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Coming Up Next Time, a Moto Podcast with Barrymore

Coming Up Next Time, a Moto Podcast with Barrymore

By Barrymore Scott
Each episode I sit down with a guest and we get to know each other. Share stories and laughs and possibly disagree on some things. I hope you find it entertaining.

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E04 S01: Ida Zetterström @dragsterfia

Coming Up Next Time, a Moto Podcast with Barrymore

E04 S01: Ida Zetterström @dragsterfia

Coming Up Next Time, a Moto Podcast with Barrymore

S2 E:06 TRYSTAN HART Season Finale See you in September
My Next guest is Canada's top hard enduro rider. Following this season in the US 1/2 the time he'e the best in North America. A fantastic guy with a career that would make anybody proud. Riding for factory KTM. This was such a great conversation. I felt honoured to get to know him on a more personal level and to learn just how much the support of us Canadian's means to him.  "Coming Up Next This is Trystan Hart"  Some of his accomplishments include: 2019-2020 3rd AMA ENDUROCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP 2020 AMA EXTREME OFFROAD NATIONAL CHAMPION 2019 ERZBERG RODEO 14TH 2018 AMA WEST HARE SCRAMBLE CHAMPION 2018 2017 AMA ENDUROCROSS 2ND OVERALL 
July 13, 2021
My next guest has lived a live of adventure a true Motorcycle enthusiast.He has many career highlights, eight times New Zealand Enduro overall champion, three time Roof of Africa winner, he has been on the podium seven times at Red Bull Romaniacs including winning it in 2010. He has competed in the world’s biggest enduro races like Erzberg, Red Bull Last Man Standing, Hells Gate, ISDE, WEC and EEC. Famously coined the phrase SAY NO TO SLOW, and developed that into an instruction video series. COMING UP NEXT this is Chris Birch.
July 5, 2021
S:2 E:04 Jason Hamborg a.k.a @innowayfamous
My next guest calls Prince George BC home, He makes his living as a videographer, and as a result he is a prolific content creator, if you follow him on Instagram you will be treated to solid content almost daily. Coming Up Next This Is: "In No Way Famous" Jason Hamborg
June 28, 2021
At age 46 my next guest has accomplished a lot in his career, after being disqualified 3 times he managed to come back strong and win the Red Bull Erzberg Rodeo. He has an impressive 6 victories at Romaniacs and a long list of accomplishments in the world of trials. Known as the G.O.A.T by many  Coming Up Next This is the Silent Assassin GRAHAM JARVIS! 
June 21, 2021
My next guest is founder of and a Western Canadian legend. Racing both north and south of the border Malcolm has earned the respect of the race community. One of his most impressive achievements was winning the inaugural run of his Fathers Memorial race. I hope yo enjoy this episode as we discuss concussions, aging out of the sport and what it takes to race a 24H Iron Man enduro.  Also a shout out to Regal Foul, a Bow Valley Punk band kind enough to lend me one of their tracks PIGMENT check them out on Spotify or wherever you stream music. 
June 14, 2021
From a young age my next guest was obsessed with bikes. An American professional motorcycle trials rider and endurocross racer. He has many championships, in my opinion his biggest achievement was gaining world wide recognition as being the first American to podium at the Red Bull hair scramble in Erzberg, placing 2 his first attempt and 3rd his second time out. His hopes of the top step were placed on hold by injuries followed up by 2 race cancellations due to the Cov1d pandemic. Now dominating the American hard Enduro scene,  Coming Up Next this is  CODY WEBB.
June 7, 2021
My next guest is a rock climber, professional engineer, Iron Man competitor. On two wheels reces Enduro and competes in Trials. Facing many challenges including depression and thoughts of suicide it wasn't until the last few years she came to terms with who she truly was. Coming Up Next this is ALEXIS LYNNE BÉRUBÉ. This episode sponsored by use the code: COMEUP at checkout.
May 31, 2021
E19 S01 Stephen Foord
Stephen Foord is a local legend, and one of the humblest guys around. He has faced a number of challenges in his career, facing off with Graham Jarvis in Trials, as well as racing in 3 classes in one event in the 2013 Enduro cross for the chance at the big show. He has a never quit attitude and is so easy going. Well respected as a coach he is truly one of the good guys. We talk about his accident, and I hope you have some Kleenex on hand because it is quite a talk. This episode sponsored by use the code: COMEUP at checkout.
May 26, 2021
E18 S01: Kristen Broderick
My next guest works as an ER Nurse, she is a very active volunteer in the Southern Alberta dirt bike community, she has acquired many accomplishments in a very short time, including: A Western Canadian Championship, 4th at 2018 RedBull Rocks N Logs, Gold at the 2019 Idaho 100. Currently training for the ISDE, She was an early supporter of the podcast, she is a humble bad ass! Coming Up Next This is: KRISTEN BRODERICK Check out clothing, Al Wilson  "Al Wilson is well known as the “People’s Champ”, he has spent many years on the enduro and motocross track and atop the podium. He is well known for his dirtbike skills, and better known for who he is as a person. Al’s spirit of unrivalled self dedication, self betterment, accompanied with kindness, humour and grit has him adored by everyone who has met him. In the summer of 2020 Al suffered a spinal cord injury while mountain biking. He is adjusting to a new race and challenge. He aims to brand his spirit and racing number. Al’s heart and soul will always be on the bike racing the 559.  You can expect that same passion to show up in this clothing brand. Al and the 559 will be bringing you the latest swag to keep you rad!"
May 19, 2021
E16 S01 Courtney Schmale
My next guess comes from Sylvan Lake Alberta, a Beta Canada ambassador, Muay Thai competitor, Ice & Enduro racer. Taking part in Race series in Canada with such as Rocky Motorcycle club, Second Gear Club, AMSA and Odessa Dessert 100, in the United States.   Many of you know her from her instagram profile promoting fitness as well as off road life, she is a genuine bad ass, Coming up next This is Courtney Schmale
May 10, 2021
E15 S01: Shane Cuthbertson
My next guest is an Alberta racing legend, He is an ISDE gold medalist, Organizer for some of the provinces most Iconic Red Bull events, Extinction, Rocks & Logs as well as Outliers and much more. His new project Rad 2.0 is inspiring more young people to get into the sport, Coming Up next this is Shane Cuthbertson. Check out his riding school here 
May 3, 2021
E14 S1 Brad "BeRad" Roberts
My next guest is a well known You-tuber and motorcycle hooligan, he decided to take a risk and relaunched as a more responsible and respectable off-road ambassador. Transforming his love of motorcycles and 12 o’clock wheelies into a popular YouTube channel as well as a successful online retail shop for all your Moto needs. Check out his movie CHAOTIC FLOW Follow BeRad on social media: Also Kristen Broderick is heading to ISDE 2022, and is looking for support. She will be selling T-shirts to raise funds. If you want to help her out reach her via her Instagram or @___kristias___ Ladies Off-road page: Her FB: Thanks for listening. 
April 26, 2021
E13 S01 Sandra Gomez
I got a chance to connect with Sandra Gomez, is a Spanish Women's International motorcycle trials rider. Gomez has twice been Spanish Women's Trials Champion and a member of the Spanish Trial Des Nations winning team on five occasions, including 2017. From ISDE to the Xgames and most recently her finish at the 2020 Redbull Romaniacs in October where she finished 13th overall making her the first female rider to complete at the gold level. We had tried to communicate over cell phone but I was having issues with the local provider. Even still this was a pretty good conversation.  
April 19, 2021
E12 S01 Aydin Odyakmaz
Aydin is an old friend, and we got together to chat about podcasts, trail access, long distance adventures on road bikes, kitesurfing and I'm pretty sure his kids come up. This was a fun one for me, as it was just a couple friends drinking a little and chatting. Hope you enjoy it. Check out his food blog or find him on instagram @Albertafoodie he posts fantastic meal ideas and plenty of local fair. Don't go on an empty stomach!
April 19, 2021
E:11 S:01 Gloria Verhoef
Gloria is a mobile crane operator and multi discipline all mountain athlete, equally at home on her sled or dirt bike she does her best to ride all 12 months of the year. We got to talking about avalanche risk and safety, riding dirt bikes as a woman. Getting involved in the community hosting events to get women out riding. We touch on her new engagement and other things. I hope you enjoy this episode. 
April 11, 2021
E:10 S:01 Tokyo Off-Road
I caught up with Mark, inventor of the long Oil Drain Tool for 2017+ KTM and Husqvarna 2-strokes, and host of the Tokyo Off-road YouTube channel. Mark has been helping riders around the world work on and maintain their dirt bikes. His videos are some of the best mechanical how-to on the internet. We talk about first bikes, racing, earthquakes tsunamis and missile threats. I had a great time with Mark and I hope you do as well. Check out his web store and his YouTube channel 
April 6, 2021
E09 S01: The Dirt Bike Burrito Podcast with Jeremy
I sit down with Jeremy host of the Dirt Bike Burrito, we talk about the Tenterfield Terror, running an off-road podcast, making fun of his brother Turtle, who now has a girlfriend!! We ramble and banter. This is a little bit of everything. Much like a DBB podcast. Fair warning there is some foul language, much more than a typical episode. Also a special shout out to some of the listeners who have reached out and shared their support for the show. Jan Van, Kristias, Josh Boland, Mike Roberts, Rick at Rooster Tires, RMDRA Rocky Mountain Dirt Riders Association. I appreciate it a great deal as it is nice to know people out there appreciate this project.
March 28, 2021
E08 S01: Howard Lawrence Bone Stock Racing
I had the privilege to sit down with a local legend, Howard Lawrence. Creator of Bone Stock Racing. Fresh back from Red Bull Romaniacs, we talk about the event. What it takes to prepare, physical and mental training, budget, bikes, and what it is like to have a factory team style pit crew taking care of all the little things. What it is like to meet legends like Billy Bolt, Manny Lettenbichler, and how it feels to be trolled by Graham Jarvis. This was a great conversation. We had a few side bars and derailments so if you get lost I apologize. We start and end mid story. It runs for an hour, and I hope you find it as enjoyable as I did.
March 23, 2021
E:007 S:01 Jared Stock
This is part 1 of a 2 part interview with Jared Stock, a professional off road racer headed to Italy as part of Canada's 6 Day's team. We covered a lot of his origin story, what it is like to compete in a 6 Day's race,  as well had insights into what makes him continue to ride after so many concussions and injuries. I had such an easy time talking with him I had to split the episode into 2 parts. 
March 17, 2021
E06 S01: Traction E-rag's very own Dallas Shannon
Dallas was kind enough to grant me an audience from his secret base in the hills of Kamloops BC. As the founder of Traction E-rag Dallas has watched as off road riding has evolved over time. We talked about the important role Club's play in protecting access to trail systems and how we could all do more to engage and support our communities. It wasn't all serious and I am sure we could have spoken for hours on a variety of topics. I plan to revisit the lord of reprobates in the near future. Thank you Dallas for the chat and I look forward to next time.
March 9, 2021
E05 S01: Kyle Brothersen "The Dirt Bike Channel"
On this episode, I had the opportunity to sit down with one of the most prolific content creators in the off-road scene, Kyle Brothersen. He is host of the Dirt Bike Channel on YouTube, a father of 4 and a great guy. We discussed his time in Canada, the hardest $10k he ever made, riding with the kids and what it is like to deal with internet trolls. I feel we could have talked for another hour, however, out of respect for his time I tried to keep it brief. I hope to catch up with him in the future. Hope you enjoy.
March 3, 2021
E04 S01: Ida Zetterström @dragsterfia
At the age of 8, Ida Zetterström began her career as a dragracer winning 4 out of 5 races her first seasons. (Placing second once.) She was the first woman to break the 200mph barrier on a street tire dragbike. She is the fastest woman I have had the chance to talk with so far. We sit down and talk about racing, sponsorship, what it is like to fly over 200mph on a 700hp sport bike. I hope you enjoy this episode.  I may have a bonus episode, as we went over so much I could not put it into one podcast. 
March 1, 2021
E03 S01 Vanessa Ruck "The Girl on a Bike"
On this episode I got the privilege to talk with Vanessa about her love of motorcycles, traveling the world and how a careless act from a distracted driver changed her entire life. We had a few technical issues, lending to a few drop outs of audio so I apologize if at times the conversation seems erratic. I had a great time and am looking forward to seeing her race in the Red Bull Romaniacs in the 2021/22 season. Check out her full story at as well as pick up some of her merch! Such a lovely person with such a positive attitude toward life.
February 22, 2021
Coming Up Next Time: Spenser Wilton
Spenser Wilton is a Canadian Endurocross athlete, currently riding for Gas-Gas in the US and Canada. in 2018 he was the first Canadian to win a major us off road championship. Raised in Calgary Alberta Canada he took time out of his training to talk with me about nearly giving up on his dream of racing after being diagnosed with Crohn's disease in 2019. We talk about dirt bikes, how he got to the number 17, training, and what to do when you urgently have to go to the washroom during a race. You do not have to be a race fan to enjoy this one. His is a story of second chances and making the most of life.  Check out his Instagram @spenserwilton17 and YouTube       #GasGas #dirtbike #motocross #alberta
February 8, 2021