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E1 - College Scoops

E1 - College Scoops

By Moira McCullough
College Scoops helps parents and students find the right college fit. We are focused on all things college-related, whether you are in high school or graduating from college. We connect and engage with students, parents, educators, entrepreneurs, and authors who share their advice, guidance, and lessons learned.
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Episode 90: Keep Your Hands Off My Essays with Guest Evelyn Jerome-Alexander
As a parent who has just launched her third and last child to college, I know how tempting it is to “help” edit kids' essays. What starts out as a simple suggestion turns into something like “ What if you just wrote something like …” All of the good natured advice and guidance has turned into “our” essay. Parents try to guide and help students but it is really important that the essay is truly the students voice and their own piece of work. Evelyn Jermone-Alexander joins us today as she has some tips, advice, and stories to share about how parents can support their students in the essay writing arena.
September 21, 2021
Episode 89: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body with Dale Troy
Keeping fit both physically and mentally is a challenge for all ages but especially for our young adults as they head off to college. For many students, it is the 1st time living away from home. How can students better prepare themselves for the transition and what resources are available to students as they navigate the acclimating to their new environment socially, mentally, and physically? Dale Troy is a mom of three college graduates and a health coach. She will provide tools and strategies students can use to get strong both mentally and physically.
September 14, 2021
Episode 88: What to Ask When Hiring an Educational Consultant with Michelle McAnaney
When starting the college admissions process, many families seek outside help from independent educational consultants. How do families find an independent educational consultant for their student? What questions should they ask when interviewing the educational consultants? Are there certain criteria every educational consultant should have in terms of experience or certifications? Michelle McAnaney was a high school college counselor prior to becoming an independent educational consultant. She shares why and how to go about hiring an educational consultant. We also touched on letters of recommendations and tips for students as they start to think about who to ask for a letter of recommendation.
September 7, 2021
Episode 87: Students Helping Students with Guest Dyllen Nellis
One of the stress points for high school students applying to college is finding their unique voice for the personal statement and supplemental essays. Standing out in a way that will highlight a student's strengths and their ability to contribute to a college community is essential. Dyllen Nellis experienced the same frustration and angst during her college application journey as she researched ways to craft a college essay that would stand out to an applications reader. During her sophomore year at Stanford she officially launched her business, College Essay Advice, as a way to help students of all backgrounds tackle the college essays in a strategic way.
August 31, 2021
Episode 86: Financial Aid 101 with Guest Jack Wang
Paying for college is on everyone’s mind and it is one of the main pain points of the college search process for parents. Getting into the right financial mindset is essential for families as they start to navigate finding a college that is the best financial fit. Timing is everything and starting the process earlier rather than later will help families in the long run. We invited Jack Wang to share his financial aid tips and guidance for families.
August 24, 2021
Episode 85: Undecided About Your College Major? Here’s What You Should Do with Guest Leslie Tucker
Picking a college major can be stressful for students, especially if they enter college undecided. Dr. Leslie Tucker, owner of Virtual College Consulting, will provide the College Scoops community with tips and tricks on how to pick a college major. If you are a student struggling to pick a major, Leslie Tucker is here to help.
August 10, 2021
Episode 84: The Art of Communication with Guest Matt Crevin
Developing good communication skills both oral and written is more essential now than ever before. Matt Crevin, Founder of Talk Shop and a sportscaster for the San Francisco 49ers, shares helpful tips to develop effective and strong communication skills.
August 3, 2021
Episode 83 - The ComeBack Kid with Guest Adam Shlomi
Starting a business is never easy. It takes a lot of time and boundless amounts of energy, and patience. Adam Shlomi, founder of SoFlo SAT Tutoring and a Georgetown University graduate, shares his experience starting a business with the College Scoops community. Adam will provide advice to students eager to learn more about the difficult yet rewarding process of entrepreneurship.
July 27, 2021
Episode 82: Tips on How to Stand Out in the College and Career Search with Guest Jason Vallozzi
What are college and hiring managers looking for in an application, resume, or LinkedIn profile? How can students stand out in a positive and impactful way? Creating your own personal brand is one way students can differentiate themselves from the pack. As a former Director of Admissions and Talent Acquisition executive, Jason Vallozzi brings his knowledge and guidance to students who are in the midst of applying to colleges or trying to secure an internship or full-time position. 
July 20, 2021
Episode 81: Storytelling Tips and Techniques to Use When Crafting a Personal Statement with Guest Andrea Schiralli
It’s summertime and a perfect time for juniors in high school to read, write in their journal, travel, and start to brainstorm ideas for their personal statement. Andrea is a writer, a storyteller, and someone who has lived, worked, and traveled overseas teaching English and test prep to students along the way. Andrea will share her tips and strategies on how to start your personal statement and why she would highly recommend living and working overseas.
July 13, 2021
Episode 80: How Can Parents Support Their High School Graduates as They Transition to College with Guest Alexander Merrill
Transitioning from high school to college is not easy for many young adults. Freshman year is full of many "firsts". Not only are students navigating a new, more challenging academic environment, but they are also learning how to live with a roommate, meet new people, manage their time without any help, and a host of other social and personal adjustments. Alex Merrill joins us today to share his expertise working with high school and college students and how parents can support their student's freshman year of college. 
July 6, 2021
Episode 79: Know Before You Go with Guest Laurie Genevish
Laurie Genevish joins us today to discuss how students can use career assessment tools to learn more about various professions and the skill sets required to excel in those professions. Are you thinking about majoring in Marine Biology but you absolutely hate math? Maybe that is not the best career choice for you but instead a hobby you can pursue. We also discuss trade schools as a viable and really good option for many students.  
June 29, 2021
Episode 78: How to Apply to Universities in the UK with Tips From a King's College Recruitment Manager
Are you interested in applying to a university in the UK? What do admissions representatives look for from applicants applying to their institution? Ashley Monaghan is the International Student Recruitment Manager for the Americas at King's College London and she will share her tips and advice for students looking to study overseas and in particular at King’s College London. What makes King’s College unique? What do universities look for from international applicants? Ashley provides a quick overview of the application platform, timing, and the personal statement requirement. Since the personal statement is not school-specific, students need to articulate their level of experience and expertise in the particular program of study they are applying to. This is quite different from the format used when applying to universities in the US. For any student interested in studying abroad, this podcast is worth listening to.
June 22, 2021
Episode 77: How Do Families “Stuck in the Middle” Afford College with Guest Wendy Nelson
You don’t qualify for need-based aid so what next? There is so much data out there but where and how do families start? The data is overwhelming and it takes forever to sift through to find relevant information that is timely. There are merit scholarships offered directly by colleges your student can apply for. My Kid’s College Choice helps families who are “caught in the middle” find affordable colleges and navigate through the college search process.
June 15, 2021
Episode 76 - Writing Tips from a 4x Emmy Award Winner, Craig Heller
Are you interested in writing as a career? Craig Heller joins us today to share his story and how he got into the business. As a tv writer and screenwriter, Craig spent fifteen years working in the entertainment industry winning four Emmys and a Writers Guild award. Craig then transitioned to working with students on their college essays. He enjoys helping students find their unique voice.
June 8, 2021
Episode 75: Did You Have The Financial Talk With Your Student with Guest Vicki Vollweiler
Did you have the financial talk with your student? Families need to start the discussion earlier rather than later when starting the college search to address any constraints due to “financial fit” when compiling a college list. College is expensive and many families are taking out loans to send their kids to college. Students need to be aware of the total cost of attendance for all four to five years to make sure there is a financial fit as well as an academic and social fit. We are constantly reaching out to financial experts to share their expertise with College Scoops. Today, Vicki Vollweiler joins us to share her advice for families of juniors.
June 1, 2021
Episode 74: Get Educated on Violence Prevention with Prepare and Guest Donna Chaiet
As a society, we seek to educate our young adults to be kind, caring, and thoughtful leaders both in and outside of the classroom. When our sons and daughters graduate from high school and prepare for their next academic adventure, we as parents want to ensure they are living and learning in a safe environment. Do they have the knowledge, tools, and resources to reduce their vulnerability, be aware of any potential threats or behavior that makes them uncomfortable, and be psychologically prepared to respond to any threatening scenario in an effective manner? Prepare is an organization that provides educational programs and classes on communication skills and violence prevention for students, parents, administrators, and businesses.
May 25, 2021
Episode 73: What to Know if You are Even THINKing of Applying to College Overseas with Guest Sara Cavalieri
Do you have a desire to study overseas? If so, what do you need to know as the entire application process is very different from the US in all aspects (testing, programs, and timing)? As a former admissions representative at several top international universities, Sara Cavalier shares her story of studying and working abroad in addition to advice for students as they research what school offers the best academic fit.
May 18, 2021
Episode 72: Creating a College List with Financial Fit in Mind with Guest Liane Crane
As a parent of 3 college students, Liane Crane has experience reading tuition bills and understanding the hidden costs of college. She started her business, The College Dollar, to help other parents and students understand the true costs of college as they start or refine their college list. Whether you have a high school student or a current college student, Liane offers tips to make sure you and your student are financially aware each step of the way. 
May 11, 2021
Episode 71: Tips for Applying for Scholarships From a First-Gen Student with Guest Justin Yin
The College Herald, an incredible resource for high school and college students, was founded by Justin Yin as a way to help other students who may not have the support system in place when applying to or attending college. Justin is a first-gen student who documented all of his successes and challenges when applying to university as a way to help his younger brother so he might have the information and tools readily available when he applied to college. As someone who received $55k in scholarships, Justin shares his insights and tips with College Scoops to help students and families when applying for scholarships to college.
May 4, 2021
Episode 70: How to Tackle the Activity Section of the Common Application with Aly Beaumont
As we get ready for the summer, juniors will start to tackle the activity section of the common application. What are some of the activities to include? How do students know which activities to highlight? If you are a sophomore, what are some ideas to think about to start to build your brag sheet for college applications? Aly shares a personal story about her son, Nicky, and how he took a simple idea at a family dinner and turned it into a real business that he loves and enjoys! There are plenty of opportunities that are right in your backyard so you do not have to go far to have fun, get some experience, make some money, and start to build your activity list for your college application.
April 27, 2021
Episode 69: How to Stand Out at Your Virtual Internship with Jenna Zipf
Calling all college students! Jenna Zipf, aka The Intern Hustle, is with us today to share her story and advice for college students. Whether you are prepping your resume, LinkedIn profile, or getting ready to interview or start an internship, Jenna provides helpful tips on how to stand out in an interview, internship (in-person and virtual), or on paper. Get ready to take some notes and crush your next interview. 
April 20, 2021
Episode 68: College Admissions - It's a Numbers Game with Guest Lee Bierer
The crazy 2021 admissions cycle has come to an end as all colleges have released their decisions. With many colleges experiencing significant increases in applications, the waitlist pool is larger than in years past and many are predicting the wait could extend to August. Accepted student days have rolled into another round of zoom events with admissions officers. Some schools are offering limited college visits for accepted students but overall, students are left in a situation where they may have to make a final decision on a college they have yet to step foot on.  Lee Bierer joins us today to share her thoughts on the lessons learned from this admissions cycle, advice for students on a waitlist, and tips for juniors to get a jumpstart on their essays. We also discussed the latest Netflix release of Operation Varsity Blues. A frequent guest on Charlotte’s NPR Affiliate - WFAE’s Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins, Lee has written over 650 Countdown to College columns over the last 14 years. Her Countdown column is syndicated nationally through Tribune News Service, McClatchy Newspapers and picked up each week by High School Counselor Weekly and bi-monthly by The Link for Counselors.
April 13, 2021
Episode 67: How to Score a Job in the Entertainment or Media Business with Guest Stephen Freidman
For college students looking to get into the media or entertainment industry, we asked Stephen Friedman to share his insights about the industry after a 35+ year career at Twentieth Century Fox, Discovery Network, and Warner Bros. What does it take to get into the industry? How should students prepare for the interviews? Based on the changes in the industry, what recommendations would Stephen give to an aspiring media professional? Stephen shares helpful tips to guide you through the process.
April 6, 2021
Episode 66: 2021 College Deferrals and Waitlists -- It's Not Personal Anymore with Christina Wright
This year is not a normal admissions year. Many colleges experienced a significant increase in applications unlike ever before. Waitlists are expected to be annoyingly long. Many students are trying to make decisions on schools they have never actually stepped foot on. As someone who has worked in college admissions for many years, we invited Christina Wright to our podcast today to share some tips and advice for students as they hear back from colleges.
March 30, 2021
Episode 65: How Best to Support Our First-Generation College Students with Guest Kristina Dooley
Now more than ever we as a society need to provide resources and support for first-generation students to help them navigate not only the college application process but every stage of the college journey - applying, attending, and graduating from college. We invited Kristina Dooley, a first-generation student herself and President of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and Founder of Estrela Consulting to share her story, insights, and resources that are available to high school and college students. 
March 23, 2021
Episode 64: What's Success and What's the Win with Guest Rebekka Whitehead
As colleges start to notify students of their admissions decisions, we invited Rebekka Whitehead, a coach, mentor, and educational consultant, to share her guidance on how best to support students during this challenging time. Rebekka works with students to help them identify their strengths and learnings styles to better prepare them for their next academic adventure. 
March 16, 2021
Episode 63: Life as a Student Entrepreneur at Northwestern with Guest Jay Towns
College Scoops loves connecting with student entrepreneurs to hear their stories and how they are managing their schoolwork and businesses. Today we talked with Jay Towns, a junior at Northwestern. Jay shared his story about applying to Northwestern, why Northwestern is the perfect fit for him, his experience as an Amazon influencer, and as a creative running his photography business.
March 9, 2021
Episode 62: Thinking About Studying Overseas with Guest David Hawkins
What do you need to know when applying to universities overseas? Is the application process different? Do you need to take standardized tests as part of the application process? Can I switch majors once I am enrolled? How does FAFSA work with universities overseas? There is a lot to consider when applying to schools in your own country let alone a foreign country. David Hawkins will provide some tips and advice for students thinking about studying overseas. 
February 23, 2021
Episode 61: Wondering What Other Students Are Paying For College with Guest Mark Salisbury
College is expensive and now with more and more colleges going online, families are re-evaluating their options. Should a student take a gap year? Some students are opting for community college or a state university experience with the thought of saving money for graduate school. Others are deferring for a semester or year. Families are researching financial aid, merit aid, and scholarships to help with the burden of college expenses. Mark Salisbury, Founder of TuitionFit, shares his goal to give families the real college pricing information so families have the knowledge, power, and leverage when making college decisions.
February 2, 2021
Episode 60: Get LIT - Financially LITerate with Tara Falcone
Financial literacy is a topic on many educators' minds and students now more than ever are struggling with how to get up to speed to be not only financially responsible but financially empowered. Whether you are in high school, college, or a recent graduate, understanding finances and establishing a financial plan is key to your long-term success. Wondering where to even start? Tara Falcone will share her strategy for how to get your finances in order and establish a game plan for the future.
January 26, 2021
E59: How to Prepare for College Financially with Guest John Hupalo
Your son or daughter got into college now what? What is the total cost of attendance really? Can I afford it? What options are there for financial aid, loans, merit aid, scholarship? Do I really have to pay the sticker price? As families start to assess their ability to afford college, what should they be doing and when? How do families prep ahead of time to avoid any last-minute disappointments with not being able to afford certain colleges? John Hupalo joins us today as the Founder & CEO of My College Corner & Invite Education. John is a nationally recognized expert in education loan finance and college planning.
January 19, 2021
E58: Get Comfortable with the NYT's Best Selling Author of The Naked Roommate - Harlan Cohen
As a parent I am always looking for ways to be a better parent to support my kids, especially during these uncertain times. How can we help our kids during the college admissions journey and life beyond? Harlan’s open and honest conversations about facing, embracing, and handling rejection provide a glimpse into how we as parents can be there for our students in a supportive but not in a controlling way. How do we loosen the grip to allow them to struggle, learn, and grow? Whether your child is in middle school, high school, or college Harlan’s stories, strategies, and tips will provide you and your student with the tools and resources they need to have an incredible and meaningful college experience.
January 12, 2021
Episode 57: Is UT Austin on Your College List with Guest Amanda Jewell
As we continue to interview student entrepreneurs to share their stories, business, advice, and lessons learned with our community, we are excited to speak with Amanda Jewell, a senior at UT Austin who is a college lifestyle YouTuber, blogger, photographer, podcast host, and content creation guru.
January 5, 2021
Episode 56: Should I Stay or Should I Go with Guest Kevin March
Thinking about transferring? Wondering what to do next or how to get the courage to go for it? When you know a school is just not the right fit for you, it is hard to have the courage to take the next steps. We reached out to a transfer student who made the move in his junior year at college. Kevin shares with us his experience, when he finally made the decision to start the transfer process, the frustration in getting the paperwork lined up, but also the joy in finding a school to call home for the last two years of college.
December 17, 2020
Episode 55: How to Align Your Talents with a Growth Mindset and Purpose with Anjali Maazel
How can students move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset which will allow them to discover, develop, and demonstrate their abilities and talent with purpose? What problems do you want to solve in this world? How can you use your talents to help solve these problems? Anjali Maazel joins us today to share her thoughts and advice for students on the importance of finding a college that is the best fit.
December 15, 2020
Episode 54: How College Scoops Can Help You and Your Student Now More Than Ever With Founder Moira McCullough
We are doing something different today - we are sharing our story with you and why College Scoops is more relevant now than ever before. If parents thought getting to know a college outside of the admissions tour and information session was challenging prior to COVID-19, we were half right. It was hard enough for prospective students and parents to get a real feel and vibe of the college from a student's perspective without friends or family at the school or if they could not hire an educational consultant but add in a pandemic and life gets really complicated! We innovated, we expanded, we partnered and we gave back in 2020. Let College Scoops and our passion for helping students guide you and your student to find the college that is the best fit for them. Thanks for the support from our broad community of college ambassadors, interns, and partners to make College Scoops a unique and powerful resource for our college-bound community!
December 10, 2020
Episode 53: Diversity and Multicultural Recruitment on a College Campus with Guest Yancie Davis
How can colleges build and grow a diverse and inclusive community and once students get in, how can universities better support students to enable them to thrive and fit in? What are colleges doing to help 1st generation students and students of color once they arrive on campus? Having worked in several college admissions environments focused on multicultural recruitment and diversity outreach, Yancie Davis shares with us today successful strategies and techniques universities are using to help create a more diverse and inclusive environment both in and out of the classroom. Yancie is also an Associate Director of College Counseling at Bentley School in Oakland California helping students find the school that is the best fit for them.
December 8, 2020
Episode 52: Finding the Right Culture Fit of a College with Guest Jen Hendricks
Finding the right fit from a cultural perspective at a college is challenging. How do you help students and families navigate this challenge? As a parent who has lived and worked overseas, I know how important it is to be culturally aware of your environment and how challenging it can be to find the right fit from all aspects of life. When we look at colleges, we also have to consider the cultural fit of each campus to make sure it is one in which your student will thrive. Jennifer Hendricks has not only lived and worked overseas but she is also a parent of three and one of her daughters is studying overseas. Jen will share with us her experience as a parent of twins and the importance of considering cultural fit into the college search process.
December 3, 2020
Episode 51: The Power of Cognitive Reframing with Guest Jed Applerouth
Students today are experiencing a range of emotions and anxiety due to college life as a result of the pandemic. Many colleges have moved to online learning and even the ones who are providing in-person classes, there are changes and restrictions to life as we know it. Attendance at sporting events has been restricted or totally shut down, clubs and activities are conducting many of their meetings remotely, restaurants and bars have limited options, and many on-campus programming events were canceled (orientation, parents weekend, reunions). What have been some of the psychological impacts, positive and negative, on college students as a result of the pandemic and how can we help students to prep mentally and physically for 2021. Jed Applerouth joins us to share some ways students and parents can destress, recalibrate our lives for greater balance and create a healthier environment to live, work, and learn.
December 1, 2020
Episode 50: Redefining Diversity and Inclusion In Corporate and College Life with Guest James Childs
When we think of our aspirational climate, what does that mean? What type of climate, culture, and environment do we want to live, learn, and work in? Our ideal or aspiration environment on campus or in a workplace is one that protects intellectual exploration, advances mutual respect, promotes inclusivity in and outside of a classroom or office, and allows community members to thrive. We invited James Childs, a Learning Partner in D&I Learning for Facebook, on our show to share his experience and expertise on how we can create an environment and culture that fosters inclusivity, promotes diversity, and celebrates a supportive community.
November 25, 2020
Episode 49: College and Covid…The Real Scoop with Guest Carson Kraycik
The transition to college is not always easy. It is hard and it can be lonely at times. Many students end up transferring but there are others who decide to stay and give it a go. We reached out to students to share their stories to help other students experiencing the same feelings, situations or thoughts especially now during COVID. Carson Kraycik shared her experience as a freshman at NC State and now as a sophomore navigating college and COVID.
November 24, 2020
Episode 48: How to Transition From College to Career with Guest Sharise Kent
How do you set yourself up for success in college to obtain internships that will help you long term? College is the time to explore and gain valuable work and life experiences both in and outside of the classroom. Internships and research opportunities are part of the experiential learning opportunities available to students throughout their college experience. Students need to take advantage and embrace their time in college to learn, network, and gain insight into different disciplines, professions, and organizations. Sharise Kent will walk us through her steps and advice on how to make every moment in college count.
November 19, 2020
Episode 47: Office Hours with Dr. Joseph Mendes
Wondering how to hit the ground running at school? A former college professor and current high school teacher Dr. Joseph Mendes shares his tips and strategies for students. As an educator in both university and high school spheres, Dr. Mendes knows what it takes to succeed as a student and how to effectively transition into college. If you have ever wondered what to say in an email to your new professor or how to write your first college paper, tune in this week and get the inside scoop from Dr. Mendes!
November 17, 2020
Episode 46: The Dad's Podcast Part II Series with Guests John Mulligan and John Goldenberg
As we continue to reach out to parents about their college search process, we are thrilled to release Part II of the Dad's Podcast series with John Mulligan and John Goldenberg who will share their stories and insights with us about their experiences with their kids during the college admissions journey. With every person we talk with, we learn something new. It is so helpful as each story is unique and everyone has different tips and perspectives on ways to approach the college admissions process the second time around. John Mulligan has advice for parents of student-athletes and John Goldenburg, as a Penn Alumni interviewer, shares several tips for students as well as they relate to interviews.
November 12, 2020
Episode 45: How I started Liv A Little Ice Cream My Senior Year at Marquette with Guest Olivia Menzia
Are you a student thinking about switching majors or programs? Do you have a dream of starting your own company? Where and how do you even begin? Olivia Menzia joins us today as a recent Marquette graduate who started not one but two companies while attending Marquette University. Liv shares her story, advice, and guidance for students.
November 10, 2020
Episode 44: Advice from Dad's for Parents on the Road - Part 1 with Guests John Gregg and Phil Semprevivo
Are you helping your son or daughter with the college admissions process? We are really excited about today’s podcast as we reached out to Dad’s to get their take on the college search process with their kids - what was helpful, what was not, what they wished they had to make the journey easier from the college search and visit perspective. When I was growing up my parents provided moral support and financial support but other than that, they were not overly involved in the process. In fact, I went to visit some colleges on my own! Days have changed. We wanted to hear from Dad’s who have been there and done that to get their perspective on what worked, what did not, what they wish they could do over again, what resources were especially helpful and what was not. What tips do they have for someone going through the process for the 1st time? We will have a Mom’s series as well. 
November 5, 2020
Episode 43: Find your 'Wow Factor' with Guest Amy Kossoff Smith
We are reaching out to experts in various professions to share their stories on how they got their start and what advice they would give to a student looking to enter that particular field of study. If you are interested in PR and journalism Amy Kossoff Smith has some great advice for you. Amy also works with students on their college application essays. As a seasoned writer, Amy knows how to pitch a story. She brings her expertise from her journalism and PR experience to help students convey their “wow factor” throughout their application.
November 3, 2020
Episode 42: Advice From a Top High School College Counselor with Guest Erika Chapin
As high school students and parents navigate the new college landscape this fall, high school college counselors are working hard to help families get to know a college from afar. Without the on-campus programming activities, what resources and advice do high school college counselors share with their families? How can parents support their students without taking control of the process? What are some tips for both students and parents this fall? Erika Chapin, the Director of College Counseling for Hopkins School, will share her thoughts and guidance for students and parents navigating the college admissions journey this fall. 
October 29, 2020
Episode 41: Have You Heard of Dormzi with Guest Sabine Rizvi
Thinking of starting a company while in college? Think no further - Sabine and her best friend from home, Milan, knew they wanted to go into business together, and once at their respective colleges, they decided to go for it. Join us today to hear Sabine discuss the origin of her company, Dormzi, and how she navigated the opportunities and challenges it presented. In addition, she will offer advice to current and prospective student entrepreneurs, guiding us through the start-up process. Dormzi is an online marketplace designed specifically for college students to monetize their unique skills, connect with fellow students and entrepreneurs, and build relationships with outside businesses and individuals. If you are a student with a specific skill, sign up as a Dormzi or a student ambassador. 
October 27, 2020
Episode 40: Character Counts with Guest Benjamin Caldarelli
Many schools are test-optional for the Class of 2021 - Now more than ever, the essay and other components of the application will play a larger role in the application process. What do colleges look for in terms of “character” on a college application? How do you define character attributes? How do you evaluate character attributes on an application? Do colleges really value “character” as a deciding factor in the decision-making process? What are some tips for high school students going through the process now as to the most effective ways to demonstrate their true self and character?  Benjamin Caldarelli, Co-Founder of Princeton College Consulting, is here with us today to share his thoughts on how Character Counts more than ever now.
October 22, 2020
Episode 39: Calling all Student-Athletes! Wondering What to do Now with Guest Chad Dorman
Advice for student-athletes - the ramifications of COVID19 are still playing out now especially for the Class of 2021. With lost seasons, the cancellation of showcase events and invitation-only visits, no game tapes - what now? How can student-athletes approach the college admissions process if they are looking to play sports in college? A lot has happened outside of our control but what can student-athletes do that is within their control? Chad Dorman joins us today to share his insights and advice.
October 20, 2020
Episode 38: Topics to Avoid in a College Essay with Guest Jaclyn Corley
Jaclyn Corley, aka The College Essay Captain, has been a College Scoops supporter since we launched sharing her expertise in blog posts for College Scoops. Jaclyn helps students stand out from the crowd with a powerful essay. Oftentimes, students wonder if there are topics that should be avoided and that is why we asked Jaclyn to join us today. Are there particular subjects that students should avoid? What are they and why?
October 15, 2020
Episode 37: Three Gap Experiences You Want to Listen to with Guest Adelaide Hanson
Students considering taking a gap year, listen up! Adelaide Hanson took a gap year composed of 3 segments - Fall semester in East Africa, winter semester working at home, spring semester - backpacking Southeast Asia. She joins us today to share why she choose a gap year, her stories, her lessons and learned, and recommendations for students considering taking a gap year. Adelaide was introduced to College Scoops by Marion Taylor - Founder of Taylor the Gap. Marion was a guest on our podcast a while back. Thank you Marion for continuing to support College Scoops and introduce us to students across the globe.
October 13, 2020
Episode 36: Legal Documents Your College Student Should Complete Before They Leave for Campus with Guest Nara Herbowy-Callanan
Navigating legal documents can be a daunting task, especially for parents and their young adult children. Attorney Nara Herbowy-Callanan will join us today to break down important legal documents, including the advance medical directive (living will), the HIPAA release, and the durable power of attorney. Nara helps us to understand the different ways in which parents can remain involved in their child’s medical life, while also taking into account the privacy concerns of young adults.
October 8, 2020
Episode 35: Looking for an Internship with Guest Mikala Bush
Students are gearing up for internship interviews this fall so we reached out to companies who have renowned internship programs to ask them what they are looking for from candidates? How can students best prepare for interviews and internship opportunities? We know the last six months were challenging with students losing out on internships or jobs they had committed to due to the pandemic. What can they do now and how can they explain the lost opportunity? Mikala Bush is part of a University Relations team at NCR Corporation which has won numerous awards for their Internship program and she joins us today to share her advice, guidance, and insights to help students as they navigate researching and applying to internship programs.
October 6, 2020
Episode 34: Tips to Strengthen Your Executive Function Skills with Guest Christy McGarry
There are ways we can support and help students perform to the best of their abilities in and out of the classroom by modeling good behavior and role-playing. It is hard to get and stay organized or prioritize all the homework and extracurricular activities in a way that does not increase the stress levels. Ensuring students develop life long skills that will enable them to live, learn, and grow in the next academic environment is the goal of Christy McGarry. She joins us today to discuss how to prepare your students with the executive functioning skills necessary to succeed in college.
October 1, 2020
Episode 33: Everything You Need to Know About Applying from Abroad with Guest Elaine Seremetis
Are you an expatriate or international student applying to a college or university in the United States? Today, college consultant Elaine Seremtis will join us to answer burning questions regarding the application process specific to expatriates and international students. As an expatriate herself, Elaine has firsthand experience with all of the tips and tricks that will help you get ahead on your college admissions process. From the necessary paperwork to helpful resources, Elaine provides essential insights that will enable you to tackle U.S. applications from abroad.
September 29, 2020
Episode 32: Resumes, Cover Letters, and Essays: Painting a Picture with Guest Lauren Dana
“What makes my resume different? Will my essay just blend in? How can I stand out?” Every applicant has stressed and obsessed with these questions. Fortunately, Lauren Dana will be joining us today to share her expert writing advice, equipping students to stand out and present their best selves to admissions officers and employers. From resumes to supplemental essays, Lauren has the tips that will help you paint a unique picture and tell an engaging story with the written aspects of the college and job application process.
September 24, 2020
Episode 31: “How to be U-Niquely-U” with Guest Dr. Gena Lester
As a mom of 3 who has 'been there and done that' when her kids applied to college, Dr. Gena Lester joins us today to share her story and how she started Education Prep Centers. Gena will describe her challenge and online campus programs and the tools, strategies, and techniques she uses to help students and parents navigate the college application process. 
September 22, 2020
Episode 30: Introducing Students to Different Professions with Guest Jennifer Severini-Kresock
What does a psychologist really do? How does one become a psychiatrist? What courses should students take in college if they want to be an engineer? Are there any professional organizations students should join to gain a better understanding of certain professions? Jennifer Severini-Kresock, a college and career counseling consultant has conducted interviews with over 35+ professionals and created videos to allow her students an opportunity to learn more about what these jobs entail. Her guests answer what they wish they knew before they attended college. They also share with Jennifer helpful resources, advice, and lessons learned based on their experiences. Jennifer joins us today to explain why she started her quest and the benefits she and her students have experienced already based on these videos.
September 17, 2020
Episode 29: How to Hit the Ground Running with Guest Elizabeth Pyle
Keeping up with the academic challenges of college is demanding and requires organization, time management, and effort. Elizabeth Pyle, an education expert, and mother, is with us today to discuss how to be successful in college, particularly for students who have trouble with executive functioning skills. Elizabeth and her service, College Success Plan, helps instill valuable skills such as goal setting, decision-making, and time management, and she is invited to the College Scoops Podcast today to discuss her methods and advice for students who struggle with executive functioning.
September 15, 2020
Episode 28: Staying Sane During the College Process from a Parent of 5 with Guest Nicole Smith
The college journey can be stressful especially if you have more than one child - but 5? We are reaching out to parents who have been there and done that to get their take on what worked, what did not, and what they would recommend to a parent just starting the process. Nicole Smith is currently helping her middle child navigate the process as a rising Senior. Nicole will share her tips and suggestions for staying not only sane during the college process but also ways you can support and have fun with your son or daughter on the road. We always love hearing the lessons-learned and sharing the funny stories parents remember. Get comfortable and enjoy our conversation!
September 10, 2020
Episode 27 : Standing Out in College Applications with Work Experience with Guest Laura Fortner
How can real-world work experiences be a differentiator in college applications? Do you have a student who is a coder, interested in sports management, or loves video games? Laura and her team at Hireedge have created opportunities to match students with employers to gain valuable and real-life experiences. In a time where students do not have a host of internship opportunities available in high school, Laura founded Hireeedge as an accelerator program for high school and college students to gain valuable work experience at companies working with a corporate sponsor and Hireedge mentor.
September 8, 2020
Episode 26: Thinking About a Gap Year with Guest Katherine Stievater
With colleges moving to an online or virtual environment this fall semester, many students and parents are trying to look at alternatives and specifically gap year opportunities. No longer are gap year programs just for international travel as more and more programs are offering various work and volunteer opportunities locally and online. Katherine Stievater, Founder & CEO of Gap Year Solutions, a Boston-based gap year advising company shares her insights on local gap year opportunities and how students can have a productive gap year amidst the pandemic.
September 3, 2020
Episode 25: Tips from the Essayists - Cheryl and Brian Klam
The college essay is a daunting task for many seniors in high school with only 650 words to convince an admissions counselor to fall in love with you. How can students make their essays stand out? Hasn’t every topic been written about? What are some ways to help admissions readers root for them as the hero of their college essay? Cheryl and Brian Klam bring in real-world experience in creative writing to help students tackle the college essay in a new and exciting way.
September 1, 2020
Episode 24: How to Write a Killer Resume with Guest Emily Weiss
Emily Weiss, a career consultant and resume guru, will join us today to discuss techniques, tools, and advice on how to hit the ground running freshman year, how to transfer your work experience and life skills to craft an impressive resume that will help you stand out, and land the internship of your dreams.
August 27, 2020
Episode 23: Own Your Story with Guest Sydney Montgomery
As the daughter of an immigrant mother and a military father, Sydney Montgomery knows first hand how daunting the college admissions process can be for first-generation college and law school students and aims to push students to be inspired, empowered, and achieve their full potential. Sydney shares some of the challenges and struggles 1st generation college students will encounter when they arrive on campus and her tips and resources to help students succeed.
August 25, 2020
Episode 22 : Students Giving Back - Student Impact with Guest Ana Stanisavljev
When COVID19 hit and college students were sent home, students were frustrated, disappointed, and angry. But some students turned that energy into something positive creating programs, businesses, and communities that have positively impacted many people. Student Impact is one of those organizations.  Ana Stanisavjlev founded the non-profit, Student Impact, which supports students, teachers, and schools in the time of online learning. 
August 20, 2020
Episode 21 : Lessons Learned from a Medical Emergency at College with Laura and Zane Dennis
College is for many students the first time they are responsible for their physical health. Going to college there are a ton of legal and medical forms that may not seem like a big deal at the time but can be impactful in a medical emergency. From insurance disclosure to HIPPA forms, parents and their students need to be organized about preparing for medical situations once their child is away at school. Laura and her son Zane bring in a personal medical emergency experience that opened their eyes to just how complicated forms are and how to be prepared.
August 18, 2020
Episode 20: How to Empower your Teen with Guest Emma B. Perez
We invited Emma B Perez, a mentoring coach to teens and young adults to share her framework, tools, and resources she uses as she guides young adults through her college and career workshops.  Through self-discovery, identifying what your priorities and values are, talking about money, and career exploration will guide young adults to gain a clearer understanding of who they are, what they might want to focus on next, and the next steps required to achieve their goals.
August 11, 2020
Episode 19: Create a Passion Project with Guest Julie Kim
Does your student have a love of photography, gardening, or fashion? Julie Kim works with students to help them create passion projects which align with their academic and personal interests. Through her detailed framework, she works with cohorts of students as they identify, develop, and implement their passion projects over the course of several months with some students continuing to pursue their projects in college. Julie enjoys watching students learn, grow, and thrive through her programs.
August 6, 2020
Episode 18: Online College Webinars and the Virtual College Process with Guest Jenna Shulman
College Admissions have been hosting virtual tours, information sessions and student panels during the last 6 months. College consultants are also hosting webinars in conjunction with area college admissions representatives and current students. We invited Jenna Shulman, Founder of Jenna Shulman College Consulting, to join us today as she has launched a Summer Series with the New Jersey college admissions reps for 50+ schools. These sessions are free and available to all. It is a great opportunity to listen and learn more about the schools you or your student is interested in. 
August 4, 2020
Episode 17: Take charge of defining Yourself and Your Future with Guest Marsha Ray
As a parent and educator, one of our objectives is to create a trusting, safe, and respectful learning environment for our kids and students to thrive. How can we support students as they navigate the college admissions journey and the transition from high school to college? How can we encourage students to step forward and take charge of defining what is important to them as they research their next learning experience? What are some techniques and tools students can use to navigate their college journey to chart a course that will help them thrive, learn, grow, and develop the strength to be successful throughout life? Marsha Ray, M.A., brings an informed and unique voice to study abroad advising and college experience advising, based on teaching experience, in the U.S., in France and Italy, where she resided for 17 years.
July 30, 2020
Episode 16: How to Tackle Alumni Interviews and the Essay with Guest Pat Berry
A parent, writer, editor, alumni interviewer, and college application essay coach, Pat Berry shares her insights and tips on how to start writing your college essay and how to prepare for the alumni interview. As the summer kicks off, students have an opportunity to take some time to reflect and brainstorm ideas for how to write a thoughtful, insightful, and interesting essay. 
July 28, 2020
Episode 15: Incorporating Mindfulness into High School and the College Admissions Journey with Guest Carolyn Caplan
High schools and colleges are incorporating mindfulness and meditation into all aspects of their curriculum and colleges are investing in wellness centers. Given the current situation, now more than ever students, parents, educators, and businesses are all looking at ways to reduce the anxiety and stress in our daily lives. How can we incorporate mindfulness into High School and the college admissions journey? Carolyn Caplan, aka AdmissionsMom, joins us today to share her mindfulness techniques into every aspect of the college admissions journey. 
July 21, 2020
Episode 14: Why I Choose a Gap Year with The BlissBean Founder, Beatričė
We are interviewing students who have been on a gap year to share why they choose to take a gap year and what they would recommend to fellow students entertaining a gap year. Beatrice is the creator behind the Bliss Bean, a self-improvement and productivity blog and YouTube channel, which has 75,000+ subscribers, and in her spare time loves to study languages, read, and travel. Beatrice was born in Lithuania and immigrated to Wisconsin with her parents at the age of 4. She is currently on a post-high school gap year doing freelance photography and traveling for two months. Beatrice is gearing up to study Communications and Digital Media at IE University in Spain in the fall.
July 16, 2020
Episode 13: Parenting with Your Teen Founders Susan Borison and Stephanie Silverman
Parenting is not easy and given the last 5 months, we have all learned how to live, learn, and work with our kids some of whom have not lived in our house for a while. Knowing you are not alone and having a community to share your thoughts, frustrations, concerns, and celebrations is what led Susan Borinson and Stephanie Silverman to launch Your Teen Media. We are excited to have a conversation about all things parenting-related on today's show. 
July 14, 2020
Episode 12: Meet Ethan Knight - The Executive Director and Founder of Gap Year Association
With schools announcing their plans for the fall of 2020, many students and families are wondering what options are available for a gap year experience. As a veteran in the industry and the Founder and Executive Director of the Gap Year Association, Ethan Knight and his team have been working hard with their members and gap year programs to communicate all of the changes and opportunities available through the Gap Year Association website. Ethan will discuss the benefits of a gap year, the resources available through the Gap Year Association, and what opportunities are available now for students in 2020/2021.
July 7, 2020
Episode 11: Advice for the Class of 2021 with Guest Deena Maerowitz
The Spring of 2020 brought about many changes for college admissions and with that comes many questions from parents and students about what now? Where do we start and what should our focus be if we have a rising senior? How do you support parents and students in this challenging time with COVID19?  Deena will discuss the changes in college admissions due to the pandemic and advice for the Class of 2021.
June 30, 2020
Episode 10: Choosing A Gap Year Program That's the Right Fit For Your Student
Gap semesters and gap year programs have become more popular in the last ten-fifteen years with students finding value in taking an intentional gap year before starting their college adventure. Colleges are more accepting and adaptable to students taking a gap semester and many even encourage a gap semester or year program before starting freshman year. Students return from their experience with a more worldly view, practical experience, independence, and self-reliance. Studies have shown the benefits of a gap year include higher GPA's, an increase in 4-year graduation rates, and an increase in job satisfaction. Marion Taylor is the Owner and Founder of Taylor the Gap, a personalized inclusive gap year consulting service who shares her insights on how to choose a gap year program that's the right fit for you or your student.
June 25, 2020
Episode 9: Don't Panic! Tips for Students and Families Navigating the College Journey with Special Guest - Lee Norwood
How can parents support their students during the college admissions journey? What resources are available for students and families?  How to use online resources to research colleges from home and the importance of getting engaged early on as a freshman at college, are all topics Lee and I will cover in our discussion today. Especially given these unique times, focusing on what you can control is the key to success.  Lee Norwood, Owner of Annapolis College Consulting, joins us today to share her strategy for approaching the college admissions journey. She shares her strategy for working with college-bound students on their applications and how she is continually partnering with her community to provide opportunities for students to gain valuable experience during their high school years.
June 23, 2020
Episode 8: How to Find Scholarships for College with Special Guest Monica Matthews
College is expensive and now more than ever, families are working very hard to pay for college. Finding ways to pay for college takes time, energy, and resources. We hear all about the scholarships and grants available but how do you find scholarships?  How do students apply for scholarships? Where and when do you start looking for scholarships? Is it really hard to win a scholarship?  Monica Matthews, founder of How 2 Win Scholarships, is joining us today to share her guidance and tips so you too can find scholarships to apply to before and during the college years. 
June 16, 2020
Episode 7: Testing - What Now with Special Guest Jen Henson
With all the recent changes and disruption to the testing environment, we invited Jen Henson on our show to help clarify questions surrounding the testing environment. What are the recent changes to the ACT/SAT tests and test schedule? Should students take the ACT/SAT if they are applying to test-optional schools? What is the difference between test-optional and test-blind? When and how should students start to prep for the standardized tests?  Jennifer Henson, Founder of Goal Digger, answers these questions and more on our show.
June 11, 2020
Episode 6 - Choosing a College that Supports Students with Learning Differences with Guest Debbie Cinquemani
Choosing a college that supports a student with learning differences requires some additional information, a checklist to take on-campus tours, and, a network of experts to call upon if you need it. Each student has a unique way of learning, and choosing the right college is an important decision for a family.  There is a school for every student, no matter how they learn.  In this episode, Deborah Cinquemani, Founder of Guide Us Educational Services, will review the important questions to ask,  how to learn more about each school's program offerings, and more importantly, how you as a parent can support your student as they navigate the college admissions journey especially for students with learning differences.
June 9, 2020
Episode 5: How Our Parents Helped Us Through the College Process with Special Guest Lilly Rosenberg and Kyra Hermans
We know the college admissions process can be stressful for not only students but parents as well. How can parents support their kids as they navigate their junior and senior years? Sometimes our "help" actually creates more anxiety for students. What do students really need or want from their parents as they navigate the college application process? We talked with two recent high school graduates who shared their experiences with us and provided some helpful tips for parents. What resources did their parents find most helpful during the process? What resources did they find most helpful during the process? What is the most important advice you would give to a 1st-time parent going through the process? All these questions and more we discussed during our conversation with Lilly Rosenberg and Kyra Hermans who took time out to talk with us this week as they wind down their senior year and get ready for graduation. 
June 2, 2020
Episode 4 - Prepping for a College Interview with Patrick Meade
What are the best questions to ask in every college interview? Are there different types of interviews offered at universities? How does a student prepare for the interviews? When should students plan to interview at schools or with alumni? These are questions many parents have as their son or daughter starts the college admissions journey.  If you are wondering what is the best strategy or approach your student can take with respect to interviews, listen up as we invited Patrick Meade, a former Assistant Director of Admissions, to join us and share his tips, strategies and advice on how to best prepare for the college interview.
May 26, 2020
Episode 3 - How Students Can Make the Most of Their Summer with Kate Sonnenberg
Are your kids wondering what to do this summer? Many high school and college students are trying to find ways to continue to work, learn, and grow this summer with the effects of COVID-19 changing life as we know it for the moment. Schools are moving summer courses to online programs, athletic tournaments and travel teams have been canceled, many companies are recommending employees continue to work-from-home, and internships have been canceled or significantly reduced. As a mom of three high school and college students, I feel their pain and I know how anxious kids are to find something they can do this summer that is “meaningful”. We reached out to Kate Sonnenberg, Founder of KS College Success, to share her insights and knowledge about summer programs, opportunities, and ideas for how our kids can learn, stay engaged, and maybe even have some fun this summer doing something they never had the time or energy for before.
May 20, 2020
Episode 2 - How To Live Your College Admissions Story with Hamada Zahawi
The thought of writing your college essay can be a daunting and unnerving task for everyone involved. How does one even start? What should the focus be? How can we as parents and educators help our students to delve deep and find the confidence and courage to write an essay that will convince someone to advocate for them in the admissions process. Today our guest shares his insight on how to go about writing your story. Hamada Zahawi helps students craft their narrative in an authentic, creative, and brave voice that reflects their true selves.
May 19, 2020
Episode 1 - The Story of College Scoops
Moira McCullough, the founder of College Scoops, shares her story and how College Scoops started. 
May 19, 2020