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Brick & Mortar - Common Bond Yoga Podcast

Brick & Mortar - Common Bond Yoga Podcast

By Benjamin H Wilkinson
Common Bond creates community. Join our conversations bringing humans together with each other, their world and themselves. If you like our work, support us on patreon at For information about our brick & mortar home in springfield, oregon, visit
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How To Truly Listen - Supportive Communication w/ Jennifer Brom
This week on Brick & Mortar, I talk with someone special, my partner Jennifer Brom. Jennifer studied cultural anthropology in school and is currently the Direct Service Manager at Sexual Assault Support Services. She directly trains and oversees the work of providing survivors of sexual assault with acute and long term support both in person and on their support hotline. This intense and exhausting work requires one thing, above all else, Supportive Communication. Today we break down Supportive Communication and what it requires to be more than just a good listener, but truly listen and learn with another human. Sexual Assault Support Services: The 24/7 Crisis and Support Hotline is always available to survivors, their partners, and their families: 541-343-7277 or toll free at 844-404-7700. To support our IG Live interviews and free yoga classes on YouTube, contribute $7 per month on Patreon. All patrons receive access to the entire archive of our live studio classes, including our Yoga, Slow Yoga, YIN, Flow Yoga and more. Patrons also receive additional patron only content.
June 23, 2020
You Need To Feel Uncomfortable - Austin
Today, on Brick & Mortar, Yoga Instructor, PhD candidate and Queer Identified POC, Austin Folger discusses white privilege, institutional racism and societal oppression. He helps me understand how we, as a community, can meet this moment through our own discomfort and education. As a White American, I have directly benefited from our society’s privilege toward the color of my skin.  While I may not act outwardly racist, oppressive or mean, it is still my responsibility to listen and act when I see injustice bringing harm to our community, particularly people of color.  I support POC and specifically Austin in using this platform to share and educate during these significant events. I encourage our community to engage in conversations and direct action to bring about societal change for the safety of people of color. In today’s episode, we encourage you to read Ibrahim X. Kendi, How To Be An Anti Racist, as well as, Me & White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad. Also, please consider donating to the Black Visions Collective at
June 2, 2020
Semi-Permanent Savasana: Step Back during the Pandemic
Today, on Brick & Mortar, I’m sharing a chat with my friend Maite, a bonafide instagram yoga-lebrity, and one of the goofiest and fun people I know. We met at yoga teacher training in 2014 and one of my best friends. I wanted to start my podcast by chatting casually with her about the pandemic in her home country, stepping back from IG right when the whole world went online and what it means to be okay in this moment.
May 19, 2020