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Come On Man - A 3% Man Podcast

Come On Man - A 3% Man Podcast

By Paul Bauer
A podcast for fellow students of Corey Wayne's book, "How To Be a 3% Man" and for men who just want to be better in general. We take teachings not just from Coach Wayne, but from great teachers like Dr. Robert Glover, Chris Canwell, Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Dave Ramsey and many others who have not only mastered relationships or gaining wealth, but who have harnessed the law of attraction to get everything they want out of life!
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Interview With 3% Bro Jose Sfeir
3% brother Jose Sfeir joined me on a Zoom call from Arica Chile of all places! We talked about all sorts of things like his 3% path, the time I went aboard a Chilean Navy ship when I was in the US Navy, to professional wresting and MMA. It was fascinating getting his take on all of these topics considering he comes from a completely different culture than mine, yet we still have so much in common! Jose recommends Alpha Male Strategies on YouTube: --- How To Be A 3% Man (Book) - Coach Corey Wayne’s YouTube Chanel - 3% Man Facebook Group -
September 28, 2020
A Tale of Two Train Wrecks
What's in this episode: Some of you who have been in in the 3% Man group on Facebook know these stories a little based on my date update posts, and videos I’m going to try to give you a little more behind the scenes this time though For some of you this is brand new My goal here is to let you know that even for me it’s not all sunshine and roses Even Corey Wayne himself has ran into the occasional snag right? In 3% Man he talks about drinking too much at a bar one night and hooking up with a gal that… let’s say looked better in the dark lighting of the bar She ended up traveling several hours to spend the weekend with him, and when she got there… he was a little shocked to say the least  If you don’t remember that part in the book, then I think you need to go back and read it. We’re suppose to read it 10-15 times right? PART 1 - "Needy" Chick *SPONSOR BREAK* PART 2 - "Local" Chick 3% Man Book - Coach Corey Wayne on YouTube - 3% Man Facebook Group -
September 21, 2020
Call From 3% Brother From Bristol - Luke!
This week’s episode was a blast to make. Our 3% brother from Bristol England, Luke joined Paul for a Zoom call to discuss game, the law of attraction, the last time both of us lost our center and how we got it back, dating apps and so much more! We are planning to have a few more calls together for future episodes, so if you like this one be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any others!  How To Be A 3% Man (Book) - Coach Corey Wayne’s YouTube Chanel - 3% Man Facebook Group -
September 14, 2020
An Intro To The Law of Attraction
This week I touch on the law of attraction Some books I’ve read on the subject:  The Secret – Rhonda Byrne (Law of attraction)  The Power – Rhonda Byrne (Love) Mastering The Law of Attraction – Andy Shaw Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill – Came out in 1937 Very good book about setting definite goals and using the power of autosuggestion to plant and visualize an idea in your mind The importance of putting emotion behind an idea, the biggest being faith He refers to all of this as using your 6th sense to tap into infinite intelligence Books on my to-read list You Were Born Rich – Bob Proctor Wallace D. Wattles Trilogy – Wallace D. Wattles – Inspired the Secret – Books came out in 1910 The Master Key System - Charles F. Haanel – Another precursor to The Secret – Published 1916 What is the law of attraction? Wikipedia says the law of attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person's life.  The belief is based on the ideas that people and their thoughts are made from "pure energy", and that a process of like energy attracting like energy exists through which a person can improve their health, wealth, and personal relationships. Why does it apply to 3% man? Corey’s book talks about having an abundance mindset when it comes to dating women There’s another bus every 15 minutes Corey also has us do an exercise where we sit down and write out a list of wants and don’t wants in our dream girl and to study that list every day.  Corey also has us write out a love letter to our imaginary woman, and do it with feeling and intention. Write it in the present tense. That is all an exercise of using the law of attraction to put out to the universe, or as Napoleon Hill puts it, put it out to infinite intelligence to attract what we want. Why it works – It’s not hocus pocus mumbo jumbo We and everything around us is made up of energy Powerful enough microscope you would see that your body isn’t solid, it’s made up of atoms and atoms are made up of energy. A blade of grass outside is made up of atoms and energy The walls around you are made up of atoms and energy Science has been able to measure brain waves from outside the body Krilian photography can detect energy leaving the body Science has also been able to prove that our positive and negative thoughts can control that energy Quantum physicists actually believe that consciousness has an impact on the universe around us. Corey gives us an example in the book on why this works. He says when you buy a particular car, you start noticing that same model everywhere. A better example After reading the book, The Power of Habit, I think a better analogy is showing the power of our subconscious mind Ever been driving for hours to some place you’ve been to a million times? Ever experience the feeling of getting somewhere, but you don’t remember the last 30 minutes on how you got there? That’s because your subconscious mind went on autopilot and drove you there. It allowed you to focus on other thoughts and issues Sometimes it happens in the shower. You zone out, and you come up with your best ideas! Do things appear out of thin air… I’ve never seen that Mostly comes as a divine thought or a hunch
September 7, 2020
3% Bros Group Call
This week’s episode is a real treat! It was a collaboration between Paul, the creator of the 3% Man Facebook group Chris and fellow 3% student Steve! We got together from various parts of the U.S. to discuss all sorts of things from how we got onto the 3% path, some of our dating triumphs and failures, the difference between our 3% Man Facebook group and the notorious bizarro world 3% man Facebook group out there, plus many other things. I’m sure you all will really enjoy this master mind session! 3% Man Book - Coach Corey Wayne’s YouTube Chanel - 3% Man Facebook Group -
August 31, 2020
What I've Learned About Texting - Episode 2
What I talk about in this episode: Comment about the last episode – Great response and feedback Update on distribution to other platforms We’re on Apple Podcasts We’re approved on Stitcher Submitted to Google Play Already on Spotify, Anchor and What I’ve learned about texting Attraction grows in Space – Atomic Attraction You have to give her room to wonder about you Some chicks can’t handle it "Cheri" – When I first started listening to Atomic attraction – Have to be consistent from the beginning "3rd times the charm" chick The best way to slow her texting down without being a dick Don’t tell her you’re busy – I did that, she reaches out because she wants your presence. Telling her you’re busy shuts her down Significantly space out your replies – Set a timer on your phone Never apologize or explain It’s perfectly fine to wait until the next day to reply  Don’t ignore her Don’t be a robot  If you already have a date set, and she texts you in between you can’t use that opportunity to set another date… Think a little bit Keep your responses short, but space out your replies so she knows (Or thinks) you’re busy Mirror game This is actually kind of fun to play Really great for guys who are in the habit of replying too quick It’s psychological, but you want a woman to be more interested in you than you are in her… She needs this too in order to feel invested Take longer to reply than she does Match her effort Stay away from "How To Text a Girl" by Chase Amante – Garbage book. You are not going to make a woman fall in love with you over text Keep texting short, don’t be writing huge paragraphs.  Find a segue quickly to setting a definite date How To Be a 3% Man Book: Coach Corey Wayne on YouTube: 3% Man Facebook Group:
August 24, 2020
She Canceled On Me! - Episode 1
In this episode: What kinds of things I talk about 3% man book 3% man group on Facebook Other books I’m listening to Law of attraction – how it applies to 3% Man Dating experiences, and what I’ve learned My date for tonight cancelled She did ask to move it to Thursday What her suggesting another date means Shit test? Maybe Still shows interest What the book says about chicks who cancel How I used to feel when a chick would cancel on me How I deal with it now How To Be A 3% Man book on Amazon Coach Corey Wayne on YouTube 3% Man Facebook Group
August 18, 2020