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Concepts Of Life & Wellness

Concepts Of Life & Wellness

By Kara Stavish
"Consciously learn to be the best version of yourself"

We are becoming consciously aware that listening to our body's messages leads to better health and well-being. Whether it's physically, mentally, or spiritually, we all are guided on an individual path of growth. In this podcast we will have open conversations about different topics to promote change and understanding. I will be talking with friends, family, and experts to uncover concepts for our healing journeys.

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My Thyroid Healing Journey

Concepts Of Life & Wellness

My Thyroid Healing Journey
I am often asked what led me to my thyroid healing journey and how I started to help other people. I can honestly say that it was an up and down battle trying to heal my thyroid. But staying and dedicated and focused on my healing is what guided me through. I had times I wanted to give up and felt I would never feel better. But I know those times made me stronger and were part of the healing process. In today’s episode, I will be discussing how my journey started and what I did to get my body healthier than it ever was before.
July 24, 2020
The Secret To Why You Feel So Many Thyroid Symptoms
From someone that struggled with thyroid disease and Hashimoto's Autoimmune, getting the answers you need can be difficult. I learned a lot during my journey of healing my thyroid and reversing autoimmune.  There are many thyroid patients that turn to conventional medicine but are not getting the results they need. They are on medication, but still not feeling better. I can tell you one thing, it's not always the medication to blame. Thyroid disease, as well as autoimmune disease, is at an all-time high. Why are many people going to the doctors just to be told everything looks normal? When their lab ranges are "normal" their symptoms are ignored. If they are feeling many symptoms shouldn't that be shown in testing?  Well, there are secrets to why this may be happening.   In today's episode, we will be discussing the missing pieces to the puzzle when it comes to conventional medicine and thyroid disease. Make sure to subscribe and share! THYROID PROGRESS JOURNAL THYROID HEALING COMMUNITY SUPPORT THE PODCAST Keep this podcast going! Donate link below.
January 10, 2020