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Concierge Caskia

Concierge Caskia

By Caskia Czworkowski
I'm a multi-passionate entrepreneur, local concierge, a new mom from a small town in southern New Jersey. Take a seat at my table and learn how to tackle your biggest goals and obstacles in both life & business, stay positive, and continue to put yourself and your family first. We've only got one life, so let's support one another as best as we can to succeed in it.
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The Power of Your WHY.

Concierge Caskia

The Power of Your WHY.

Concierge Caskia

Finding Yourself Again in Motherhood
In this episode, I talk about how to begin to find yourself again in motherhood. It's easy to get lost in it - especially when the days start to blend together and you lose track of time. Appreciate your body, your mind, and reach out to those around you for help. It takes a village! Don't feel like listening? Read the show notes here: Visit my Facebook page here: Check out my Instagram here: 
December 07, 2021
You Are Your Own Worst Critic
In this episode, I'm showing up to serve as a reminder to you as to why it's important to expect less from others, listen well, and not sweat the small stuff - including competition. Pivot in your life and business, allow yourself room to grow in every season, and always do your best to be original and embrace the "little things" that make you unique. In the end, those are the BIG things.  Don't feel like listening? Read the show notes here: Visit my Facebook page here: Check out my Instagram here: 
November 24, 2021
My Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Journey
Some of the things that I mentioned in the podcast are linked below: Bobbie Organic Baby Formula Alex, my Doula :) or here is her Instagram with lots of good info! She's also the type of person you can call or text just to see if a doula would be the right fit for you! Belly Band for postpartum stomach muscle recovery (also has other benefits you can read about in the info section).  Zero-Proof Tequila - tastes and smells exactly like Don Julio - minus the hangover. Frida Mom - Labor and Recovery must-haves (hospital perri bottles work fine, but everything else I highly recommend). 
July 13, 2021
Easy Ways to Save Some Money!
Who doesn't want to save money if they have the power to?! That's what I thought. This episode is short and sweet but definitely worth a listen. If I can help you save even $5 a month, I am going to try! Got more tips? Share them with me on Facebook or Instagram!
May 17, 2021
Q & A Episode 13
Back again with a Q&A episode using questions you asked me on social media and anonymously!
May 04, 2021
The One For The Working Moms
I was starting to get cold feet about becoming a mom while still running my business. Sarah Cowan, who is a wife, mother, owner of Wren and Harry Creative and co-owner of Cut & Board, gave me some of the best advice I have received so far on preparing for the unknowns as a business owner entering motherhood. Needless to say, I'm sure this is an episode that I will go back on more than once during my transition into becoming a mom! Learn more about Sarah by visiting her website at or checking her out on the gram over at @wrenandharrydesign. 
April 17, 2021
The Power of Your WHY.
Taking a second to pause and think about why you started doing what you love in the first place can easily be the restart button you didn't know you needed. To read the show notes on this episode, head on over to my blog here! To get 50% off your Flodesk subscription for LIFE, head on over to I promise you won't regret it :) 
March 18, 2021
How to Stay Ahead & Be Kind to Yourself
In this episode, I'm giving you a few tips and tricks on what I have been doing to stay ahead while being kind to myself and keeping business and life moving forward. It's important to take the time to pause and regroup in order to avoid pushing through burnout. If you don't feel like listening or are more of a reader, you can check out this episode's show notes by following this link here!
March 05, 2021
Talking Passion, Purpose and More with Chrissy Marie Designs
In this episode, I take a virtual seat with Chrissy Casiello, CEO of Chrissy Marie Designs and more. We touch on everything from how she started, to where she is now, and where she hopes to be years from now. Get in touch with Chrissy on Instagram @chrissymarie.designs or shop her collections via her website Needless to say, there are more podcasts featuring this tiny but bold powerhouse in the future!
November 12, 2020
Setting Goals and Staying Committed
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Setting goals can be difficult, but not even close to how difficult committing to them can be. Creating systems to break down and specify each part of one goal sets you up with a timeline for achievement.  Breaking down one major goal is key. Practice by writing down the (very specific) goal you want to reach and how long you're giving yourself to get there. Then take that, and break it down into smaller sections in order, and write out what you need to get to each milestone individually.  By the end, you'll have a nice little calendar consisting of all the steps you need to get to where you want to be. 
October 15, 2020
Pushing Through Discomfort
It's human nature to move toward pleasure and away from discomfort, but it's discomfort that gets you to higher places in life and business. Getting through tough moments and pushing through uncertain circumstances will move the needle for you. Set new goals, be clear, and accept the fact that you're going to hit roadblocks. Everything happens for a reason, sweet thing!  For more content, and to contact me, you can visit me on IG at @conciergecaskia or email me at 
September 29, 2020
Part 2 - Q&A: Business, Relationships, and Priorities
I would love to do more Q&A episodes! If you liked this podcast, and want to submit a question of your own, send me a message on Facebook or Instagram! or
September 10, 2020
Q&A: Business, Relationships, and Priorities
I would love to do more Q&A episodes! If you liked this podcast, and want to submit a question of your own, send me a message on Facebook or Instagram! or
August 17, 2020
What You Should Focus On Right Now
Stay aware. Stay hopeful. Stay positive. Keep your head up and realize that everyone goes through life with fear, anxiety and insecurities. We always get through it - one step at a time ❤️
July 03, 2020
Staying Relevant with Community, Consistency and Strategy
COMMUNITY Your community could be your neighborhood, your family, your friends, a Facebook group of like-minded people, or a group of entrepreneurs and creatives that you collaborate and share ideas with. When you find a safe place to connect and relate to people it gives you a sense of belonging and that’s very important to have as a human being - especially with the increase of depression and anxiety levels right now. Keep your community close if you have one, and if you don't, start exploring your options online or create a community of your own! CONSISTENCY Stay consistent with your presence on social media. You want to keep posting content and show people what you're doing and how you’re working from home and what your behind the scenes look like. Although the economy is going through a rough time right now, I think it's very important that we stay consistent with selling and buying (when we can afford to). So it might feel weird to keep showing up and selling and pushing business when we're going through something like this but I think it's important that we keep fueling small businesses during this time and working just as hard, if not harder, to keep ours growing and moving. TIME MANAGEMENT  Use the extra time where you might have been running around, to get organized. As a service-based business, I have realized that I put a lot of the “little things” on the back burner. Things like website design updates or contacts and email list copy. Those little things are really important. Even things like your Instagram bio or the services that you offer on your website or your Facebook page. Sometimes we are just so caught up in the movement of our business that we forget to change and update them until somebody brings it up themselves. The worst case is when it's a client. These little details hold a lot of value and they're just as important as anything else. SPLIT & STRATEGIZE YOUR DAYS I have found two things that really work for me when it comes to breaking down my days and strategizing. They are: #1 Sectioning off my workdays. I have found myself splitting my days in half depending on the priority. My family has two local hospitality businesses and we have all hands-on deck as a family right now. That is my priority. However, that shouldn’t mean I should have to drop everything I’ve worked on to build up a business with clients and entrepreneurs who trust me. Splitting my days in half ensures me that I will get the time-sensitive tasks out of the way, leaving enough time to work on things for myself and my business. #2. The night before, I will write out three main tasks or goals to complete the next day. They're usually time-sensitive which is why it's important that I mark them down in order. Having those 3 main to-do’s for the next day keeps the list simple and keeps you on track. I hope you enjoyed this episode and just wanted to remind you that we are in the home stretch! Keep checking in on your friends, family and community on a daily basis and don't forget to keep making time for YOU. 
May 08, 2020
Staying Body Positive Through Quarantine
Everyone has had their moment(s) of body image issues. It’s normal. We are human. We have all the comparison tools in the world at our fingertips. We over share and sometimes that can lead us to be hard on ourselves. Use this time to embrace natural beauty and physique and focus on staying healthy and strong in your own body, for your own lifestyle.
April 08, 2020
Virtually Staying on Track at Home
As promised with this episode, click below to receive your downloads:  •Notes Page •Weekly Planner •Daily Schedule •Class Schedule  •Monthly Budget Tracker (4 months out) •••I hope you enjoyed this episode! If you have questions or would like to receive more resources, feel free to visit my site or email me at 
March 31, 2020