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Connecting With John Keegan

Connecting With John Keegan

By John Keegan
World renowned dating expert and social adventurer john keegan explores what every human craves every moment of their life; Connection! Through interviews, personal stories, and inspiring teachings john sets out to help us understand all the ways we can be more connected to ourselves, the world around us, and the people in it.
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The Alchemist Secrets: Inside the Medicine Chest of Stanley’s Pharmacy
Meet Pharmacist and Alchemist Stanley George. He has merged Eastern philosophy and western medicine to create the most unique pharmaceutical health practice in the world. This episode is powerful and filled with information to help you live your life as your best self! Gems in this episode range from how to heal yourself at the deepest level to why it’s important for your well being to to continually step outside of your comfort zone.  Please leave comments and let me know if you love what I’m doing. To find out about Stanley and his work, go here: This is just the beginning, so if you have any recommendation or tips on how I can improve my Podcast, please let me know HERE For more of my content you can check out my Website or click the social media buttons below to connect!
January 13, 2020
You Are A Visionary
Description: The power of being a visionary is key to creating magic in one’s life. Here we discuss how to vision the experience you want to have with your life and yourself, instead of reacting to daily trivialities. To be clear with how you envision your health, wealth, and relationships, is key to not only having a more fulfilled life and self-respect, but also be in the present moment and give people the energy they need instead the energy you think they want. Vision - The Power of Being a Visionary Exercising our imagination to create the life and experiences we want Requires man to step it up What do I want to experience today? Have an intention with your actions and interactions Do not react, ENVISION Be clear with Life’s Vision Do you wanna be Jacked? Do you wanna be Lean and Cut? Do you want to fell comfortable in your body? How do you vision your health? What type of relationship do you want to have with yourself? What is your relationship to God, The Force, Nature? Neuroticism stems from excessive dependence on mind The Mind replaced The Source Visioning = Being in the Now Mind too much in the future takes you out of your vision Tuned out of the now because of obsession with future and past Take time to pay attention to the nuances of people and their energy What is your relationship with people? Do people merely fulfill roles or are they more human with an energetic connection opportunity? Someone asks how are you? GIVE REAL HUMAN RESPONSE Learn their name! What kind of friend are you? What is your vision with how you seek friends and how you are a friend to others? Do your friends see you as the greatest version of yourself and push you to be great? Or are your friends that people that happen to be there in your life at that moment? Who are my best friends? Who are my lovers? What is my vision for this and relationships overall? Be a Magician and create Magic in your life with your imagination! Vision out how you want to feel with your partner/gf/fuckbuddy/etc “I dont have those experiences I feel bad” vs visioning positive human interactions and connections Meditate and create positive visualizations for yourself
December 21, 2019
The Courage To Be Authentic
This episode explores the meaning of authenticity. What’s the one thing that stops us from being authentic. How to end Mr (Mrs) nice guy syndrome. How breakups result in the lack of real authenticity. Challenges for you to be more authentic.
December 06, 2019