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Courageous Presenters

Courageous Presenters

By Colin Ryan
Professional speaker and speaking coach Colin Ryan interviews public speakers of all kinds for insights on increasing speaking confidence, becoming an unforgettable presenter, and landing paid speaking opportunities.
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Colin Ryan - Curate Your Feedback (a.k.a. What I Learned From My Worst Speaking Experience Ever)
In this solocast episode, Colin tells a story he's never made public: the story of the biggest speaking backfire of his career. And more importantly, what it can teach us about managing emotions, choosing your path, and protecting your courage. 10+ years of speaking will create a ton of amazing opportunities and experiences. But that willingness to put yourself out there is both a competitive advantage and a predictable risk.  "When you present, you put yourself in public. Which means you put yourself in the fragile and precarious spot where almost anyone you're in front of can give you feedback of any kind." Come for the great lessons, stay for the schadenfreude.
January 6, 2021
Kelsa Dickey, Founder of Financial Coaches Unite
Kelsa Dickey, along with her husband Michael, are the founders of Fiscal Fitness PHX and Financial Coaches Unite, and has been featured on CNN Money, USA Today and MSN Money. Kelsa is as sharp as they come and has helped countless people through her coaching, yet she is quick to show real candor and authenticity about her own mistakes and journey. This makes her an approachable expert, something all presenters should be striving for. In our conversation we talk about: why business-owners bootstrap (and how to recognize when it’s leading you away from joy and toward burnout); ways you can motivate your audience/listener to take action when that action won’t pay off for a long time; the surprising results you get when you serve your audience with both your content expertise and a beginner’s mind at the same time Kelsa also has a podcast, and two episodes in particular made me want to interview her for Courageous Presenters. Those episodes are: Coach Kelsa’s Top 5 Money Mistakes  &  How Money Changes the Way You Think & Feel And don't forget to click here to check out the Courageous Presenters Community and our free presenter resources!
December 16, 2020
Ken Fleisher, Stage Fright Relief Expert
Ken Fleisher is the creator of Stage Fright Relief, and helps people overcome public speaking nervousness. In our interview, Ken talks about: the types of performance anxiety that show up in lots of arenas of life beyond just public speaking; why there's so much unhelpful advice out there about overcoming pre-presentation jitters; specific ways you can calm yourself when nervousness hits; and the moment it all changes for his clients (which also happens to be why he does this work!). For Ken's website and and to get your own stage fright assessment, go to:
November 18, 2020
Tavia Sharp, Founder & CEO of Styled Sharp
This episode I'm talking with Tavia Sharp. Tavia is an image consultant for men and the founder & CEO of Styled Sharp. Tavia gives advice anyone (not only men) can apply, and talks about: Overcoming her fear of public speaking, only to overcome it again to start virtual speaking; A tip to connect when the audience is different from you; Why you should be using your image to differentiate yourself rather than to blend in. Check out Tavia's work at or on social at @styledsharp.
October 13, 2020