Confessions of a Trap Yogi

Truth Is

An episode of Confessions of a Trap Yogi

By Mila "Kels the Yogi" Marshall
I confess meditation, yoga, and mindfulness has changed my life. Welcome to the podcast and playlist. I like to think of this as soundscaping for the soul. I'm a Chicago girl all day long, I'm a mom, an entrepreneur, I'm a doctoral candidate and so much more. Don't get it twisted I'm a yogi but don't push me LOL...this practice has so much to offer and I've loved every second of being a trap yoga teacher. Confessions is about being real and using the wisdom from some of our most phenomenal rappers and music artists. Music moves me, calms me, inspires me, lifts me up.
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Speaking My Mind...FRFR
Heeeeey y'all! Sharing is caring right?!  So I share what is going on in my head these days. I've been mad busy with life and I'm sure you have as well. Thank you to all the listeners and for those that share the podcast with others. I've been concerned about the cost of self love these days and talk a bit about those feelings I've been having, Secondly I turn and bare my soul...LOL confessions is really about getting things off my mind and being honest...yeah my kid is stressing me out and nope I hate mild sauce. I think you'll enjoy this episodes hip hop affirmation too! Want to read more? Find me at 
April 5, 2019
Truth Is
Episode deux is more like a public diary than ever. I guess I'm finding myself less shy but hey...that is one of my confessions. Here I share I don't miss the south side of the Chi. I love my city dearly but real talk I don't miss the segregation or the lifestyle I could afford. I still have some apprehension about saying that publicly but %$#& it that is what Confessions is for. I also am slow to admit some other truths but I do it anyway LOL. I talk a bit about sharing our love on purpose through a sweet story of an email that caught me off guard and I send love to my friends that reached out after the dizzy anxiety attack that hospitalized me. We ride out to E.Nos for our musical mantra and what I love about the track and have been repeating is "Life Golden". We can get so consumed by what we don't have yet or what we think we deserve. Take some time tell yourself the truth about what you have accomplished and live in celebration of those things. Daily I'm reminding myself to step back and reflect on how I ripped some shit, then I let it go and practice being better tomorrow! Love Notes: @djban @exavierpope (Danielle & Lauren) Musical Mantra: E.NosHulkmania Ft. Gilfrontheislands Follow me IG: @kelstheyogi Twitter: @KelsTheYogi FB: Kels the Yogi Website:
October 12, 2018
The Kickoff Confession EP1/S2
Season 2 kicks off with a new style. I confess my loneliness and what I really feel like right about now. I show love to some friends and family that have held me down. I chat it up with the question of the day "What the hell is wrong with people?" We all have asked that question, and​ I end with our musical mantra. Getting out of your own way takes intention. So press play.....and yeah I rap sometimes. LOL
August 22, 2018
Out of Control
The latest episode of Confessions covers what is out of our control. Inspired by Willow Smiths' Female Energy; I talk a little bit about how we mistake access to our partners as an opportunity to control them, their thoughts and actions.
May 11, 2018
Check Yourself Before You Check Your Mate
Episode 5 I'm joined by Shea @hippiebumpeace from @maroonvillage! We chat it up with some ripped from the headlines and our girl Eryka Badu who ruffled feathers with her recent comments. We have moments of reflections and get into how our practices have helped us in our relationships. Granted your girl isn't a yoga bae LOL but I share some stories and get at the heart of how this practice has changed me, helped me come correct in the matters of love. Shea and I had a dope time together. Her and Rich (baddy hubby lol) have been growing their family and practice together. So we are super lucky to have her insight as she's living in a new body, with new tools to have a fresh perspective on how she deals with the love of her life. We finish up with our hip hop quotable Method & Mary.
February 27, 2018
L.O.V.E. that is Me
It's February! Which means all things love. In EP 4 I kick it off with sending some shout-outs to the best listeners ever and lift up the love of friends and showing up as allies. I chat it up with some Hip Hop Black History for BHM 2018 and send love to the family of Chicago rapper Fredo Santana and to everyone celebrating the life of J.Dilla who was so inspirational his beats live in our hearts. Follower shout outs: @namaste_organics @iamkingrozzie Tikki! My girl :-) This months episode features a single by @iamkingrozzie 67 moons a love song that just reminds you how high you can get on some good loving. I reflect on love habits and beliefs and take our attention from needing others to give us what we haven't give ourselves. This episodes Hip Hop quoteable is gifted to us by the infamous Mos Def.....I love him LOL....and shout out to Common! Be well this coming Valentines Day and love the hell out of yourself first before you pass yourself around. Nam
February 12, 2018
Trigger...Happy Bish?!
Episode 3 in the first installment of Confessions of a Trap Yogi and we switch it up a little bit. In our convo we go over some of the issues with having sensitive triggers and reflect on how to fine-tune our fuses before we set it off over some beef that really isn't beef. Before I get into it though I send a heartfelt shout out to my people in my life that have been holding me down this week, and share some of my favorites follows on IG. This podcast was inspired by Crucial Conflict no doubt and I leave you with a hip-hop affirmation from the dopest lady lyricist in life....Queen Bahamadia. Find me on IG & FB: @Kelstheyogi Website: Use the hashtag: #TrapYogiConfessions when you share and leave me any comments or suggestions for topics in my DM.
January 24, 2018
N.W.A to Y.W.A. "Yogi With A journal"
Episode 2 what it do?! I'm still on 10 for the beginning of the podcast, I share a bit about the other part of my practice, journaling, and meditation through the Reflections Eternal class. Expressing yourself is your absolute right and sometimes we express ourselves in unhealthy ways. Sometimes we don't know how to share, or what to share....sometimes we overshare and under care about what it does or how it feels to the person receiving it. This episode talks about the benefits of journaling and the benefits of learning how to share with yourself about yourself. If you're living in an attitude writing can be therapeutic and a space for your honest thoughts to exist. We chat it up about the benefits of journaling, my life lessons and end with a hip hop affirmation from Dr. Dre.
January 6, 2018
TYIC...A little bit about me the trap yogi in charge
Episode 1 in the adventures of a Chi girl, trap yogini. Nothing too deep but def far from shallow. I'm moved by heart and I hope it speaks to yours.
December 31, 2017
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