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"Complete Chaos" With Greg Krutzky

"Complete Chaos" With Greg Krutzky

By Greg Krutzky
This podcast is complete chaos...
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#34 Your body creates its own sugar-gluconeogenesis (the forgotten metabolic pathway)
This episode is about the gluconeogenesis, the process by which our bodies create glucose from non-carbohydrate sources, as it relates to our modern stance on dieting. 
October 04, 2020
#33 What is health? genetic variability and subjective truths
This episode is about what healthy actually means and why the medical guidelines we have set serve a purpose, but could be creating a problem of their own. 
September 27, 2020
#32 Stop stretching- flexibility vs. mobility
This episode is about the negative side of stretching, what doesn't get talked about, and the myths around stretching in general. 
August 08, 2020
#31 Maintain Your Weight After Dieting Down
This epsiode provides a foolproof way to maintain your weight once you have reached your weight loss goal. 
June 14, 2020
#30 Fitness scams
This episode is all about common fitness industry scams that are a growing problem in the industry and how to identify and avoid them. 
October 25, 2019
#29 Overhead press more in 15 minutes
This episode is all about how to overhead press more, covering the common mistakes and corrections people can make with this lift. 
October 17, 2019
#28 Less training is more
This episode is about how training requires a balanced approach, and that there is a certain point in a workout where optimal stimulus has been made and anything beyond that is essentially useless. 
October 16, 2019
#27 Get rid of tendinitis for good
This episode is all about how to treat and prevent chronic tendinitis wherever it may be affecting your body. 
October 09, 2019
#26 Increase your squat
This episode covers quick fixes and common mistakes people make when squatting that will help you squat more weight and be free of pain when doing so. 
October 08, 2019
#25 Increase your deadlift
This episode is about how to increase your deadlift and the common mistakes people make during their setup and the movement itself.
October 07, 2019
#24 Fix your shoulders
This episode covers how to correct rounded shoulders and touches on common causes of shoulder pain/discomfort. 
October 06, 2019
#23 Improve lagging muscle groups
This episode is about how to improve your lagging muscle groups and why they are lagging in the first place...
October 04, 2019
#22 Genetics are everything
This episode covers the role of genetics as it relates to sports and sports performance. It highlights the beliefs that people have that are harmful and just flat out wrong about their bodies and how genetics dictates different aspects of them.  
October 02, 2019
#21 Progress isn't linear
This episode covers the misconception that many people have about progress in the gym, and covers the essential aspects of avoiding and getting over plateaus. 
September 27, 2019
#20 You're doing cardio wrong
This episode covers most things cardio related, and dives into common mistakes that people make when putting it into their routine. 
September 26, 2019
#19 How to increase your bench press
This episode is all about how to bench more and the common mistakes people make on the bench press
September 23, 2019
#18 Stop obsessing over protein
This episode is about the weird protein infatuation that has developed over the past 10 years or so ans why it is more of a problem than anything else. 
September 20, 2019
#17 What you eat matters
This episode is about the importance of being mindful of what you eat, while also striking a good life balance and relationship with food. 
September 18, 2019
#16 Stop looking at the scale
This episode is about how the weight on the scale really doesn't matter compared to your body composition, but unfortunately is something that we are taught to obsess over. 
September 16, 2019
#15 What you didn't know about astrology...
In this episode I sit down with Janet Booth who is an astrologer and we talk about all things astrology related and touch on love matches, misconceptions, and what your sign and chart say abut you. You can find all of her information at
September 13, 2019
#14 Stop training for your sport
This episode is about why training for a specific sport in the gym is a bad idea, and how the gym should be undoing movement patters that a persons sport makes them develop. 
September 11, 2019
#13 Strength Building 101
This episode is all about how to get stronger and the common mistakes and misconceptions that people make when training for strength
September 09, 2019
#12 How to save your knees
This episode is about how to fix and prevent all sorts of knee pain and knee injuries through fixing faulty movement patterns and muscular imbalances. 
September 06, 2019
#11 Back Pain Solutions
This episode covers how to treat and prevent back pain of all sorts, whether it is in the lower, mid, or upper part of the back. 
September 04, 2019
#10 The only way to get abs
This episode covers the only way to get abs and also touches on body fat misconceptions and guidelines for men and women. 
August 30, 2019
#9 You're not a trainer because you worked out twice...
This episode is about the worst types of gym goers and how many fake, unqualified and inexperienced trainers there are because of social media. 
August 25, 2019
#8 Why you should stop working out
This episode is about those who have an unhealthy relationship with working out and when it is necessary to stop going to the gym. 
August 25, 2019
#7 Breaking Bad Habits Is A Good Habit
This episode is about how to break bad habits and replace them with good ones not only in terms of the gym and health but for everyday life. 
August 15, 2019
#6 Fat Loss And Muscle Building Secrets
This episode covers the proven scientific ways to burn fat and build muscle as efficiently as possible, and some of the myths that are holding people back from achieving better results.
August 12, 2019
#5 Instagram Q&A: Don't Go To College And Take More Naps?
In this episode I answer some questions I got on Instagram about injuries, over training, college, religion and much more
August 08, 2019
#4 Steroids, SARMs, Supplements, Social Media
This episode is about the 4 big S's of steroids, SARMs, supplements and social media and how they all bring about the good and bad in people and how they are all a part of each other today. All of these things need each other in order to function in their current state, so here is how to become educated and informed about the good, the bad, and the ugly. 
August 05, 2019
#3 Weird Health: Urine drinkers and diarrhea...
This episode is about weird health topics that not too many people know about or want to talk about
July 31, 2019
#2 Instagram Q and A #1- Vegans and Carnivores...
I answer some questions I got on instagram related to fitness, diets, and life
July 23, 2019
Complete Chaos #1 - Reading and answering my weirdest DMs part one
This episode is me reading and reacting to the weirdest DMs I've gotten across all social media platforms
July 17, 2019