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Data Science Masterminds

Data Science Masterminds

By colearninglounge
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Data Science Masterminds - S2E8 - Rohan Rao, 4X Kaggle GM, Data Scientist at
Poster Title: A Numbers Guy, Data Scientist, and a 17-time National Sudoku Champion  Rohan is passionate about data and mathematics which is shown by his Sudoku and Data science skills.  He goes by the name Vopani and is considered the best sudoku solver in India.   Also, his journey is a road model for all data science aspirants.
March 6, 2021
Data Science Masterminds - S2E7 - George Firican, Data Governance & BI Leader
Poster Title - One of the top 15 leaders in Big Data and founder of LightsOnData  George Firican is a passionate advocate for the importance of data  He's a frequent conference speaker and a YouTuber known for the Good Data Morning Show.  He's ranked among the top five global thought leaders and influencers on big data, digital disruption, and top 15 on innovation.  He's also the founder of lights on data.
February 27, 2021
Data Science Masterminds - S2E6 - Madhav Thaker, Sr. Data Scientist at The Walt Disney Company
Poster Title - Aerospace Engineer turned Data Scientist who also mentors & educates   Madhav has a passion for mentoring and educating data science experts.  He's also machine learning blogger and a YouTuber.   He works as a lead data scientist in a company that has shaped our imagination during our childhood, The Walt Disney Company.   He has demonstrated the process for machine learning and data manipulation. And at the same time, communicate effectively and concisely.
February 20, 2021
Data Science Masterminds - S2E5 - Thom Ives, PhD. - Lead Data Scientist at UL Prospector & Integrated ML&AI
Poster title- Lead Data Scientist & mentor who nurtures his mentees as his children  Today we have with us Thom Ives who is a Lead Data Scientist at UL Prospector.   He is also the creator of Integrated ML & AI, a community of Data Scientists who serves many startups and students with Data Science.  He is a mentor of many data science enthusiasts and a father of 9 which includes 5 internationally adopted kids!  Thom has a rich career spanning 30+ years across multiple domains and keeps transmitting all the learnings to his mentees.
February 13, 2021
Data Science Masterminds - S2E4 - Sanyam Bhutani, ML Engineer @, Podcast Host, Kaggle Master(top 1%), Blogger
We have Sanyam in the show who is a Machine Learning Engineer and AI content creator. And he holds one of the most popular shows in data science, which is Chai Time Data Science. He's a community taught Machine Learning Engineer and he takes pride in that. So he loves to give back to the community by writing blogs on medium and high canoe and moderating the biggest city groups in the Data Science community.
February 6, 2021
Data Science Masterminds - S2E3 - Netali Agrawal, Data Scientist @Infosys, Top 5 Data Science mentor
We have who is a Senior Data Scientist at Infosys. She has 10 plus years of experience and professional experience in the IT industry. And she completed a PG diploma in business analytics from great lakes. Also mentored at Co-Learning lounge and she has been mentoring a lot of newbies and beginners in data science.  She is recognized as the top 5 Data Science mentor in India by AIM and students love her mentoring.  And one of the coolest things about that, that we personally like is, and she is currently leading one of the Co-Learning Lounge project, which is used to predict the best Fantasy XI IPL team, the best players for the current season, for every match.  Let's hear more about her Data Science journey and everything about mentoring and personal Data Science projects.
January 30, 2021
Data Science Masterminds - S2E2 - Philip Vollet, Data Science and NLP evangelist, Mentor, open-source & open-science supporter
Today we have with us someone who is a radical NLP, evangelist, and advocate, or over open-source and everything open-source. He's also he also loves sharing people's passions project and is extremely approachable. He knows how to provide enthusiastic mentoring, specifically designed to improve problem-solving, and known for modern management and leadership skills.
January 23, 2021
Data Science Masterminds - S2E1 - Prudhvi P., Data Scientist, Founder & mentor at &
Today we have with us, someone who got recognized for spreading positivity to tackle depression by the prime minister of India. Narendra Modi and also is a superstar in the field of machine learning slash supervised learning, who craves to learn every day. He is Prudhvi also the founder and chief Prudhvi has successfully trained, mentored 500 people to date, to successfully switch their careers into data science. Also, we'll explore if supervised learning could be used in the field of love
January 16, 2021
S1E4 - HyperVerge: The game-changer in deploying a fraud detection solution at scale using cutting edge AI | Kedar Kulkarni
In this podcast, We are in conversation with Kedar Kulkarni, CEO of HyperVerge a company that began in 2014 as a Consumer AI product company that went for a crowdfunding campaign but managed to raise a few million dollars in funding. When they were two months away from the launch of the product Google Photos came in and essentially made the product being developed by them useless. There was a chance to basically sell the company at a high valuation and go for an awesome exit but they decided to persist as the idea behind starting the company was to solve a problem.  When there was about $500,000 left in the account, on their soul searching journey to transform the company they meet Sridhar Vembu, Founder of Zoho who gave them the direction and deep-diving into the pieces of technology which was built. With the help of mentors along the way pivoted the company to a leader in Digital KYC and now working on Video KYC. A place where the culture is built to treat Humans as capital and not a resource, the onboarding is a long process as the person joins the team to be part of the long-term journey. It takes a village to raise a startup and its initiatives to upskill the people so that they can raise the economic standard of their family and during the Covid pandemic, the financial and mentoring support provided to nano-entrepreneurs touches the heart. Inspired by Batman and the learnings from Isha Leadership Academy gives a glimpse and insight into how passionate people with a vision to create an impact come together to build a thriving organization which solves a genuine challenge and in the process impacts the lives of millions of people such that during the pandemic, a client which had an in-house team to take over the work being done by HyperVerge as a vendor chooses to work with HyperVerge. Company profile: Website: YouTube channel: Twitter: Speaker’s profile: LinkedIn: Podcast team: Vineet Nandan Gupta: Yogesh Kothiya: Kunaal Naik: Piyush Bhandari: Vinay Sarigoppula: Kaushik Byna: Blog of the same podcast: Join and follow us on social media to get notified about our online and offline activities, LinkedIn: Facebook: Github: Telegram: Instagram: Twitter: Medium: Website:
November 9, 2020
S1E3 - PyCaret: Why you don't need to be an engineer to be a Data Scientist | Moez Ali
In this podcast, we spoke with Moez Ali, the creator, and founder of PyCaret. PyCaret is an open-source, low-code Machine Learning library in Python. It enables you to automate ML pipelines from pre-processing to deployment in very few lines of code. We talked about Moez’s life experiences in 3 continents, and how came to the idea of creating PyCaret. We also touched upon his beliefs in Data Science and how he thinks PyCaret fits in the area of many pre-existing libraries. You’ll come to know the inspiring story and how Moez, who is not originally from a technical background, created his own Python package. Plus, there’s an exciting rapid-fire round at the end. Oh, there’s a lot more, listen 🎧
September 25, 2020
S1E2 - : Journey of an Indian Healthtech company going Global | Rohit Ghosh
Welcome to the CLL Podcast Series where we talk with leading companies and startups disrupting the world with AI and ML. This is the first Episode of the Podcast Series. This week, we take a closer look at health tech startup, which went from using  AI to make diagnostic imaging easier and more affordable to focusing on coronavirus testing globally. develops deep learning solutions that automatically read and interpret medical images like X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. The company's product is an AI-based radiology diagnostic aid. The flagship applications focus on chest X-ray abnormality detection and brain CT analysis for emergency care. The Mumbai-based healthcare startup recently raised $16 million in funding, led by Sequoia India and supported by MassMutual Ventures in Southeast Asia. For the audience, the same investor also invested in technology backed companies such as Byju’s, Zomato, Gojek, CRED, and many more...Now, as the world battles a pandemic, is readying to do its bit to help curb the further spread of coronavirus. is also the winner of the AI Game changer award at the 6th NASSCOM Big Data & Analytics Summit 2018. Today we have with us one of the founding members of, Rohit Ghosh. Today’s Podcast will walk you through how is tapping deep tech. We’ll hear from Rohit the why, what, and how behind what a tech startup is building. We also get an overview of how disrupted the Healthcare products and dealt with the initial setbacks whilst launching their first flagship product qXR, Along with the first-hand experience from Rohit about the recent funding secured. And to top it all off we will touch upon many ups and downs faced on the journey of being recognized as the most accurate algorithm for detecting Tuberculosis on Chest X-rays. Let’s dive deep into the Origins of
August 27, 2020
S1E1 - Rasa: Journey of Rasa NLU, Rasa Core to Series B funding, Community building | Alex Weidauer
In this podcast, we spoke with Alex Weidauer, Co-founder and CEO of Rasa. Rasa is a Python-based open-source conversational AI framework powered by Rasa NLU and Rasa Core. We learned the backstory of Rasa, which was thought up in Alex's kitchen while building a chatbot using Dialogflow and other chatbot frameworks - till today with 3M+ downloads, 10K+ members on the global Rasa community forum. We also touched upon the story behind naming Rasa, latest GPT-3 NLP research, talent acquisition, product-market fit for startup products, recent Series B funding from Andreessen Horowitz(a16z), Rasa Masterclass on YouTube, and even Alex's favorite Bollywood movie and actor! 00:00 : Teaser 00:21 : Welcome to CLL Podcast - Rasa - S1E1 - Intro 01:00 : Alex Introduction 01:42 : Namaste Alex 02:06 : Alex’s daily routines 04:00 : Shut down of Treev. Learned "How NOT to make the product?" 06:19 : Tracking the usage of the open-source product 08:03 : Hiring the first few members of the company. 11:28 : Biggest challenges the Conversational AI space was facing back then and now? 14:42 : Rasa NLU's immediate traction on TechCrunch in Dec 2016 17:28 : Flushed service-based business and started focusing on product 19:29 : Rasa Contributor Program 21:51 : Rasa'a terrific community growth 24:07 : Rasa's funding procurement & Series A  28:26 : Series B investment 30:50 : Rasa Developer summit & L3-AI: Level 3 AI Assistant Conference,  33:38 : Rasa growth: Stats 34:00 : Rapid-fire round  35:38 : Chatbots for getting business insights 37:27 : Why name "Rasa"? and its current focus? 39:25 : Does Alex watch Indian Movies and his favorite actor? 40:00 : What ideal vacation looks like for Alex? 40:50 : Auf wiedersehen Connect and follow the speaker: Linkedin: Twitter: Join Rasa: Mission: Twitter: YouTube: LinkedIn: Website: Forum: Podcast team:  Yogesh Kothiya: Kunaal Naik: Laisha Wadhwa: Piyush Bhandari: Vinay Sarigoppula: Kaushik Byna: Blog of the same podcast: Join and follow us on social media to get notified about our online and offline activities, Website: LinkedIn: Facebook: Github: Telegram: Instagram: Twitter: Medium:
August 10, 2020
S0E0 - The Data Monk who sold his Porsche(not Ferrari) - Ramsri Goutham (Lead Data Scientist) | Kunaal Naik
0:00:00 : Welcome to CLL Podcast  0:00:23 : What are the Superpower of Ramsri?  0:01:37 :How did Ramsri get into Data Science?  0:07:14 : How many Data Science Courses did Ramsri complete?  0:13:25 : How to plan and learn efficiently?  0:17:24 : MOOC's dropout rate?  0:20:37 : Where does Ramsri work currently?  0:22:20 : What are the applications ML in Cyber Security?  0:29:36 : Want to work in Cyber Security?  0:33:25 : Generate boolean (yes/no) questions from any content using T5 text-to-text transformer model  0:35:11 : Practical AI: Automatically Generate Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) from any content with BERT Summarizer, Wordnet, and Conceptnet 0:37:24 : Paraphrase any question with T5 (Text-To-Text Transfer Transformer) — Pretrained model and training script provided  0:39:21 : What does it take to deploy your models to production?  0:42:18 : What kind of hardware(GPU) does Ramsri recommend Machine Learning?  0:46:32 : How did Ramsri start writing and make his first video?  0:49:26 : Why did Ramsri Open Source his AI-based project?  0:50:15 : What is your experience in writing Machine Learning articles on Medium?  0:57:11 : Check out AiArtist on Google Chrome!  1:04:36 : What personal projects are you working on currently?  1:06:25 : Rapid fire round
June 25, 2020