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Bonus: Managing ocular allergy in optometric practice

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Welcome to the College of Optometrists' new series of optometry podcasts. Our very own ex-hospital radio DJ (and Head of Research), Martin Cordiner, will be taking you through an optometric journey, covering topics such as the latest in eye health research and patient experiences.
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Bonus: Through the eyes of an artist
Martin introduces this special bonus podcast, in which our museum curator, Neil Handley, interviews the College's artist in residence for 2019, Iluá Hauck da Silva. Iluá talks about the inspiration for her work, including growing up a medical household and her own vision problems.  Iluá's exhibition 'Pathos ocularis - the Beautiful and the Curious' will first be shown at Open House London ( on Sunday 22 September from 1-5pm at The College of Optometrists, 42 Craven Street, London, WC2N 5NG. If you miss Open House, you can make an appointment to visit the College's museum at
September 2, 2019
The myopia epidemic
Martin and Daniel bring you another College podcast, in which Martin talks to Professor Chris Hammond, Consultant Ophthalmologist at Kings College London and St Thomas' hospital, and Professor Kathryn Saunders FCOptom, Professor of Optometry and Vision Science at Ulster University, about all things myopia. They discuss current evidence and how patients can be guided through their treatment options. A patient leaflet on myopia will be available for College members to order from October 2019 on, and look out for our ethical scenario on the topic, also available on The College of Optometrists' app. Read more about The Northern Ireland Childhood Errors of Refraction (NICER) study, which investigated refractive development in childhood and early adulthood at Join us at our annual conference,
August 27, 2019
Bonus: Managing ocular allergy in optometric practice
Optometry in Practice (OiP) Editor-in-Chief, Professor Leon Davies FCOptom, interviews Dr Paramdeep Singh Bilkhu MCOptom about his recent paper on managing ocular allergies in optometric practice. Find out why allergic conjunctivitis is likely to be underdiagnosed; how to choose the best medication for your patients; and much more. To read Dr Bilkhu's article, visit (CET available until 31 March 2020).  More Optometry in Practice articles are available from
August 12, 2019
It's a hard knock hospital life with Patrick Gunn
Martin Cordiner, Head of Research, and Daniel Hardiman-McCartney, Clinical Adviser talk all things referral in this month's College of Optometrists podcast. Martin speaks to Patrick "Paddy" Gunn, Principal Optometrist for Education and Training at The Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, about life in the hospital, glaucoma referral research and education and training. Paddy spoke at the College's main conference, Optometry Tomorrow ( in February 2019. 
August 5, 2019
The London Project to Cure Blindness with Professor Pete Coffey
Martin Cordiner, Head of Research, and Daniel Hardiman-McCartney, Clinical Adviser host this month's College of Optometrists podcast. Martin talks to Professor Pete Coffey about the 'London Project to cure Blindness'. Find out about the team's journey to prevent blindness using stem cell therapies to restore sight and improve the quality of life of those who suffer from retinal disease, especially age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Pete was also key note speaker at the College's main conference Optometry Tomorrow ( Find out more about The London Project to Cure Blindness (
June 17, 2019
Pilot: AMD through the patient's eyes with Dr Deanna Taylor MCOptom
Martin Cordiner, Head of Research, and Daniel Hardiman-McCartney FCOptom, Clinical Adviser, talk to Dr Deanna Taylor MCOptom about her research looking at age-related macular degeneration (AMD) through patients' eyes in The College of Optometrists' pilot podcast.  Deanna was the winner of the George Giles Postgraduate Research Prize in 2017. 
October 15, 2018
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