic Resorts team achieve awards and recognition.  Nomadic resorts is one of the most unique companies on the planet because they are pushing the limits of architecture and design by focusing on hospitality and nature.  Treat yourself to a new episode and let me know what type of architecture that you seen is changing the way we look at the world! Would you like to learn more about my guest Louis Thompson?  LinkedIn: Louis Thompson  Website: Follow our company page for more updates:  LinkedIn: The Property Marketer Show  See you in the next episode! 
September 6, 2021
#19 - Siddharth Peters & The Total Office Gives Us Lessons In Office Designs While Debunking The Biggest Myths In The Industry
What would you do if you were given a great opportunity? Would you shy away from it or rise up to the challenge?  In this new podcast we speak with Siddharth Peters, one of the most determined and intelligent Canadians within the design industry. He has been able to develop The Total Office after being passed down a big responsibility.  The Total Office is an office design solutions company that offers you the ability to buy living walls, ergonomic furniture and more office solutions for your business.    Siddharth is not only the founder of The Total Office, he is also the founder of Love That Design which is a massive platform that allows designers and architects to explore projects, products, brands and more.  Love That Design recently released a SaaS platform for designers which allows them to leave the admin side of the business to this platform while they can focus on the creative side of the business.  Now, this was a very special episode people! We did this entire episode inside The Total Office.... office located in Dubai. This was the first time we have done the podcast inside an office location and I can't wait to have the opportunity to do it again!  Speaking with someone in person is a totally different experience for the audience but also for me the host so I hope you all grab some value from this new episode. In this new episode we speak about the trends within design, debunk the myths of the industry, and we hear the passion Siddharth has for volunteering and his opinion on environmental sustainability!  How do you determine you are passionate about an industry? For me, passion is difficult to fake. Siddharth shows in this episode that he not only knows about each and every topic but has the ability to highlight key points and provide true value to those who are looking to enter the industry too.  For someone like me who has just arrived in Dubai and looking to make my mark on this city, it is truly inspiring to hear stories like Siddharth's and how he was able to use his network and develop a true knowledge for a industry that he truly wasn't that interested in at the beginning. It's true! As we will hear in the interview, Siddharth was able to do all this in a subject that he started to develop an interest in after a responsibility was placed on him. Now for me that's incredible.  I started this podcast series with NO prior knowledge of emerging technologies in construction, NO prior knowledge of architecture or interior design but guess what? I have become obsessed with an industry that has captured my attention.  Let me tell you something, you all will love this episode! If you are looking for true motivation and an inspiring story of someone that will change your life then you have come to the right place.  Would you like to learn more about Siddharth Peters? See the information below:  LinkedIn: Siddharth Peters  Love That Design Website: The Total Office Website: Would you like to learn more about your host (Cole Correia)? See the information below:  LinkedIn: Cole Correia  Check out the blog below for episode sections: Property Marketer Blog:  FINALLY. I have started marketing for interior designers, architects and construction companies. Know anyone looking for the following services:  SEO Consulting, Social Media Management & Optimization, or Podcast Creation Send me a email if that is the case and let's have a quick zoom call: If you have read this far.... I hope you enjoy the new episode and if you are in Dubai, coffee is on me!  See you all in the next episode of the show, we are just getting started. 
August 27, 2021
#18 - Jude Kamal & Sansa Interiors Tell Us How To Make It In Interior Design
In this new episode of the property marketer show we sit down with Jude Kamal! She is the founder of her own interior design studio called Sanasa Interiors.  We speak with Jude Kamal about the journey of opening up her own business while speaking about how her personal life and attitude for success has helped her along her journey! As someone who has been able to find clients and develop their business in the midst of this pandemic, it was great to get more insight into the business side of the interior design industry.  When we speak about the interior design industry, it can be a hard process to go through the process of marketing and developing a name for yourself within such a competitive space. So how did Jude do it? This is what we will answer in this new episode.  Jude joins us from Toronto, Canada, a location with several examples of designers and creatives who have made a name for themselves in such a multicultural environment. Speaking to Jude, I was able to understand how this environment can have such a positive effect on the designs you create.  Taking a chance, Jude has been able to demonstrate her passion for the industry that she has years of experience in. You have to truly be passion about what you do and find alternative ways to get around obstacles to create the life you want for yourself.  As we continue to interview such creative people in the architecture and construction space, it is so interesting to get a better idea of what it takes to make it into this industry and become successful.  So without further discussion, dive into this new episode of the property marketer show if you are a recent interior design graduate, someone who loves the industry, or looking to open up your own business!  Would you like to learn more about Jude Kamal? We have you covered below:  Linkedin: Company Page (LinkedIn): Company Website: Company Page (Instagram): Looking for exclusive information about the making of the episode? Check out our blog:  Company Website: Stay tuned, more to come from the property marketer show! 
August 19, 2021
#17 - The Ultimate Guide To Greenhouse Growing With Godfried Dol & Glasshouse Consultancy
Listen to the new podcast that we did with Godfried Dol! He is the founder of Glasshouse Consultancy and has been able to give us all the information we need to grow in this new age of farming.  Incredible episode where we speak about the importance of farming sustainably and the many places on the planet that have been advancing in new greenhouse technologies.  This is the episode if you are looking to gain a better knowledge of the world of growing within a greenhouse and the many travel destinations across the planet that have projects within the greenhouse space.  Our guest Godfried has over 40 years of experience in this field and he was willing to share his knowledge throughout the entire episode. He is truly a visionary and an important part for the future of agriculture.  As we continue to see several changes in the world of agriculture and climate change, we are met with several areas that we can improve from an agriculture standpoint. In this episode, we speak about the men and women across multiple countries (e.g. UAE, Japan, and Kazakhstan) who are doing their part to develop farming future projects with the help of Glasshouse consultancy.  For those of you who would like to learn more about Glasshouse consultancy, Godfried Dol's new book, and the future of farming, please see the information below:  Guest Information:  LinkedIn: Godfried Dol  Website: New Book: How to Grow in a ModulAir Glasshouse (Available On Glasshouse Consultancy Website) Host Information:  LinkedIn: Cole Correia  Website: For Architecture Inquires:  WeDo Design Dubai Website:
August 7, 2021
#16 - Galiano & Boxabl Are Reinventing Factory Built Homes Forever
Have you heard of factory built homes? This the latest trend in the architectural industry and has several companies trying new ways of exploring this concept. The latest company is Boxabl.  Boxabl is a company that seeks to reinvent the way we construct our homes on a massive scale. The company has exciting news to share in this latest episode! We are joined today by the founder of the company, Galiano Tiramani.  Along with his team, Galiano has been looking to change the way we construct these homes for the future. In this episode you will get a better understanding of factory built homes and how Boxabl can change the way we look at this concept forever!  Need more information about Galiano or Boxabl? See the details below.  Website:  Remember to follow me and our page on LinkedIn. LinkedIn: Cole Correia  LinkedIn Page: The Property Marketer Show  Website: Stay tuned for more alternative trends and the companies that are revolutionizing this alternative living for the better! 
July 23, 2021
#15 - How To Be A Better Marketer With Joey Kilrain & The DED Company
He is one of the most interesting marketers I have ever met.  Joey Kilrain is the founder of DED company which is a marketing agency in New York City that focuses on visual design and marketing research. They have been able to create name for themselves through their excellent leadership team which features none other than Joey himself.  Then company is growing fast and has been able to amass several clients under its belt.  Today we speak with Joey about the future of marketing, the politics in the industry, the life of a marketing agency founder and the many other insights that Joey has to other.  This is one of the best podcast episodes yet as we speak about EVERYTHING under the sun. We are able to truly capture what it means to be a marketer in 2021 and what it takes to be successful in your own business.  In this 1 hour episode we speak about the marketing side of the "Property MARKETER" show. We get the chance to speak with someone who has been doing this marketing thing for years and knows what it takes to be successful in a competitive industry.  Like I say in the recording, there are so many quotable lines and value that Joey brings to this podcast that I was blown away by how this one turned out!  We are extremely happy to have Joey on the show and we hope you are able to use the tips that he has shared with us all today,  Stay tuned for more updates.  Make sure to check out our blog for more marketing tips and tricks that can help you along your journey: Get in touch with DED company here: Message Joey Kilrain himself on Linkedin: Stay tuned as we have more marketers coming your way! 
July 9, 2021
#14 - We Speak With Dirk Delport About One Of The First Tiny Homes In Abu Dhabi
Welcome to the property marketers show (UAE Edition)!  Today we have decided to speak with Dirk Delport on his tiny home in Abu Dhabi. Dirk has extensive experience in project management and has been able to construct this new summer retreat for his family!  This is one of the first in Abu Dhabi and provides us with an idea of what we can expect from structures like this in the country. This new property and interview allows us all to get a better picture on what it takes to build a home like this one. Taking into account the heat, parking restricts and more, Dirk has been able to overcome a lot of obstacles to get this project off the ground.  Also in this episode we speak about Dubai and the current state of Dubai real estate in this new episode. Since being in the UAE I have seen some of the trends and patterns that can help you decide on your new home!  If you are looking to settle down in Dubai and especially in the Palm Jumeirah, reach out to me for more information about new listings and how you can capitalize on the current market here.  For more information about properties in the Palm Jumeirah, feel free to reach out to me below:  Email: Or Whatsapp me: 525176380 If you would like more information about Dirk Delport and his project, please see the article below: Stay tuned for more architecture and alternative living projects!
June 12, 2021
#13 - How To Make A Name For Yourself In Architecture With Gauri More
Welcome Everyone!  We have a new episode for you today with a very special architect from India by the name of Gauri More.  In this new episode, Gauri gives us all more information about how she has made a name for herself in the industry and how you can do the same with your new firm.  She was able to provide valuable advice about her journey and how she was able to work with people across the globe which includes my home city of Toronto, Canada!  From facades to building materials, this episode provides a large amount of information about how a person can truly learn to make a name for themselves in the industry.  Would you like to learn more about Gauche Studio? See the website below for more information: Enjoy the episode and stay tuned for more valuable content to help you along your journey in this challenging industry! 
June 1, 2021
#12 - The Incredible Journey Of A Serbian Architect Named Nemanja Biondic
We have a special episode for everyone today.  We are honoured to speak with Nemanja Biondic. He is an architect that has made a true name for himself by being on the cover of Architectural Digest and becoming the youngest Art Director in Dubai.  In this new podcast we speak with him about the future of the industry and the advice we all need to know about being successful in our lives.  Nemanja was able to shine light on the industry and give us all a better understanding of what it means to be an architect.  This was one of my favourite interviews so far as Nemanja was willing to share with us great information about the project he is working on along with the projects he has done in the past.  For someone who is continually busy with new projects, we are really appreciative that Nemanja was able to come on the show and speak to us about architecture.  From new trends to his opinion on being an architect, Nemanja is a true professional who will continue to give the world more projects for several years to come!  Check out the links below for more information about Nemanja and make sure to follow our company website ( and our Linkedin page for more! - - Instagram: nemanjabiondic_ad
May 24, 2021
#11 - Can We Take 3D Printing To New Levels? We Ask Stephan Mansour About A Initiative That Will Change The Industry Forever
Construction is one of those industries that need an upgrade. One of those popular choices for next level innovation comes from 3D printing.  In this new episode we speak with someone by the name of Stephan Mansour. He is an expert in the field of 3D Printing and emerging technologies and he is here to give us all more information about the space and its implementations.  Stephan is also here to speak about one initiative that his team has been working on to change the face of the industry. The need for regulated and standardized use of 3D Printing within construction can't be ignored.  In this episode we give you more details about what this might mean for the industry as a whole!  Below you will find more information about Stephan Mansour and the links that he has provided inside this weeks podcast:  Linkedin: Stephan Mansour To learn more about 3D Printing industry, check out the following links:  Youtube: Jarett Gross  Magazines: Cpt-Worldwide
May 16, 2021
#10 - Mother's Day Special With Carol Correia
For this episode we decided to step away from our regularly scheduled programming to bring you a new podcast episode on my mother. In this new episode we speak about my mother's journey and the advice she can bring to those who are investing into real estate but also those who have an interest in the nursing industry.  In this episode we were blessed by a woman that has given so much to me and has made this podcast possible.  To all those mother's out there, I hope your day went well and thank you for everything that you have done for this world!  Thank you and stay tuned for another episode this week, 
May 10, 2021
#9 - Henry Gordon-Smith & Agritecture Are Here To Help The World Live Sustainably With Architecture
Henry is the founder of Agritecture, it is a consulting business for urban farmers, architects, entrepreneurs and more! Him and his team at Agritecture are creating a more sustainable future one step at a time.  In this new podcast episode, we speak with Henry about the future of alternative living spaces, countries that are pushing the needle with urban farms, best practices with creating sustainable projects, and the work that his team is doing across the globe!  This was one of the most informative interviews so far and we were able to shine light on some important issues in the space along with having some fun along the way,  Would you like to learn more about sustainability and the urban farming space? Check out some of the book recommendations below:  - Hungry City: How Food Shapes Our Lives - Carolyn Steel  - The Vertical Farm: Feeding the World in the 21st Century - Dr. Dickson Despommier - Plant Factory: An Indoor Vertical Farming System for Efficient Quality Food - Toyoki Kozai Looking for more information about Agritecture? Check out some of the following websites for events and general information:  - How To Invest In Controlled Environment Agriculture With Confidence - Tuesday, May 18, 2021 9:00 AM  10:00 AM  - - Check out the website for more information and staying in contact with Henry and his team!  Thank you for listening and stay tuned! 
May 4, 2021
#8 - Can 3D Homes Be Used On Mars? We Ask Dr. Peter Staritz
In this episode, we speak with Dr. Peter Staritz. He is an assistant professor at the Taylor University.  He has extensive experience in the field of Robotics and Mechanical Engineering, he has decided to join us on this new episode of the show to speak about a project that the students at Taylor University have been working on with the help of 3D printing.  You will get the chance to truly get a better idea of 3D Printing and the implementations that van evolve out of this industry in the future!  If you are interested in learning more about Taylor University, check out the website here:  The idea of living on Mars is not as far-fetched as we think! Dr. Peter Staritz and his class shine some light on the idea of living on Mars and what this might mean for the future of 3D Printing.  Hope everyone enjoys this episode and please see the discussion questions below:  Discussion Questions For 3D Printing Enthusiast: - Would you be willing to live in a homemade out of 3D Printed materials?  - Where do you think 3D Printing could be used on Earth? What countries should look into this form of technology?  - What are some architectural styles that you would like to see, made from 3D Printing? 
April 20, 2021
#7 - What Are Earthships? How Do You Build One? We Ask Ian Hearns
Hi everyone,  We have Ian Hearns on the show today. He is a earthship build and carpenter who has tons of experience in this space and knows so much about this new form of living structure.  In this episode we speak with the man himself about earth ships and ask the most important questions about this new and trendy form of living!  He gave us all very valuable information that we all can learn about on this new episode.  Ian Hearns is based out of Ontario, Canada and has been building these earthships for a long time and has been a carpenter since high school. This is the reason we have decided to bring him on the show to tell everyone about his life and the earthship process.  This is our longest episode yet and for good reason!  Take a look at this style of housing and maybe you would want to build one yourself after this episode? You don't know until you watch.  Find Ian Hearns on his facebook group.  He was a blast to interview and all he ask is for you to learn more about this concept! So listen up.
March 28, 2021
#6 - How Craig Ebersole Built A Tiny Home & How You Can Do The Same
This is a first! In this new podcast episode we have gotten the chance to get our first interview!  Have you ever thought about building your own home? Have you ever wondered how? Or maybe you just love tiny home! Check out this new podcast episode for more! We speak with Craig Ebersole in this episode, a tiny home owner who has built an entire tiny home with the help of his friends and family. In this very informative episode we take you through some of the awesome tips and tricks that Craig recommends for anyone looking to build their own!  This is a great episode that touches on some of the biggest things to keep in mind when you are building your own tiny home and all the many things that you need to be made aware of!  Massive episode here and Craig was an awesome guest. Looking to bring on more people from the Washington State area as this a booming tiny home and alternative home location with tons of great people to bring on the show!  Check out all the links mentioned in the video below:  Craig Ebersole Stuff They Should Be Teaching in School Other Resources We Discussed: Kristie Wolfe - The Queen of Airbnb Jenna from Tiny House Giant Journey Best Tutorial I've Found on Building a Tiny Home by contractor Andrew Morrison Earthship Biotecture Also I saw this video with the incredible Dirksen family below regarding earthships: Not sure who the next guest might be? Check out my website for sneak peaks and fun marketing tips and tricks!
March 13, 2021
#5 - Lighthouses & The Dawn Of Property Retrofitting
When it comes to retrofitting, there are many examples of different properties you can use to redesign and reimagine! In this new podcast, we speak about a few of those retrofit projects as it relates to lighthouses.  Lighthouses have been around since 280 BCE in ancient Egypt, in 2021 things have changed and they are now not very used at all.  In this new podcast we speak about 3 different lighthouses and a hotel lighthouse that have gained in popularity.  The hotel is called the frying pan. It is a hotel off the coast of North Carolina. Situated in the ocean surrounded by sharks. Only way to get there? boat or helicopter.  Next, there were a few lighthouses that we spoke about in this episode. One of which was the wicklow lighthouse.  Another lighthouse was the one in Semerset, UK in which it features 6 floors for living, dinning, and sleeping! Check out the Burham High lighthouse.  Last but not least we have the lighthouse in Croatia. This is a beachfront lighthouse that features a wonderful patio for those who would like to rent on Airbnb. Check it the Marlera, Croatia lighthouse here!  We also spoke about a family at the end of this podcast that ended up building their own lighthouse. It is the Lang family, you can check out an article that I used to make this podcast here!  So tons of content was covered in this podcast, going forward I would like to give even more and maybe have some interviews in the near future.  Hope you all will stick around because more is on the horizon. 
March 9, 2021
#4 - What Are Tiny Homes And Why Should You Buy One?
In this new podcast we give you an inside look at 3 tiny homes that will capture your attention, with one located in the Swiss Alps! As tiny homes continue to gain in popularity, these homes have been greeted with scepticism and optimism. I wanted to give you some of the links and resources that you can use to learn more about this budding housing structure!  Check out the following to learn more about some awesome tiny homes across the globe.  Swiss Alps Tiny Home  If you are looking for more resources about these homes, check out this link that I used to gain more information for this podcast! It is helpful to learn as much as you can if you are focused on making one for yourself! Check out the following link below for more:  What is a tiny home? Check out this link. Want to learn more about the french couple who lived in a tiny home during maternity leave? Check out this link. Would you like a better understanding of the couple in BC? Check out this link. Would you like to gain more information about many of the common questions with these homes? Check out this link. Lastly, check out my blog here and my pinterest for more ideas on making your own! Enjoy the podcast!
February 28, 2021
#3 - Why are Hostels So Popular? Here Is My Experience In A Spanish Hostel
In this episode we speak to you about life in a Spanish hostel and we give you more information about travelling to Spain and some of my many experiences within this wonderful land.  In this episode, we will give you some of the changes that may be happening in this form of property with COVID and how it can be a negative AND a positive. This episode will be your guide for Spanish hostels and allow you to get a better picture of what you might expect when visiting this form of property for yourself.  In this episode we mentioned one hostel very prominently over the course of time, it is ONE Paralelo Hostel in Barcelona. This is a hostel that will make your stay in Barcelona a memorable one. For me, they gave me the chance to truly enjoy my time especially during my birthday.  We also used some music in this podcast that I legally need to give credit toward! Sunsearcher - Flamenco Rhythm. In my time in Granada, I was able to watch some flamenco and enjoy that experience with people from my Hostel. It changed the way I viewed Spain and Spanish people and I encourage anyone to see a flamenco show when they are in Granada. I believe this is the place I visited, check it out! Spain is a wonderful place and as more people visit it has now become a tourist hot spot. Please be respectful of the culture and enjoy yourself while keeping safe!  Make sure to check out my blog here for more updates about my life! 
February 21, 2021
#2 - Are Greenhouses The Homes Of The Future?
Welcome to another episode of the prop marketer show with your host Cole! In this episode we take you through some of the pros, cons, and everything in between about building a home inside a greenhouse.  Inspired by the HOME Docu-series on Apple TV these homes are gaining in popularity and they are ready to take a giant leap in the future. For someone looking to gain more information about this property type then we have the show for you here.  The three homes I have spoken about in this new podcast can be located on the following videos below:  - Rotterdam video (Solar home), home in Amsterdam that features two levels: - Log Cabin inside a greenhouse(Featured on AppleTV: Home): - Stockholm Greenhouse: More information about humidity and several other aspects about creating a home within a greenhouse can be taken from this youtube video from my favourite houseplant channel, Summer Raye Oakes: The father of this greenhouse movement Mr. Bengt Warne was a inspiration for us all, his book inspired several people to follow this same concept and continues to make his mark on the future of architecture. I unfortunately could not find his book but check out more information about him in this article: Another noteworthy architect, that may inspire you more, that is not mentioned in this podcast is Buckminister fuller: If you would like to donate to Regen Village, a eco community that has been gaining traction over the years, check out there website: Let me know what you thought about this weeks episode as I am always looking to give you more information about the properties that I love!  Take a chance today to think differently about where you live!
February 5, 2021
January 31, 2021
January 31, 2021
#1 - Is 3D Printing The New Solution To Our Housing Crisis?
Listeners take a listen to this new podcast about the future of the housing market and the future affects of 3D printing within this same housing market.  We have just started 2021 and I want you all to know information about a industry that has seen incredible growth so far this year. Learn about a industry that is anticipated to reach 40 Billion dollars in the next 3 years!  Do a favor to yourself and take a look at what we have to say about this industry and some of the facts and findings that has turned this industry on its head.  The Prop Marketers Podcast shows you the insight and the findings that are current, fun and interesting that can help you learn more about what is going within the real estate market. Our focus is to give you information about property styles as a whole. Looking at anything from 3D printing housing to Igloos in the artic to stone homes in Uganda. I want to provide you with information on these homes that you can use to become more informed on each episode.  For this episode, I made reference to several different links and so you have a idea of each, I will provide them below:  - "Office of the Future" In Dubai: - Lotus Flower in China:! - DFAB house in Switzerland: - New Story 3D Homes: DONATE HERE: - Oldest mall in USA Turns Into Apartments: If I missed any links let me know and I will update this post accordingly! I really hope someone gains some value from this firs episode. I will continue to provide links and helpful tools for everyone to get a better idea of this channel and give you more information about what is next!  Also, we sell merchandise and T-shirt designs on Teespring so check that out too! They are focus on artist and architecture in different parts of the world just like this podcast, Check out our NEW T-shirts below:  - BEWARE OF WORDS TEE: based on a French artist named Benjamin Vautier who developed this wonderful piece in a neighborhood called Belleville in Paris) - GRACA VIEWPOINT TEE: (Designed based on the viewpoint from Lisbon Portugal, beautiful place with so many memories) Once again thank you for listening to this episode and stay tuned for what is next. 
January 30, 2021