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Comics Misremembered Podcast

By Comics Misremebered
Jim and Jon talk about comics and comic related items. Mostly focusing on comics from the 80s to early 2000s. New episodes every Sunday.
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CM Podcast 294 - Silver Surfer: Parable (comic miniseries 1988)

Comics Misremembered Podcast

CM Podcast 300 - The end of the CM Podcast
Welcome back to the final (for now) Comics Misremembered Podcast.  It has been a fun and fast 5 years of this podcast but I am bringing it to a close. In the podcast, I go over the reasons why I am ending the podcast.  The biggest one is the loss of Jon, my co-host.  He was a major reason this podcast was started and is another reason why it is ending.  Listen to the podcast for the rest of the reasons. I plan on keeping this website up for at least another year and then I will finally shut it down.  I plan on transferring all the podcasts over to Anchor.FM (link on main page) so that after I close this site, you can still listen to all the previous podcasts that we recorded.  I will continue to keep the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts open. You may find the occasional update on this site if I find myself compelled to speak on something happening in the comic community but there will be no weekly updates. Lastly, I want to thank you - the people reading this message and listening to the podcasts.  You made it worth the time and effort in creating these weekly podcasts.  Thanks for coming back each week and joining our comic discussions.
February 21, 2021
CM Podcast 299 - Batman: The Dark Knight Retruns (1986 comic miniseries)
Batman: The Dark Knight returns in a comic that I have been planning to review for a long time now.  Tonight I finally have taken the time to do it! Batman: The Dark Knight Returns is written and drawn by Frank Miller with inks by Klaus Janson and colors by Lynn Varney.  It was published by DC Comics in 1986 in their new prestige format (squarebound, stock packer and cardboard covers). Frank Miller has always been pushing the comics medium to be a viable place were creators can tell mature stories about the super heroes they grew up on.  In the podcast, I mention that Frank Miller's inspiration of this comic was to get Batman back to his 1930 roots were he was ruthless and terrifying to criminals. Did fans want this new darker version of Batman?  HELL YEAH!  This comic sold millions of copies and it is continued to be reprinted in trade even today!  Frank Miller's Dark Knight art and story was so inspirational, people are still paying it homage over 30 years later. In my podcast, I touch on parts of the story but I really get into the  history on why Frank Miller wanted to tell this future tale of Batman in  his 50s, How real world politics influenced his story telling and how  this comic inspired film makers with their interpretations of the The  Dark Knight Detective.  All this and much more in the CM Podcast!
February 14, 2021
CM Podcast 298 - Top 10 (1999 comic miniseries) Part 2 of 2
Welcome back to the 2nd part of the Top 10 comic review.  This comic  originally came out in 1999 as an image comic.  It was printed under  Alan Moore's imprint of America's Best Comics.  The writer was Alan  Moore with Gene Ha and Zandar Cannon providing the artwork. In part 2, I wanted to explore the themes of some of the storylines rather than just talk about the story itself.  This comic can be quite humorist both visually and the jokes that are used.  Gene Ha and Zander Cannon pack each page with dozens of comic book easter eggs that a long time fans will love.  Moore also lays out a dozen jokes and funny situations for readers to enjoy. There are also many dramatic and humanistic moments in the comic.  I outline a few but this is just touching the surface of what the miniseries offers. This was a favorite of mine 20 years ago and I had a blast re-reading again for this podcast.  I left this review mostly spoiler free so that you can grab a copy of it and enjoy the 2 main plot twists. Jim
February 07, 2021
CMPodcast 297 - Top 10 (1999 comic miniseries) Part 1 of 2
I start the podcast by letting everyone know that Jon Babcock,  co-founder of the Comics Misremembered Podcast, has passed away on  Monday January 25th 2021.  He succumbed to his 4 month battle with  cancer and he will be missed. I wanted to give everyone a brief history of what happened to Jon.  His sudden death was a shock to everyone especially me.  He helped me created the Comics Misremembered Podcast and his presence will be missed on the show but I plan on continuing the podcast for the foreseeable future. This week is the beginning of a 2 part podcast on the comic miniseries Top 10.  It is a police procedural comic where everyone one in the comic has superpowers of some kind.  It was written by Alan Moore with art by Gene Ha and Zander Cannon.  It was published in September 1999 by Image Comics under Alan Moore's imprint America's Best Comics (ABC). I talk about the history of how DC now owns part of the rights to this comic and how that must piss Alan Moore off and may be the reason he no longer works in the comic industry. I compare this comic to a popular 1980s Police Procedural TV show called Hill Street Blues and why you may want to check that show out.  The early 2000s were also a popular time for comics that featured superheroes working as cops and I give a few examples. We then get into talking about the story and how Robyn Slinger AKA Toybox starts her new career as rookie on the Top 10 police force.  She meets her new partner, Smax and gets her first case.  This comic mixes crime drama with the humor of everyday life and features the fine detailed art of Gene Ha with help by Zander Cannon.
January 31, 2021
CMPodcast 296 - Franken-Castle (comic 2010) Part 2 of 2
Welcome back to the conclusion of the Franken-Castle storyline from 2010.  It was originally published by Marvel as The Punisher Vol. 3 and became the title Franken-Castle with issue #17 until the series ended with issue #21.  Rick Remender was the writer of the series.  The majority of the art was done by Tony Moore with Roland Boschi doing some fill-in issues.  Dan Brereton painted 2 issues (The origin of Hellsgaard and the final issue) and John Romita Jr did the art for a one-shot. Last week we discussed how the Punisher was murdered and dismembered and how Morbius, the living vampire stitched Frank back together to help fight the Hunter of Monsters. In the podcast this week, I talk about the origin story of Robert Hellsgaard and why he hates monsters so much.  We also uncover the artifact that Hellsgaard is searching for and why he wants it so bad.  This leads to the conflict between Frank Castle AKA Franken-Castle and Hellsgaard and how that conflict is finally resolved. Once Frank takes care of that problem, he goes on a revenge tour and one of the stops is Daken (the guy that killed him).  This leads to a 4 part cross-over event between Franken-Castle and Dark Wolverine.  I posted the cover of the Franken-Castle #19 which is part 2.  This 4 part event is essentially a 4 issue fight. We end on issue #21 that explains how Frank Castle gets his old body back and returns to the status quo of the Punisher again. I end the podcast with previous attempt at telling a different Punisher story with the 4 part miniseries - Punisher: Purgatory.   Even though this series had fantastic art by Bernie Wrightson, everyone (including myself) hates this miniseries and I try to explain why.
January 24, 2021
CM Podcast 295 - Franken-Castle (2010 comic review) Part 1 of 2
This week we are going to review a Punisher comic  storyline that will cause fans of the franchise to either be happy to  talk about it or shun it with shame.  I am always ecstatic to talk about  Franken-Castle. Rick Remender wrote the Volume 3 of Marvel's Punisher comic in 2010.  His run ran from issue 1 to the final issue 21 and there was a limited series Punisher: In the Blood that followed.  He had several very talented artists helping him on these books which include: Jerome Opena, Tan Eng Huat, Tony Moore, Roland Boschi, John Romita Jr and Dan Brereton. We will be talking specifically about the storyline that started in an Invasion one shot called: Dark Reign: The List - Punisher #1 and ran through issues #11 - 21 of the Punisher.  This is know as the Franken-Castle storyline. To sum up the story: Frank Castle AKA The Punisher is killed by Dark Wolverine AKA Daken (illegitimate psychotic son of Logan), Castle is then revived by Morbius, the living vampire to help defend the Legion of Monsters from the group called Hunters of Monsters Special Force lead by the fanatical Robert Hellsgaard.  This is just the beginning of the story. The storyline can be divisive based on how hardcore a fan you are of the Punisher.  If you think Punisher stories should always be grim, gritty and realistic as possible then you are going to hate this story.  But if you are like me, you know the Punisher lives in the Marvel Universe where crazy and insane things happen all the time so why can't those nutty things happen to the Punisher?  If you feel this way then you will love this story.
January 17, 2021
CM Podcast 294 - Silver Surfer: Parable (comic miniseries 1988)
We live in a time when men claim to be great in their rhetoric but their actions say otherwise.  And even though they claims for these men are confirmed false, they still have thousands of die hard supporters.  If only we had a silver alien from another planet to testify to humanity and call out these false saviors. Unfortunately, this is the real world so we won't get the Silver Surfers help but we have the next best thing: Silver Surfer: Parable - the collected trade by Stan Lee and Moebius (Jean Giraud) published originally by Epic Comics and later collected in trade by Marvel.  Maybe if we can convince everyone on the planet to read this comic, we will have less strife in the world. Silver Surfer: Parable is a really great read.  The immediate attraction  is the great Moebius art.  His unique and detailed take of Galactus and  the Silver Surfer are fantastic.  You also are getting Stan Lee writing  a comic in almost 20 years.  Stan Lee is at his peak with the dialogue  through the 2 issues.  This was written in the late 80s were the rule of  the land according to Wall Street's Gordon Gecko was "Greed is good."   Lee and Moebius put out a book that stated beware false idols that  espoused avarice and power because they will lead to your downfall.
January 10, 2021
CM Podcast 293 - Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia (OGN Comic 2002)
Last week, I reviewed the 2nd Wonder Woman movie - Wonder Woman 1984.  If you listened to that podcast, you know that I have a very favorable review of the movie.  Since then, I have been reading and watching videos of other reviews of the movie and I have come to find out that I am in the minority for liking this movie. I decided that Wonder Woman needs a little redemption this week so I went to my collection and pulled out Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia.  This was an Original Graphic Hardcover Novel that was published by DC in 2002 written by Greg Rucka, art by J. G. Jones, inks by Wade Von Grawbadger and colors by Dave Stewart.  A year later, it would be reprinted as a softcover.  I was lucky enough to get the softcover. In the podcast, I talk a little history about Greg Rucka and his DC work prior to writing the OGN.  I give a little Greek history about the mythology of the Hiketeia and the Erinyes.  I also mispronounce this 2 words several times. I go over the story but I keep it mostly spoiler free.  I set up the plot and the characters that are involved but I do not give you everyone's motivation.  I want to give you a reason to pick this up and read it.  But even if I did spoil everything, I would still recommend reading it for the lovely illustration of J. G. Jones.  He also created the cover image. At the end of the podcast, I go over 2 movie recommendations that have similar themes of the OGN that you will want to check out.
January 03, 2021
CM Podcast 292 - Wonder Woman 1984 (Movie 2020)
Just when you thought there were going to me no super hero related movies coming out in 2020, Warner Bros (the studio that owns DC and HBOMax)  makes a bold movie before the year ends.  They decide to release Wonder  Woman 1984 in the theater on Christmas Day (12/25/2020) and on their  streaming service HBOMax on the same day! I think it was about a month ago that they announced the news of this new way to watch movies (in the theater and in your own home).  It was a unprecedented event but we live in very interesting times where people are afraid to gather in public.  I want to thank Warner Bros for doing this and giving people a choice on how to watch this movie.  I did choose to go the the theater.  I am a long time fan of movie theaters and do not want to see them die out.  Big, blockbuster movies like Wonder Woman 1984 deserve to be seen on the biggest screen possible.  If this is not an option for you, then your next best thing is to watch it at home on your TV. Gal Godot reprises her role as the Amazonian goddess, Wonder Woman.  We are introduced to 2 new DC characters: Barbara Ann Minerva/ Cheetah played by Kristen Wiig and Maxwell Lord played by Pedro Pascal.  These are probably relatively unknown characters to the casual comic movie fan but both have a shared history with Wonder Woman.  I start the podcast but giving a quick history lesson on who these characters are in the DC comic universe.
December 27, 2020
CM Podcast 291 - Reckless (Comic OGN 2020)
Taken from the Image Comics website: Sex, drugs, and murder in 1980s Los Angeles, and the best new twist on paperback pulp heroes since The Punisher or Jack Reacher. ED BRUBAKER and SEAN PHILLIPS, the modern masters of crime noir, bring us the last thing anyone expected from them—a good guy. A bold new series of original graphic novels, with three books releasing over the next year, each a full-length story that stands on its own. Meet Ethan Reckless: Your trouble is his business, for the right price. But when a fugitive from his radical student days reaches out for help, Ethan must face the only thing he fears…his own past. I purchased Reckless this past Wednesday and devoured it like a dog with a t-bone steak.  Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips (with Jacob Phillips on colors) put out another fantastic read set in the Criminal Universe. With help from my long time friend, Hector (who never reads comics),  I give a spoiler free review to try can convince Hector that he should consider picking up this comic.  I get Hector to judge a book by it's cover - he looks at the above cover art and tells me what he believes will be in the comic. Also in the podcast, I explain the connection between Folk singer, Bob Dylan, The Weather Underground - a 60s and 70s domestic terrorist group, Nuclear Existential Dread and The A-Team have to do with this comic.
December 20, 2020
CMPodcast 290 - Chrononauts miniseries (Comic 2015)
It's the holiday season so I wanted to review a comic that was a little light-hearted and offered hope for the future and found that in Chrononauts. Chrononauts was written by Mark Millar and features art by Sean Gordon Murphy.  It was published by Image Comics in 2015 as a 4 issue limited series.  You can read it as a Trade Paperback. You can argue that the majority of Mark Millar stories aren't very original but I have to admit all his stories are very entertaining.  Chrononauts may not be breaking any new ground telling the story of 2 time traveling scientists but it is an extremely fun read and features fantastic artwork from Sean Gordon Murphy. Murphy's art in this book is worth the purchase alone.  He has to create scenes from the 1500s all the way up to modern times and he does not slouch in capturing each time period.  He has a great eye for detail and it shows in every panel of this comic. I also talk about time travel in media and go over some examples of how books and movies tried different ways of presenting time travel to its audiences. I said in the podcast that there would be spoilers but I barely spoiled anything with my description of the comic so listen to it without worry. Jim
December 13, 2020
CM Podcast 289 - Alien Legion: Tenants in Hell (Comic 1991)
Alien Legion is a comic that was originally produced by Epic Comics imprint under Marvel Comics in 1984.  It was created by writers Carl Potts and Alan Zelenetz with artist Frank Cirocco.  Potts described the story "The French Foreign Legion in space". The original series ran for about 18 issues and was relaunched with writer Chuck Dixon and artist Larry Stroman.  This series would be cancelled after a year but Alien Legion would make sporadic appearances as prestige miniseries through the 1990s. My exposure to Alien Legion was Chuck Dixon and Larry Stroman's run on it.  I enjoyed their stories very much in the 90s when I read them.  I bought some Trade collections that were put out by Titan Books in the early 2000s.  Tonight, I am reviewing a re-read of the story Alien Legion: Tenants in Hell by Dixon/Stroman.
December 06, 2020
CM Podcast 288 - The New Mutants (Movie 2020)
Due to COVID, there were not many comic related movies released this year.  In fact, there were hardly any movies released. One movie that came out in September 2020 was The New Mutants.  This was a former 20th Century Fox movie that was filmed in 2016 and would be delayed for reshoots and schedule conflicts until 2020. Can a movie that has been postponed so much be as good as the New Mutants comic stories? Listen to the podcast to find out. Jim
November 29, 2020
CM Podcast 287 - Man-Thing (Movie 2005)
I continue celebrating my birth month with comic related items that I don't think Jon would be interested in reviewing, and to be honest, I didn't have much interest in this week's item but I did have fun reviewing it... Man-Thing: The Movie The purpose of this podcast is to help promote comics and other items like movies and shows that are related to the comic industry and that are fun to read and watch.  This week, I am making an exception. Man-Thing: The Movie is bad.  Really.  It is a terrible film and should never been release or even made.  If it's so bad, why am I talking about it?  Well, it is a perfect example of how Hollywood gets its mitts on a comic property and instead of taking some time to read the backstory of the character and incorporating that history into the movie, they decide to make a typical Hollywood movie that is a comic book movie in name only. Even though this movie is a hot mess.  I have a good time going over the  history of the character, talking about the terrible acting and  throwing out ideas for good Man-Thing projects for the future. Jim
November 22, 2020
CM Podcast 286 - Damage Control (comic 1989)
I am sticking with the funny book theme from last month's Howard the Duck and transitioning into Marvel's 1989 miniseries, Damage Control. Damage control was conceived by the late, great comic duo of Dwayne McDuffie (writer) and Ernie Colon (artist).  The premise is "a sitcom within the Marvel Universe". The story follows around: Anne Marie Hoag (founder), John Porter (account executive), Robin Chapel (traffic manager), Eugene "Gene" Strausser (Technician) and Lenny Ballinger (foreman) as the run the company, Damage Control - the business that cleans up after superheroes and villains. The comic feels like it was scripted as a 80s sit-com: Porter and Chapel are rivals but there is some sexual tension between them.  Hoag is a stoic but sage figurehead, Strausser is the nerd that helps his friends when they are in a jam and Lenny is the gruff but lovable blue collar comic relief.
November 15, 2020
CM Podcast 285 - Howard the Duck (comic 1976)
Another week and a new episode of the Comics Misremembered Podcast is created.  It is just me, Jim doing the podcast this week.  Jon will hopefully be joining us in some later podcasts but for the month of November, it will be me. November is also my birthday month so I will be celebrating all month long with comics that are near and dear to me that we haven't covered yet. Week 1 of the month long celebration, we are covering Howard the Duck (the 1970s run). Howard the Duck was created by writer Steve Gerber and artist Val Mayerick on the pagers of Adventure into Fear featuring The Man-Thing #19 (Dec. 1973) published by Marvel Comics. I started collecting comics in the early 80s.  I started with titles like ROM and Captain Carrot and the Amazing Zoo Crew (look - I was young, okay!).  The comic shop I was going to at the time had a back issue room and I discovered Howard the Duck!  These issue excited me because they were old (at least 10 years!) and I could buy large chunks for close to cover price.  I bought up the majority of the run there.  I thought the art was great and the stories were pretty funny too.
November 08, 2020
CM Podcast 284 - The Neonomicon (comic 2011)
The Neonomicon is by writer Alan Moore and artist Jacen Burrows.  It was published by Avatar Press back in 2011 at 4 issues.  2 of the issues are reprints of an earlier collaboration between Moore and Burrows called The Courtyard and the remaining 2 issues are just a continuation and conclusion to the story. In the podcast, I go over the origins of Avatar Press, Alan Moore and his love of H.P. Lovecraft, The many, many Lovecraft references in the book (I probably missed a few) and we talk about the actual story. I keep it mostly spoiler free and do warn you when I am going to spoiler the rest of the comic in case you do want to read it.  I highly recommend picking this up and reading.  Especially during October! Jim
November 01, 2020
CM Podcast 283 - Black Badge (2018 comic)
Jon is back!  Jon joins us remotely for this week's CM Podcast.  As Jon explains in the podcast, he is currently in the hospital for cancer.  This is a new complication that Jon found out about within the last few day.  He is in one of the greatest hospitals for cancer and is being treated by some of the best doctors so it is my hope that Jon will return in person to co-host the podcast with me in the near future. But you know Jon, he is too stubborn to let anything stop him from talking about comics so through the power of technology, I was able to get him included in the discussion on this week's comic, Black Badge. Black Badge is written by Matt Kindt (MIND MGMT, Grass Kings) and artist Tyler Jenkins (Snow Blind and Grass Kings).  It was published by BOOM! Studios back in 2018 as a 12 issue limited series. I had the opportunity to read the collection for the first 4 issues.  Jon has not been able to read this comic yet so I describe the book to him (mostly spoiler free) and Jon makes the decision if he will be reading this comic in the future. I loved the concept - Boy Scouts are recruited to run wet work/black ops jobs for the US government.  It is full of cold war espionage but with a modern twist.  I thought it was a great comic and plan to get the rest of the series.
October 25, 2020
CM Podcast 282 - The Boys Season 2 Recap (TV Show 2020)
Welcome back to the podcast!  First order of business, Jon is not on this week's podcast due to an aliment that he has and it put him in the hospital.  I can't say too much about it but what I know is that it is not life threatening and hopefully he will be able to join us in the weeks to come.  I wish him a full and speedy recovery. On to the next item, talking about The Boys Season 2.  If you have been following our podcast, you know we covered the first 3 episodes in Podcast 277. One of the things we speculated on was what was Stormfront's true agenda and our speculation was correct.  I talk in detail on how we came to the conclusion and some of the clues that were dropped in the first 3 issues. For the rest of the podcast, I go over some of the other major story arcs like: Who is Lamplighter and why he was so important in Season 2.  Butcher's relationship with his father and how if affected his marriage and relationship with the Boys.  I speculate how his dysfunction could impact his relationship with his adopted son, Ryan.  And finally I talk about Victoria Neuman and the big reveal in Season 2 Episode 8.  All this and much more!
October 18, 2020
CM Podcast 281 - The Walking Dead Season 10 Finale (TV Show 2020)
It finally happened.  The Walking Dead Season 10 episode 16 finally  aired!!  We finally have the finale of the season so now we can talk  about it!  There was plenty going on in that final hour.  We had... MAGGIE and MASKED MEN and SOLDIERS!  OH MY! Not only did we have all these 3 revelations but we also had the conclusion to the Whisperer War.  We will definitely not be seeing the Whisperers in future seasons. Jon and I talk about the finale episode and go into details about how it  played out and what this might mean for Season 11.  We then conclude  the podcast with a recap of the "Spoil The Season" where I compare the  spoilers I gave at the start of the Mid-Season Premier based on the  comic compares to the end of the actual season.
October 11, 2020
CM Podcast 280 - Slaughterhouse Five (2020 comic adaptation)
This week we have a slight variation in our comic review.  This is a new  comic but it a comic that is adapted from a well know American novel.   Jon and I are reviewing Ryan North and Albert Monteys' comic adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five.  The adaptation is published by BOOM! Studios and is available now. We went over an hour on this one but we kept it under 2 hours so not to split up the podcast.  Jon and I both love the original book and we think the adaption is brilliant.  We talk about the story and how well the comic stayed true to the source material.  In the podcast, we make recommendations on movies based on Vonnegut's novels and I must mispronounce Paul Lazzaro's name about 15 times.  I don't know if I ever got it right. So it goes.
October 04, 2020
CM Podcast 279 - Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow (1986 comic book)
Last week, we reviewed the Warner Bros. Animated movie Superman: The Man of Tomorrow.  Months ago, when the title of the movie was announced and there wasn't any information about the movie, I thought they may be adapting the venerated Superman story: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow.  To my dismay, they did not adapt it and we were given a generic origin story for Superman. Fast foward to a week later, I decided that we will be doing a retro review for Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow.  This story was originally told as a 2 part tale in Superman # 423 (Part 1) and Action Comics #583 back in 1986.  It was written by Alan Moore (with help by editor Julius Schwartz).  The art was done by long time Silver Age artist, Curt Swan with inks done by George Perez (Superman #423) and long time Silver Age inker, Kurt Schaffenberger (Action Comics #583).  The story is regarded as the "Last Superman Story" which is somewhat true.  It was the last Silver Age story before DC would reboot and modernize Superman with the release of Man of Steel miniseries.
September 27, 2020
CM Podcast 278 - Superman: Man of Tomorrow (movie 2020)
A few months ago while searching for the release date of Superman: Red  Son (a comic and animated movie that are both quite good), I came across  an image for another upcoming Superman animated film called Superman:  Man of Tomorrow. There was no description of this movie but I was excited that WB Animation will be releasing another Superman film in 2020. Fast forward to September 2020 and the release of Superman: Man of Tomorrow written by Tim Sheridan (co-writer of Reign of Superman Movie and other DC Animated series). Jon and I have watched this movie and we felt it was...adequate.  This movie is not based on any existing storyline in the Superman comics as far as I can discern.  It has elements of the New 52 iteration of the Superman comics (Modern interpretation of Superman, Clark Kent is an internet at the Daily Planet, Superman has only just been spotted in a modern setting) but it does not specifically reference any direct comic storyline. Listen to the podcast and I will explain why this movie has the worst version of Lex Luthor since Superman Returns.  This is a boilerplate Superman story whose only purpose is to establish Superman's story in the modern age.  There is nothing special about this movie and it will soon be forgotten in the coming months. We recommend to watch this movie only if it becomes available on HBOMax and don't pay any thing extra for it.  If you are curious about the plot (or lack therefore), then you want to listen to the podcast.
September 20, 2020
CM Podcast 277 - The Boys Season 2 (TV series 2020)
Last year, we were give The Boys, an Amazon Prime adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's comic series, and it was great. We waited and about a year later, we are given the second season of The Boys! ***OBLIGATORY SPOILER WARNING*** There is a lot to talk about in just 4 episodes.  We mostly talk about the revelations that happened in Episode 4 and compare them against the comic book storyline.  I don't want to say too much here but we talk about Homelander and Stormfront's tenuous relationship on The Seven.  How Butcher is dealing with the revelations at the end of Season 1.  What The Deep is up too and much more.
September 13, 2020
CM Podcast 276 - Pulp (2020 comic)
This week we are talking about an original graphic novel that came out about a month ago that is part western and part crime drama.  It is called Pulp. This fantastic story was written by Ed Brubaker with art by Sean Phillips and coloring by Jacob Phillips.  It was published by Image comics. Here is the description from the Image website: Max Winters, a pulp writer in 1930s New York, finds himself drawn into a story not unlike the tales he churns out at five cents a word—tales of a Wild West outlaw dispensing justice with a six-gun. But will Max be able to do the same when pursued by bank robbers, Nazi spies, and enemies from his past?One part thriller, one part meditation on a life of violence, PULP is unlike anything award-winning BRUBAKER & PHILLIPS have ever done before.
September 06, 2020
CM Podcast 275 - Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons (2020 Movie Review)
DC Animation recently released a new movie called Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons.  It features DC's anti-hero Deathstroke and the movie was written by long time comic scribe, J.M. DeMatteis. Here is a description about the movie: Ten years ago, Slade Wilson-aka the super-assassin called Deathstroke-made a tragic mistake and his wife and son paid a terrible price. Now, a decade later, Wilson's family is threatened once again by the murderous Jackal and the terrorists of H.IV.E. Can Deathstroke atone for the sins of the past-or will his family pay the ultimate price? The first half of the podcast we go over the movie and plot points and  the second half of the podcast, we discuss how often do comic companies  retell and modernize the origin of their characters.  How often is too  often?  Is it better to replace heroes with newer, younger versions then  to retell the origin?  What if you vary too many elements of the origin  story that an older fan can no longer recognize a character?
August 30, 2020
CM Podcast 274 - Gotham Central (2003 comic)
A few weeks ago we did a podcast for the Netflix movie, The Old Guard.  In that podcast, I mentioned that the comic and movie The Old Guard were both written by Greg Rucka.  We went over some history of Greg Rucka's past comic work and brought up that he did a Gotham Police comic with Ed Brubaker in 2003 called Gotham Central. Fast forward to today.  I was able to pick up the first book in the Gotham Central series so Jon and I read the first 2 story arcs: In the Line and Motive.  We will talk about the comic and why you should be adding this to your "must read" list. Gotham Central was written by Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker with Michael  Lark doing the art.  It was published by DC in 2003.  It ran for about  40 issues and was cancelled in 2006.  It was nominated for Eisners for  writing and art in 2003 and won an Eisner for Best Serialized Story in  2004.
August 23, 2020
CM Podcast 273 - Ghost Tree (2019 comic)
Last week, we covered the 2020 Eisner Award Nominees and Winners.  In the category of Best Limited Series, Writer Bobby Curnow and Artist Simon Gane were nominated for Ghost Tree.  I recently purchased the trade for Ghost Tree so I thought it would be a great time to cover it. The podcast for this week will be Ghost Tree by Bobby Curnow and Simon Gane with colors by Ian Herring.  The comic was published by IDW Publishing.  It originally came out in 2019. I was not familiar with Bobby Curnow's writing before Ghost Tree.  I found out that he has worked on other IDW books like My Little Pony and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  This is my first time reading his work and I hope he puts out many more books like this. I was already familiar with Simon Gane's work.  I was reading a comic called They're Not Like Us from Image that he was working on.  That was a great book and the art really sold it for me.  I was looking forward to see what he was going to do with Ghost Tree. Ghost Tree on the surface is a tale about ghosts and the 2 men that have the ability to communicate with them.  Below the surface, you get a story about relationships and what you have to do to make them work.  Jon and I really like this miniseries and we highly recommend that you pick it up. ***Minor Spoiler Alert*** - we talk about some plot points but we did not give away the major revelations in the comics so it is fairly spoiler free. Jim
August 16, 2020
CM Podcast 272 - 2020 Eisner Award Nominees and Winners
The 32nd Annual Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards were presented at a virtual ceremony on Friday evening, July 24. Normally, these awards are held at the San Diego Comic Con (AKA The International Comic Con) but due to COVID-19, the Comics Con was cancelled.  Luckily, the ceremonies were held virtually. I believe this is our 6th Eisner Award review we have done on the Comics Misremembered Podcast.  We like to cover the awards like Best New Series, Best Continuing Series, Best Writer, Best Artist but we don't cover all the awards.  If you want to see the list of categories and winners then go to the Eisner Awards website. Jon and I talk about the series and creators that we have read and which series that we are most interested in checking out.
August 09, 2020
CM Podcast 271 - The Golden Age (1993 comic review)
We have been watching the CW show: Star Girl - which is set on Earth-2 and references the heroes and villains of the Golden Age of DC.  The show does a good job of using the Golden Age villains and heroes without being too hokey or corny. While watching the show, I was reminded on how I got to know the Golden Age characters as a comic reader.  It was back in the early 90s, DC has a JSA comic series and I was enjoying it.  Getting to become familiar with the Golden Age version of Green Lantern and Flash while learning about new characters like Hour Man, Wild Cat, Starman and others.  Remember, we had no internet back then so I only had back issue and new comics to give me backstory. In 1993, a relatively unknown writer, James Robinson pitched an Elseworlds story (The What If? equivalent for DC) about most of the JSA heroes called The Golden Age.   It would feature art by the awesome Paul Smith and had colors by Richard Ory.  DC would publish it as a 4 part prestige series between 1993 - 1994.
August 02, 2020
CM Podcast 270 - The Old Guard (2020 Netflix movie review)
We are covering a comic related item this week - the recently released Netflix movie called The Old Guard. This is based on a comic series written by Greg Rucka and art by Leandro Fernandez.  It is published by Image comics.  In fact, Greg Rucka wrote the script for the movie. We normally like to read the comic that the movie is based on and then do a comparison of the movie to the comic to see if it is true to the source material or does it stray... *cough*Last Days of American Crime*cough*. Unfortunately, we could not get a copy of the 1st trade paperback - it was sold out everywhere I looked.  We will still try to pick it up and do a review of it later.  For this review, we focus on the movie.
July 26, 2020
CM Podcast 269 - The Wolverine (1982 miniseries and 2013 movie review) Part 2 of 2
I know it was hard to wait a week for our review but thanks for coming  back!  We continue with our examination of the Wolverine miniseries  written by Chris Claremont and drawn by Frank Miller.  It was published by Marvel in 1982.  We also compare the miniseries to the 2013 The Wolverine  movie and show you how much they used from the miniseries in the movie.
July 19, 2020
CM Podcast 268 - The Wolverine (1982 miniseries comic and 2013 movie) Part 1 of 2
A new week and a new comic.  This week we are talking about Chris Claremont and Frank Miller's collaboration on the 1983 Marvel miniseries Wolvervine. We recently read the trade paperback of the 4 issue miniseries and took some time out to watch the 2013 The Wolverine movie.  There are many moments the movie uses which is directly taken from the miniseries.
July 12, 2020
CM Podcast 267 - Ronin (1983 comic) Part 2 of 2
This is it - the final installment of our Dystopia Futures run on comics.  This does not mean that we won't talk about Dystopian Futures in... the future, but it mean next week will not be a Dystopian Future theme. We are continuing were we left off last week - we are concluding our discussion of Frank Miller's Ronin six issue prestige format miniseries that was published by DC from 1983 - 1984.
July 05, 2020
CM Podcast 266 - Ronin (1983 comic) Part 1 (of 2)
We are at the final comic we will be covering for the #DystopianFutures theme and it is Frank Miller's Ronin.  This podcast is so epic that we had to split into two!  We will be posting part one today and follow up with part two next week. Ronin was published by DC in 1983.  DC's Editor in Chief, Jenette Kahn lured Frank Miller away from Marvel to publish this original story as part of DC's Prestige format comics - all glossy pages, 48 pages per issue and no ads.  DC offered more creative control and Miller wanted to do a more mature comic so he agrees to write and draw the six issue miniseries. We go over the history of what lead to the creation of Ronin.  Influences Miller had when creating this comic and we start to talk about the story.  Come back next week for the conclusion to our Ronin podcast.
June 28, 2020
CM Podcast 265 - Sweet Tooth (comic 2009)
We are getting close to the end of our Dystopian Future comics.  This week we are talking about Sweet Tooth written and drawn by Jeff Lemire. You know Jeff Lemire as the writer of great comics like Black Hammer, Gideon Falls, Hawkeye and many more.  He started his career as an independent writer/artist and was able to get more mainstream attention thanks to Sweet Tooth which was published through DC's now defunct alternative, mature imprint Vertigo back in 2009. Sweet Tooth is an tale of a young boy who sees his mother and father die due to a pandemic that is impacting most of the people on the planet.  The young boy named Gus (who looks like a deer) is able to survive the oppressive environment thanks to the help of a human named Mr. Jepperd.  He has sworn to protect Gus and take him to a safe place where all the "hybrid" children live called "Sanctuary".
June 21, 2020
CM Podcast 264 - Akira (1988 movie)
It is Jon's birthday today (wish him a happy one), I gave him the  opportunity to pick what ever comic related item he wanted to cover for  the podcast.  He kept the Dystopian Futures theme going by picking Akira  - the anime movie to review.
June 14, 2020
CM Podcast 263 - The Last Days of American Crime (2007 comic and 2020 movie)
Another week and we have another vision of a dystopian future in the 2007 comic The Last Days of American Crime.  It is written by Rick Remender with art by Greg Tocchini and was originally published in 2007 as a 3 issue miniseries from Image Comics.  This creative team has given us great stories like LOW and Uncanny X-Force.   They come with the good stuff in this near future bank heist comic  with a twist: the crew has to rob the bank the same day the government  starts broadcasting a "anti-crime" signal which "makes it impossible for  anyone to knowingly break the law in any way possible".
June 07, 2020
CM Podcast 262 - Alita Battle Angel movie (2019)
We have been doing dystopian future comics for a few weeks now and there are still several ideas we want to talk about in the coming weeks but a couple of weeks ago, I saw a movie that I thought was really good and would fit nicely into our Dystopian Futures conversation.  That movie was:                                                                                                            Alita Battle Angel.
May 31, 2020
CM Podcast 255 – The Walking Dead Season 10 Season Finale (Almost) (2020)
Last week, The Walking Dead aired episode 15 (the  penultimate episode) of Season 10 and episode 16 will not air until  Summer.  Well, that is too long for us to wait to recap the season.   There is a reason why we call part of the podcast “misremembered” – we  don’t have the best memories.  We knew we could not wait until Summer so  we are going over what we saw so far in Season 10’s 2nd half.
May 26, 2020
CM Podcast 256 – V for Vendetta (1982 comic) Pt. 1
The world is in a social crisis.  COVID-19 is impacting everyone and  we are all worrying about the future.  Now seems like the perfect time  to talk about a cheery subject – a totalitarian future were everyone’s  freedoms are stripped away and there is no hope. This is not entirely true.  The is one hope – one man wages war on a  despotic government to overthrow the tyrants and return freedom to the  people.  Hooray!  We are going to be talking about V for Vendetta.  A comic by writer Alan Moore and artist  David Lloyd.  It was originally published as a serial in a UK comic Warrior in 1982.  DC converted it into a 10 issue miniseries in 1988.
May 26, 2020
CM Podcast 257 – V for Vendetta (1982 comic) Pt. 2
Welcome back to the second and final part of our discussion of Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s V for Vendetta comic miniseries.  The 10 issue miniseries was published by DC back in 1982. We also compare the comic miniseries to the 2005 movie.
May 26, 2020
CM Podcast 258 – Scout (1987)
We are continuing with our review of Dystopian comics and next on the list is Tim Truman’s Scout.  It was originally published by Eclipse Comics back in 1987. BY TIMOTHY (CONAN WRITER/ARTIST) TRUMAN Scout, originally  published in 1987 and created by Timothy Truman features the Native  American hero, Emanuel Santana, and his one-man war against oppressive  governmental forces in a post-apocalyptic United States.
May 26, 2020
CM Podcast 259 – American Flagg! (1983)
The future is now!  We are continuing our discussion on future dystopian comics and this week we are cover the future of American Flagg! American Flagg! was a comic written and illustrated by Howard Chaykin with letters by Ken Bruzenak that originally started in 1983 and was distributed by First Comics, an independent publisher at the time.
May 26, 2020
CM Podcast 260 - Transmetropolitan (1997)
Another week, another dystopian future.  This week we are covering the future of Transmetropolitan.  This is a 1997 comic series that was written by Warren Ellis with art by Darick Robertson.  It was published by DC under the new defunct Mature Sci-Fi imprint of Helix.
May 26, 2020
CM Podcast 261 - The Last American (1990)
We will be doing Dystopian Futures for the near future because in comics, there are hundreds of dystopian future comics and we want to  talk about most of them. This week, we are talking about an Epic Comic that is not really well known called The Last American.  It was written by John Wagner and Alan Grant with art from Mike (Mick) McMahon.  All 3 creators are based in the UK and created a comic that is an American Cautionary Tale.
May 26, 2020