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Compassion Compass

Compassion Compass

By Regina Lazarovich, PhD
Compassion Compass is a podcast focused on honest and vulnerable conversations about the self-compassion journey. It is hosted by clinical psychologist, Regina Lazarovich, PhD.
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#4: Stop Fighting Food with Isabel Foxen Duke

Compassion Compass

#4: Stop Fighting Food with Isabel Foxen Duke
In this episode of the Compassion Compass podcast I interview Isabel Foxen Duke. Isabel is a health coach who helps women “stop feeling crazy around food.” Find her online at WE DISCUSS: ❤️The ways in which dieting harms us and contributes to weight-based stigma and eating disorders ❤️The role of race and class issues in the creation and maintenance of weight-bias in our culture ❤️Why weight-loss is not about willpower ❤️Isabel’s take on emotional eating and “food addiction” ❤️Isabel’s personal history of an eating disorder and the moment of self-compassion that was the true beginning of her healing journey RESOURCES MENTIONED: Isabel’s free video training series, Stop Fighting Food: "Take The Cake: Soda Tax Is Bigotry Masquerading As A Public Health Initiative" by Virgie Tovar: Find the full show notes at Support the podcast at
July 21, 2018
#3: Combating Weight Stigma with Eating Disorder Therapist Jennifer Rollin
In this episode I interview Jennifer Rollin, MSW, LCSW-C. Jennifer is a therapist who specializes in working with adolescents and adults with eating disorders. She is an expert writer for The Huffington Post and Psychology Today and the chairwoman of Project Heal's national network of eating disorder treatment providers. Find her online at WE DISCUSS: ❤️ The role of self-compassion in the treatment of eating disorders ❤️ The ways in which diet culture damages our relationships with food and our bodies and contributes to disordered eating ❤️ Weight-based stigma within the eating disorders treatment and recovery community ❤️ Jennifer’s journey of healing from rape and depression and how she found her way to self-compassion ❤️ Specific self-compassion strategies that Jennifer uses with her clients and practices herself Find the full show notes at
July 15, 2018
#2: Transform Your Sex Life with Dr. Emily Nagoski
In this episode I interview Emily Nagoski, PhD., author of the New York Times bestseller “Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life”. Emily’s mission is to teach women to live with confidence and joy inside their bodies. Find her at TOPICS ❤️The dual control model of sexual arousal ❤️Sexual spectatoring ❤️Mindfulness-based interventions for genital pain ❤️Why sexual interest is context dependent ❤️Arousal nonconcordance: lubrication is not causation ❤️Spontaneous/responsive desire ❤️The best predictor of relationship and sexual satisfaction ❤️Why pleasure is the measure of sexual wellbeing ❤️Why sexual fantasies may not match up with real-life desires ❤️How Emily found her way out of an abusive relationship and learned to stop blaming herself Find the full show notes at Support the podcast at
June 09, 2018
#1: Creating a Life Worth Living with Eric Zimmer
In this episode of the Compassion Compass podcast I interview the host of The One You Feed podcast, Eric Zimmer. The One You Feed was named an iTunes Best of 2014 podcast by iTunes and called "One of the Best Health Podcasts of All Time" by The Huffington Post. The One You Feed has been listened to over 2.5 million times. He also does extensive life-changing one-on-one coaching work with clients. Find him online at WE DISCUSS: ❤️Eric’s reasons for starting his podcast and the parable of the two wolves ❤️Eric’s on-the-spot strategies for working with his “bad wolf” ❤️How self-compassion played a critical role in Eric’s recovery from alcohol and drug abuse ❤️Guilt vs. shame ❤️How Eric navigated a painful divorce ❤️Pain vs. suffering Find the full show notes at Support this podcast at
June 09, 2018