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Beyond Stuck with Coletta Jones Patterson

Beyond Stuck with Coletta Jones Patterson

By Coletta Patterson
Beyond Stuck features guests who have overcome the odds and have gotten unstuck. In their words, they share with us practical insight and tips on how to go beyond stuck and enjoy life!

Coletta Jones Patterson is a life coach, speaker, author and business executive who empowers others to get unstuck by helping individuals gain greater clarity about their purpose, set achievable goals and map an action plan that gets results. Her book, "Beyond Stuck: Creating the Life You Want" is available on Amazon.
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Beyond Stuck with Guest Marta Collier-Youngblood

Beyond Stuck with Coletta Jones Patterson

Beyond Stuck with Guest Marta Collier-Youngblood

Beyond Stuck with Coletta Jones Patterson

Beyond Stuck with Guest Terrica Redfield Ganzy
Join the conversation as Terrica Ganzy shares how she got unstuck as a professional, mom, and wife through discovering who she was and building her self confidence.  From not seeing a way out to landing the job of her dreams, she will encourage you to believe in yourself and inspire you to follow your heart.  Terrica shares practical tips on how to follow your passion and come out on top. Terrica can be reached at  
March 2, 2021
Beyond Stuck with Guest Rhonda Michele Watson
During this episode, we focus on love, healthy relationships and marriage as Rhonda shares lessons learned from her 34 year marriage to Cedric.  She explains how marriage is a partnership and practical tips for making marriage last.  Connect with Rhonda on Facebook at Rhonda Michele Watson or at  
February 23, 2021
Beyond Stuck with Guest Jackie Robinson
In today's podcast, Jackie shares tips on how to have a healthy marriage and lessons learned from her 17-year marriage journey.  She discusses how she and her husband overcame having frequent arguments to making intentional effort to do marriage well.  Connect with Jackie on Facebook (Jacqueline Baker-Robinson), Instagram (jrob2219) or on her YouTube channel - beauty and grace.  
February 16, 2021
Beyond Stuck with Guest Renetta Nichols
Join us as we focus on love, marriage and healthy relationships in this episode with Renetta Nichols.  Renetta shares her journey of divorce, emotional healing and wholeness and how she reshaped her mindset to believing what God says about her.  Her story of overcoming abuse and fear has led her to a place where she walks in freedom.  Renetta is a Nurse Practitioner with Northwest Family Medicine in Centerton, Arkansas.  
February 9, 2021
Beyond Stuck with Guest Connie Tate-Martin
In this podcast, we focus on love, relationships and marriage.  Connie Tate-Martin shares her journey of being married three times and has over 30 years' of marriage experience.  She shares the ups and downs of going through divorce, heartache and healing to now being free to love and free to receive love.  She shares inspirational tips on how to move forward in forgiveness and experience the richness of God's blessings.  Connect with Connie at or on Facebook as Connie Tate-Martin.
February 2, 2021
Beyond Stuck with Ty Patterson
Ty Patterson shares how she overcame spiritual stuckness which spilled over into other areas of her life.  After a major illness, she found her footing and reconnected with God.  She shares tips on how to bring the broken pieces of your life together and the importance of having a solid relationship with the Lord.  Ty is the CEO of Phenomenal Gifts, LLC and author of several books.  She is a speaker and has a t-shirt product line called "Pretty Personality and Genuine Gentleman".  Connect with Ty on social media at Ty A. Patterson.
January 26, 2021
Beyond Stuck with Guest Yolanda Taylor
Yolanda Taylor shares how she transitioned from a long career in Corporate America to starting her own home-based bakery!  She shares tips on how to go after your dream and take a leap of faith, all while trusting God's plan to bring it to pass.  Connect with Yolanda on Facebook and Instagram at Yolanda's Cakes, LLC.   
January 19, 2021
Beyond Stuck with Guest Alisha George
Alisha George, a wife of more than 33 years and a former foster mom to 40+ kids in care, shares how she found purpose and followed her dreams of becoming a nurse in her 50’s.  Alisha shares practical advice on how to get unstuck and find fulfillment.  Connect with Alisha on Facebook at Alisha Daniel George.
January 12, 2021
Beyond Stuck with Guest Marta Collier-Youngblood
During this episode, Marta Collier-Youngblood (AKA Marta Gwyn) shares how she overcame feelings of loss and heartbreak after divorce.  She discovered how to find happiness and how to define success and purpose on her own terms.  Marta Gwyn wears several hats as the Chief-Creative-in-Charge of MartaGwyn Productions, LLC, Co-Founder/Senior Grant Writer of Youngblood and Associates, LLC and Chief Operations Officer of Marta Collier Educational Systems and Services, LLC.  Connect with Marta on all social media platforms @martagwyn or via email at 
January 5, 2021
Beyond Stuck with Guest Alesia Starks
Alesia Starks shares how she got unstuck from patterns of workplace adversity and how she's learned to build her confidence and identity in Christ.  She provides excellent tips on how to move forward and find balance in dealing with corporate dysfunction and other issues.  Alesia is a licensed marriage and family therapist.  
December 29, 2020
Beyond Stuck with Guest Tina E. Gilbert
Tina Gilbert shares lessons learned from 2020 and how she was able to pivot during a difficult year.  She shares tips on how to keep from getting stuck when things happen beyond your control.  Tina founded Next Level Training Solutions Group, LLC and is an author and speaker.  Connect with Tina at or at  Check out her book and journal  "Next Level Thinking: 90 Days to Inspire Your Best Life".
December 22, 2020
Beyond Stuck with Jene' Huffman-Gilreath
In this special segment, Jene' shares what she has learned from 2020 and how she's using these powerful lessons to move forward.  From having it all together at the start of 2020 to overcoming a major loss, Jene' honestly shares how to pick up the pieces and move forward.  Connect with Jene'  on social media or at 
December 15, 2020
Beyond Stuck with Guest Carrie Parker-Small
Carrie shares her journey of overcoming grief and health challenges to staying on the path towards major weight loss.  Her story will encourage you to accept the truth of where you are and not be afraid to get re-inspired to finish what you've set out to do.  Carrie works for TSA and Homeland Security but recently began making jewelry in honor of her late mom.   Connect with Carrie Parker-Small at or on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  
December 8, 2020
Beyond Stuck with Guest Tenethrea Buffington
Tenethrea Buffington shares her journey of getting unstuck from divorce and an altered self-image.  She discusses tips of how to overcome fear and how to walk in forgiveness.  Connect with Tenethrea at and check out her latest book, "Who Told You That?".
December 1, 2020
Beyond Stuck with Guest Carla Thompson
Carla Thompson shares her 20-year journey of going from selling drugs to support her family to finding purpose and fulfillment in service to others. She shares practical tips on how to find purpose and fulfillment.  Carla founded DiVA & DuDE Community Outreach/Training Center, a nonprofit that serves clients who have been in the prison system, and is committed to affecting positive change in the lives of individuals.  Connect with Carla on Facebook at Diva & Dude Community Outreach/Training Center or at    
November 24, 2020
Beyond Stuck with Guest Genette Howard
Genette Howard shares for the first time her two-year journey of overcoming a mental breakdown which led her to dependence on a prescription medication.  As a successful pastor and coach, she discusses how she took back her life and feels amazing and more alive than ever.  Connect with Genette at   
November 17, 2020
Beyond Stuck with Guest Whitnee Jenkins Roberts
Whitnee Roberts shares her journey of getting unstuck from years of shame as she became a teenage mom at the age of 15.  She encourages listeners to fix the root cause, embrace the truth of who you are and live freely.  Whitnee is the co-owner and operator of Prissy Press Squared, LLC where she serves others through custom vinyl and screen printing designs.  Connect with Whitnee on Facebook or Instagram @ Whitnee Jenkins Roberts.
November 10, 2020
Beyond Stuck with Guest Michelle Barnes
Michelle Barnes shares her journey of walking through a failed marriage that ended in divorce and how she overcame many "false truths" she created.  As a single mom, she tells us how to overcome obstacles that seem impossible and how to let go and get on the right path.  Connect with Michelle at
November 3, 2020
Beyond Stuck with Guest Brenda Lizarraga
Join us for Brenda's journey through a separation from her husband which led to depression and other issues.  She shares helpful tips on how to reach out for help and overcome isolation.  Connect with Brenda on Facebook at Bee Lizarraga and on Instagram at _b_______.  
October 27, 2020
Beyond Stuck with Guest Sheryl Jones Malone
Sheryl Jones Malone shares how she overcame years of being stuck in her profession with thoughts of not being "good enough".  She overcame mental blocks and obstacles to becoming the Founder of Olive Tree International.  She provides excellent tips on how to move forward and walk in your vision.  Connect with Sheryl at or through Facebook at Olive Tree Int'l Home School Center.  Olive Tree's mission is to equip children with educational tools that can aid them in the classroom and the community.  Find out how to partner with Olive Tree and make a difference in the life of a child at  
October 20, 2020
Beyond Stuck with Guest LaDonna Humphrey
LaDonna Humphrey shares how she got unstuck from being in a place of turmoil and how she overcame tremendous heartache and loss.  She shares how her experiences positioned her to help more women and the opportunity to give back in a bigger way through Oasis of Northwest Arkansas.  Oasis is a women's transitional living community that provides safe and supportive housing for women in recovery.  Connect with LaDonna at
October 13, 2020
Beyond Stuck with Guest Shannon Paul
Shannon shares how she overcame a 20-year cycle of trying to earn worth through corporate America and carrying everyone's load which all came to a head one day.  That was a turning point that allowed her to start over and rebuild a life with God at the center.  Shannon is a consultant and entrepreneur and can be reached at  
October 6, 2020
Beyond Stuck with Guest Erica McCool
Erica shares how she got unstuck from a stagnant career and pursued her purpose as she learned how to shift during a difficult season.  She also shares her experience with infertility.   Erica discusses practical tips for believing for something that seems impossible.  Connect with Erica on social media @docmccool or @themccoolmethod. 
September 29, 2020
Beyond Stuck with Guest LaTayna Greene
LaTayna shares a heartfelt story of overcoming abuse, extreme depression, suicidal thoughts and other obstacles to now loving life, loving self and giving back to help others. You'll be inspired to get unstuck and learn helpful tips to moving forward.  Connect with LaTayna on Facebook at: or  Connect with LaTayna on Instagram at: heygirlhey.hey.
September 22, 2020
Beyond Stuck with Guest Taryn Johnson
Be encouraged through Taryn's story of overcoming complacency in her career and how she learned to get unstuck and step into the "more".  She also shares 10 keys for how to move forward.  Connect with Taryn at and check out her books ("I Almost Love You: Overcoming Rejection and Releasing the Superwoman Within" and "No More Elevators") on Amazon.
September 15, 2020
Beyond Stuck with Guest Donna Gann
In this episode, Donna Gann shares how she overcame abuse to thrive in life and ultimately how she pursued her dream of starting a food trailer, "The Daily Mix".   
September 8, 2020
Beyond Stuck with Guest Jolana Bostwick
During today's podcast, Jolana shares how she got unstuck from an unfulfilled life and began thriving in business!  Connect with Jolana at
September 1, 2020
Beyond Stuck with Guest Dalene Warford
Dalene shares how she moved forward after years of abuse and being stuck in her career and personal life to now being happier than she's ever been!  
August 25, 2020
Beyond Stuck with Guest Gwendolyn Sparks
In today's show, Gwendolyn shares how she overcame becoming a widow in her 20's to thriving in life as a single parent!
August 18, 2020
Beyond Stuck with Guest Chilesa Jones Ready
In this episode with Chilesa Ready, discover how you can overcome trauma and loss and experience the joy of a limitless life!  Connect with Chilesa at and check out her book, "Living the Limitless Life: Walking in the Realm of Possibility".
August 11, 2020
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August 8, 2020