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Connecting humans to bots - Interview with Seth Louey from the "BotList"
Seth was one of the early players in the chatbot industry who believed that bots will have a larger role to play in the future and that led the community of BotList. In the interview, we discuss the story behind BotList, how he and his team bootstrapped the entire community and what he is up to next.
January 12, 2019
How will Bots change the world? - Interview with Chad Oda from "The Bot Podcast"
Chad founded "The Bot Podcast" to help companies, start-ups, and enthusiasts navigate the world of conversational user interfaces by interviewing the worlds leading subject matter experts. He is also the Co-founder of Botrepreneurs. It is a Facebook community that facilitates the sharing of best practices, insights, and advice regarding Chatbots, Voice & conversational marketing. Here he shares with us his insights on how bots are going to revolutionise the way we communicate with businesses. He touches upon a lot of topics and is worth listening to.
November 23, 2018