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Communication With God

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By Gerry OConnell
Connected Radio is a radio program hosted by Gerry OConnell, a powerful mix of music, fun, interviews and chat that seeks to Connect with the listener to explore issues such as lifes meaning .
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As 2017 rolled out we focus on the need to make hopeful thoughts and plans for the future in 2018 Your host Gerry OConnell tries his utmost to make you think!
January 1, 2018
Life's Journey With No Worries
Life is too short to bear grudges or hold back love. Remember that you have a friend in Jesus who is Always There for you. God bless you and keep you and calm you in tough times and seasons. Keep in touch with us email or call us on the Anchor Fm app Bye 4 now
December 23, 2017
Jedi KNIGHTS & Gangsters et Al
A movie review from Ted Bayer The Last Jedi, Breakthrough by Gerry O'Connell a music track, and the Suraj Kasula story a gangster who found God.. All in the Connected Radio Podcast today
December 22, 2017
Christmas Confused!
Christmas is a special time for me and my family, but I remember listening to all those records trying to find the meaning of the season... here's my feelings on the subject.... a musical fusion CHRISTMAS CONFUSION.. enjoy your Christmas celebrations... lyrics A baby boy was born they say  2000 years ago this very day  So everybody wants to celebrate  We eat and sing and drink and decorate  But with all the tinsel and all the trappings  Seems that something still is lacking.... credits from Spectrum, track released October 13, 2011  Traditional Carols arranged with new Words & Music by Gerry O'Connell  Music Production & recording - Gerry O'Connell 2011 all rights reserved
December 20, 2017
Never Make A Wrong Move!
Is life like a game of chess... Where any minute you can make a wrong move and lose? Can Hope of God smiling favour upon you, become a reality? As we look forward to the future does it paralyse us with fear or fill us with confident Hope?
December 20, 2017
Connected Together
By Internet radio ww are connected. But we can also connect to the source of real life... Gerry discusses and sings about being Connected
December 15, 2017
Communication With God
How is it possible to communicate with God Well Gerry discusses hearing the truth of the Bible is self explanatory and universal communication to those who have ears to hear ... Are you receiving me?!
December 14, 2017
Astonished By the Christmas story
December 12, 2017
Reason For Living At Christmas
Mysterious Love and the reason for Living who knew... Jesus is not just a good man He is who he claims to be the saviour of the world God rest you merry gentlemen let nothing you dismay Remember Christ our saviour was born on Christmas day
December 10, 2017
The Bible is self explanatory
Profound yet simple over the years Gerry explains how the Bible is self explanatory and universal in itself. Anyone who is open to listen can discover their destiny by flicking the switch of belief in Jesus as Lord. Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. Thanks for listening to my radio station on Anchor, Gerry OConnell: The audio is odd because I have to use a bipap ventilator :-) Thanks for your understanding The message is awesome though! Contact us on the show Call us on Anchor Or email Gerry to
December 10, 2017
Invisible stars
In the universe unseen invisible galaxies exist and we're OK with it but recognising the reality of the invisible God of the universe is something some people fear and resist, let's think about it...
December 7, 2017
God Is Always Good
What is your view of God - Gerry expresses, defines and defends the world view of a hope filled person. This is the realm of faith in God as always Good, relevant accessible and actively seeking to show His love to individuals like you and me
December 3, 2017
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