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The Commercial Awareness Podcast

The Commercial Awareness Podcast

By Tapiwa Museba
Commercial awareness news round-up for prospective and current UK-based corporate lawyers. (Cover art photo provided by Joel & Jasmin Førestbird)
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Episode 70: Subway Bread Isn’t Bread, Marriott Data Breach and more
Contact: All Links: App Tax Cut Dunkin Acquired HuffPost Acquired ES Development 24 Hour Shopping Arcadia Administration Marriott Fined Subway Bread Created, Written and Narrated by: Tapiwa Museba
December 1, 2020
Episode 69: Disney & IBM Restructuring, Final LVMH/Tiffany Update and more Contact: Lockdown Furlough Scheme Extended Apple Regulatory Warning Sainsbury’s Losses LCV Sale Rise Reed Smith Training Disney/IBM Restructuring,for%20divested%20businesses%20and%20currency LVMH/Tiffany Renegotiate Created, Written and Narrated by: Tapiwa Museba
November 11, 2020
Episode 68: LVMH-Tiffany/Fortnite-Apple Updates and more
All About Law Contact: BA Fined No Deal Brexit Retailer Rent Chanel Real Estate Intu Administration Follow-Up Unilever Update LVMH-Tiffany Created, Written and Narrated by: Tapiwa Museba
October 20, 2020
Episode 67: No Time to Die Delayed, Walmart Sells Asda and more
All About Law Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod ( Unilever Update NextEra surpasses ExxonMobil Honda leaves F1 Law Firm Updates Uber Win TSB Closures No Time to Die Walmart Asda Stake Sale Written and Narrated by: Tapiwa Museba
October 10, 2020
Episode 66: LVMH-Tiffany Lawsuit, PwC Sued and more
Maybe diamonds don’t last forever. Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod TikTok Update Law Firm Mandates RHA Warning New Look CVA Amazon Jobs Arm-Nvidia BP Strategic Partnership PwC Sued LVMH-Tiffany Written and Narrated by: Tapiwa Museba
September 19, 2020
Episode 65.5 (Minisode): Pizza Express, HMRC and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Ko-FI: Law Firm Updates SuperDry Renegotiation Wire card Inquiry Pizza Express CVA Pret-A-Manger Furlough Scheme Furlough Extension Calls Written and Narrated by: Tapiwa Museba
September 7, 2020
Episode 65: Back to Office Challenges, TikTok’s Ticking Clock and more Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod ( Crossrail Delays Gatwick Job Cuts Firm Updates FIFA Panel DW Rescue Wirecard Follow-Up Back to Office TikTok Written and Narrated by: Tapiwa Museba
September 1, 2020
Episode 64: Uber & Lyft Make California Blink and more Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Future Job Cuts M&S Plans Retail Boom Law Firm Updates Airbnb IPO Eat Out to Help Out Uber/Lyft Written and Narrated by: Tapiwa Museba
August 24, 2020
Episode 63: Fortnite, Hermes Investment and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod UK Job Cuts Debenhams Job Cuts M&A Resurgence EasyJet Fundraising DWF A-Levels Law Firm Responses UK Recession Fortnite vs Apple & Google Hermes’ Investment Diageo Writedown Written and Narrated by: Tapiwa Museba
August 15, 2020
Episode 62: Virtual GPs, Landmark Supreme Court Decision and more Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod DW Sports Administration Dixons Carphone Job Cuts Law Firm updates Uber Acquisition Auto Sale Rebound Eat Out to Help Out Reflective Loss Virtual Care Merger Created, Written and Narrated by: Tapiwa Museba
August 9, 2020
Episode 61.5 (Minisode): Headlines and Mid-Season Break Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Amazon Antitrust Santander Historic Loss Production Restart Scheme Law Firm Updates PSA Radical Changes ONS Retail Stats Created by: Tapiwa Museba Full-Length Episodes Return on 8 August.
August 1, 2020
Episode 61: Apple 13bn Tax Victory, Real Estate Woes and more Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Boohoo Selloff FCA-Waymo Partnership Law Firm Updates Wire card Follow-Up Crossrail News Morgan Stanley-China Relations Apple Tax Win Down-valuation
July 25, 2020
Episode 60: Shades of Sherlock, Amazon/Apple Antitrust and more Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories: OneWeb Stake DWF Mentor Scheme BA to Retire 747 Law Firm Updates High Street Updates 14-Day Challenge Update Digital Advertising Apple/Amazon Antitrust Enola Holmes Created, Written, and Hosted by: Tapiwa Museba Episode Contributor: Matthieu Lawson
July 18, 2020
Episode 59: Wirecard, AllSaints CVA and more Contact: Instagram: Links for the stories: AllSaints Wirecard Timecode for analysis: (17:38) Created by: Tapiwa Museba
July 7, 2020
Episode 58: Intu Administration, EC Antitrust Investigations and more Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories: UK Reopening Law Firm Updates Intu Administration High Street Rent Aston Martin Fundraising Huawei UK HQ EC Antitrust Intu Administration Created by: Tapiwa Museba
June 28, 2020
Episode 57 (Special Episode): Interview with Segun Osuntokun
A conversation with BCLP London Managing Partner & Head of Africa Practice, Segun Osuntokun.  Segun Osuntokun Profile: Created and Hosted By: Tapiwa Museba Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod
June 19, 2020
Episode 56: Unilever Restructuring, Louis Vuitton-Tiffany Troubles and more Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories: US Law Firm Revenues Monsoon Accessorize Pre-Pack Law Firm Responses OECD Forecast Aviation Woes Facebook VC M&A Update Airlines Challenge Govt Unilever Restructuring Created by: Tapiwa Museba Episode Contributor: Matthieu Lawson
June 13, 2020
Episode 55: Nissan No-Deal Warning, Blue Chip Debt and more
Black Lives Matter Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories: Bank of America OPEC+ Output Deal KPMG Vow Retail Prices Fall BoE No-Deal Warning Law Firm Responses Nissan No-Deal Warning Blue Chip Financing Created by: Tapiwa Museba
June 6, 2020
Episode 54: Law Firm Goes Remote, EasyJet Cyber Attack and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories: Mortgage Payment Holiday Furlough Scheme Update APD Suspension Call NRF Plans Pubs After Lockdown Renault Job Cuts Slater and Gordon Remote EasyJet Data Breach Twitter Feud Created, Written and Narrated by: Tapiwa Museba Episode Contributor: Karim Richani
May 30, 2020
Episode 53: Prime Video “Deceit”, Law Firm Lockup and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the headlines: Unemployment Rise Rolls Royce Carluccio’s Law Firm Updates Stock Market Rise CMA Requires Powers Law Firm Administration Amazon EasyJet Created by: Tapiwa Museba Episode Contributor: Irena Madella
May 23, 2020
Episode 52: ‘Scoundrel’ Directors, Called Off Deals and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the headlines: Furlough Scheme Extension Aviation Updates Heathrow Runway Twitter Work From Home ES Reopen Plan Real Estate Reopening BT Openreach M&A Deals EasyJet Meeting Created, Hosted and Narrated by: Tapiwa Museba
May 16, 2020
Episode 51: O2-Virgin Media ‘Deal of the Decade’, Uber losses and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the headlines: Aviation woes Law firm responses Car Sales Slump Debenhams closures Light Touch BoE Recession Projection Uber losses O2-Virgin Media Lockdown Ease Created by: Tapiwa Museba Episode Contributor: Matthieu Lawson
May 9, 2020
Episode 50: Greggs’ False Start, Artificial Inventors and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the headlines: Aviation Moves Qatar very active Oasis and Warehouse Banks No Deal Law Firm responses Restaurants reopen Greggs False Start AI Patents Created by: Tapiwa Museba Episode Contributor: Matthieu Lawson
May 1, 2020
Episode 49: Shake Shack, Landlords and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the headlines: Germany lockdown Cath Kidston Oil prices drop Law firm responses US banks retreat No Cliff-Edge extension Commercial Landlord update Shake Shack Created by: Tapiwa Museba
April 24, 2020
Episode 48: Newcastle United, Right to Repair Revisited and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the headlines: Tenant Payment Law firm responses Job retention scheme extended HS2 Green Light CMA Allows Amazon-Deliveroo Right to Repair PIF Transactions Germany eases lockdown Created by: Tapiwa Museba
April 17, 2020
Episode 47: Oil Price War, Light Touch Administration and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the headlines: 3M Update Lufthansa Response Law Firm Furloughs Law Firm Partner Profits US Unemployment Airbnb Pivot Apple-Google Contact Tracing Roadblocks Oil Price War Debenhams Light Touch Administration Created by: Tapiwa Museba
April 10, 2020
Episode 46: Rogue Employees, Ventilators and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the headlines: High Street Administration Postdates Riders Employees SRA U-Turn Walker Morris Furloughs British Airways Furloughs Modern Piracy Vicarious Liability Case for Antitrust Created by: Tapiwa Museba
April 3, 2020
Episode 45: Primark Won’t Pay Rent, Lawyer Wellbeing and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories: Rail Franchises Suspended Record US unemployment BCLP and HSF Deals Cover 19 Vaccine Deal Self employed worker scheme No aviation bailout Primark Rent Lawyer wellbeing Created by: Tapiwa Museba
March 28, 2020
Episode 44: Price Gouging, Carphone Warehouse and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the headlines: Euro car sale dip BoE rate cut State aid rules UK business requests tax holiday UPC setback Covid-19 effect on recruitment Price Gouging Carphone Warehouse Created by: Tapiwa Museba
March 20, 2020
Episode 43: Right to Repair, Shareholder Priorities and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the headlines: BoE Rate Cut FTSE 100 drop State aid change Italy antitrust Huawei 5G Insurance acquisition Shareholder Priorities Property Development Ideas Right to Repair Created by: Tapiwa Museba
March 13, 2020
Episode 42: Flybe Administration, Floodplain Property and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the headlines: Air France COVID-19 FCA Libor Warning Airbnb Data Sharing Electric Tax Break South East Consolidation CMA Interventionism Property Floodplains Flybe Administration Coronavirus and Contracts Created by: Tapiwa Museba
March 6, 2020
Episode 41: Facebook $9bn Tax Lawsuit, Heathrow Runway, and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the headlines: Bombardier-Alstom COVID-19 and stocks Firm closure Deal Watch US-EU Trade War HSBC restructure Heathrow third runway Facebook taxes UK leaves UPC
March 2, 2020
Episode 40: Season Finale
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the headlines: HS2 Green Light BP Net Zero Pledge Amazon Injunction Granted Deal News Govt Considers Flybe Stake Novartis Panel Rules Nissan Loss FTC Investigates Big Tech Firm Paternity Leave Increase UK Allows Huawei Involvement Created and Hosted by: Tapiwa Museba Season 3 Begins on 28 February
February 14, 2020
Episode 39: Changing Landscapes
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod M&A Slowdown Coronavirus Update John Lewis Challenges Huawei-Verizon IP Lawsuit Deal News Boeing Update GS-Amazon Partnership Konexo Partners GT Car Ban Moved Created, Written and Hosted by: Tapiwa Museba Episode Contributor: Matthieu Lawson
February 7, 2020
Episode 38: JustEat CMA Probe, Northern Rail Nationalised and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories: Coronavirus Business Impact BoE Interest Rate HS2 Update Deal Watch Facebook Privacy Settlement UK Car Slump CMA Probes Merger CJEU TM Ruling Northern Rail FT
January 31, 2020
Episode 37: HS2 Leaks, UK Divergence and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories: Sustainable Investment Coke sticks to plastic Withdrawal Agreement Brexit Preparations Deal watch Beales Administration HS2 Child Data Regs UK’s Divergence
January 24, 2020
Episode 36: Asda Sustainability, Flybe Saga and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories: US-China Phase One BlackRock Sustainability Phil Hogan in US NHS calls out betting Met Police legal panel Nissan-Renault issues Asda Sustainability UK Retail Slip Flybe Saga Created, Written and Hosted by: Tapiwa Museba (c) Episode 36 Contributor: Karim Richani
January 17, 2020
Episode 35: Travelex Hacking Scandal, Corporate Governance Shortcomings and more
Created, Written and Hosted by Tapiwa Museba Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories Boris Johnson fast-tracks Brexit negotiations DWF trainee barred FCA proposes higher interest rates Jingye rescues British Steel Firm international moves JLD recommends drinking culture shifts Corporate Governance Shortcomings Big Tech Lobbies against liability Travelex Hack
January 10, 2020
Episode 34: Just Eat Merger, Town and Village Green Developments and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories Re-Nationalisation of Rail Services Permanent Cliff-Edge Date EC warning over cliff edge Law firm deals Boeing CEO leaves ICO investigates TikTok Just Eat Merger US-Huawei Developments Town and Village Greens R (Newhaven Port & Properties Ltd) v East Sussex County Council [2015] UKSC 7 Lancashire and NHS [2019] UKSC 58
December 27, 2019
Episode 33: Bank of England Scandal, Airbnb EU Victory and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod  Links for the stories Goldman Sachs Arctic drilling Heathrow’ runway setback KPMG drops pay Fiat Chrysler Peugeot Merger Boeing Supply Chain Suffers Firm gender pay gap Private real estate bounce Bank of England Scandal Airbnb EU Victory
December 20, 2019
Episode 32: US-China Decoupling, Balsamic Vinegar and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod  Links for the stories Legal Innovators Konexo Hub LSE productivity Wetherspoon investment CMA investigates Google Banking shakeups Balsamic Vinegar;jsessionid=FF7A206CB36CF1203DCE84AD45C601EA?text=&docid=216566&pageIndex=0&doclang=en&mode=lst&dir=&occ=first&part=1&cid=7486494 Mike Lynch fraud trial US-China “Decoupling”
December 13, 2019
Episode 31: Uber loses London license, Digital Services Tax retaliation and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories: Deloitte Legal Programme European Commission Google investigation World’s largest IPO-Saudi Aramco LVMH buys Tiffany Mitsubishi acquires Eneco Carbon footprint of emails Daimler job cuts Uber loses license Clifford Chance’s modified scheme Digital Services Tax Retaliation
December 6, 2019
Episode 30: Liverpool FC, World’s First Climate Bank and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories: US-China Trade Deal Huawei back in business Amazon Ring diversity KKR LBO bid Google scales back ads PayPal acquiring Honey Liverpool, New Balance and Nike EIB becomes climate bank
November 22, 2019
Episode 29: Tesla to Germany, Digital Sovereignty and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories: Google-Fitbit faces more scrutiny UK avoids recession Minimum wage increase Land law development in county court Energy industry issues European Commission vs UK WHO prequalifies insulin Tesla to Germany Digital sovereignty
November 15, 2019
Episode 28: Reed Smith converts to ABS, Google Data-Grab accusation and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories: Grant Thornton £100m legal fund KPMG cull The U.S. and China Trade War update LSE-Refinitiv deal Heineken invests in sustainability DWF acquires BT law Reed Smith ABS Google-Fitbit Microsoft 4 work day experiment
November 8, 2019
Episode 27: PSA-Fiat £35bn merger, Brexit stockpiling and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories: Hong Kong recession Twitter bans political ads Facebook pays ICO fine Boodles- Hummingbird partnership HSBC net profits decline EU proposes anti-laundering body UK Treasury plea to banks PSA-FCA merger Right to Repair Brexit costs
November 1, 2019
Episode 26: Chick-Fil-A to leave the UK, FIFA and Fortnite under fire and more
Instagram: @commawarepod Contact: Twitter ad bug Boeing halting share buybacks Nigeria moves up in Ease of Business Freshfields sets up conduct committee Firm deal watch Latham & Watkins pro bono Law firms prepare for recession Chick Fil A Leaves Reading UK Children's Commissioner calls for loot box regulation How Latham & Watkins bonded with Thomas Cook
October 25, 2019
Episode 25: Domino's Pizza, WHSmith Acquisition, China vs NBA, Apple, Dior and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories: Thomas Cook CEO speaks Ashurst Accelerator NY Law School trains students on religion IMF global growth Jones Day culture Deal watch Domino's Pizza WHSmith Acquires Marshall Hong Kong, China, Apple, NBA, Dior
October 18, 2019
Episode 24: US-EU Trade War, Libra Coin Pushback, Law Firm Data Breaches and more
@commawarepod Contact: Longer reads begin at 01:47 Links for the stories Dyson abandons electric car plans No new Heathrow runway Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer More bad Nissan Brexit news UK avoids recession Britain changes negotiations US-EU Trade War Law firm data breaches Libra Coin pushback
October 18, 2019
Episode 23: Uber Doubles Down, Facebook's ECJ Fate and more
"However" Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories: Global M&A slowdown Uber license extended Greggs stockpiling pork FCA prepares for no-deal DLA Piper mandatory arbitration UK recession fears Google Collective Action Suit Uber launches Uber Works ECJ and Facebook
October 4, 2019
Episode 22: CMA fines PayPal, Big Pharma Regulation and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories Thomas Cook Compulsory Liquidation and Firm Mandates DLA Piper launch LIBOR Practice 8% of Lloyd’s staff experienced sexual harassment British and American stock drops Ebay chief steps down Carlos Ghosn, SEC settlement CMA Fines PayPal Daimler fined 870m Labour proposes pharma regulation
September 27, 2019
Bonus Episode: The Demise of the Gig Economy
This episode reflects on the future of the gig economy as Uber faces more legal challenges in different jurisdictions. Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Credit: Camilla Hodgson, Patrick McGee and Robert Wright of the Financial Times Andrew J Hawkins of the Verge Shona Ghosh of Business Insider Mansoor Iqbal of Business of Apps Patrick Collinson of the Guardian Taylor Wessing Natasha Bernal of the Telegraph Alexia Fernandez Campbell of Vox Released September 12, 2019
September 27, 2019
Episode 21: NHS partners with Google, JD Sports acquisition and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories: Amazon alters search algorithm ES targets to improve BAME representation Google to invest 3bn euros in Europe Thomas Cook on brink BA pilots call off strike HKEX bid rejected Big Tech losing allure CMA concerns over JD-Footasylum acquisition NHS partnerships with Google
September 20, 2019
Episode 20: Taylor Swift, Death of the High Street and more
Bonus episode: Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories: British Airways Strike Ford Electric Cars in Europe New Deloitte SQE Training Contract Dentons in Africa Vauxhall CEO Brexit Warning HKEX LSE Bid - update: the LSE has rejected the bid. The episode was recorded before this news broke. Rescue Deals Hurting the High Street Taylor Swift Re-Records Back Catalogue Apple Music influenced by Taylor Swift
September 13, 2019
Episode 19 (Season Finale): Recurring Themes
Season finale of the first season, to coincide with the end of the recruitment cycle. A review of previous episodes, and themes that bring them together. Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod
August 26, 2019
Bonus Episode: Why Data Matters
Instagram: @commawarepod Contact: Links for the stories: Bounty  British Airways  Equifax  Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant  Office365 banned in Hesse  Irish GDPR Google Probe  Chinese surveillance app 
July 29, 2019
Episode 18: New IHT Rules, Attempting to Police the Internet and more
Instagram: @commawarepod Contact: Links: Eversheds Sutherland open in San Diego ContractPod receive record funding EY expand to Shenzhen DWF wins BT tender Apple buys Intel mobile chip business   Gambling levy  Boeing losses SRA report a rise in money laundering and workplace harassment Nissan have report a 99% drop in profits New rules on inheritance tax (or IHT) proposed French MPs police the internet
July 26, 2019
Episode 17: Adidas Loses Three Stripes, London-Shanghai Stock Connect and more
Instagram: @commawarepod Contact: Links: Stephenson Harwood Innovation Network  Eversheds New Law  Evening Standard Losses  US/China Trade War  Huawei Ban Video Allianz Acquisitions  Australia Supreme Court vs Facebook  Adidas Loses Trademark  London-Shanghai Stock Connect 
June 28, 2019
Episode 16: Half of Ocado Workforce at Risk, Startups Post-Brexit and more
Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories:    Eversheds Sutherland Tech Unit Hogan Lovells AI Solution Mindful Business Charter #Metoo in Law Latham & Watkins and OpenLaw EU fines banks Deliveroo $575m funding round Thomas Cook shares Ocado fire–redundancy The People vs Apple Apple vs Pepper: Immigration law and startups in the UK
May 21, 2019
Episode 15.5 (Minisode): Uber sued, Arriva vs Department for Transport and more
A very mini episode, providing you with some headlines to start the week.  Links for the stories: Uber sued  Allen & Overy AI Deloitte USA entry   Nissan rebuffs Renault merger  Arriva suing Department for Transport  Boeing changes  Contact: Instagram: @commawarepod
May 13, 2019
Episode 15: Sainsbury's-Asda merger blocked, Companies House overhaul, EC investigates Apple and more
Instagram: @commawarepod Links for the stories New Law Ashurst Scheme  Fieldfisher moves to Ireland  Burges Salmon opens in Edinburgh  Amazon patent lawyers  Slaughter & May Collaborate Program  Jones Day and Travers Smith advise on IPO  Overeducated Graduates  EC open Apple investigation  Social Media and Samaritans  Sainsbury's-Asda merger blocked  Companies House overhaul  Grant Thornton throws a wedge in CMA proposals  Contact:
May 6, 2019
Episode 14.5 (Minisode): Selected Headlines
Instagram: commawarepod Contact: Links Bounty fined £400,000  Cooley advising Uber IPO  SWFs' UK apprehension  Jones Day Class Action  Linklaters, Hogan Lovells and Shoosmiths Deal Watch  SDT lowers standard of proof  TW:detect  Zambians can sue subsidiary and parent  Big Four could enter US legal market  CMA recommends Big Four (slight) break-up  Yale Law Women Report shows slow progress 
April 19, 2019
Episode 14: Tottenham Hotspur, Barclays Fraud, Uber vs Mayor of London and more
Instagram: commawarepod Email: Hotels conspiracy allegations LegalTech slower than we think Lawyers urge for more diversity Google advised by Cooley pay AdSense Settlement UniCredit waiting in the wings for Commerzbank  Citizens Advice Bureau reports rise in bailiff aggression  Reignite Academy  DocuSign invests in Seal Software Tottenham profit  SRA Money Laundering Rule Enforcement Mike Lynch Civil Suit  Barclays Euribor Fraud  EY- Thomson Reuters negotiations  Uber Racial Discrimination
April 5, 2019
Episode 13: More Google Fines, UK Unemployment Rate, Asda-Sainsbury's and more
Links for the stories SRA Record Fine  Baker McKenzie BAME Twitter defamation lawsuit  Kirkland & Ellis revenue  DWF IPO  Worldpay acquisition  Commerzbank–Deutsche Bank merger  EU fines Google  UK's unemployment rate  Sainsbury's-Asda merger development  For more about the Siemens and Alstom merger: Contact:
March 23, 2019
Episode 11.5 (Minisode): What We Missed
This is a mini-episode detailing some headlines missed during the podcast's absence.  Links for the stories: Citibank commits to Britain  Honda closing factory in Britain  A&O Consulting  Uber IPO  Burges Salmon Plans  Taylor Wessing and Wilson alliance  DWF Flybmi  L&W, Freshfields, A&O involvement in acquisition Data Tracking System  Freelance Lawyers Contact:
March 20, 2019
Episode 12: Spotify vs Apple, DWF IPO, Boeing, UBS fines and more
Weekly round-up of stories to increase your commercial awareness. Episode 12 stories and links FCA fines Carphone Warehouse  HSF tactical office closure  Jones Day and Huawei  Kirkland and Ellis new office  Norton Rose Fulbright new practice  Boeing 737 fallout  DWF IPO  JLR recall over emissions  Bank fines (many of them)  Spotify files complaint against Apple  Contact:
March 15, 2019
Episode 11: Apple Insider Trading, UK-Swiss Trade Deal, Patisserie Valerie Rescue and more
Episode eleven details stories concerning Bank of America's move, Airbus halting A380 production, Belgian strikes, JPM Coin, Morrison's equal pay case, Apple insider trading, Total's move, UK-Swiss trade agreement, Patisserie Valerie's rescue and the steady increase of investor arbitration. Links for the stories    Bank of America move End of A380 Belgian strike JPM Coin Morrisons equal pay case Apple insider trading Total move UK-Swiss trade agreement  Patisserie Valerie rescue Investor-state arbitration increase  Contact:
February 15, 2019
Episode 10: KPMG Legal, Big Mac Trademark, Nissan snubs UK and more
Episode ten marks a milestone for the podcast. Links for the stories: Unilever purchase of Graze Bank of England forecasts  BB&T Corp and SunTrust merger  Petrofac bribery  Jaguar Land Rover losses  Qantas cancels Airbus order  Germany restricts Facebook KPMG Legal  Nissan snubs Sunderland McDonald's Trademark Contact:
February 8, 2019
Episode 9: Apple’s Trade Secrets, Bank Bonds Collusion, Asda Equal Pay and more
Episode nine details stories concerning Kering's tax audit, Berry's interest in RPC, Barclays assets move, Ince & Co legal action, Apple trade secret charge, bank collusion, Deutsche Telekom and their stake in BT and Asda's equal pay case.  Links for the stories: Kering SA tax  Berry interest in RPC  Qatari implication in Barclays fraud  Barclays asset move  Deutsche Bank Q1 Warning  Ince & Co administration claim  Apple trade secrets  Bank collusion  Deutsche Telekom BT stake lock-up  Asda equal pay  Contact:
February 1, 2019
Episode 8: MasterCard fines, Airbus Warning to UK, Barclays Fraud and more
Episode eight details stories concerning EU fining MasterCard, Ince's Paris office talks, National Grid,  redundancy protection, new Renault appointments, Skadden's settlement with the US Justice Department, IAG's ended takeover bid, Airbus' warning to the UK, Barclays and the SFO, and Apollo's takeover of RPC. Links for the stories MasterCard Fines  Ince's Paris Office move  National Grid appoints permanent general counsel  Redundancy protection  New Renault chairman and chief executive  Skadden settlement  IAG ending takeover bid  Airbus' warning  Barclays Fraud  RPC takeover  Contact:
January 25, 2019
Episode 7: JPMorgan Chase, Huawei Criminal Indictment, Whatsapp Decryption Laws and more
Episode seven details stories concerning M&S closures, a JPMorgan Chase divisional merger, Ford and Volkswagen's partnership, Latham and Watkins,  a potential German private lender merger, alleged foreign exchange market manipulation, Huawei's impending indictment, Hitachi abandoning a power plant development, and Whatsapp protesting decryption laws. Links for the stories M&S closure  JPMorgan Chase Divisional Merger Ford and Volkswagen Partnership  New Look Restructuring  Potential German Private Lender Merger  Quinn High Court Claim over FX Manipulation  Huawei US Indictment  Hitachi Abandons Nuclear Power Plant Whatsapp Battles Decryption Laws  Contact:
January 18, 2019
Episode 6: Nike Taxes, GSK and Pfizer joint venture, Legal AI and more
The long-awaited episode six details stories concerning an EU probe into Nike's tax arrangements, M&A Activity in the UK, New HSF tech, Hitachi's largest ever acquisition, Battersea Power Station, the Royal Bank of Scotland, GlaxoSmithKline & Pfizer, Ford and Jaguar Land Rover job cuts and a disclosure pilot program and its implications for legal tech. Links for the stories EU Nike tax probe M&A Activity Ranking HSF Decision Tree Hitachi Acquisition Battersea Power Station  RBS German Banking License GlaxoSmithKline Joint Venture  Ford Job Cuts Jaguar Land Rover Job Cuts Honda Non-Production Days Disclosure Pilot Program Contact:
January 11, 2019
Episode 5: Arsenal, FCA, Autonomy, HP and Banking Scandals
Episode five detailes stories concerning Arsenal, the FCA rules on CFDs, HP's 2011 acquisition of Autonomy, the Dankse Bank scandal, Carlos Ghosn, and recent law firm news. Links for the stories (in order of the episode): Emirates Stadium Battery FCA rules on CFDs Deliveroo Fundraising BP project Ashurst, Freshfields, K&L on hostile takeover HSF and Ted Baker investigation Ghosn and Nissan scandal Dankse Bank and Deutsche Bank Criminal charges over Autonomy acquisition For questions, sector focus suggestions and feedback, contact:
December 7, 2018
Episode 4: Deloitte Legal, Article 13, Law Returners and more
Episode four details stories concerning the Deloitte Legal arm, Article 13 from the Youtube Chief Exec's perspective, the Law returners programme, more tech buybacks, the future of the UK workforce, Virgin Atlantic, Ince Gordon Dadds response and SQE exam cost. Links for the stories More tech buybacks UK workforce growth (or lack thereof) Virgin Atlantic and Flybe Ince's French Offices retaliate SQE Exam Deloitte Legal Arm Launch Article 13 from Youtube's perspective Law Returners Contact:
November 23, 2018
Episode 3: Freshfields, MasterCard, Google Walkout and more
Episode three summarises headlines concerning the MasterCard class action, new takeover rules, women representation, forced arbitration and Kirkland and Ellis' new concierge service. Links for the stories: Walter Merrick CBE v MasterCard (MasterCard class action): New Takeover Plan "disproportionate" Women representation Google Forced Arbitration Kirkland Concierge Contact:
November 16, 2018
Episode 2: New BPTC pathway, Spotify, Brexit and KPMG
Episode two summarises headlines concerning the BPTC, Brexit, Freshfields, employment law, the ESMA, Spotify and KPMG. Links for the stories: New BPTC Pathway: Lawyers Petition Against Brexit Freshfields advise on House of Commons building sale Living Wage Rise Five Sectors' Difficulty in Hiring No-Deal Brexit ESMA Backup Plan Spotify $1bn buyback plan KPMG Pledge Contact:
November 9, 2018
Episode 1: Slaughter and May, Herbert Smith Freehills, Ince and More
Disclaimer: This episode remains as is from the first time it was created, and episodes after it have much better sound quality and cohesion. This episode remains unedited and unmastered to serve as a reminder of the progress the podcast has made since then. Thank you for listening. Episode one summarises headlines concerning Latham & Watkins, Slaughter and May, HSF, Eversheds Sutherland, Ince & Co, Gordon Dadds, and European technology companies.  Links for the stories:  Wagamama Acquisition  HSF Legal Operations  ES Consulting  Ince Gordon Dadds  EU Tech Tax  Contact:
October 30, 2018