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Crisis Designer Weekly Podcast

Crisis Designer Weekly Podcast

By Conducttr
Intended for anyone writing crisis scenarios for team exercises, hosts Robert Pratten and Belen Santa-Olalla from Conducttr discuss what's caught their eye this week in the land of crisis management, business continuity, information operations and storytelling!
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S2E01 - Social engineering and Business Continuity benchmarking
In this episode, we launch Season 02! To celebrate this, we talk about social engineering and how to think like the attacker in a red-teaming exercise, but we also discuss the brand new Business Continuity benchmarking report and its 2022 insights about BC teams. Some cool items caught our eye this week, from psy-ops agencies and star nurseries to news-trust stats and Slovak games. Give us your feedback: Check us out: LINKS
January 14, 2022
S1E08 - Immersion in tabletop exercises & measurement of effects
In this episode (the last episode of our first season!), we discuss types of immersion and how to apply them to tabletop exercises. We also talk about the measurement of effects and discover different frameworks for encouraging behavioural change. And what caught our eye this week ranges from GTA radio stations, an immersive Arkham asylum and the TV show “Social Media, Anger and Us” Give us your feedback: Check us out: LINKS
December 17, 2021
S1E07 - Counter-terrorism, digital occupation and survival games
In this episode, we invite our Crisis Designer Ondrej Palicka to discuss a counter-terrorism scenario he’s putting together, so we talk about design considerations, disinformation techniques and different actors in this real-attack-inspired exercise focusing on the “golden hour”, that is, the first 60 minutes after an incident. We also discuss the Olympics' boycott, Israel digital occupation and five political games that explain the world (and could be great Xmas presents). Give us your feedback: Check us out: LINKS Brand Narratives for the 2022 Genocide Olympics - Conducttr BlogConducttr[Final].pdf
December 10, 2021
S1E06 - Emotional contagion, conspiracies & better personas
In this episode, we explain emotional contagion and how it affects the spread of information on social networks (and in the crisis room). We also discuss a simple 3-attribute framework for improving your scenario characters to prevent them from being bland. And what caught our eye were a number of reports from Facebook, Graphika & the BCI. Oh and Abbie Richards' infographic on conspiracy theories. Give us your feedback: Check us out: LINKS
December 03, 2021
S1E05 - Social media crises, Big Bird & hostage influencers
It’s a special guest episode this week featuring Angelique LaRue. Angelique is the Social Media Director at TribalVision, an agency with offices in Boston, MA and Warwick, RI. Previously she worked at Cracker Barrel in Tennessee and Shakey's Pizza in California. She has over 12+ years of digital marketing experience specializing in social media & social media marketing for businesses. We also discuss the Kyle Rittenhouse narratives, an influencer taken hostage by cyber crooks,  a Russian anti-vaccine disinformation campaign that backfires and Big Bird being banned from a political conference. Give us your feedback: Check us out: LINKS
November 26, 2021
S1E04 - Team evaluation, Scenario writing and Football
In this episode we discuss how to evaluate team performance, how to get teams collaborating and present six steps to ensure your scenarios are always engaging. What caught our eye was FIFA/EA/Burger King, flooding in Canada, Marriott hotel in Prague, Frances admits to influence operations and a nice infographic from the Global Network on Counter-Extremism. Give us your feedback: Check us out: LINKS
November 19, 2021
S1E03 - Belarus hybrid warfare against EU, use of time in storytelling.
In this episode we discuss writing a hybrid warfare exercise around the Poland-Belarus border crisis where Belarus is transporting refugees from Iraq in order to pressure the EU and we discuss the use of time in storytelling and how to consider seasons, rituals and more. Give us your feedback: Check us out: LINKS PolitiFact - Biden was describing misinformation about gun control legislation, not threatening to take away guns Kenya disinformation for hire Modern Reputational Risks: Navigating Social and Technological Change Steph Piper's Companion Bot Templates // Hackster Café How Belarus is helping ‘tourists’ break into the EU
November 12, 2021
S1E02 - Bonfire Edition! Attacking Parliament & Natural Disasters
In this episode we discuss writing a scenario around the Guy Fawkes gunpowder plot and the importance of storyworld for natural disasters. What caught our eye was Squid Game cryptocurrency and the UK Defence document about societal resilience and an article on the use of information operations around a ransomware attack on the NRA. Give us your feedback: Check us out: LINKS
November 05, 2021
S1E01 - Netflix Walkout, Volcanic Eruptions & the Science of Storytelling
In this episode we discuss the Facebook name change to Meta, the Facebook reputational crisis, volcanic eruptions in La Palma, East Center’s Disinformation Resilience Index report,  Netflix walkout, the science of storytelling, our BCI panel on multi-national remote exercising. Plus.. games we’re playing this weekend - Cyberpunk 2077 and Lost Judgement. Give us your feedback: Check us out: LINKS
October 29, 2021