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By Commonwealth Chamber
Everyone has heard of the Commonwealth, but many don't think much of it beyond it being an average block on the block. But the Commonwealth is so much more than that; a family of 53 diverse nations bonded together through a shared history, culture and understanding. During this podcast, join the Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce and invited guests as we discuss current events, impact pathways, and exciting new initiatives.
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The Future of Malaysia’s Smart Manufacturing and Tech Startup Ecosystem
In this episode, we are joined by Kathirgugan Kathirasen, the Founder-Employee of Chowbotics and co-creator of Sally, the award-winning salad-making robot, to have a candid conversation on his experience in the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem and the trials and tribulations that must be expected by all entrepreneurs wanting to start their own business. The latter half of the conversation centred around the need for Malaysia to utilise the massive potential for economic development that the adoption of smart manufacturing could bring to the nation. As we barrel forward towards a future of near-complete digitalisation, such technological assimilations may very well become a necessity to remain at the fore of the region’s trade arena.
May 17, 2022
The Global NFT Space with Malaysian Virtual Artist Visithra Manikam
In this episode, we invite the brilliantly talented Malaysian NFT artist, Visithra Manikam, to discuss the vibrant global NFT community and what it means to be an integral part of this new frontier. In this event, we discuss everything and anything related to NFTs as well as Visithra’s own exciting endeavours in the virtual space.
May 12, 2022
Spreading roots in Malaysia and beyond: Future Farms with Co-Founder Shawn Ng
In this episode we invite the Co-Founder of Future Farms, Shawn Ng, to sit in conversation with us and talk about the company’s business model, growth prospects and unique challenges that they face in their pursuit for complete food security in Malaysia.
May 05, 2022
Commonwealth Chamber Tech Startup Panel Event Series: India
In this episode, we invite two enterprising Indian tech startup leaders; co-founder of LivWell Asia, Vikas Dhar, and founder of AJIS Solutions, Arindam Das Sarkar, to present their business models and use of advanced technology to provide health and security services for the well-being of users in ways never seen or heard of before. 
April 20, 2022
International Women’s Day Fireside Chat with Jersey Finance’s Dr Rufaro
In this special International Women’s Day episode, we invite Jersey Finance’s Business Development Consultant and Africa specialist, Dr Rufaro Mucheka, to have a candid conversation with us to share her life experience on navigating gender related issues during her professional journey in Southern Africa, as well as to impart invaluable advice for aspiring women entrepreneurs. 
April 18, 2022
Conversation with James Fok and Hannamiina Tanninen on his new book “Financial Cold War: A view of Sino-US relations from the Financial Markets
In this episode, James Fok presents his new book, “Financial Cold War” and answers questions pertaining to its themes on the current Sino-US conflict, the flaws of the global financial system and the underlying interconnection between financial markets and geopolitics. The episode includes an interview between James Fok and foreign correspondent, Ms Hannamiina Tanninen. 
April 13, 2022
Fireside Chat with Jersey Finance’s Faizal Bhana on Global Attitudes to Islamic Wealth Management
In this episode, we are joined by Jersey Finance’s Director of Middle East, Africa & India, Faizal Bhana, in conversation about the growing but still unrealised potential of Islamic wealth management in the global financial ecosystem
April 11, 2022
Business and investment between Pakistan and Hong Kong
In this episode, we are joined by the General Consul of Pakistan in Hong Kong, Mr Bilal Ahmed Butt; Chairman of Keywin Trading Ltd., Mr Saeed Uddin SBS, BBS, MH; and In-House Counsel, South Asia Pakistan Terminals Limited, Ms Saira Soomro to discuss the longstanding historical relationship between Pakistan and Hong Kong, and how the current trade climate can be maximized for the expansion of business and mutual investment. 
April 07, 2022
Amongst the Top Pakistani Tech Startups: Apricart and Taazah Tech
In this episode we are joined by two dynamic Pakistani tech startup co-founders: Abrar Bajwa from Tazah Tech and Khalid Memon from ApriCart, to discuss and learn about their innovative ideas that have materialized into spectacular business models for better agri-tech B2B services and e-commerce optimization, respectively. 
April 04, 2022
Commonwealth Social Enterprises in Hong Kong
In this episode, we invite Mrs Geetanjali Dhar, Chairman of the Women Entrepreneurs Network; Mr Manoj Dhar, CEO of Integrated Brilliant Education Ltd (IBEL); Mr Innocent Mutanga, CEO & Co-founder of Hong Kong African Centre; and, Mr Neville Shroff, President, Zoroastrian Parsee Association of Hong Kong all of whom are leading figures in the social enterprise scene in Hong Kong. We discuss the crucial role of social enterprises in tackling wealth disparity issues to increase the well-being of Hong Kong society. 
March 25, 2022