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Comedy Networking Podcast

Comedy Networking Podcast

By Manny Garavito
Manny Garavito connects comedy scenes all around the nation and introduces you to career-driven comedians so you can stay connected and take control of your comedy career.
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Start or grow your comedy podcast interview with Sebastian Rusk | Comedy Networking Podcast
If you are seeking to get started on a comedy podcast or would like to grow one, check out this interview with podcast launch specialist Sebastian Rusk.
September 21, 2021
Interview with Corey Cognac from WPB Comedy Scene - Comedy Networking Podcast
On this episode of the Comedy Networking Podcast, we interview Corey Cognac from the West Palm Beach Comedy Scene. This is another installment of the Florida series where we showcase the people creating comedy productions in the state. Corey is a stand up comedian and founder of Intrepid Events comedy productions. If you are ever in the Florida comedy scene and would like to explore the Palm Beach area for stage time, get to know Corey. We talk about producing comedy shows, and how to make a name for yourself when you perform in different venues. If you enjoyed this, subscribe to the podcast:
September 10, 2021
Interview with Jackie Sanchez from the West Palm Beach Comedy Scene | Comedy Networking Podcast
Jackie Sanchez is a comedian from the West Palm Beach comedy scene with a very particular kind of personality. She has boomed into the comedy scene in South Florida and made a name for herself by winning competitions, running open mics, and producing a professional comedy show at the West Palm Beach Improv. In this interview, we talk about what it's like to develop your local comedy scene, the important factors to look out for when running a comedy room and whats the deal with virtual comedy?? If you enjoyed this episode, and would like to connect with comedians from various comedy scenes, subscribe to the podcast by clicking here:
September 03, 2021
Interview with Casey Peruski from the Fort Pierce Comedy Scene
Casey Peruski is one of the people behind the Casey N Spaz Comedy Show at Sunrise Theater in Fort Pierce. For years Casey has booked local and nationally headlining comedians to perform for one of the longest running independent showcases in Florida. This is a great contact to make whenever you visit the Florida Comedy Scene. On this episode, Casey shares the many ways to get booked and how to become an attractive comedian online based on your content. - If you enjoyed this episode of the Comedy Networking Podcast, be sure to subscribe:
July 27, 2021
Interview with Carmen Vallone from the Orlando Comedy Scene
Get to know one of the hardest working comedians in the Orlando, FL area. Manny Garavito speaks with Carmen Vallone about what the Orlando Comedy scene has to offer and who to get in contact with to get on a stage whenever you visit the city! - If you enjoyed this episode of the Comedy Networking Podcast, be sure to subscribe:
June 29, 2021